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  1. You can board without fleet perk.
  2. As with any release date with a big patch for an unreleased game I just add on a month so I'm pleasantly surprised.
  3. The more I use it in OW the more I find it an advantage at certain points, once or twice a battle when manoeuvres mean I have no choice. Of course sausage finger syndrome does rear it's ugly head from time to time during boarding ...
  4. Maybe if you could see the top ten or maybe even hundred in port (not sure where i would place it though,maybe tavern if there was one) im sure you would get specialised bounty hunters or like me pirate hunters,and the best thing is it should only be in OW not PB i think they would be the wrong place. Well a man can dream...
  5. Also known as the "Duelist".
  6. Don't you mean bathtub admirals?
  7. Problem was sea trails was really busy until everyone ranked up then it became boring people left, those people only came back when OW was released. Just seems a bit like going full circle again, granted though when there's no pvp to be found in OW what is left other than RvR which lets admit for the casual player can be a bit restrictive. I think if you get OW right, which it has been in the past, no one played small/large battles.
  8. I thought you would like that Hethwill,nor do i, but it seems with some peoples actions, some people do.
  9. Or just revert back to sea trials, solution is easy. No need for OW, no trade runs, no screening,simple solution. Instant action sea trails with circles.
  10. It does seem strange to me, most of the best battles I've had were in OW , mixed fleets and no restrictions it is basically (apart from shipbuild) a sailors skill ,strategy and guts. Yet with every passing day I see most people avoiding it like the plague,so I agree totally agree at some point the age of sail OW great battle mechanics we all loved got overwhelmed by a notion of WIN the map, and win at all costs.
  11. Ahh the irony!! Oh well looks like all the french waters will be full of AI then,no change there then. Have you all decided which nations your gonna change to yet?
  12. Press M take a look at the map and pretend you are a new player,remove all the nationalistic bias and toxicity and does it look one sided to you? Has the timer issue made that much difference to the overall picture? When both servers have no prey to fight the predators will also die,as will the game long term.There is no clear defined game mechanic to solve this issue or it would of been solved already only increasing player numbers could create a more diverse playground for everyone.To bring players back you need to solve the problem of players becoming bored with the content not what time they fight,ive been playing this game a long long time and nearly all have left pure and simply because,well,it became boring... Splitting numbers in half will not half the problem only magnify it.
  13. If this idea was a fork in the road we just chose to take the exclusive route leaving the inclusive one a distant memory. The OW road seems to be narrowing and leading to destination PB , shame that because it's limited in its scope where OW has endless limitations for battle.
  14. Well I know where il be sailing to tommorow, good show frenchies.
  15. I reckon I've had to rank up from the start about 5 times since sea trials and endured a few wipes already, so why the river of tears ? Everyone is aware a wipe is inevitable right? just let go, live a little, its only a game.