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  1. Maybe if it is that confusing, it can be a community project to come up with better descriptions?
  2. Or there is a possibility for a new item: Crafting contract ( idk) Cost: 1000 labour hour Crafting xp when its redeemed by another player: 500xp Level cap: Usable till you reach crafting level 30 or 35( you can craft alot of frigates then with that level) Craftable item if you reach level 50 to help out others. Just spitballing here:)
  3. in my opinion the navigation as is ingame is all we need. We can navigate by experience. We can navigate based on the distance sorted using the trader tool. It will tell you what the closest cities are and should give you a fairly good idea where you are located. When going in straight lines from A to B and there is no reason to change course mid-trips, the protractor is really nice. I like it that you need some kind of skill/ experience. Combine all of the above and it should be really easy already.
  4. Conquest marks for port battles should be tslen out. Everything that is currently in the admirality and needs conquest marks should be replaced with pvp marks. The reasoning why is simple. Traders and crafters just dont hsve access to these blueprints and permits since their pleasure in this game is the economic aspect. Pvp marks for evrrything makes it just more accessable for every player. Even the players with just 2 hour per day to play. Port battles and the entire lord system is awesome i love it, but what we see now is that nations are not only unbalanced by player number (which is fine imho) but unbalanced in the way they have access to certain ships. I like the system i really do but it needs finetuning.
  5. And what would this change exactly? According to your suggestions it would put the smaller nations atleast 500.000 back compared to spanish captains. What is this good for?
  6. Hey Tac, let me introduce you to Tac.
  7. I like the steep cannon prices though, it creates a continues moneysink and makes sure that devestating losses at port battles mean something to a nation. And you gotta have moneysinks somwhere i guess. Rather have them once in a while for cannons and in a reduced rate for resource extracting.
  8. Labour hours are more than fine for me imho, its balanced properly and you can use it for plenty of things, you just need to prioritise. The harvesting costs of getting stuff out of your production buildings, for some items are indeed a bit steep and i would consider them a bigger bottleneck than labour hours. This would result in cheaper player crafter ships aswell in the end, and might give people a better stimulation to risk that one fight and perhaps accept the loss. From a clan point of view, most things are ok and doable. For the solo guys or small groups or players with limited time, reducing the harvesting costs would make up for the time investment and risk of losing ships around 5th rate.
  9. Instead of taking xp away that nobody is gonna care about, take away a negative amoung of pvp/pve/conquest marks. Pretty sure green on green will be limited.
  10. You say you never visted the forums and had no chance to know that wipe is coming. if you did not have any chance to know that you need to sync xp, how did you know about the wipe then and knew you had to come back today?
  11. Sometimes a merge or fuse leads to beautifull friendships:)
  12. the 3rd rule is : Alliances are meant to be broken:)
  13. Who are we kidding, we all know each pact or alliance will atleast get broken or shattered atleast once a week. pssst rogue clans, backstabbing allies its gonna be so entertaining, its true.
  14. RICE ?