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  1. Maybe he has a good idea here. We will take the Virgin Islands to better defend Denmark.
  2. When we have those back, war is over. Until then, CCCP ships will be relocated to the bottom of the ocean. You will not safely trade while we are online. CCCP is a dishonorable clan. Nobody should make deals with you. ICS was foolish to do so. We will not make their mistakes.
  3. Well, just to digress into some Naval Action game theory: Any 1 clan that is capable of creating a threatening port battle can direct national war policy (to a large extent). This is why most "peace deals" are really just an agreement between the port-flip-capable clans to not flip any ports. There will always, always be solos and tiny guilds out there that just sink everything but without a big enough clan backing them up, they can't flip ports and are merely a PvP threat, not an RvR threat. This is also why a lot of peace deals just allow for PvP to occur. We'll shoot you if we see you, we just won't flip your ports. This just saves a lot of squabbling and confusion but prevents things from really flaring up. So yes, if the PvP1 guys are big enough to flip ports then they are a real threat. Semi-related: This is also why the Danish clan [CCCP] cannot be negotiated with. They see no difference between PvP and RvR. If they make peace with your "nation" and literally anyone under your nation's flag attacks any of their ships anywhere, they see it the same as full RvR, which is actually how the entire French-Dane problem started to begin with, 2 weeks ago. Some randos from a pickup guild hit one of their traders. Learn from France. Do not negotiate with the Danes. Kill on sight.
  4. Or -- and I'm just floating this out there as a crazy, half-baked idea -- maybe you're both wrong.
  5. Please find enclosed [PURGE] opinion of [CCCP] using Indiamen in French territorial waters. After-battle party on French deck got a little out of hand but it was okay.
  6. It's not a sprint. It's a marathon. The proper response would be to flip both Terre regions. Ideally we want to flip 1 Danish port every day until they get sick of trying to show up at 9am their time to defend them. If I can find the people with the willpower to do it, we will flip the Danish homeland within the next week. The Danes can flip it back but we'll just take it again.
  7. US and Oceanic time zone people cannot fight in port battles on the EU server due to the restrictions on port battle times. You need to mention that little tidbit unless you are intentionally trolling the forums in which case moderators should shut down this thread.
  8. You're right. It's about crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you and hearing the lamentation of their women. You worry too much about profits. War is always an expense. How you make your money to afford your war is the real question you should be asking.
  9. Secret video released of the latest French clan meeting as representatives of The Purge arrive at the ICS guild hall: [ICS].... I release you from this spell.
  10. So you're saying PvP is Serious Business and actually matters?? It's not just World of Warcraft where we all run in circles and bop each other and graveyard rush until we get bored with it? I'm getting more excited for this game every day!
  11. War French Clans Urged to Fight As many of you know, Denmark long ago declared war on France and stole our territory, including the vital regions of Basse-Terre and Grand-Terre which have the materials we need to generate war supplies as well as being our best coal source. The French clan [ICS], duped from within by rumored Danish alt Johnny LaKron who shall henceforth be known as "Wormtongue", facilitated this "trade". The deal was that Denmark gets our land and we get Conquest Marks in return. Worthless baubles. Denmark would never return the two Terre regions, which generate both conquest marks and war supplies for them. French Clan [PURGE] never signed or agreed to this deal and has been sinking Danish ships. Unfortunately we have stood alone in this effort. We hear now that stage 2 of the Denmark / Wormtongue plan begins soon: Denmark will take all of our territory and "feed" Conquest Marks back to those French they deem worthy. France will be a 1 port nation, straight from the mouth of the Danes, and only the worthy will be hand-fed by their Danish masters. It is not too late to fight. France has many fighters. The sniveling Danes are +12 hours from most of us so they attack us only at night but this works both ways. We can also attack them during their night. The Basse-Terre area is rich in Danish NPC fleets. With combined effort, France could flip Danish regions even faster than they flip ours. It will be a war of attrition but it's a war we can win. We can push this straight up into the Danish region until your current masters beg us to leave them alone. This is the only way to deal with tyrants. I expect Wormtongue will recommend you flee. Some of you may seek out safer waters with the Dutch or British. [PURGE] is staying. We have fought one-port wars before. But it will be easier if all of France contributes. Did you come to this new world to fight, or did you come to listen to the whispers of Wormtongue and bow and scrape to people he says are your betters? Choose soon, France. You will find us in the fight.
  12. You, personally, got 4 assists and 0 kills with pretty small damage numbers, what do you expect. When you're in a fleet and everyone else is doing all the damage then..... yeah. PvE works the same way, even. Actually looking at it again, you CAPTURED 7 ships. So that was your reward. What were they? If they were good Surprises then you basically made 700k in there. If they were Aggies or something then you made millions.
  13. So you're saying that as a Lynx or Privateer you can still capture a ship that instantly exceeds the value of the ship you were using for PvP. I don't see the problem. If you sailed a Constitution you could capture Indiamen, probably 2-3 at a time, and again instantly exceed the value of the ship you were using for PvP. Yes it's scaling but it's supposed to. You're not supposed to easily bring in a 500k ship with a ship that costs 25k to click out. But if you can bring in a 40k ship with a 25k ship then you're doing pretty good, I'd say. Same reason you can't make a lot of profit in a Trader Lynx but you can do really well in triple Indiamen.
  14. Capture an Aggie. Put it in the nearest free port for 400k. Post about it on global chat. Guarantee that thing will sell quick, 400k cash in hand and you didn't have to take it very far. I get what you guys are saying but you're bending over backwards trying to not see the real solutions that actually exist right now in the game.