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  1. Stop this madness!!!!
  2. Zouave rifles were never used during the war, they're pretty tho
  3. After Shiloh my officer barracks are empty on Mac, I'm not sure if it's a glitch or part of the game, still loving it though and most of my brigades are experienced enough to fight ok without officers.
  4. This is what happens to reenactors too
  5. Getting closer to that mac version!!! Keep up the good work!
  6. It be cool to see the men in greatcoats at battles like Stones River and Fredericksburg!
  7. It would be cool to see a huge morale boost when the unit that captures another gets its colors
  8. I think guerilla companies would be cool, like bloody bill and quantrell
  9. The Internal Enemy is about slaves joining the Colonial Marines during the War of 1812, Its not Civil War, but its really good!
  10. I know this is over the top, but wouldn't it be cool if the confederates used Hardee's tactics and the union there own (I forgot what manual they used!!!)
  11. Thats exactly what they drill into us at reenactments, if they yell fallback or the retreat sounds, you fall back in order and fire while you do, the men during the war and the wars beforehand saw it as a point of pride to be able to do this in good order.
  12. I agree that Heavy artillery units like the Connecticut one from Cold Harbor (I think it was Connecticut) and it would be cool to be able to tell your men when to fix bayonets, tho I can see it being a little micro managing, and I apologize for sounding condescending in that last post.
  13. And the 30lb. Parrot siege gun suggestion, I personally don't think it would be very helpful because it didn't help the union much when that's tried it "The 30 pdr. Parrott saw service as early as the First Battle of Manassas. A Union 30 pdr. Parrott with Company G, 1st U.S. Artillery fired the opening shot of the battle. The gun was given the nickname "Long Tom" by it's loving crew. Due to the difficulties of moving such a large gun quickly, the gun position was overrun by Confederates. The gun served the South for the remainder of it's lifetime."
  14. Confederate Calvary under Forest carried only shotguns of carbines, only his personal guards carried sabers, towards the end of the war both sides Calvary ceased carrying sabers in favor of carbines because it's not that easy to run when dismounted with a saber hanging from your hip. Also the age of the magnificent Calgary charge ended at Waterloo, any charge like that during the civil war would be slaughter. In reply to your sharps rant, there were regiments in the union army that carried colt revolving rifles and Henry's, the Bucktails of Gettysburg fame carried sharps rifles, not carbines, and the main unit to carry sharps rifles were the US sharpshooters. Also if you read, you'll find that confederates, who used the whitworth, ditched the hexagonal bullets in favor of standard mini├Ęs because you can't really import special bullets for i high cost when your coast is blockaded. One rebel Calvary regiment carried lances, used them once, got slaughtered, then proceeded to use them for firewood. Also melee in the civil war didn't happen that much, that's why there are so many casualties, both sides would stand and blaze away at each other hours. The end. PS. In reply to the two types of Calvary you say "long range", ever hear of the mounted rifles and the mounted infantry?
  15. You should join a Cavalry reenactment group, I do 12th Georgia and 26th Wisconsin Infantry and the cavalry scares the heck outta me!!