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  1. This is what happens when you let the PVE only( 10 percenters) dictate the OW content.
  2. The gankers don't like being ganked, imagine that.
  3. Hard to believe you missed the point completely
  4. Well I will concede the point on that one. Although others would probably call it something else.
  5. The only people lack of teleport hurts is limited time players who want to constantly travel long distance. if a person is content with staying in a limited area teleporting is a non issue for them. My playtime is limited to under 2 hour sessions, I simply adjusted how I play to make it more enjoyable. I griped before, but I don't feel this is a game where should he able to AFK sail for hours on end with no consequence. ~ quoted content removed ~ moderation team
  6. You realize some players actually bought into this hoping to play an exciting, realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat sandbox immersing players into the experience of the most beautiful period of naval history - when sailing ships ruled the seas. Weird, it's like that's been stated somewhere else, I mean who would want to play a game like that when you got this exciting AOS trading and crafting simulator that you can " play" while watching netflix or taking a nap. Radical concept, buying a game in EA to help make sure it ends up as described. Which strangely enough is not what you qouted.
  7. Without risk, there is no reward. I have zero interest in trading, zero interest in crafting. They are 0 risk time sinks that really offer nothing reward wise. All I want is a good fight, a big part of a good fight is knowing there is risk if I screw up and lose. But win or lose, all I'm after is a good fight. There is no risk in games like WOWS or WOT, that why I feel they are dull. I know not many here feel this way, but there are a few of us around.
  8. Sorry but trading and crafting require little effort but a large time sink. You spend 45 min- a couple of hours AFK sailing just do a couple key presses and turn around to do it again. Little effort but a lot of time.
  9. The problem is at the base the game has a huge flaw. You need players out on the map sailing to provide PVP oppertunity. However sailing anywhere is boring for many players due to lack of stuff to do currently in OW. So to keep players happy, devs put in teleports to speed things up,but that leaves few player controlled ships in OW. Which is a large problem for the PVP players. I really don't think it can be worked out to the satisfaction of both. OW as a whole was/is poorly conceived and implemented. No offense to the devs meant but to me it's the facts of the situation.
  10. I believe at one point the devs claimed they were making a game for players that did not have a lot of free time. It's been awhile and I forget who asked but iirc the devs stated that the game would be viable for someone with as little as an hours time a day to play. Its clear to me that's not really feasible. Seems like you need 4 hours min at a time to get anything accomplished, unless you restrict yourself to a really small area.
  11. I'm not the only one who feels this way. Look at this thread I know we are not allowed to have contrary opinions to mods and staff, but players still do, and yet you guys still plug your ears while yelling I can't hear you.
  12. I would love to get more people on here, but my friends read the forums and think the devs have no real sense of direction. They feel they are ignoring the larger base for those who don't want to play the game as it was originally intended. They have no interest in a primarily PVE game. They won't drop money on it until about 2 months after launch. i have started telling others who ask to do the same.
  13. Hunting lone unarmed traders, so brave ruthless.
  14. A year from now this game( if it last that long) will be PVE only with occasional PVP events. I can't see it ending up any other way, the devs are going to cater to the 10 percent that play PVE only. This game is done.
  15. Sometimes I get this feeling half of the dev team wants the game to succeed, while the other half wants it to fail.