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    Lets analyze the last patch and why many things are wrong, is a chain reaction that you clearly not predicted, that bring the game to have 5x less pvp, pvp occasions and opportunity. Is a mix between forts-towers+roe+craft+new pb system + nerf on pvp/pve xp/gold gain + nerf on resource gain(inaccesibility of most important resource for pb/pvp ships material = liveoak) I tryed to condensate in one single flawchat the main issues that are dispersed in many single threads, and the solutions proposed by many ppl, so some are mine and some are stuff that i read in the forums made by others such as Jeheil Tommy shelby and more I play this game since february 2015, In bad and in good i contributed a lot with suggestions, "vitality of the server" often exposing my clan to be the bad guys and creating content when server was content less, by creating wars, "someone must be the villain you now? " Overall i master 6000+ hours in the game and even if majority of nations in game dont like me, Expecial in the test private forum even my worst enemies always gave me credit for be very impartial about my point of view. Most recently my concern about the placement of noobzone that was going to damage USA (and all know how low i like USA) So this is my last attempt to waste my time to help improve this game, i grow my clan over and over to have 25-30ppl online, for then see my work destroyed by a patch that make ppl unwilling to play the game becouse and i am quoting "i am not having fun anymore" I have players in clan with 10+ accounts and now they barely log in, so very hardcore dedicated players who got big hope into the game. Another issue is how alliance system work, as Jeheil proofed they can drop alliance, conquer eachother ports, also pirates still work as nation beside we have no administration tool, so coalitions can defend each other ports while we cant, Pirates politics should work at clan levels, pirates should be enemy to each other as default, while clans declare friendship between them so clan x clan be allied with clan y z etc form a coalition wich is enemy to all nations and all other pirates. That will allow nations to "vote" also for be allied wich certain pirate clans, maybe adding money on top of it so alliance last only 1 week, example: spain propose to sorry alliance for a week for 1 gold or 100ml gold then is up to clanleaders to accept it or not, this will allow pirates to work as "privateers" join pb, join same fights, etc. Making the politics much more interesting. Adding a lot to the deep of the game. Wich can be easly implemented since is a system that already exist in the game, simply pirate clans big enought? 30+? 50+? is treated as another alliance option in the list, WHere nation can propose them alliance, not vice versa. by default you are enemy with all perks: since you wanna re-introduce the social perk, wich is a terrible idea, imho will better if you remove the free reset, and simply give us 2-3 5? officer slotso ppl "train" different officer for different perk setups, the crafter one, the light ship one etc etc, that will not allow ppl to adapt istantly to every situation simply by docking resetting get social perk and swarm becouse the battle will be open Ships: Ppl complained about tournament becouse you gave bp, for ships that are impossible to obtain, since there is no more events, so they are exclusive, and very game breaking since agamennon is the most powerful ship for 4th rate battle and ocean is one of best for capital battle, So why dont release to all ocean agamennon cecilia heavy rattlesnaken, endymion and indifatigable? there is already not many ships in game so why deprive us of all this wonderful ships, if you wanna "give good prizes" make unique skins for tournament like give to winners an unique 5 dura ocean with an unique skin, instead an unbalanced bp. thats why ppl complained. The current endymion-indifatigable also got nerfed too much considering you can craft them and they turn like a brick their only advantage was the speed. MAKE NA GREAT AGAIN! ZOOM IN SINCE THE FORUM "REDUCE" THE IMAGE SIZEor go fullsize or copy paste image in another browser window for full size/download the attachment
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    Ultimate General: Civil War has been released yesterday (16/11/2016) and we owe its polish and quality to a small group of volunteer testers who helped us enormously, with continued reports, detailed feedback, screenshots and videos, over a 2-Month Closed Beta time period. We would like to mention those who excelled and thank them again for their gentle contribution to our game: Ultimate General: Civil War Elite Testers Team Koro "Nikolaj Roesen" (Active) Col_Kelly (Active) Lincolns Mullet/Zordfish "Tim Scott" Fellvred CSA Watkins (Active) GeneralPITA Mr. Mercanto (Active) VegasOZ LyciaPintella YueJin SidChigger Wright29 (Active) Andre Bolkonsky (Active) JonnyH13 (Active) The Soldier (Active)
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    Hey guys, here's something I cooked up to make it easier to create and share strategies for port battles. http://iggclan.com/na/ 2/5/2015 New Changes: Added a marker feature so you can draw. Removed Old Arrows (Drawing is better) All Ports added with the new layout. Using the community/dev screenshots for now but I do want to replace them with custom versions with clean art style (Which will take time ). real time backend in place but UI still needs to be reworked. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- OLD RELEASE NOTES --------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Changes: Added Compass Future Updates: Allow you to change the colors of ships and arrows Change Tower Status, Captured/Destroyed/Enemy Live View and Live Edit Change Attack Maps I'm not sure what I want to do here but ill either let you drag in terrain into the map or let you change out the map completely. Updates for any Port Battle Layout Changes, forts etc... *This will happen whenever those changes are made in game
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    Captains, Bug that was keeping entry to a port battle open to any ship without BR checking has been fixed.
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    Definitive reset will happen right before the release of the game: Everything will be wiped - all assets, ships, resources, posts, buildings etc.. Only xp and crafting xp will be saved. But new historical ranks will be introduced above rear admiral. Crafting ranks wont be changed we believe. Other resets might happen if data changes significantly. If data changes there could be 2 types of resets remove old content completely if we need to test the speed and time needed to reacquire that content (forthcoming ship wipe is one of such resets) remove it and replace it with new content if we don't need to test the acquisition time/method and ease of gettting that content
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    LAST REPORT 19.10.2016 (prev) captured / owned ports 81 / 82 - Great Britain 62 / 65 - United States 46 / 47 - España 36 / 37 - France 27 / 28 - Denmark-Norge 24 / 25 - Pirates 23 / 24 - Verenigde Provinciën 22 / 23 - Sverige Top 3 Lord Protector 12 - sveno 11 - HMCS Warrior 9 - Coraline Vodka / Gooneybird Top 3 defend time 18-20 - 93 ports 20-22 - 68 ports 02-04 - 47 ports Resources available to a nation Owned ports (28.03.2016 - 19.10.2016)
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    Did you gave up the ship restrictions by nationality? Even without these restriction, it would add immersion if every nation had adapted names for its ships.... A constitution could be called Constitution only by USA, while a british constitution could be named HMS Warlock, a french constitution L'Espadon, a spanish constitution Santa Cruz, etc, etc... I think you get the idea... Additionnally, they could use different colors for same ships. The US Constitution would keep its historical colors, while Constitutions from other countries would have different base colors. It's not much, but it would help giving a different feel for the navy of each nation.
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    repost, but fits here. Original animation: Birdbox studios. captions and fucked up timing: me.
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    Can the devs please make a seperate tab for all these "trading goods" and not put them amongst resources. I hate scrolling through these big lists to see what a port has in store that is actualy a resource and is actualy usefull.
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    Introduction Leon Trionfante at 70 guns was one of the largest and most successful ship classes in the late Venetian navy. The Leon Trionfante class has an impressive history of use serving both in the Venetian and later the French navy over an impressive time span of 109 years between 1716 to 1825, serving in the Second Morean war, The Venetian Tunisian war and the Napoleonic Wars. The long service history is in part due to the way the Venetian government was operating its navy in the last century of the republic of Venice, partly due to the design being ahead of its time but also in part due to the poor success of the following San Carlo Borromeo Class. The Leon Trionfante, as the nameship of her class was first designed and laid by Francesco da Ponte di Angelo in 1714 as a one of a kind to move the Venetian navy on from the much more contemporary design shown in the San Lorenzo Zustinian Class (1690) and after the Venetian State had decided that the Corona, another one off design for a 74 drawn up in 1711 was deemed to expensive in terms of both production and maintenance. History Leon Trionfante was born into a particularly unstable time frame the as long standing hostilities between Venice and the Ottomans had broken into the 7th and final Venetian Ottoman war (1714-1718), also known as The Second Morean War. Her launch in July was immediately followed by a rush to join up with the rest of the Venetian fleet which was currently in a sticky predicament facing a larger Ottoman fleet with far more firepower off the coast of Corfu in the Ionian sea. The island of Corfu was of considerable importance to Venice, seen as the eye to the Adriatic, the core of the Venetian maritime commerce and territory, the Venetian state had outlined that Corfu must be kept at all costs, Corfu also offered the largest Venetian naval base outside of Venice. The Ottomans had been putting Corfu under considerable pressure since 1715, forcing the Venetian Navy to shadow the Turkish fleet. On the 8th of July the Ottomans landed a considerable land force of 33,000 men on Corfu, The Venetian navy hassled them during their deployment but the battle remained indecisive. Leon Trionfante reached the rest of the Venetian fleet on the 10th of July accompanying two troop ships, prompting a morale boost for the Venetians and resulting in a daring plan which resulted in the superior Venetian seamanship giving them a considerable positioning advantage over the Turks. The siege collapsed in August following a mighty storm which caused considerable damage to the Ottoman fleet but was weathered with little damage to the better positioned Venetian Fleet, costing the Ottomans a humiliating defeat and withdrawal. After the storm and defeat on Corfu the Ottoman ships limped home and the Turkish started to pursue a more land based campaign, this in turn aggravated the Autrians into a simultaneous conflict started in 1716. The conflict was also expanded on with the formation of a new Papal coalition against the ottomans, with The Holy League of 1717, resulting in naval reinforcements from Portugal, The Papal States and Maltese Knights. With the support of this holy league Venice became more assertive and set sail from Corfu towards the Dardanelles with the aim of cutting off the Ottoman Fleet. The result of this maneuvering was a confrontation in the northern Aegean between the 26 ships of the Venetian Fleet and the 44 Ottoman ships, which were also larger than their Venetian counterparts. The resulting battle left 6 Ottoman ships and the Venetian ship Columba badly damaged, the results are considered indecisive but a Venetian tactical victory. A month later, the Holy league Fleet had combined and continued to press against Ottoman interests, and on the 19th of July the two forces clashed again at the Battle of Matapan, where the larger Allied fleet of smaller ships inflicted a crushing victory over the Ottoman Fleet including significant damage to the huge ottoman flagship, the 114 gun Kebir Üç Ambarlı. A year later the Venetian fleet engaged the Ottomans in the second Battle of Matapan, resulting in the Ottoman navy being reduced to an insignificant threat and the two sides finding a peace deal. During this conflict, these 3 battles and the maneuvering at Corfu gave Leon Trionfante a considerable name for itself, continuing to serve the Venetian navy until she was broken up in 1740, having vastly outperformed the now outdated San Lorenzo Zustinian ships in war and peace. However, despite the combative success during the Second Morean War, the Venetian state chose to maintain their building program of the San Lorenzo class due to the efficiency bonus given to it being well known to the craftsmen and suppliers of the Arsenal. Following the end to the Second Morean war we see more interest being shown in Leon Trionfante and over the next 20 years the Venetian state ordered several more ships, with a considerable program being launched in 1719, another in mid 1720s and a third during the 1730s, however none of these ships were launched before 1761. In each of these 3 programs the design was adjusted slightly, with little tweaks here and there, mainly resulting in fairly insignificant changes to the length of the ship. The long build periods were a common thing in Venice, the practice of covered dry docks and stable climate allowed long construction times and ships tended to only be added to during prosperous or troubled periods where the state could afford or was forced to pay for ship construction. The progress was also somewhat delayed by the new San Carlo Borromeo class, which was conceived in 1741, with the name ship being launched in 1750. The San Carlo Borromeo class, whilst being technically a more modern class was somewhat backwards when compared to Leon Trionfante, she was also armed with 4 fewer guns. The San Carlos took a more more conservative approach to ship design with a lot of inspiration from the now wholly outdated San Lorenzo class, in total 6 were ordered. However during the late 1750s Venice began a series of sea trials off the coast of Portugal looking into how their navy coped in the rougher Atlantic waters. The San Carlo Borromeo was noted for performing poorly, the ship was unable to keep any significant speed and when she was sailed hard she became both unstable and started to damage herself in the large waves, The ship was deemed unsafe and had to be rescued by a Galleass captained by the young Angelo Emo, being towed back to port, barely staying afloat. It was now decided that the two most complete ships from the Leon Trionfante program were to be launched, following their launch in 1761 the sea trials continued, the two new ships, San Giacomo and Buon Consiglio performing excellently in all areas, the results of these sea trials was the relative scrapping of the San Carlo program with the resumption of building the Leon Trionfante. As Venice continued to invest into the class the Independence movement started to draw the eyes of the European power westwards, resulting in lax Mediterranean shipping security and the rise of piracy in north Africa. the new ships of the Leon Trionfante class became increasingly popular as escorts to merchant convoys and as tensions rose became increasingly important in deterring pirates, however their size and speed made them unable to chase down or offer any real threat to the fast Barbary ships, to combat Venice began a modernisation process resulting in better construction methods and faster ships, and while a new ship, the "1780" was planned to replace the Leon Trionfante class this new design never saw a completed ship under the republic, in part because the Leon Trionfante class was still performing its role well after over 60 years of service at this point. As tensions rose and the break out of a full scale conflict between the Bey of Tunis and Venice in 1784, the Leon Trionfante ships would see considerable service during this war, while it was unable to chase down the smaller faster Tunisian ships it offered considerable firepower and the ships were used extensively in the bombardment and destruction of Tunisian harbors. after the cessation of conflict in 1790 with Angelo Emo's death the Venetian state became short of funds and their navy began to shrink down but the Leon Trionfante class continued to serve until the end of the republic in 1797 Following the Annexation of Venice and its land by France the remaining 6 serving ships of the Venetian fleet were captured and began to serve under the French flag. The french did however spend quite some time and resources completing the various Venetian half built ships left in the Arsenal sheds, this meant the final ships of the construction plans of the 1730s were completed and brought into use serving various roles in the French naval expeditions, with a large selection of the remaining ships being sent to Toulon and outfitted to form Napoleon's expedition to Egypt, due to this they eventually came into conflict with the Royal Navy. Over time the ships became damaged in combat or due to wear and tear, The last surviving ship Medea, had begun her construction in 1732, launched in 1793 and was finally broken up in 1825 after 32 years of service. The Leon Trionfante Class The Leon Trionfante class consisted of 16 ships in 4 different Series, The First Series: Leon Trionfante, 70 guns (1716) San Giacomo, 70 guns (1761) Buon Consiglio, 70 guns (1761) Fedelta, 70 guns (1770) Forza, 70 guns (1774) The Second Series: Corriera Veneta, 70 guns (1770) Diligenza, 70 guns (1774) Fenice 2, 70 guns (1779) Galatea, 70 guns (1779) Third Series: Vittoria 2, 70 guns (1785) La Guerriera, 70 guns (1785) Medea, 66 guns (1793) Unnamed, 66 guns (1800) was transformed into a floating gunned pontoon by the Austrians Fourth Series: L'Eolo 1785 San Giorgio 1785 Unnamed, 66 guns (1800) was transformed into a gunned pontoon by the Austrians Armaments: I am giving the cannon poundage in Venetian Pounds. Early Armament (Leon Trionfante Only): 6 x 120lb (shell) (main gun deck) (English pounds ??) 24 x 40lb (main gun deck) (26.5 British pounds) 30 x 20lb (second gun deck) (13.25 British pounds) 8 x 14lb (quarterdeck) (9 British pounds) 2 x 200lb (shell) (forecastle) (English Pounds??) Broadside: 836lb + 3x 120lb shell and 1x 200lb shell (552.75 British pounds + Shells) (sidenote: I will try investigate the shells and update later, as we don't have shells in the game I don't deem it super important) Late Armament (1761 onwards): 28 x 40lb (26.5 British pounds) 28 x 30lb (20 British pounds) 14 x 14lb (9 British pounds) Broadside: 1078lb (714 British Pounds) 66 Armament: 26 x 40lb (26.5 British pounds) 28 x 30lb (20 British pounds) 12 x 14lb (9 British pounds) Broadside: 1024lb (678.5 British pounds) Measurements: Because of the different build periods and the little tweaks made, there are 3 different measurements to the class, similarly to the way Temeraire had slightly different models made within her class. Piedi is the Venetian foot. First Series: Length of Keel: 124 piedi (43.11m) Length at Longest Point: 140.5 piedi (48.86m) Width at Widest point: 37 piedi (12.85m) Bilge Tip: 28.5 piedi (9.9m) Draft: 18.5 piedi (6.43m) Second Series: Length of Keel: 122 piedi (42.38m) Length at Longest Point: 142.47 piedi (49.5m) Width at Widest point: 37 piedi (12.85) Bilge Tip: 28.5 piedi (9.9m) Draft: 18.5 piedi (6.43m) Third and Fourth Series: Length of Keel: 126 piedi (43.81m) Length at Longest Point: 146.47 piedi (50.93) Width at Widest point: 37 piedi (12.85) Bilge Tip: 28.5 piedi (9.9m) Draft: 18.5 piedi (6.43m) Plans: (In Darker but slightly more bent form for those who might not see the lines above) Sail Plans Artwork As usual, I apologies for any distortion through page bending, I work to the best quality I can with the resources Available. Thank you for reading and getting down this far, I hope you enjoyed the essay and plan, again as usual I am more than happy to go into detail on any particular part if I can. PS. Its your turn SteelSandwich, I'd like to see that dutch corvette post you were thinking of doing
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    Untill they gave us proper pb's and working rvsr devs should stay out off new features.
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    I advocate a more flexible construction/modification feature in the shipyard. I want to be able to trim the ship fitting my play - in this case making my traders fast, dumping all main guns to achieve more speed and fitting a couple of HEAVY stern guns to slow down pursuers. The ship mod section (and initial construction page) should have sliders to select weight, speed, gun sizes, gun placements, rigging quality, hold, powder storage, ammunition, crew selection (number of gunners, sailors, marines...) and all of course having results in speed, stability tonnage and so forth shown... Then I can make fast raiders with light broadsides, speed traders with only stern guns or heavy Corvettes for pirate hunting.... All in all this will make gameplay more interesting as all will have different preferences, so you never know exactly what you are up against. And in fact more period exact - just look at how all the ships stolen from Denmark were outfitted with heavier armaments by the brits and thereby got slower..... regional bonuses and some upgrades could stay in slots but many would be better integrated here
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    In Real Life the national NAVY would store the ships when they were not assigned to a Captain (called ordinary). We need either the Nation or (more likely) the CLANS to have a way to store ships that are not assigned ----- THAT IS -> IF we are going to have proper WARS! --- I have no idea how many warships I have given to Captains only to see them stop playing the game = lost at sea, when they should be returned to ordinary
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    Капитаны, Благодаря игроку Lenin God of PvP исправлен баг, который позволял заходить в портовые сражения на любом корабле без проверки боевого рейтинга.
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    Relax guys, we are still in testing phase. People leave the game because there is to much changing going on but it's necessary to find out what is best for the game. The numbers will stabilize itself after release when there are no major changes anymore. Here is a screenshot from sea trials a week before the open world build was released. So don't worry about numbers to much before final release.
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    good idea also interesting option to test smaller scale (pushing bigger map into same area) and europe was really divided then - so a lot of countries = a lot of conflict
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    AI ships... sink few times longer than they are supposed to. Do they have Super Extra Huge Pump? Emergency Repair? I can destroy their rudder / pump 3 times in the row, they still repair it after 10 seconds or so, but normally player needs to wait few minutes? I am super pissed after x attempt to PvE Challenge Kills, the 3rd AI was floating with no armour for 4 minutes! Why AI ships have so abnormal bonuses, buffs, upgrades, officers or whatever they use?
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    Things that have occured: 1. I cant join because the BR-Limit is reached. 2. Two players of my nation engage one single smaller ship. I can still join. 3. One player of my nation gets ganking from 6 enemies in my vision range. The battle instantly disappears from the OW. Are there even rules for this right now? It just seems completely random and I think it all started with the hotfix for the signaling perk. Nr. 1 is fine I think and thats how it should work. But most of time I am allowed to join my already superior allies or the battle just instant closes for no reason. Pls fix this mess.
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    I followed this usa captian being by sweedes. once in the battle with the sweed the us captian chained my sails then tried to ram be so that the sweedish indefactable could run away. after the ram the US captian sailed away. its pretty clear that the US captian is a sweedish alt. all of this happened in pvp event area. here is the shot log of the 18lbers from the frigate http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/100600599559314734/B0AB62DA078B6EB0A35A5E660F8C0D6E2163CB13/ I was still able to win the battle. but I would like this to be reviewed by the devs and the accnt banned. I understand the the targarian won the pvp event yesterday. this is not good. seems to be caught red handed for alt farming. and certainly for green on green action http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/100600599559234020/E22FBADC9CAFC8F92C652A320649997AB8289CB7/
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    Very cool. TDA has been using Google's drawing app for over a year, we have tons of battle diagrams, template ships, icons for fire, wind, turns etc, for training, it allows multiple people to use it at once just like Google docs etc. An example of a tactic made with google from the old Sea Trial days.
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    Indeed there are some issues in the current roe. Also there could be new bugs with the signaling perk as reports are coming even after fixing previous ones - we are looking into it, We will provide more information later once we get more time (there are preparations for land in battle patch at the moment).
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    SeaWolf...no wait...SeaHyena.
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    Quick notice and point. Battles are quite good now. everything seems to be working fine. Just wish ships could be more rare but I am sure that will come with ship wipe.
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    All reasons why RoE should not be affected by perks. Just choose a set and let us test, period.
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    Well It's no surprise to see the numbers declining rapidly. A ton of huge AI fleets, way too many forts. Events that encourage ganking when we already had way too much ganking. Well I guess the game Is now aimed towards pleasing big clans & ignoring small clans, groups & solo players. The game is losing all of those players because they are getting crushed by big clans & ganking fleets. Soon the ganking fleets will have no PvP. May be time to do something about this? If smaller groups/clans are going to be continually ignored I don't see this getting any better any time soon.
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    Hey remove "the" please ^^ "L' " already means "the" in French It's like saying "Le The Victory"
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    Ink, perhaps when time permits someone in the know can add a thread entitled "Dynamics of ROE (as of MO-DY-YR)", and then keep it up to date as the development progresses to conclusion? There always seem to be so much confusion, that's not good for testing expectations.
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    That doesn't exactly solve the problem does it now?! The open world AI runs around with Marines but still manages to shoot faster than a fully shooting modded palyer - how exactly is that possible?
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    It's simply amazing how hostile this thread has become. I feel both sides are in the wrong here. TOXIC for literally being toxic towards their now comrades, and the other players who are refusing to let bygones be bygones. No reason to be mean, hold grudges, or insult each other. It's a game. I've never met Vicious, I would love to meet him sometime, maybe spread some BOAT on him. Who knows?! I stress heavily on the fact that any new players, or players reading these threads hold judgement until you meet the people on TS or Discord, if you see me around on the servers, give me a shout, I'll be chill with you. But before I leave, Vicious, brother, work on the grammar. I know you're Italian, but if you're gonna get so lit up, just breath man. Take a deep breath. ~[BOAT]
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    Could we stop calling this server European server when we all know that players of all time zones are on it?
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    You can customize everything else. Customization is bad if it breaks the game. Before speed mods got out of hand, you could escape from diverse fleets of gankers using skill and knowledge. And you didn't need a failfit Rattlesnake to do it. I'd had epic escapes in a Cerberus. All that's gone now.
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    I see your point. My only concern is that SoL becomes "invulnerable" to smaller ships and therefore ends up being the only viable choice in the game.
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    For new players it's pretty easy: You get massively raked, and realise, that showing your stern will get you killed and make you poor. --> you learn to not show your stern anymore
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    Analogy: The more I fly my Hurricane mk. II the better I become using it, in Cliffs. Eventually and through sheer will of wanting to learn and many hours logged in the flight log I manage to - consistently - surprise counter attack and often ambush other airplanes, especially apparently better models. Eventually I know how to cripple a enemy bird for good or even kill the pilot. I know how to angle for attack and how to deflect shoot it so the vital wings, engine and canopy gets busted and the pilot has one option. back Naval action: The more I cruise with a ship of choice the better I become using it. Eventually and through sheer will of wanting to learn and many hours sailing intercepting enemy shipping I manage to - consistently - initiate a battle with the wind in favour, due to OW position, and ambush them along a coastline, and often versus apparently superior guns. Eventually I know how to position and to cripple the enemy rigging for good or even abuse the fragility of Stern to bow, or bow to Stern. I know how to angle in the wind and to anticipate the enemy wind so the crew gets mauled into submission and the captain is faced with options. .... The results in both cases ? Submit and - eject from airplane - surrender the ship. or die. No matter how much crew loss you phase out of the system the same story will remain. We had very little crew loss months ago. It was exactly the same. By all means make the crew losses on the credible historical levels. In the end it will change nothing. No amount of "no loss" will ever make up for the skill gap. And it is like that for ANY form of game. From Tic-Tac-Toe to militar academy grade Kriegspiel. Snappy salute.
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    Im afraid its not like that. At the moment playing as pirate is pointless. Pirates are like any other nation, but excluded from all new mechanics. Together with new RoE and idiotic AI fleets and forts it basicly took from us most of fun. We are not able to join other nations OW battles, we are not able to participate in RvR on the same basis as others. And for the worts THERE IS NO HOPE for new pirate role and mechanic in next few months. We cant even get Pirate Perk repaired ot blueprint for Pirate Frigate... For me personally it was very hard decision i love black flag but atm we have two options: Stay pirate and die from borderom and stop playing or switch to nation and at least TRY to have some fun. We got beaten by moronic mechanic changes and total disregard of pirate nation playerbase by devs.
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    So in essence I like these new PvX things. There are some nuances I would do differently. First off to understand why I like them I should explain from where and how I measure things : - I play alot, but often would like to be able to drop in and play for 'just an hour' - I am an average PvP'er who tries to get better..I doubt anyone fears (puts the brown pants on) when Jeheil is on the other side of the 'Tab'...more likely they rub their hands together. - I do not equate fun to winning or even mostly winning (see above)..equally I dont want to always be smashed by a mega death fleet of DEATH ! - I really really like the RvR, trade n raid biff and bash of OW I would have these 'mini' games purely from the lobby. I would, when I redo the UI make them their 'own thing'. I would seperate rewards and consequence from OW beyond cosmetics and 'ePeen'. I really think you could draw in THOUSANDS, 10's of THOUSANDS of players from a "World of Tanks", "World of Warships" type clone...5 v 5, 10 v 10, 15 v 15, rotated through land in port type settings. Leagues, ship ups etc etc This would be entered through the pub in the port interface....now would it ruin OW. Like WoW if OW is good enough no, it will be a time filler, drop in, distraction just like Arena in World of Warcraft was. So NO if OW is good, it won'r ruin OW at all. If its crap. It won't fix it either. PvP in OW should be less artificial and should be raids, port battles, hostility etc . This needs its own focus...and can be funded by the $$$'s brought in via the 30-45 min quick fix from a competative lobby system.
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    Oh No Sir. I'm no Pirate ! I'm a legitimate sea captain searching for a Letter of Marque, to offer my services to the Crown in the furtherance of the goals of Her Majesty's Navy. Supporting facts: I shower at least once every two weeks. I brush my teeth on a daily basis. My ship is well stocked with bushels of Limes. And most importantly, I'm in Alcoholics Anonymous and can't go near any rebel rousing types. No offence to pirates :-P
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    Whatever the devs decide for the love of God... Do Not Name Servers with Geographic Locations! The whole "US can go to US server, this server is for Europeans " Bullshit should have been fixed a long time ago. At asset wipe and especially at release name the Pvp servers 1, 2, 3... NO USA, NO EU just a number. It really just gets so old having Spanish and French players bitching and moaning like old women at a nursing home banging on about the flavour of last night's pudding.
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    Well sorry the rear of my salute shots hit your sails I'm dearly sorry and will cover all damaged canvas And I clearly communicated I was using my superior speed to tug boat you to our allies faster as we started far from the battle.You didn't object at the time? I recorded the whole battle if you would like video 07 Maybe act a bit more mature young. This was before the battle https://gyazo.com/931f4f7a366cba6e402cd34ad7e10853 He has some grudge against me. And if he wants to air grievances here all the better. (Not really tho kinda sad he can't talk it out privately)
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    tested just now.. got 136 compass wood from 5 upgraded buildings. this means it will indeed take a week to get a set of compass timbers for a first rate. But is it bad?
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    We consist of Americans, Canadians, Scots, and an English dude. There is also a Swiss guy here as well. We are all in our 20's In game, the Englishman, and the 3 Americans are the highest ranking guys, the only ones with ships really able to do much in the event of attack or PB.
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    Probably will not take part in PVP events as I prefer to find PVP on the OW. Just seems too arena-ish. It's nice though that people can't use their fleets in the events. Is there still going to be a store for points gained through PVP battles elsewhere? I can also see the pull circles being problematic, pulling in people who don't want in.