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    These notes contain some very emotional and explosive changes. While we understand some players may be angry or upset by them, please remain respectful and constructive in your replies or your post will be hidden and a warning may be issued. This is a feedback thread, please keep your responses to constructive feedback. Thank you - H. Darby Hello Captains Here is the information on forthcoming testbed patch and future patches The goal of next couple patches is to bring more players to the open world. At least 2 will be deployed before wipe. The rest will follow after. We will be gradually changing features that hide players from the open world. Most game mechanics from now on will have to motivate players to sail out and do something on the Open world map. We also will change some areas that were causing pains for players (and potentially introduce new pain areas accidentally - but this will be fixed if we made a mistake). First test bed patch (estimated time to deliver end of next week) Removal of current upgrade system and ship quality level We were not satisfied with the fact that upgrades were worth more than ships themselves. Most upgrades will be removed from the game and transferred to individual ship knowledge, with bonuses that will depend on individual ships and/or class. Sailing a ship and getting kills will add to XP on that ship that will unlock knowledge slots over time (currently all ships have 5 slots). All crafted ships will only have wood type and trim (designed by crafter). Every ship will have 3 permanent upgrades which will allow installation of bow figures and regional refits (crafteable permanent upgrade) Repairs changes Repair kits for fleets will be gone and replaced by another system. Standard ship repairs will be removed and replaced by another system. Port repairs remain (and will remain the cheapest way to fix your ship) Players will have to stock hull repairs (working title) and rig repairs (working title) to be able to repair. Every use of repair for hull will consume planks, every use of repair for sails/rig will consume rig repairs. Players will be able to decide which materials to stock for their gameplay style. Going to port battles you might need more hull repairs. For open world hunting more sail repairs might be necessary. OW and instance repair amounts will be equal. If you repair in the open world you can also use your fleet cargo to do so. You will be able to pick up repair materials from captured enemies. Or surrendered ships. Hold management in instances added, hold management for fleets is revamped. You will now be able to interact with the hold in instances between your fleet ships and your captured ships as said before you will be able to pick up enemy repairs and hold without taking the ship, because of this feature This is a complex feature but it can bring exciting new opportunities in battles especially if you are a good player Ability to pick up enemy hold from captured ships opens up new opportunities to change the flow of the battle We are currently researching the ability to interact with the hold of sinking ships as well (if you are close and the ship is still above water) Preliminary crafting overhaul Regional trims removed and transferred to permanent upgrades (crafteable) you will be able to craft a ship anywhere and install a refit in any port (refit can only be crafted in the regional port that has that mastery). For example Nassau boarders refit only be produced in Nassau RNG on blueprints removed. Most ships can now be received by 2 methods Unlock automatically on level - majority of vessels Admiralty rewards - freely available for pve/pvp or conquest marks (minority of vessels) Regular upgrade slots turn into ship dependent knowledge levels (allowing access to skills) Certain vessels blueprints will change and will require permits For example Lineships will require a special permit to manufacture Permits will be available from the admiralty for marks Admiralty store will be populated with more things to buy. Certain things will be removed from the admiralty Technical issues ship state system in instances overhauled to the release state, due to ability to change ship (and hold) multiple times within one instance. Old system was too rigid and partially used systems from the old sea trials and was holding us back Regarding next patches After this patch hits it will take some time to prepare the infrastructure for the wipe and map reset Next patch will focus on new missions revamp (+ some potential changes to hostility) and will be deployed during wipe. If not we will deploy it right after the asset reset. We still expect to be able to do the asset reset by end of April. more information will follow but those are main features that will be deployed to testbed next patch. additional information on the patch In the spirit of the goal - more people to the open world the following additional changes will be deployed. Resources transport from FT to FT - will be disabled (might return for a battle related consumable e.g. 25 pve marks or 2 pvp marks) Ship transport from FT to FT - will be disabled (might return for a battle related consumable eg. 25 pve marks or 2pvp marks) Port missions will provide farming options only for the first 1-3 levels. Small battles and all other sorts of lobby events will be removed PVE challenges will be temporarily disabled (will be a foundation for tutorials in the future) NPCs will provide ships for players to buy in almost all ports (but unlike old system they will be 2-3x more expensive than crafted ones). Captured NPC ships will be mostly useless and will not be a source of income (through ship or cannon sales) Update 2 on communication with enemies global chat will be removed Communication with enemies will be removed as well (both in the OW and instances) Toxicity in national chats will be worked on as before (based on reports)
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    Here is a short update on ship crafting and crafting XP There will be no more dropped rare blueprints. Crafting XP will only be granted for crafting ships Ships BP will be split into two groups 1) Available - most ships that unlock based on rank (not based on grind) 2) Admiralty or other organizations - blueprints available for marks (pve/pvp/conquest) or loyalty points (or that organization level) Certain high level ships will require admiralty items for construction (available from admiralties for marks) for every ship built. As a result. All ships (except for developer gift ships or potentially 2-3 premium vessels) will be available to all players with clear way to receive them based on their effort (and not luck).
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    Pandora will be provided on release (not before) Kepler (the planet ship) the Pavel Razee is frozen - may get in may not get in we dont know. It kinda does look strange. The rest from your list be provided in some or another form on release and maybe before. Prince de Neufchatel Diana Hermione Wasa Christian VII Some of these ships were player voted vessels and some were added by us. Several unpainted raw hulls for those vessels were provided by players like Ragnar and Bungee. Christian V11 could become a reward ship for one of the quest lines (nordic one) - it wont become a premium ship because of our promise of no premiums above the 3rd rate. Le Hermione and Wasa will definitely be premium vessels. We are not sure about Prince de Neuf... It is beautiful but might be needed to plug a gap in the scout ship lineup. 2 more premium vessels will be taken from current line up. There will be 4 premium ships. Total 2013-2017 Establishment 45 combat ships in game (finished and unfinished) including the variants . 41 excluding the variations like pirate frigate. It is 400% above of original promise of 10 ships (we do not count trader lynx and similar types in the list as they are just ungunned variants) Plans and the state of shipbuilding We have 45 unique combat vessels in game. We originally promised 10 for early access content and we over delivered it 400%, It was possible to player support, likes, clapping, applause. Thank you for helping to make it happen. Short term plans We are not working on any more vessels because we are not sure about the sales results on release (which depend on reviews). We don't even hear praise for ships any more. Some players are even claiming that new ships are not content and everything is just trash..There are some people who made up stories for themselves that we are hiding some huge reserve of ships somewhere to blackmail them. There are no more new ships in hiding or in development. None. To change the situation you have to raise your voice (if you came here "because ships"). next time you hear someone talking about lack of content remind them how many new ships were added since release and point to the fact that ships ARE content and also take time to develop. Speak up, leave the review, tell us that you want new vessels, and help to balance the negative energy with positive.
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    as you can imagine, I've gravitated towards naval paintings! i thought some here might like to see them, a meager distraction while waiting for the patch.
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    Without Global chat, How are we supposed to tell tales with our national comrades… On single display computers? Chattin in Global is more than 50% of the reason I play!
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    yes that was the point... once you learned how to trim the ship you don't need to lose that knowledge.. and can change that trim any time in port (as it is a skill now)
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    Nick was born in France, in a carpenter's family. At 16 years old, his dad died and there was no one to take care of the family's company. Nick went to Brest to find a job in woodwork but maritime carpentry is different to house's carpentry. So he found a job in fishing, his skills allow him to work a little the wood on ships and to learn some tips. When he was 19 years old, a trader offers him a job on a little trader ship. Nick loves travels so he accepted this job as seaman and sometimes carpenter. After 2 years and some crossing, an ugly pirate ship attacked the trader ship. The pirates was very nasty so all the crew surrendered immediately! They captured a cooker and Nick for his skill in woodwork. The Pirate captain was very terrible, he smell the death and had no mercy. No one dared to say his name, all sailors called him Capt No One and said the whole crew was condemned by a curse. Nick sailed for 3 years with this captain and his crew, capturing some ships and fleeing the National's warships in Bahamas. A day, when they were docked in an island no far from Nassau, Nick had the idea to escape from this bad ship. He did it and sailed in a pinnace to Shroud Cay. In Shroud Cay, Nick found a job in carpentry but on land. After 2 months, Nick begun to be sick and understood it was the curse! He couldn't remain on land, he had nausea, land sickness and became more and more wicked and aggressive... He understood he would to sail for all his life for him and for his entourage so he bought a ship, a Trader Snow who needed some works to sail again. With his skill in woodwork, he repaired this ship, added some cannons, recruted some crew and began his pirate's career as Capt Nick the Cursed. Once the flag and a name for his ship choosen, The Wound, he retrieved a map and began his big travel around the Caribbean.
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    I was waiting 6 month for this announcement. Let's make this game playable again, great stuff admin. Thank you!
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    I feel that you suggesting it here is confusing a number of us as "it's happening." I think we just want a straight clarification: 1.Is teleport to capital staying? 2. Is the teleport to nearest outpost at the end battle screen going away?
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    Aye! "Ignore" always worked fine fer me in the past! =oD
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    Ich dachte, nachdem Fluffy Fishy so nett war diesen Thread zu eröffnen wollte ich diese Information hier ins deutsche Forum weitertragen: Schiffe - Wie viele sind in Entwicklung und wie lauten die Pläne mit denen. Eine sehr interessante Antwort seitens der Enwickler: Zusammengefasst: HMS Pandora wurde ja bereits angekündigt als Dankeschön für die Early Access Spieler. Eine kleine 24kanonen Fregatte. Sollte auf Niveau der Cerberus sein - nur anders. Schiffe, die bei Release oder evtl auch davor kommen werden sind: Prince de Neufchatel - eine schooner getakelte Brig - ich glaube es waren 18 oder 20 kanonen. Diana - spanische 12 pfünder Fregatte Hermione - französische 12-Pfünder Fregatte Wasa - schwedisches Linienschiff - 62 Kanonen (siehe Bilder in den Spoilern unten) Christian VII - dänisches Linienschiff - 90 Kanonen Einige dieser Schiffe sind aus den Votings - andere wurden von Spielern eingereicht und andere sind von der Entwicklerstube selbst gemodelt. (3d Modeler: Ragnar und Bungee) Christian VII könnte eine Belohnung für eine der gplanten Missionsreihen (questlines) sein. (dazu gabs keine weiteren Informationen bisher!) L'Hermione und Wasa werden Premiumschiffe sein. Auch dazu keine weiteren Angaben. Zwei weitere Schiffe werden vom aktuellen Lineup genommen und in Premiumschiffe gewandelt. In den Spieldateien liegt eine "Kepler" herum. Das ist ein fantasieschiff - eine razee Pavel. Die liegt aber auf Eis. Weil sie wohl komisch aussieht.. State of the art - seit 2013 bis 2017: 45 Kampfschiffe (mit einbezogen die Unfertigen und alle Varianten) 41 Unterschiedliche Modelle Unbewaffnete Schiffe sind in dieser liste nicht enthalten (lynx und cutter) Für die vorhandenen Schiffe also schon mal ein riesiges Dankeschön auch an alle Spieler, die diese Entwicklung überhaupt erst möglich gemacht haben! Durch Eifer, Begeisterung, Likes, Mitarbeit und und und. Ohne das gäb es diese Schiffe nicht! Also nochmal Danke dafür! Zu Beginn des Early Access wurden 10 Schiffe versprochen. Jetzt sind es 41! 400% mehr! Trotzdem - und das ist traurig - beschweren sich viele viele Spieler, dass es zu wenige seien. (mehr weiter unten) Aktuelle Planung - short term: Es bestehen aktuell keine Pläne für weitere Schiffe, weil es nicht klar ist, wie gut sich Naval Action zu release verkaufen wird. Diese hängen unmittelbar von den Reviews ab. Dazu kommt, dass die Entwickler lange kein Lob mehr geerntet haben für die Schiffe, die releast wurden und werden. Einige Spieler gehen soweit zu sagen Schiffe seien kein Content und dass ja eh alles "scheiße" sei. Tatsächlich gibt es Spieler, die Geschichten erfinden - so sollen die Entwickler viele Schiffe in Petto haben, die sie unter der Hand als Erpressungsobjekte nutzen. Das ist Schwachsinn. Es gibt nicht mehr oder weniger Schiffe als die in Entwicklung stehenden. (liste oben) Um die Situation zu ändern sollt ihr eure Stimmen erheben. (Wenn ihr "wegen der Schiffe" da seid auf jeden Fall!). Wenn ihr jemanden seht oder hört, der über Fehlenden Spielinhalt (content) redet solltet ihr in darauf hinweisen, wie viele Schiffe seit Early Access entwickelt wurden und dass dieselben in der tat Inhalt sind! Also. Nutzt eure Meinung, eure Stimme, eure Gedanken. Schreibt in Spielurteil (steam). Zeigt den Entwicklern, dass euch Schiffe was wert sind. Dass ihr mehr wollt. Helft uns die negative Energie, die sich in den verschiedenen Medien aufgebaut hat mit positiver zu neutralisieren und überschwämmen! ___ Und jetzt einen Teil von mir: Wer kein Englisch kann und trotzdem gerne seinen Dank oder Stunk weitergeben möchte (auf diesen Beitrag bezogen), so leite ich das weiter. So, wie ich das auch mit wichtigen Dingen auch mache (bekommt nur keiner mit :P) Und hier die versprochenen Schreenshots:
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    Just looking at tow sides of the coin. First is historical naval battles and the second is balanced fun game battles. Both kinda disagree with the current demasting mechanics. Things to consider: 1. In historical naval combat demasting happened due to lucky shots, not because they used specific aiming or some demasting tactics. In short this was not done on purpose and happened due to some lucky shots; 2. In NA combat when you meet experienced players demasting is a must thing. You cant sink them fast enough before they will demast you. This makes fighting quite one sided. Soon as ships meet in the Battle Instance their only tactic lately is to proceed with demasting; Two things come to mind that we could have in NA combat tuned (pick either or, but the second option have less affect on other combat mechanics): 1. We could make cannons MUCH less accurate so precision shooting will no longer be possible (which is historical right?) however broadside to broadside still pretty accurate as most shots will be landing within the enemy board width; 2. Or we could go away from mast having HP parameter all together. We could say this, if mast gets penetrated then its a small chance based - like 1% that mast will break (chance % of course needs to be tested). Any of the above means that it will not become a must have tactic for ship fights. I know what some of you Master Demasters will say. But think how most battles fought today. We no longer go for hulls or angling our armor, calculating time and wind and positioning. We just go for masts or crew and thats it... Its kinda lame dont you think? It makes naval combat less involved and realistic. Just my opinion. Please discuss. Prove me wrong, but before you do FYI I know how to demast ships and while not best at it I'm pretty decent so its not a personal issue. Just the way I see battles
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    My plan is to steal the USS Constitution and live out my life sailing the high seas. FYI, Looking for crew members!
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    So now we'll be back to waiting around for ages on end after a battle ends to gank someone or vice versa? Plus we'll have battle screen camping again? Yay. I'm sure glad we're going back to where we started. For those of you who weren't around way back when: It sucked. The battle exit timer combined with teleport to nearest friendly port at least eliminated the waiting around and the possibility that you'd be ganked by a bait ship and his mates hiding in battle screen.. It's not the ganking that I abhor mind you, it's the gamey-exploitiness of these mechanics, and they were abused a lot and a very huge turn-off for new, solo players when player populations were high.
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    So sad to read this. I was expecting the final ship voting poll. For me, each ship is new content to enjoy. Sometimes I spend minutes just looking the beauty of ships. About Pandora I suggest that you dont make an exclusive ship. New players would enjoy a lot having another alternative to Cerberus. Sales will depend on the content offered by the game. And ships is content, no matter what some people says.
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    Problem I've noticed a few times lately is people nowadays get triggered wayyy too easily. And if they do, they don't just do the smart thing and close that source of "toxicity" they cannot stand, no, instead they fuel the total salt level of chat with their salt, and it goes on, and on, and on. (Also my main issue with the whole RvR aspect. Kindergarden if you ask me.) You cannot simply disable global chat in a sandbox MMO where the last remaining active 500 players know each other because you're too lazy to moderate chat. That is what the moderators applied for, not just to get their fancy Moderator title I hope?? Hire more moderators if needed, I'm sure more would be willing to help.. Also harshen the chatban penalties, so players have to learn eventually. If not they'll be perma banned after a few times. This is no competetive lobby based matchmaking game such as WoT where you get a clear objective with battle start (destroy the enemy) which logically can lead to a shit ton of salt. I get that chatting with your opponent is beyond all realism.. but come on.. If you pull the realism card, might aswell stop sailing around in combat ships and start trading 24/7. So much fun right? It's a GAME, make the balance needed between gameplay fun and realism.
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    My 2 biggest "issues" with this game right now: 1) Everything is balanced in favor of "getting away". Ridiculous OP of chain-shot. Stupid amount of AI fleets/forts to run to. 20% increase of OW speed means there's few places with enough open water to actually catch someone unless they're AFK. Pretty much impossible anywhere in the Antilles (Danes, Swedes,French). Magical abilities of hulking trader ships to outrun even speed-built frigates. Laser-beam stern-chaser that guarantee hits on sail while running. 2) Silly "perk" and "bonus" sysytem. The delta between basic and "gold" ships/mods is far too big. Skill should ALWAYS be able to overcome magical "bonuses". I'm hopeful that the new crafting changes will begin to address this. An off-shoot of this is that it fosters a culture of "I dont want to risk my ship unless i know I can win"... In my opinion, a big reason for the drop in OW players. Thers a fine line that needs to be found between making crafting fun/challenging and making it relatively easy for players to get back in ships THAT ARE COMPETITIVE. Bottom Line: In order for someone to "win", someone else has to "lose".... Losing should not drive people away from the game so easily. Half of it is mindset, yes. But the other half is mechanics.
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    Saw in Hat Island: This is not propaganda...
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    I have mentioned this in several post on the steam forums, and I seen it brought up here But that was shut down. I am one of the aforementioned hearing impaired who can't use voice chat to communicate with other players. Why will I no longer be allowed to communicate with the majority of the games population? I can't really join a clan( everyone requires VC) and in nation chat is so hit and miss ( at least the times I play) but global I could typically find players to talk to. Is there even a point to trying to play if I can't communicate with 80-90 percent of the games population. It's not like there is a lot to do in OW on long trips. But i'm sure this will be shut down, like all the other discussions on the matter. But at please have the decency to tell me why I'm being punished for doing nothing wrong?
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    Hallo, ich finde die Anzahl der Schiffe für EA erst einmal ok. Allerdings müsste am Spieleeinhalt, an den Zielen etwas geschraubt werden, so dass einige Schiffe wieder ihre Daseinsberechtigung und Aufgabe haben und nicht nur schön angestrichen im Dock vergammeln. z.B. In letzter Zeit gab es, durch die Spielmechanik bedingt, in PBs meist Mono-Flotten (Heavy Rattle Snakes, Agamemnons, 1rst Rates). Das sollte man ändern und versuchen, gemischte Flotten zu forcieren. Mehr 74er bitte, d.h. z.B. mehr 3rd Rates, wie es in der Historie ja auch war. Das macht ein PB viel interessanter. Ich bin auch mit einigen der neuen Änderungen überhaupt nicht einverstanden, werde sie aber trotzdem testen und hoffe, dass unserer Feedback hilft. Die Aussage der Devs, dass es keine neuen Schife mehr bis zum Release gibt, bis die Moral wieder besser ist ... naja ...was soll ich sagen ... klingt für mich wie ein beleidigtes, patziges Kind ... wir sind aber alle bereits erwachsen. Damit bekommt man auch keine besseren Steam Bewertungen. Ich finde viele Dinge toll, die bisher entwickelt wurden (sonst würde ich das Spiel nicht so oft spielen)... jetzt aber bitte weiter entwickeln und nicht beleidigt sein. Der größte Teil der Communitiy inklusive der Mods (auch im Forum) ist ok und ich spiele gerne mit ihnen bzw. gegen sie. Man sollte nicht von einigen Ausreissern auf alle schliessen. Gruß Berend
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    It'd be nice to get a consolidated thread, where no one can reply, that says like what exactly is coming and some final decisions made. This limbo BS is killing the player base.
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    It is a game based on credible historic data, from ship plans to territorial holdings in the west indies, spanish main and southern young united states. The same way I do not see UFOs in a combat flight sim depicting the Battle of Britain I cannot picture ghost ships in two centuries of naval warfare in the caribbean. Galleons !? By 1670 they were way behind in timeline.
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    Apparently many players do not know how to conduct themselves properly in a gaming society thus end up being shunned away and then post this pile of "reasons" of why a game is not recommended (?)... And then say a game that is principally built upon community and developers brainstorm of ideas is not what players want ? http://steamcommunity.com/id/zxzc77/recommended/311310/ Spare us this kind of absolute garbage, for the lack of a better word. It serves non of the captains out there in the OW, serving their own gameplay time, no justice. This pile of junk is simply not true and should be removed from the steam wall. Simply flag it.
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    Crafters needs a market where they can sell their Ships. Give the economy in NA a chance. Without demand there will never be a good economy. Demand is the keyword. Gold, Ship/Item sink is the way to bring demand to the world of NA (But no RNG plz). If there is a need to get a good new ship and only availbale from players, then all other professions are coming to live: Crafter wanna sell a new ship and need materials wich is sold by the trader. The trader have to transport the goods and sail at OW. The Pirate wanna catch him but the escort has sink him. So the Pirate need a new ship and the circle starts a new round. That is, what makes the Open World like a living world. Easy to get ships are the death to this circle and with that the death of a living world we all want. Because of this I really welcome the development of a new seperate game where everyone can have instant battles without the time consuming needs of an Open World game. And the rest (like me) can have fun in OW with all its properties, incl. zergs, solo hunters, sailing long distances, crafters, traders, nation vs nation, ally vs ally, diplomacy, ..
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    I think this is a pretty tough mechanic to get "right". The goal I'm sure for most would be one that leans more toward realism with a nod to overall fun factor as well. Personally speaking I'm not a huge fan of mast sniping, as with practice it can become very easy for someone to snipe them using individual shots. However, I also don't want to see masts that are virtually indestructible in game either. Masts over the course of NA development have ranged from being virtual matchsticks to nearly indestructible towers and everywhere in between. What I'd prefer to see is a system that encourages the use of battle sails while actually in battle. To further explain: As a ships sails become more damaged from chain shot the likely hood of a mast failing while under full sails is increased. This would try to emulate the increased chances of damage being taken to the rigging and the increased stresses applied by using full sails. The intended end result of this type of mechanic would be to encourage the use of battle sails, give a risk/reward choice for captain when deciding how to manage their sail/speed/maneuverability that would add a richer layer to combat. Every other possible suggestion I can think of, or tested, seems to never quite feel right because they are trying to use artificial mechanics to strike a balance. The wiser solution I think is to take one that encourages people to use battle sails because it offers a sound strategy in combat. Sure, there are times when battle sails are used now but those times are way more situational and more limited then they should be. A system that encourages their use because it makes "sense" quite often is infinitely better than one where we are discussing needing to rework accuracy of ball or mast hp's or penetration/thickness values.
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    Because its balanced pvp it will always be interesting. + We will keep it simple. Tournaments with cash prizes.
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    Funny thing is I'm still getting loads of pvp. Makes me wonder what everyone is doing when there are 600 people online. I guess they are alt tabed complaining in national forums and crying in global chat.
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    In reality: No teleports = less players overall = less players on OW = .... There are no reasons why you should implement such drastic changes, which will diminish the player base, especially the non-hardcore players. These make up the majoriy of the people who bought the game and also will make up the majority of people who will buy the game in the future. For example: If you want more people to do OW fights before or during port battles, the port battle log-off timer is a good start. Attackers are forced to screen and therefore there wil be much more open world fights before port battles. In contrast, removing teleports will not affect the amount of OW fights before a port battle. Screening will take place in front of the attacked port, no matter how far the attackers need to sail. The attacking fleet starts sailing in a large group. Nobody can attack it due to BR difference changes. They will be safe for 99% of the route. There will NOT be ANY MORE action if the attackers have to sail from their capital instead of the nearest free town. The only thing removing teleports does is STEALING OUR TIME. People will leave the game because they cannot bear the long hours needed to sail from A to B. Less people play the game, less people are on the OW, less naval action.
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    Wipe => nothing to lose => No achievements = boring Or would you fight for the last piece of cake when you would know that there is an exact same cake waiting for you in the kitchen? I would wait till the next cake is served
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    I like the idea to remove communication with enemies. My experience: 90% of global Instance Chat is used to post things like: "coward", "noob", "bastard", "stupid", .. The global chat is always hidden when i am playing. This is to prevent to read Insults, Flames, Trolling and other things. And remember: If game labs dont need to work on several insult-reports they have more ressources to develop the game.
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    No, but those ships did exist and were used with varying degrees of success during the game's time period. Galleons were extremely dull sailers compared to the ships in our game. Even sweeping upwind could be better accomplished by the other, smaller vessels we have in game - and if we're going to make an argument for sweeps, then we could make an easy argument for galleys instead. That said, sweeping only works when there isn't a lot of wind - any ship such as a galleon with that degree of windage (and leeway) isn't going to be sweeping much of anywhere any time soon - anyone they were sweeping towards could easily sail off on a reach, leaving the galleon standing. There were no real "race built galleons" that could run down a Lynx. There wasn't a galleon sailing that could catch a modern ship of war at the time - likely not even a merchant vessel. The technology used in their construction, sail plan, rigging, etc. was outdated and meant that they couldn't point nearly as high as even Victory, and couldn't run with a comparable speed either. The cannon they carried were puny and underpowered as well - in anything but a boarding fight they would be guaranteed to lose against a captain that knew to keep his/her distance. What you're asking for is to take a vessel that had been retired for any serious warfare for nearly a hundred years, and to use game mechanics to buff it into something it never was, and never could be, to do things they couldn't do. This is great for a Pirates of the Caribbean style game, where kraken and sea monsters and ships that never existed (nor could exist) is the norm, but not for Naval Action, which strives to be historically accurate, within reason and with license given when necessary for good gameplay and fun. Galleons with specialized tasks to make them competitive are just a step too far.
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    Need a sponsor fer yer rovin' ? Keep them tales comin' capn'
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    Sir, one of the best things about NA sandbox is the stories that gain shape, the characters brought to life. Many thanks for it.
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    After reading through Hethwill's suggestion, I had the idea that instead of a random flag on one of the masts there could be a national flag that you could choose. That way if you are Australian playing for the British nation you could fly the Aussie flag on your mast to represent where you are from. Here's a list of nations that are recognized by the UN https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states. I feel like this would give some sense of nationalism while adding more customization at the same time.
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    Unfortunately a lie can be the truth for a new customer. He cant judge a review by his own game experience, because he doesnt own the game yet. Its up to us to judge ratings because we have the expericance. We dont have to be fanboys but it is our duty to flag reviews that are full of lies.
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    I think its more important for the player base to have a realy good patch, then to have a fast patch. People are playing other games right now, they'll keep their eyes on NA and when they see the patch hit they'll rejoin the game. If its only mediocre its going to be a dead server again after a couple of weeks. Let the devs figure stuff out, lets wait out the testbed patches, lets do our best to test it as good as we can and post our well structured opions and comments here. If the new testbed patch is live, we should just all play testbed instead of the live servers. We can have the same numbers and the same fights while testing out stuff...
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    Hallo Schiffe sind es erstmal genug, obwohl natürlich auch noch welche fehlen. Aber der neue weg, das man die Schiffe mit spielen verbessern muss, bringt ja ganz neue Möglichkeiten und Ziele. Jetzt sind wir alle admiräle, und müssen doch wieder grinden. Finde ich super. Kommt mir vor wie bei world of warships (gibts da einen neuen Zusammenhang?) Aber das ist genau das was benötigt wird. Genug ziele weil jetzt immer ein neues schiff verbessert werden kann. Und wenn neue Schiffe kommen gehts wieder los. Ich bin ja open world fan und finde das hier gut umgesetzt. Es ärgert mich immer wieder das einige wenige spieler die ganze community in Aufregung setzen können. Leider gehen die devs darauf ein und fühlen sich immer wieder angegriffen. Kann man verstehen, wird sich aber bestimmt nicht immer verhindern lassen. Das jetzt vieles anders wird ist ja auch eine chance das auszuprobieren. Uber diese massiven Veränderungen bin ich auch nicht immer glücklich, aber es ging bisher immer weiter. Und wenn 10 gehen kommen auch 10 neue, die unbedarft da ran gehen. Ohne release haben wir hier ja auch viele Allestester, die sind bei jeden early access dabei und ziehen eh weiter. Wer das spiel, die Schiffe und die zeit liebt, der bleibt und sucht sich seinen platz. Gruß Ralf
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    Long join timer just lead to that people stay in port and wait for action popping up right in front of their nose. When we look at the upcoming changes that should bring people to the open world why we need a tool (long timers) to be lazy again? And in my opinion in a crowded open world you will be thankful when you fight what you saw. At least I would.
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    Тут хочу заметить, что "караван едет, собака лает". И обращать внимание на такую шляпу, как чат, нет времени. Пардон уж. Вспоминаются слова "барина всея Руси" Михалкова "Если ты идешь и на тебя лает собака, то разве ты становишься на четвереньки, чтобы лаять в ответ?" (недословно). Ну ребят, чат последнее, что должно вас волновать сейчас. Он выключаемый. Надоело, выруби. Пишут херню в нем - забань в глобал чате да и делов. А уже потом, когда "причешете" всю игру, можно лупануть по чату...если он так беспокоит вас.
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    Galleons didnt see much -if any- servicetime in the game's timeframe. Which is 1680 to 1820 +/-5years. However these shpidesigns already died during the 17th century and to the 1700 year only the spanish had a few left which served as treasure ships. -- Actually to sail to the caribbean and back^^ (and IIRC only!) Galleons were build when the focus of the fight was boarding action. But the naval gunnery became more deadly and the nations (britain at first) also understood that sailing performance was needed. Spanish - fit for boarding. Dull sailing warships - bad artillery. And then the british who understood the need of long range artillery and exploited that with the addition of their "race build" galleon ship designs. What happened is that they reduced forecastle and quarterdeck to build better sailing ships. And that proved to be the right desicion. Thats basically it to this shiptype. It eventually evolved into the ship of the line. Very pretty looking designs of all nations - noticably the dutch with the famous famous "de 7 provincien". What a beauty -> Moved the Spanish Armada discussion to this new thread: Please stay on topic in this thread - would the game be better with galleons in it?
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    L'Hermione has captured the USS Mitcher and escorts its Prize.
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    Oh my, I had missed these two when I made my first post. These are about a month old. Also, for those interested I've been posting everything to reddit, and you can see the complete history there (50+ paintings)
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