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  1. Friday 5 pm GMT job done, I don't know what all the fuss is about. . Weekend ship sinking time...
  2. Convoys on the other hand may make some interesting PvP for the wolf packs .:)
  3. Not as much as I was after it old bean. Had my own personal mini pb in circle A .
  4. That's because the order was to load chain on our right ! Crazy eh still makes me chuckle.
  5. Puppet State!! The statues of the fallen in Pampatar are covering their ears!! we are currently drawing straws in TS to see who gets the diplomatic job .:)
  6. So every time a DAS member stops a trader and asks to see his papers in chat he will actually have some .
  7. Numbers definitely as no one knows who will return at this point, but for the Dutch it's more of a starting from scratch, zero zip as a nation , most will have more numbers and all will have established rvr fleet, Dutch will have niether but it will have skilled veterans with balls , so it's just about bringing the nation together, takes time so it will be hard at the beginning .
  8. Yes mate we are.
  9. Cheers rediii, but let's be honest it will be a very hard ask for the Dutch after wipe on EU , I remember when lots of people went Sweden purely because of the difficulty of playing that nation, well the Dutch will be the new Sweden on EU. you want a hard difficulty you go Dutch , you want constant PVP you go Dutch however I'm under no illusion of how hard it will be. Looking forward to it, exciting times.
  10. Let's face it PVP is king and where better to find it than smack in the middle of Danes, swedes, and French to the south, at least at first it will be like a kid in a sweet shop for PvP. How could any cloggie turn such a challenge down, I know I can't.
  11. Did it truly ever leave?
  12. Haha thanks Pierrick , tough day at work but your post cheered me up, Don't worry we Dutchies will keep your back door safe .
  13. Or just watch some of the you tube videos of the NA tournament not so long ago, de-masting at its finest.
  14. Both, one is for shooting, one is for fun. Seriously though I don't think anyone can say at this moment how either server will play out with so many variables atm. Choose a main one after a week or so that suits you best and play the other as a nation you wouldn't normally choose but want to try something new is my advice.
  15. No problem mate, but i sense in some way it can be used as an exploit but we shall see.