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  1. Looking forward to the moment the patch hits the live server. Better take your time and make it a stable patch
  2. Everything is subject to change, they are spitballing with some ideas/changes here and there. And since we are still in early access we can do so.
  3. Some really nice ships in there. I would throw my money at Gamelabs for some nice Dutch ships though, but this set of ships is really looking good.
  4. btw, is there a possibility for the remaining month to have some wacky patch? i'd like to see the community do weird fun stuff instead of fighting and being toxic. 1v1 battle instance, or 3v3 instances only. Perhaps for the newer players that never had the chance, a redeemable santi:D
  5. My beloved Cerberus Blueprint, nooo !!! After years of research and hard craftsmanship i finally managed to get the know how of making the Cerberus. This world is so cruel !! Awesome:) A fresh start is best, since the inflationlevels are huge and money lost its value which is quite hard for newer players to compete in this game. Looking forward to the wipe and changes, keep it up!
  6. I would love to see how the game plays without first rates and heavy frigates. I think for far too long now , the focus has been on the end game. Testing these smaller ships and creating a world where everyone is bound to these ships is the perfect time for non static pvp and casuals to pick up the game. @admin you remember way before EA, where random quality of ships where available in unknown random ports on the map. I would like to see that with the 1st rates haha. i.e 1st rates are availble but x amount of 1st rates each 12/ 24hour cycle in shops. Just a silly dream;P
  7. Before wishing and asking for the removal of alliances to tackle another problem, take a look at this: Over 50% voted for war and peace mechanics over all others. Read through it. throwing alliances away to tackle another problem is a risky decision. Expand the alliance system, tweak it, experiment with it. But please dont use to to hopefully kill another problem which is not even sure it will do so.
  8. We had this period before EA where we had no official alliances, all playermade. This was epic and it worked up and untill the game became purchasable on steam creating a new influx of players with different beliefs. It stopped working because the game changed into a PR management game and damage control game. Our diplomats had to cool down situations every day caused by new and rogue players, whether done on purpose or not. I ask all of you to think very carefully what you wish for. Free diplomacy is offcourse the best in a sandbox mmo style game, but we have experienced it in a controlled environment before EA where it did worked and after EA where it did not work. Removing the alliance system will create the comeback of alot alot of those old problems and we will see new ones. Currently smaller nations cannot yield the 1 รก 2 fleets they could used to shortly after EA. Offcourse they can create pacts and such, but the return of rogue clans being effective again and the confusion you will create for new players joining nations is far from ideal. I think there is a 3rd option which is far more interesting and that is experimenting and adding some flesh to the skin boned alliance system we have at the moment. Currently it is possible to get 2 alliance partners i believe, perhaps 3 not sure. Test it with 1 alliance partner max i would say, remove the big coalitions. Also the call for a Neutral option should be investigated, perhaps adding bonusses to trade options. Either way, we had this system before where players controlled it all, there was a topic on the forum where we could vote for what to development would be prioritised on, never have i seen so much votes FOR an alliance system. Dont just forget why we chose for an system. If this is all to fix nightflips, i am affraid this is not the right way. Konali
  9. A wipe right now would only mean a short step back in the time where everything is balanced up untill the first inflation trade millions have been made. It is a short time measure mostly losing the more casual playerbase. i would like to see some add ons to the diplomacy system aswell.
  10. Entirely fine by me haha, but dont be suprised if your ship never arrives haha. Perhaps for PVE server.
  11. Short term this sucks bullocks, not only for the Western based players or the EU and AU based players. But this is what you get when you do not have enough players/testers. Portbattles are already very limited compared to a year ago, they are even planned 46 hours ahead sorta speak. Nightflipping sucks, but what sucks even more is one side telling the other side to suck it up and change servers or stop playing because it doesnt suit them. You dont have to wake up in the middle of the night to play a video game. Long term, more players will definitly help alot. Whining will not as it is already on the agenda of the devs. One thing i really dislike is the fact some people feel entitled or special enough to demand the other side leaving the game, Get your shit together and accept the fact you are working with limited options within this game as we speak. But seperating the playerbase has never had a good outcome if the playerbase is not big enough for such decisions in the first place.
  12. I like the interview, but alot of suggestive questioning which i dont like. Good job you got the guys so far interesting read.
  13. Devs said, a clan harbour/dock would weigh in too heavy at the server database. I gues you have to work around that issue with your suggestion.
  14. Any Decent Dutch shippack would open my wallet:) Take my money !!!