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  1. nice signature. pretty old statement
  2. Two routes.. scouts from privateer to the constitution standards from pickle to 1st rates Both routes do not have interconnected ships as before both start from basic cutter the trees are not final - we will post them once we are sure
  3. We mentioned before that we plan to add 1 min invisibility to the weaker side (like it was some time before). Side which BR was lower on battle closure will have 1 min invisibility on exit. This will give some breathing room to disengage.
  4. Thats not correct - constitution does not require cerb, snow, cutter, brig line. thats a line leading to ships of the line. We will repeat again. Assume 3 knowledge slots as a new normal. Even casual wow requires months of investment into full sets of high end gear.Previous free cookies system was a mistake. You can't be fully effective in everything
  5. yes please report locations of bots sailing through land. just name look at the bot and hit F11
  6. NA is an open world MMO. The new game (so called arena) is going to be a separate game. We have not picked the name for the title (and pricing) yet. But its going to get into closed beta testing this year. PS .. by the way did you see our comment above that it was not an attack but to attempt to bring another perspective on retention numbers ?
  7. hmm what did give that impression? Never had that goal We are just trying to explain that the number 80% is actually average and is not bad. its like saying.. he died at 80 very bad. Of course its bad but ..if everyone dies at 80 it becomes a norm. If he died at 30 but everyone dies at 80 then its very very bad. Probably its bad analogy but it explains it best.
  8. Thats a not a bad and not a good number. Its somewhat meaningless during EA. And its ok for a game with out UI. 80% of players never buy a second tank in world of tanks. 40% of players never reach 3rd boss in dark souls (with only 20% reaching the final boss) That number sounds scary but its normal of the industry. Its very hard to improve it because players move on very fast these days and we doubt tutorials will help. UI will improve retention to dark souls levels. (with 60% reaching the brig) but they will sill fall off. Based on sales it is already an indie hit. Not many games reach 100,000 sales during EA. And it will sell another 100-150k after release. Our goal is to increase retention for those players. Many players who play now just don't have that perspective and don't understand the experiments that are being conducted. You captured that well in your article. it is similar to that darkest dungeon story.
  9. We don't see any developer comments in it. You have never approached us to comment. 1) you exaggerate the negativity. Forums are always full of negative people. Overall rating is good and you conveniently forget to mention that. Forums are always full of people who don't like something. The rest are just playing in silence. 2) 80% players leaving is normal for every game. check out fallout 4 numbers. Also that number is not really correct AND depend on the time period. Also a of those players are waiting for ui and full release. 3) you can be the first official source to announce naval action arena that actually will bring awesome sea trials back. That game will have zero problems from NA. ps. steam link would be good
  10. first rates maintenance is a clan/national effort. Those are carriers of those times. The titans of the sea. Also repairs are almost free in ports.
  11. there is no change of direction. Bot capture breaks the game both from money and from content perspective. If you feed your kid 1kg of chocolate every day he will be very happy but his health will get ruined pretty fast. Just sink them. I don't know why you need useless low level ships. Ability to capture 1st rate from the npc breaks the game for several other gameplay styles. Its removed from the pvp server forever. Its not coming back.
  12. We don't expect players to unlock everything. You pick the ship you like and make it matter. The rest are for other players. We are planning to increase xp reqs for 4th and 5th slots even more. 3 knowledge slots is the new normal.
  13. 16000 hp is almost 2 first rates. 500 labor hours for 2 first rates is very cheap, considering how many hours you get per day.
  14. please stay on topic of patch don't move and swivel to other subjects in patch feedback topics please