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    Hallo, ich finde die Anzahl der Schiffe für EA erst einmal ok. Allerdings müsste am Spieleeinhalt, an den Zielen etwas geschraubt werden, so dass einige Schiffe wieder ihre Daseinsberechtigung und Aufgabe haben und nicht nur schön angestrichen im Dock vergammeln. z.B. In letzter Zeit gab es, durch die Spielmechanik bedingt, in PBs meist Mono-Flotten (Heavy Rattle Snakes, Agamemnons, 1rst Rates). Das sollte man ändern und versuchen, gemischte Flotten zu forcieren. Mehr 74er bitte, d.h. z.B. mehr 3rd Rates, wie es in der Historie ja auch war. Das macht ein PB viel interessanter. Ich bin auch mit einigen der neuen Änderungen überhaupt nicht einverstanden, werde sie aber trotzdem testen und hoffe, dass unserer Feedback hilft. Die Aussage der Devs, dass es keine neuen Schife mehr bis zum Release gibt, bis die Moral wieder besser ist ... naja ...was soll ich sagen ... klingt für mich wie ein beleidigtes, patziges Kind ... wir sind aber alle bereits erwachsen. Damit bekommt man auch keine besseren Steam Bewertungen. Ich finde viele Dinge toll, die bisher entwickelt wurden (sonst würde ich das Spiel nicht so oft spielen)... jetzt aber bitte weiter entwickeln und nicht beleidigt sein. Der größte Teil der Communitiy inklusive der Mods (auch im Forum) ist ok und ich spiele gerne mit ihnen bzw. gegen sie. Man sollte nicht von einigen Ausreissern auf alle schliessen. Gruß Berend
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    I feel that you suggesting it here is confusing a number of us as "it's happening." I think we just want a straight clarification: 1.Is teleport to capital staying? 2. Is the teleport to nearest outpost at the end battle screen going away?
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    So now we'll be back to waiting around for ages on end after a battle ends to gank someone or vice versa? Plus we'll have battle screen camping again? Yay. I'm sure glad we're going back to where we started. For those of you who weren't around way back when: It sucked. The battle exit timer combined with teleport to nearest friendly port at least eliminated the waiting around and the possibility that you'd be ganked by a bait ship and his mates hiding in battle screen.. It's not the ganking that I abhor mind you, it's the gamey-exploitiness of these mechanics, and they were abused a lot and a very huge turn-off for new, solo players when player populations were high.
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    My plan is to steal the USS Constitution and live out my life sailing the high seas. FYI, Looking for crew members!
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    Apparently many players do not know how to conduct themselves properly in a gaming society thus end up being shunned away and then post this pile of "reasons" of why a game is not recommended (?)... And then say a game that is principally built upon community and developers brainstorm of ideas is not what players want ? http://steamcommunity.com/id/zxzc77/recommended/311310/ Spare us this kind of absolute garbage, for the lack of a better word. It serves non of the captains out there in the OW, serving their own gameplay time, no justice. This pile of junk is simply not true and should be removed from the steam wall. Simply flag it.
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    I have mentioned this in several post on the steam forums, and I seen it brought up here But that was shut down. I am one of the aforementioned hearing impaired who can't use voice chat to communicate with other players. Why will I no longer be allowed to communicate with the majority of the games population? I can't really join a clan( everyone requires VC) and in nation chat is so hit and miss ( at least the times I play) but global I could typically find players to talk to. Is there even a point to trying to play if I can't communicate with 80-90 percent of the games population. It's not like there is a lot to do in OW on long trips. But i'm sure this will be shut down, like all the other discussions on the matter. But at please have the decency to tell me why I'm being punished for doing nothing wrong?
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    Crafters needs a market where they can sell their Ships. Give the economy in NA a chance. Without demand there will never be a good economy. Demand is the keyword. Gold, Ship/Item sink is the way to bring demand to the world of NA (But no RNG plz). If there is a need to get a good new ship and only availbale from players, then all other professions are coming to live: Crafter wanna sell a new ship and need materials wich is sold by the trader. The trader have to transport the goods and sail at OW. The Pirate wanna catch him but the escort has sink him. So the Pirate need a new ship and the circle starts a new round. That is, what makes the Open World like a living world. Easy to get ships are the death to this circle and with that the death of a living world we all want. Because of this I really welcome the development of a new seperate game where everyone can have instant battles without the time consuming needs of an Open World game. And the rest (like me) can have fun in OW with all its properties, incl. zergs, solo hunters, sailing long distances, crafters, traders, nation vs nation, ally vs ally, diplomacy, ..
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    I think its more important for the player base to have a realy good patch, then to have a fast patch. People are playing other games right now, they'll keep their eyes on NA and when they see the patch hit they'll rejoin the game. If its only mediocre its going to be a dead server again after a couple of weeks. Let the devs figure stuff out, lets wait out the testbed patches, lets do our best to test it as good as we can and post our well structured opions and comments here. If the new testbed patch is live, we should just all play testbed instead of the live servers. We can have the same numbers and the same fights while testing out stuff...
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    Hallo Schiffe sind es erstmal genug, obwohl natürlich auch noch welche fehlen. Aber der neue weg, das man die Schiffe mit spielen verbessern muss, bringt ja ganz neue Möglichkeiten und Ziele. Jetzt sind wir alle admiräle, und müssen doch wieder grinden. Finde ich super. Kommt mir vor wie bei world of warships (gibts da einen neuen Zusammenhang?) Aber das ist genau das was benötigt wird. Genug ziele weil jetzt immer ein neues schiff verbessert werden kann. Und wenn neue Schiffe kommen gehts wieder los. Ich bin ja open world fan und finde das hier gut umgesetzt. Es ärgert mich immer wieder das einige wenige spieler die ganze community in Aufregung setzen können. Leider gehen die devs darauf ein und fühlen sich immer wieder angegriffen. Kann man verstehen, wird sich aber bestimmt nicht immer verhindern lassen. Das jetzt vieles anders wird ist ja auch eine chance das auszuprobieren. Uber diese massiven Veränderungen bin ich auch nicht immer glücklich, aber es ging bisher immer weiter. Und wenn 10 gehen kommen auch 10 neue, die unbedarft da ran gehen. Ohne release haben wir hier ja auch viele Allestester, die sind bei jeden early access dabei und ziehen eh weiter. Wer das spiel, die Schiffe und die zeit liebt, der bleibt und sucht sich seinen platz. Gruß Ralf
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    After reading through Hethwill's suggestion, I had the idea that instead of a random flag on one of the masts there could be a national flag that you could choose. That way if you are Australian playing for the British nation you could fly the Aussie flag on your mast to represent where you are from. Here's a list of nations that are recognized by the UN https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states. I feel like this would give some sense of nationalism while adding more customization at the same time.
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    We got less PVP because you are killing the game population with an infinite, exasperating waltz of changes (introducing new features, removing things, bringing back old things), apparently following not a clear, precise path. At the moment seeing Naval Action released appears as a pure utopia. On the other hand, many key aspects of the game are still unchanged (boarding, Ui, Tutorial for new players), while you keep modifyng battles mechanics and damage model (by far the best and more solid features of your game). After so many months of development and testing, I think that we should have at least a core of features and in-game mechanics that should be labelled as "definitive"...instead Naval Action is still a 100% fluid project, without any kind of solid foundation to start from. Moreover, soon population will be splitted into two different servers (a "folie" in my opinion). To sum up, if population stays so low, we need teleports and tow requests to be able to be present where the few chances to PVP are avaliable. A time sinking game keeps people away from playing, a low populated OW (with let's say...200-250 players) it's simply unsustainable...forcing people to sail for hours in an almost empty OW is a suicidal strategy. Obviously I hope to be 100% wrong .
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    I'm sorry but I'm in general not a supporter of your way to approach this problem - Compare it to something similar: Car accidents. They happen, they suck, noone wants one to happen to anyone but they're the result of our comfort. They're inevitable. Your way of approaching would now suggest banning all traffic, all comfort, so we wouldn't have to see those horrific things. While another approach would be to take counter measurements to 1) keep our comfort to be able to cross large distances through car/busses and 2) to punish idiots that feel like the need of speeding in the cost of other's innocent's lives (and that way scare off 'future' speeders, by showing them the consequences). However if you cannot stand shit nonsense steam reviews that claim the moderators/devs to be "facists" only because they got chatbanned due to heavy insulting, I fear there is no way around.
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    Nope! You see people try to see how much they can get away with, and then every time they get warned or chat banned for a day, they go and negatively review the game about "fascist moderators." So we backed off a bit and instead we saw negative reviews about a toxic community. We'd love to find the perfect balance of moderation that everyone agrees with, but it simply doesn't exist. Some people play social games so they can see how anti-social they can be, and then get upset when they are told they cannot.
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    It'd be nice to get a consolidated thread, where no one can reply, that says like what exactly is coming and some final decisions made. This limbo BS is killing the player base.
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    I think this is a pretty tough mechanic to get "right". The goal I'm sure for most would be one that leans more toward realism with a nod to overall fun factor as well. Personally speaking I'm not a huge fan of mast sniping, as with practice it can become very easy for someone to snipe them using individual shots. However, I also don't want to see masts that are virtually indestructible in game either. Masts over the course of NA development have ranged from being virtual matchsticks to nearly indestructible towers and everywhere in between. What I'd prefer to see is a system that encourages the use of battle sails while actually in battle. To further explain: As a ships sails become more damaged from chain shot the likely hood of a mast failing while under full sails is increased. This would try to emulate the increased chances of damage being taken to the rigging and the increased stresses applied by using full sails. The intended end result of this type of mechanic would be to encourage the use of battle sails, give a risk/reward choice for captain when deciding how to manage their sail/speed/maneuverability that would add a richer layer to combat. Every other possible suggestion I can think of, or tested, seems to never quite feel right because they are trying to use artificial mechanics to strike a balance. The wiser solution I think is to take one that encourages people to use battle sails because it offers a sound strategy in combat. Sure, there are times when battle sails are used now but those times are way more situational and more limited then they should be. A system that encourages their use because it makes "sense" quite often is infinitely better than one where we are discussing needing to rework accuracy of ball or mast hp's or penetration/thickness values.
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    A new Scotland-Irish nation. Capital at Dariena. In similar fashion to the brief Swedish foothold, under the blessings of the British, the brief Dariena foothold by the Scottish and Irish was under the patronage of the Spanish.
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    Unfortunately a lie can be the truth for a new customer. He cant judge a review by his own game experience, because he doesnt own the game yet. Its up to us to judge ratings because we have the expericance. We dont have to be fanboys but it is our duty to flag reviews that are full of lies.
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    Find the game in your steam library Right click and go to properties Go to Beta tab Enter the key - key FcaH2KzZXutz Select the beta called: Testbed http://i.imgur.com/Vkv9SPP.png
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    Useless captured bots are intended to : - favour crafters - increase OW PvP (captures of player's ships + more player traders in OW). Quite a logical reasoning on a PvP server. Non-crafters/hunters like you are expected to buy crafted ships or hunt players. Captured bots being less performing than crafted ship is understandable in a PvP context.
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    Question to Devs..... If you capture an npc ship why should it be useless ? For those non crafters and hunters out there this is a good way to get more players in open world hunting for AI ships to steal and use. Especially if all ships are now 1 dura.
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    Admin, Ink very low priority but something for the future maybe. I'd like to load my cannon decks with different ammo on the same side. At the moment I can sort of do it but not ideal. I need to have carronades on the upper most deck, then officer perks double shot or charge picked. So for the Port or left of the ship I do [1] , then [3] to select grape which starts to fill all the decks, then [1] and [4] double shot or [5] Double charge... You cannot use the Officer perks with carronades so it continues to load Grape on the top deck while loading the charged shots on the lower decks. Great for killing top deck crews etc. However once the perks are depleted it will load the same ball, chain or grape as normal. A tad cumbersome but would like an option on individual decks all the time if possible... The second tweak is to be able to "off load" the upper Top Deck when in battle wanting to lighten the load you throw the cannons in effect over board. Thus you'll have a small but maybe significant increase in speed. The lower deck I believe the port holes where too small so can't be off loaded... if the worse ideas you've heard let us know, you have a better idea likewise Norfolk.
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    I mention in the one of the other threads they need to have a thread for only announcments that we can't comment on that they update with a post stating the info has been updated and than make a thread that is feedback that we can comment on.
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    ich finde die Anzahl der schiffe mehr als ausreichend. und oft zoome ich rein und rum und ringsherum , weil ich es einfach so genial finde wie das hin gekriegt wurde. oft vergesse ich zu schießen weil ich eben mit gucken beschäftigt bin. auch die Landschaft find ich wow . Hey ich komme von c64 spielen und pirates. wir haben ewig dieses spiel gezockt. haben so gar Jahre später noch den c64 aus dem keller geholt , die Floppy Disk heraus geholt und Pirates geladen. wir hätten niemals von so designten schiffen , die NA hat , zu träumen gewagt. Klar jeder versenkt mich im PVP , aber egal . Die Schiffe und knallen der Kanonen , das hoffen das man doch noch rum kommt mit dem Arsch damit der Gegner nicht doch noch die Breitseite in dein Hintern schießen kann und der Rauch , genial , wie man sich nur denkt verpiss dich Rauch damit ich endlich richtig zielen kann und man wenigstens die Segel sehen kann vom Gegner um zu ahnen ob er dreht. Wie alle bestimmt merken ich bin begeistert von den Schiffen und der ganzen Aufmachung von NA und ich bin echt ein sehr beschissener PVP'er , ich glaube in all dieser Zeit habe ich noch nie ein Gefecht gewonnen gegen ein Spieler aber abgehen tut mir immer einer dabei. Von meiner Seite kann ich nur sagen Top Job , auch wenn es manch einer absolut nicht so sieht .
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    Long join timer just lead to that people stay in port and wait for action popping up right in front of their nose. When we look at the upcoming changes that should bring people to the open world why we need a tool (long timers) to be lazy again? And in my opinion in a crowded open world you will be thankful when you fight what you saw. At least I would.
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    Собственно что хотелось бы предложить перед вайпом. На карте есть города, региональные столицы и регионы. На данный момент они не несут какой либо смысловой нагрузки, кроме добычи и региональных бонусов. Предложение по бонусам и добыче или Тех. Индекс региона: 1) Изначально все регионы в игре не дают никаких бонусов и производство в них типовое, необходимое для постройки фирового кораблика без бонусов. Их тех. индекс равен нулю 2) Каждый регион нужно развивать (вкладывать силы, время, средства). Этим должен заниматься губернатор и/или его заместители. На определенных этапах развития появляется возможность ставить более дорогое производство (появление дорогих пород дерева, дорогие руды, и т.д.)и выбирать корабельные бонусы региона. 3) Чем дальше регион от столицы, тем дешевле его развитие и производство в нем. 4) С каждым часом, регион теряет % развития, для поддержания которого нужно добывать и производить, а так же вкладывать деньги на поддержание инфраструктуры. Формулы и расчеты предоставлю разработчикам в ЛС Предложение по уровням безопасности: 1) Регионы должны иметь уровни безопасности от +1.0 до -1.0 2) На старте карты, уровень безопасности каждого региона зависит от расстояния до столицы, но должен быть не менее +0,5 для националов и -0,5 для пиратов. Пограничные зоны со статусом 0,0. Данная ситуация замораживается на неделю, после чего действует алгоритм описанный ниже. 3) В регионах с плюсовым статусом запрещено нападать на союзников (вмешивается неписевый флот с оочень сильными скилами), патрульная непись нападает на пиратов и врагов нации, в регионах же с минусовым статусом все наоборот - царит беззаконие и хаос, пиратская непись атакует националов. 4) Уровень безопасности (УБ) падает на 0,01 в час реального времени. Что бы этого избежать, требуется производить оплату патрульных НПЦ флотов. 5) Чем дальше от столицы, тем дороже поддержание плюсового УБ. 6) На уровень безопасности можно влиять. путем уничтожения НПЦ флотов или игроков(националов понижает, пиратов повышает). Таким образом производство от столицы дешевле, а безопасность ниже. Регулируют это сами игроки. Данная модель частично основывается на модели мира в EVE, но лишь частично...
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    How do you know how stupid or clever this guy really is? From western TV News or "The Interview"? And even if hes a monkey he has advisers + when he dies nothign changes, its still an enemy invading their land so ofc people will keep fighting. Surrendering might be common in France, but not in most other nations.
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    Me and the French will be sailing L'Hermione to meet you on the seas, we'll bring baguettes, fromages and wine ! Btw I'm not a fan of the US Army but if North Korea really wants war, it'll be quick, they claim to have many weapons, tanks, submarines etc. but the truth is they are using WW2 and Cold War weapons, they don't even have enough oil to run their "supposed" tanks. And I'm not talking about their commanders, who gonna lead that "battle" ? Kim Jong-Un ? That guy is so dumb that he is able to bomb his own cities. North Korea isn't really impressive, even ISIS is more dangerous imo...
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    If you guys have noticed that most of the negative "game reviews" are not reviewing the actual game, but mainly complaints against the dev team. A critical mind would go past, or at least not give those reviews a significant weight, unfortunately, many people do not use critical thinking and just seeing "mostly negative" reviews is enough for them to steer away from purchasing the game. The other thing I noticed is, most negative reviews got over 50% "helpful" and most positive ones got less. There is definitely a core of extremely unhappy people on steam that are bent on discrediting NA no mater what good features are added. It's quite disheartening! PS: there is a recent review from a player Trim, who wrote a positive review there, please read it and make sure you give it a thumb up if you agree with it. Or any of the positive reviews for that matter.
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    Well if they ever update the testbed On testbed only Yah many of us have stated why did they stop patching the current stuff to live when they came out with the new stuff that is coming patch? They act like it's all part of this new patch and it's not. They could of updated the live with current tetbed structure stuff, Pirate vs Pirate and the change to AI and gave us something to play with on live while we wait for the patch update. But instead we are going have to wait prob another month for anything to hit live and maybe another week for anything to be updated to testbed.
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    I'm sure there been some of the same on PvP1, but on PvP2 BLACK has had a long standing alliance like this with the Danes CN/CCCP clan for a very long time. I can see with the new patch and Pirate vs Pirate returning that we will prob see a lot more of this where clans will support one nation/clan or another and it might not be the same ones as others do. It's a bit early, but good time to get the word out and maybe work with some of the current players and clan on either server to get connections. Though player base is way down right now as a lot of folks are waiting on the patches to come.
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    Sounds like the Nuclear option mate I don't like it, a large part of what I enjoy about online gaming is the community not being able to use Global chat will hurt this. I am in favour of strong moderation if someone breaks your rules punish them if that doesn't work ban them, I have a good friend who lost his steam account because he had a meltdown in ingame chat (not NA) he says he deserved it.
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    You Irish roleplaying lot should be rolling France. Bony will free you!
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    And I marked flagged it cause I didn't agree with his view of the game. I'm a bit hot headed on here, but i have never gave a bad review of the game cause I don't think it needs it. Not in this stage of it's development, but the problem is ya'll worry to much about those minor few idiots that give bad reviews than the actually loyal customers that stick it out on the up and down. My review states exactly what this game is, an EA that we are helping test in the current stage of development and that things can change at any moment until the game is final and released.
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    Very nice story telling. I like games that give the freedom to create a story.
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    Not a bad idea but I feel that if they added any nation it should be Portugal. Really is a shame that they're not in the game.
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    On the test server - thank you for it - the quantity of NPC ships is very pleasing. Way more trade ships with a few frigate patrols here and there. Too many changes and most seem good and build a good age of sail game. When will this update be available ?
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    "Leave the global chat as-is but be much tougher with chat rule offenders" ( thank you )
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    I am also deaf and using any audio chat is hit and miss at best, being able to type to communicate is a boon for me, taking away that ability to communicate with the vast majority of players is not the way forward.
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    I like the way you think, Sully. But . . . . They did give the player a 'general of the army' to start the game with. Look in the mirror, and tell me what you see? The entire game is built around a 'general of the army'. Custom built, design your own narrative, play out various character role plays, 'generals of the army'. It is the heart and soul of the campaign game.
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    So. Nachdem über auf meinen Schock von gestern schlafen konnte möchte ich doch nochmal was zu Herr Shrez Beitrag sagen. Ich finde es eine Uverschämtheit, sich über kostenlose Boni aufzuregen, für die man selbst nichts weiter tun musste als dabei zu sein. Denn seh das mal realistisch. Einzige Vorraussetzung, dass man die Pandora bekommt ist, das Spiel im EA Status gekauft zu haben. Mehr nicht tatsächlich. Niemand hat hier irgendwen gezwungen den Titel auch zu spielen. Folgendes(Fiktion): Du regst dich gerade im übertragenden Sinne darüber auf, dass du zum 18. einen VW bekommen hast und nicht den Lamborghini, den du schon immer haben wolltest. Das macht man als Normalsterblicher auch nicht, oder? Zur Santa Cecillia. Die wurde bereits des öfteren als Belohnung für besonderes Engagement in der Community - im Spiel, dem Forum oder auch wo anders - herausgegeben. Dieses Schiff ist für - jetzt kommts - besondere Spieler gedacht. Ich kann nicht sagen, wie der Spieler heißt aber derjenige hat auf dem PvE Server jeden Tag, den er da war die Neulinge angeleitet. Im Hilfe chat. Bei möglichkeit mit Geld oder Schiffen. Egal welcher Nation - ingame wie real life. Solche Leute braucht das Spiel. Und als Dankeschön an diese besondere Person gab es ein Geschenk: die Santa Cecillia. Soweit ich mich erinnere gabs dieses Schiff auch als Trophäe nach den Turnieren. Dieses Schiff ist nicht dafür gedacht den Server zu fluten. Die Person, die eine bekommt soll sich damit auch besonders fühlen. So und nicht anders. Wenn du eine 12-Pfünder Fregatte haben möchtest warde auf die Diana und oder Hermione. Beides laut Aufzeichnungen exellente Schiffe. Schnell und hoch am Wind. Ansonsten nemm die Ironclad BellePoule
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    And as a pirate I will find one and steal it lol
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    I assume all clans wiped, as the Player Characters are wiped. This means the clan creator doesn't exist QED neither then can the clan. This should clean up the legacy issues. The Clan Management System needs a overhaul or TLC in my opinion. The senior officers management to change leaders even without the leader present. The Clan Warehouse should have a clan fleet dockyard to store clan ships. This helps with hand overs from players out of each others time zones.
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    L'Hermione has captured the USS Mitcher and escorts its Prize.
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    Oh my, I had missed these two when I made my first post. These are about a month old. Also, for those interested I've been posting everything to reddit, and you can see the complete history there (50+ paintings)
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    Need a sponsor fer yer rovin' ? Keep them tales comin' capn'