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  1. oops.
  2. Global chat does help, I think. With it I was able to learn that someone was looking for resources I had, and was flush in what I needed. We arranged a meeting and sailed into a free port for the trade. But if we could only use the contract system I could only sell for cash; he could only buy for cash -- and neither of us needed that. In another case someone posted for a good and I told them where I had seen some. I wasn't in a position to go get it myself, so I couldn't buy and resell. I can see it working without it. It would be much more realistic, but would take longer to get things up and running, and may require more players than we have on any of the servers atm. But it could work.
  3. Slamz, as a point to start with... PvE players simply prefer cooperation over constant conflict between players. The reason for a PvE server preference is because PvPers appear to hate cooperating, are quite rude to anyone not in their group and, in general, behave a lot like the hulk toward each other. It doesn't mean they don't like working with or fighting against other players -- we just prefer communicating and trading with a politer group of people who don't talk dismiss us... *Before I get all the heat I expect from that, please remember it was directed toward someone who was a bit dismissive toward an entire group of players.* I actually like fighting against other folks. Again I prefer those who are polite. But that isn't the real issue of the OP. Until a player has an established outposts and production buildings and raw materials, what are you going to trade and build with? Remember, you start the game with a cutter and No Cash. How are you going to afford the construction to make the stuff you need until you have the where-with-all to do that? Established clan members aren't going to trade with some newb -- unless they join the clan. That means you are essentially telling people they have to play your way or no way. Something a lot of PvPers seem to do -- a lot if you read these forums. Trade goods, for the most part, have little to do with making stuff -- except cash. The AI buys and sells these and that provides the goods for trade missions and profit for building the empire: for getting resources, better ships, etc. They definitely need to be toned down a bit and the profits reduced to give you an income but not in the millions I can make on a single run in an Indiaman. Resources too, but again, in smaller quantities. Pricing needs adjusting. Smaller ships, with anything 4th rate or better left to the players. (Maybe 5th rate -- still thinking about that.) I agree with Fenris that the players need to trade, and a lot more of that should be encouraged. But until there is a good set of trade tools available the player-based economy is going to stagnate. If the AI sales are costly or lower profit or limited quantities, eventually the player will offer enough goods at reasonable prices -- but will likely never cover the trade goods category for newbs to earn their first cash.
  4. Devs keep saying they want to have a player-driven economy, but aren't providing tools to make it happen. Without Global chat there isn't any real way of communicating with fellow traders; no way of knowing what, where or when goods are put up for trade or sale. The system that says your country is either an ally or an enemy of others, without any allowance for the concept of neutral or even friendly (but not allied) has never entered the discussion. Yet, historically, that is what happened. Serious, hard core PvPers don't want to trade anyway. Hell, many don't want in-game trade at all. They howled when the resource distribution was made more realistic because they had to get them from other players, from other national factions. They live only for PBs and would prefer this be a lobby set up to avoid all the crappy stuff like gaining experience, actual strategic planning. The only reason they bother with the OW is looking for traders to steal from (the same traders that would build the economy the Devs talk about, and provide the PvP player with the resources and materials to build the boats they want) or getting to the next PB. While I don't have a problem with players with that mindset I feel they have had an influence on the lack of trade tools. I am confused about how the devs want to get a player econ up and running without tools, however. The horrid chat behavior, for example, is why the Global chat is considered for a cut. People who only see this as an us/them; must crush everything, everyone that isn't me or mine tend to be a bit rude.
  5. This is a good lesson on sail management. Covers the basic nicely.
  6. Then hunt the little twerps down and give them a little PvP as spice... (He, he, he.) There should be very little bot activity away from the population centers so they need to be near those to get the points they need.. I just think some of the "skills" should actually BE upgrades. Magazine access, for example, is about cutting wider hatchways and clearing -- possibly widening -- the companionways. It has nothing to do with experience. Powder Monkey on the other hand is learning (xp) to take the time to see that the boy gets trained in the details of the job. So there are things I think need to be upgrades you can build in or add on later. Adding on should take the ship out of service for a time.
  7. Not really easy. I want to test new things, maybe. So do I give up my Global or PvE character?
  8. For the record, I would like to state this is one of the most disruptive plans I've seen to date. Anyone not active in game or on the forum is going to lose everything, including rank levels and post even more bad revues on their way out the door. Syncing through a master server just isn't that complicated.
  9. NO, putting a bow chaser in where it wasn't is not simply a matter of moving a cannon or two from one place to another. You need a secure post to mount tackle to so you can move the cannon forward after reloading, and to keep the cannon from careening down the length of the deck when it fires. You need space to put spare shot/ball cartridges for faster reloading. The gunnels may be built too high for the guns elevation adjustment preventing accurate ranging. Gun positions are thought of and designed in while the ship is in the planning stage. Moving a couple of guns (about 1100 - 1200 pounds for 9 lb guns IIRC) without making adjustments to the load balance will put the ship out of trim seriously affecting both maneuvering and speed. This isn't something normally done on the fly. If this escape problem is something you have a consistent issue with, perhaps you should change to a ship with chasers or match your tagging tactics to the ship you're using. Adaptability is the key to successful tactics.
  10. If I don't have an exiting character on other servers, do I still need to do this? On test server I had xp and money redemables: is this what I should have?
  11. @JobaSet Turning into the wind is the way it was done in RL. Once the target escaped, it was pretty much gone and never to be seen again. Unlike the game, repeated attempts to catch the same ship were pretty much futile. If you tag ships that can do this -- I'd say you need to rethink your tactics and get to windward before you tag.
  12. If I decide to PvE: I can't be the nation of my choice -- only one of three. An annoyance, but I guess being Brit could be tolerable. ;-0 I was thinking more like a PvE range centered on the capitol of each nation. That probably would be unacceptable to the barracuda schools, but would be more historic since Colonial Capitols tended to be the home port for the local fleet. Don't know how hard that would be to code in, however.
  13. A more aggressive AI would help PvE Server users. But too much and it would have the opposite effect. I thought they did that once?
  14. If I remember correctly, the outrage was mostly from PvPers who would lose juicy targets if they moved.
  15. Thanks. Read it... seems pretty meh.
  16. I like the idea of fleets, but I'd rather it be a loaded trader or two with me in the escort ship. Don't trust no stinkin' AI. Warships should be handled by players.
  17. Aegir, who picks the Lord Protector? Just curious. I feel the regional bonus thing is a bit of a force to encourage PBs. In reality strategic position and resources were motivators for capturing islands (not ports by the way). Things change hands quickly here because, unlike the RL counter parts, you don't have to control the island -- a job for soldiers and marines. The elimination of the ground war makes it so you can rush from port to port pushing your enemy away, but do not have to take the time to consolidate the holding or face the cost of occupation. Then the enemy builds up forces and takes it back. In effect there are strategic goals, but no real strategic game. The adjustment to hostility may help, but since most seem to not want to do anything except the "Big Fight", and certainly not anything against the AI, I don't know that it will change much. I understand. Fighting the AI can be repetitive and tedious, but then, war is mostly tedious. The idea of more costly resource production, and then having to smuggle it out safely actually sounds like a great added dimension to the process. Unfortunately the regional bonuses can shift the balance of power drastically through ship crafting.
  18. IF the devs do what they said, 1st rates will take a lot of time. Not enough, probably, but months. Designing won't be Pick a color/Pick a trim/Pick a wood press a button -- instant ship. The cookie-cutter warships will be replaced by ships built to spec. You want a fast warship, are you giving up hold, hits and/or guns to get that speed. What will you give up to turn faster. How many guns on the trade ship -- will you give up hold space, speed, maneuverability? A quality ship design will be worth a lot. People who design good ships will gain a rep; your clans will still be supporting the effort of their best crafters.
  19. No, Zoky, my cookies are fine -- it was my ice cream cone. 1) Free Ports have no player resource buildings. National ports do. And yes, that means I don't think you should have pirates producing resources -- as I said they plundered. If you want to call yourself a pirate: Be a bloody Pirate. 2) Cool, we agree on something. 3) I do not think all pirates are cowards who must hunt in packs to feel superior. And I don't think it should be done by anyone else either. I'm not referring to small groups occasionally teaming up to fight as ganking -- I'm referring to sitting out of reach or view with a few scouts waiting to have a hoard show up to attack an unarmed trade ships. Yes, if you sail in the OW with an unescorted, unarmed trade ship you deserve to be dinner -- but not by people unviewable in the OW. Since pirates are rarely unarmed, being jumped by two or three Nats should be expected as well. Against all flags was more than a movie title. 4) Let me start by saying... All ships should be 1 dura. I'm not fond of arcade games. DiD! Actually, that's all I have to say on this point. 5) I wasn't sure about that one so yeah, it going to be difficult to work out, but LOS is my guide here. If you can see it you should have the chance to reach the fight. Suck in everything to the "horizon" with relational positioning. Run whichever way you want. If you aren't at sea, and in a position to view the start -- you are out. 6) I don't #tag. 7) No, Eggs with bacon. I fully agree they need to do more than say: "Okay, let's see what you think of this one." And finally... Which server are you on. I started on PvP 1 and some bullies smashed my ice cream cone. I tried PvP 2, and more bullies ... well let's just say they ruined my cornflakes. Almost quit, but went to PvE to learn to sail better. I'll be back on 2; I just need to get up enough for a decent ship on that server. Then we should find a place I can tell you to your pirate face. (I love a challenge )
  20. Kiefer, I'm a trader as well. I like building up the resources for crafting that i can get and trading wihth other players who have stock piled what I haven't. I'll even sell them to the shop if I find a resource I need or want more. I think that's important for any resource game. I also don't think the OP and resource building limits are helpful. Limiting the amount of cash in the game, then making each new OP considerable more expensive will go a lot farther toward building an economy than a hard cap. Not everyone want to trade, craft and/or fight. (Don't understand it myself.) Most of my OPs are for production, but I needed two so I could be in the Free Port trading centers favored by traders. Not nearly enough coverage to sail across the Caribbean -- I want a really big trading network.
  21. I disagree Fargo,. More players would help, but even with lower gold you can raise a bid high enough to lock up a market.
  22. It isn't a question of harder. As described the alleged changes allows actually ship design. Now it's just cookie cutter. I craft all my ships as gold with a handful of things to select from. All ships with the same selections are exactly the same. Wood/trim/build end with the same set of ships every time. This new style allows actual design.
  23. What I see are people wanting to be called pirates who also want the benefits of having a nation. You really should be willing to take a hard course if you want the freedoms of total independence. I agree with this. There are a lot of benefits to being a pirate. Sailing 4th and 5th rates isn't one of them. Rarely were pirate groups large enough to crew one, let alone have the facilities to maintain them. As late as the mid 1800s this was allowable for all nations under the accepted rules of engagement. You needed to change to your nations own flag before you started firing, but approaching under even your enemy's flag was acceptable. I you pirates actually earn a PvP reputation instead on depending on overwhelming numbers, you'll have that on your own. Who going to be afraid of someone who isn't hunting alone: you're just another ganker that way. I have to agree. This is just bad form. But then so is gathering large numbers of pirates to take on one small trade ship. If you're going to game the game expect others to do the same. I see no reason to change this. Every one has the same issue -- why do you want to have an advantage just for pirates? One set should suffice for everyone. I couldn't tell if you were complaining that there were differences or that there weren't. So all that said, simply put, being a pirate should have limitations brought on by the nature of the occupation. There was never a viable pirate nation and to make one is breaking the expectation made when the devs originally said this was a "historic" based game. They never had shipyards, they never built ships. Rarely, if ever, did they sail anything a 5th rate or larger. They did have friendly governors and ports, Port Royal, Tortuga, Galveston and others, but they only worked until the Royal Navie started cleaning up the Caribbean. Pirates weren't builders, they were plunderers. They didn't take and hold cities, the left them minute they heard the real war ships were coming with marines. Why are so many player "pirate" afraid to actually play the role? You want to be a pirate, then act like one. P.S. Kidd's Island, by the way, would be the perfect spot for centering the pirate "nation" we are getting saddled with. Although I'm sure it will be said it's too far away from the action.
  24. What Wobbly said. And a "political" system that actually makes sense. Ally/Friend/Neutral/Enemy/War makes more sense than Ally or Enemy with nothing in between. Edit: Friend people other than those in you own nation. I have trade partners who aren't in my nation.