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  1. I don't think this is necessary. As long as we can trade between nations, resources will more around. If we all had everything there would be no trade.
  2. I made about 2500 in an hour and a half on line -- and I wasn't really working at it. I was looking for ports to set up outposts in (for when I get some doubloons) and spotting a Brit smuggler. He wasn't worth much, but the salt he had mad a nice contribution. I wouldn't expect to get much more than that unless I put some serious effort or time in. Not sure that's a good thing or a bad thing -- just my observation.
  3. One more attempt to get everyone to "play the way I want"? Without easy to buy and sell consumer goods, where will the money come from to buy the resources you want to limit the economy to? You start with zero money and easy to hit AI traders and the trade goods are the only two places to get cash -- and neither is quick in a basic cutter.
  4. It's been discussed by a number of people. The devs' reply was that it would be too expensive to have more than one wave form on the server.
  5. I can see not getting Marks, or other monetary reward, cargo, etc. But fighting each other to a standstill is worth XP. It should at least be worth points toward a skill box in that ship. Experience comes from the fighting. Sadly, if I don't want to be a psychotic death-match player, I get nothing. There is no longer any reason to be nice to a challenging, honorable, but defeated opponent.
  6. I was just poking fun. I do understand. But as you pointed out starting out with nothing is a lot different than with 1 million redeemable. That's the way I went onto the the testbed. Lost everything; started over. Newbs are going to need something more in the way of direction I think.
  7. @Remus That sounds more of a challenge than a problem to me. You want no-risk rewards? You are being cautious with an expensive asset and that's good business. But what is the actual risk at this point? At worst you end up in yet another lousy basic cutter with the cash to seed a faster recovery, or another Privateer with an excuse to engage in "aggressive resource acquisition" to make back the investment.
  8. Most excellent! :-}
  9. @rediii This.
  10. Most people aren't involved in RvR. What the trade and use to make ships -- and those ships may be. @rediii I doubt that giving large population size added benefits will help the growth of smaller nationalities. What it will do is encourage people to join the already big one to get those benefits. That's like posting a sign telling people they get a free ticket if they are in the longest line -- people will get in the already longest line, not add to the shorter one hoping to change who gets the tickets.
  11. Thank you Anolytic. At last someone smart enough to know what I wanted to know. @The Red Duke If you ask me what time it is and I tell you 8:30 is that UTC +5,UTC -5 or what... This is called the adjustment from UTC. Most people understand this. Sorry if you didn't; I did mean to think you might actually be smart enough to understand what I was asking.
  12. Why should the largest populated country get more just for that? They already have the advantage of being able to get more done, have more warships and reducing build times just because there are more people to do the work. Stupid premise.
  13. NO shit Captain Obvious. Let me rephrase the question in a way you would under stand: How many fingers do you need to count to tell me the time at UTC for a given hour at the server? And do you travel east or west (that's right or left when you put the map down with the lettering so you can read it)? Jackass.
  14. Could someone post the server UTC adjustment please.
  15. @Sir Texas Sir I think Kidd's (The whole Island) should be unconquerable. I also think pirates should have individual small ports scattered around the Caribbean in that category as well., but I don't think it should include an enormous chunk of the Bahamas. Likewise I think that captured SoL, AI or player, should go to the Admiralty and that all ships turned over to the admiralty (including AI ships which are uncapturable) should give the player some prize money. I don't think pirates should be considered a nation and get admiralty ships but should be allowed to keep anything they capture for their own use. You should also get something in return for the PvP Marks you earn -- I just don't know what. (Perhaps some of those pirate refit BPs you were talking about on another thread.)