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  1. Just log on, nothing can go wrong by logging on. Servers are separate so go in and have a peek at your redeemables. Redeemables will stay even if you delete char. Once you've used them they are gone on that particular server.
  2. serB. Wargaming head that is, in orders of magnitude, "worse" than Game-Labs are being accused of. He did it shamelessly. It was glorious (Your mileage may vary).
  3. Are your sensibilities really that tender or are you fighting for other people's imagined tender hearts? I've observed this other places as well; Hyper-sensivitity towards banter and terse remarks. Maybe it's a cultural thing? "Oh, no you didn't! You are a professional, if you deliver even one snide remark I'll have my moral outrage flare up so bright you'll be consumed by my holy wrath!" Please let us not go there? Things become so boring and sterile if everything we hear from Game-Labs are cleansed through a bussiness ethics filter. Sure, we will have impeccable decorum but the free exchange of ideas and opinions won't flourish as much. I like this better: Some people might not get the reference, ask before you shoot.
  4. If you've been there before and have all this deep understanding of how annoying user nagging can be, why would you come here and do just that? Also, you made this thread after being in direct communication with admin in that other thread.
  5. koiz, pls... You're not the first to bandy about with that. What is that? Some sort of advanced way of getting attention? As a user I find them to be among the most responsive developers I've been around. I've been prepared for every wipe and every postponement by the developers by direct communication. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4... It's not the developers' communication that UNcalms my titties.
  6. I’ve been meaning to write this for a year and decided to pull my finger out of my butt for this thread. This story starts with @TommyShelby. He was bored and no good can ever come out of that. I had recently gotten to know him during his last days in TDA. Diplomatic relations between the Decaturs and Rakers had been difficult for a long time so we weren’t obvious bed partners. Kaos hints at parts of the explanation to the volatile political situation in his post On the (EU) evening of wednesday march 2. 2016 tommi was a free soul with friends in any and all camps. His birds had whispered in his ear about brits PVE grinding the shit out of their newly acquired Pavels hidden away in the nook outside Port-au-Prince. Tommi sent out ravens to all the corners of the caribbean. Some of us heeded the call. @Puchu and myself represented the Rakers and the DA-NO faction, @nornica and @Salzi hoisted the black, @SeaWolf_ came with TDA and US colors flying. @Ellis and Turpos were stuck far away with no teleport. To get into île-à-Vache (Now: Freeport moved to Navasse) those days could be messy. The Brits held that general area and reacted with a knee-jerk-role-playing reluctance to foreign presence. I should say that pretty much all factions had their special emissaries in Vache hunting the vegans so it’s quite understandable I had 14 ships chasing and tagging me inbound. Outside Vache while we waited for SeaWolf: We got everyone safe into Vache and waited a bit for the bees to settle down. Then we set out in a group to kill anything. The brits still had overwhelming numbers in the area but I suspect they hadn’t seen a multinational expedition before so they never came close. We decided to proceed around Tiburon towards the grazing Pavels. We saw a few smaller ships that ran to the best of their ability and didn’t expect a fight before we got to the fatties. But there he was, coming out of a grinding mission in a connie. It was an old Sea Trials buddy of ours; poor @Kaaru62. Being in a slow bot-grinding ships it was easy to tag and sail up to him. I just ran alongside him putting 18lbs balls into his masts while the others weaved his stern doing the same. All his masts came down in short order, but his 24’s and carros had put my shitty frigate in a sad state. I captured his floating turret to avoid sitting in a sinking ship. We set course for the Pavels but we had outstayed our welcome and Salzi in his scout spotted a wall of brits coming for us. @manuva85 was brit in those days and he was responsible for doom closing in on us. I forgot to ask him to join our shenanigans and I still feel bad about that. We ran. As far as I recall SeaWolf took one for the multinational team by initiating an instance thus allowing the rest of us to slip away. I kept kaaru’s ship in CS until it was wiped Sorry, not sorry. I miss nornica, if anyone here talks to him say hi from me. Shoutout to kaaru62, Puchu, @Schuetzengel and all other MIA’s.
  7. Your guide was fine. Job well done. My jokes are directed at the subject matter itself, not your analysis.
  8. It's been a while... I wanted to make sure there weren't any free lunches with the use of fleet ships, so I compared a cerb+cerb fleet with a lone cerb. The cerb in focus is the fleet. Both ships empty: Notice that the lone ship is ever so slightly faster than than the fleet, I fully support all such suffering of fleet users Here the main cerb is empty and the fleet cerb is fully laden with danish yeast (!?): I was afraid there might be a loophole with fleet cargo (Think fleet ship full of repairs but no drawbacks), but admin and the gang have been meticulous and closed that door. Forgot to mention: This is Testbed 9.99 hotfix 9.
  9. lol, Norfolk. Your guide was very entertaining, but I don't know what to do with it. Should I applaud the pragmatic approach or should I avert my eyes in shame and disgust? I knew nothing about sandboxes before I came here and I can't tell if I'm enlightened or violated.
  10. Yup, that's right. Maybe I should explain why I thought your post was a loaded one? Stating how long matches lasts in other games is absolutely neutral so that wasn't what made me and Olav raise our eyebrows. To think that a game has players because of the UI is a baffling statement. Why would anyone say such a weird thing without ulterior motives? Overgeneralization usually comes from the need to politicize a particular point. Instant action is indeed the main forte of arena games but there are many players who are happy with NA's slower pace. btw, the pace in NA is already significantly accelerated so we're already sinning against realism. When people sit down to play a game I'm sure they often make room for more than 30min max, even if they "don't give 2 craps about realism" and "want instant action that is fast paced". Your limitation of 30 minutes seems forced and artificial, which makes me suspect politics. I'm sure many appreciate the option to just do a quickie. I've done that many times in Aces High, WoT and old Sea Trials. This does not mean that... That's just crazy talk. Now you know how I could misunderstand you so terribly.
  11. Thanks!
  12. That was my choice; To pick between you not having a clue about what makes wot/wows/wt tick while pretending you do OR you raging about the arena game simply because you don't like it while pretending to state simple facts. I chose to not insult your intelligence. There will be more drama to come about the new game and player migration. There is no need for enmity between the two player groups, both games could provide recruitment for the other. You guys could use the arena game as a training tool for your RvR guys.
  13. Whoa! That was some expertly hid passive aggressiveness. I saw you talking about your skill level in that other thread, this game is perfect for you because you can come and take us all to school.
  14. I come from the south west. The dialectal words in Markens Grøde are from north Norway, "dokker" just happens to be a fluke word appearing in both those quite different dialects. Did you enjoy the monumental national-romantic Markens Grøde? I absolutely hated it when forced to read it in gymnasiet, I was put off by the massive hard-on Hamsun had for his idealistic vision of "the original Norway". Re-read it later and quite enjoyed it, though. I highly recommend Jens Bjørneboe's "Haiene" (The Sharks). Naval themed romantizing anarchy. He was a kick-ass author who went to fight Franco in Spain. He also got in trouble with the Spanish police, "He touched me, noone touches me, so I hit him." Hey! What Danish author should I read? I'm particularly interested in those who formed their respective culture or provoked it.