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    These notes contain some very emotional and explosive changes. While we understand some players may be angry or upset by them, please remain respectful and constructive in your replies or your post will be hidden and a warning may be issued. This is a feedback thread, please keep your responses to constructive feedback. Thank you - H. Darby Hello Captains Here is the information on forthcoming testbed patch and future patches The goal of next couple patches is to bring more players to the open world. At least 2 will be deployed before wipe. The rest will follow after. We will be gradually changing features that hide players from the open world. Most game mechanics from now on will have to motivate players to sail out and do something on the Open world map. We also will change some areas that were causing pains for players (and potentially introduce new pain areas accidentally - but this will be fixed if we made a mistake). First test bed patch (estimated time to deliver end of next week) Removal of current upgrade system and ship quality level We were not satisfied with the fact that upgrades were worth more than ships themselves. Most upgrades will be removed from the game and transferred to individual ship knowledge, with bonuses that will depend on individual ships and/or class. Sailing a ship and getting kills will add to XP on that ship that will unlock knowledge slots over time (currently all ships have 5 slots). All crafted ships will only have wood type and trim (designed by crafter). Every ship will have 3 permanent upgrades which will allow installation of bow figures and regional refits (crafteable permanent upgrade) Repairs changes Repair kits for fleets will be gone and replaced by another system. Standard ship repairs will be removed and replaced by another system. Port repairs remain (and will remain the cheapest way to fix your ship) Players will have to stock hull repairs (working title) and rig repairs (working title) to be able to repair. Every use of repair for hull will consume planks, every use of repair for sails/rig will consume rig repairs. Players will be able to decide which materials to stock for their gameplay style. Going to port battles you might need more hull repairs. For open world hunting more sail repairs might be necessary. OW and instance repair amounts will be equal. If you repair in the open world you can also use your fleet cargo to do so. You will be able to pick up repair materials from captured enemies. Or surrendered ships. Hold management in instances added, hold management for fleets is revamped. You will now be able to interact with the hold in instances between your fleet ships and your captured ships as said before you will be able to pick up enemy repairs and hold without taking the ship, because of this feature This is a complex feature but it can bring exciting new opportunities in battles especially if you are a good player Ability to pick up enemy hold from captured ships opens up new opportunities to change the flow of the battle We are currently researching the ability to interact with the hold of sinking ships as well (if you are close and the ship is still above water) Preliminary crafting overhaul Regional trims removed and transferred to permanent upgrades (crafteable) you will be able to craft a ship anywhere and install a refit in any port (refit can only be crafted in the regional port that has that mastery). For example Nassau boarders refit only be produced in Nassau RNG on blueprints removed. Most ships can now be received by 2 methods Unlock automatically on level - majority of vessels Admiralty rewards - freely available for pve/pvp or conquest marks (minority of vessels) Regular upgrade slots turn into ship dependent knowledge levels (allowing access to skills) Certain vessels blueprints will change and will require permits For example Lineships will require a special permit to manufacture Permits will be available from the admiralty for marks Admiralty store will be populated with more things to buy. Certain things will be removed from the admiralty Technical issues ship state system in instances overhauled to the release state, due to ability to change ship (and hold) multiple times within one instance. Old system was too rigid and partially used systems from the old sea trials and was holding us back Regarding next patches After this patch hits it will take some time to prepare the infrastructure for the wipe and map reset Next patch will focus on new missions revamp (+ some potential changes to hostility) and will be deployed during wipe. If not we will deploy it right after the asset reset. We still expect to be able to do the asset reset by end of April. more information will follow but those are main features that will be deployed to testbed next patch. additional information on the patch In the spirit of the goal - more people to the open world the following additional changes will be deployed. Resources transport from FT to FT - will be disabled (might return for a battle related consumable e.g. 25 pve marks or 2 pvp marks) Ship transport from FT to FT - will be disabled (might return for a battle related consumable eg. 25 pve marks or 2pvp marks) Port missions will provide farming options only for the first 1-3 levels. Small battles and all other sorts of lobby events will be removed PVE challenges will be temporarily disabled (will be a foundation for tutorials in the future) NPCs will provide ships for players to buy in almost all ports (but unlike old system they will be 2-3x more expensive than crafted ones). Captured NPC ships will be mostly useless and will not be a source of income (through ship or cannon sales) Update 2 on communication with enemies global chat will be removed Communication with enemies will be removed as well (both in the OW and instances) Toxicity in national chats will be worked on as before (based on reports)
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    Here is a short update on ship crafting and crafting XP There will be no more dropped rare blueprints. Crafting XP will only be granted for crafting ships Ships BP will be split into two groups 1) Available - most ships that unlock based on rank (not based on grind) 2) Admiralty or other organizations - blueprints available for marks (pve/pvp/conquest) or loyalty points (or that organization level) Certain high level ships will require admiralty items for construction (available from admiralties for marks) for every ship built. As a result. All ships (except for developer gift ships or potentially 2-3 premium vessels) will be available to all players with clear way to receive them based on their effort (and not luck).
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    As we go post wipe, can we get a better spread of 'key resources', for example Live Oak. We don't need 100 places that build this. I think having perhaps 6-8 ports spread far and wide with the 'rare' resources would be about right. Make these Ports worth fighting over. And please no heavy woods in shallows.
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    Hello Captains. To avoid future ship wipes before the release we have to delay the patch for 1-2 weeks. We want to get one more ship change in before the wipe. (There might be some money and resource resets in case new loopholes are found). UPDATE We plan to deploy 2 additional hot fixes to testbed. We don't yet know how much time it will take After that - the wipe patch will first be sent to testbed and after couple of days of testing it will be deployed to live. There are still some bugs with surrendered ships that take time to fix + we decided to added a nation transfer item together with the wipe patch to avoid potential losses of XP if player misuses the redeemables.
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    We have advocated on complete removal of fast travel between towns. There is a potential compromise. We can instead disable the TP to and from Freetowns. Players will still be able to build outposts in free towns - but will not be able to teleport there. Only national/allied ports will provide this service to players. Negative: This will hurt some pvp players who jump back and forth (but they still will be hurt by complete removal of fast travel). Positives: a lot less gank in the backyards of your national waters. More people in the OW, and some fast travel options will still remain within nationally owned ports. This will also make holding certain regions more important to keep outposts in the enemy waters. what do you think?
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    Hotfix will be deployed today (26th of April) to testbed. Hold load now affects speed and acceleration. Cannons affect hold. (Hold numbers and weights are not final and will be updated more this week). Cannons now can be crafted (workshop required). Longs and carronades can only be crafted by players and are not available from NPCs. Contracts on cannons can be placed now. Military NPCs now sometimes drop repairs as loot Medkit was replaced by RUM (why did not we think of it the first time). Surgeon now needs rum to fix sailors (or cut them). Medkit blueprint eliminated Sugar added to all regions as resource. Other details will follow (will update the post in a bit) Pickle and Privateer now require basic cutter to unlock 3rd slot (not lynx and not cutter as before) Updated Boarding preparation growth increased Perk points are given to player faster - you will get 10 perk points 2x earlier. Crew requirement lowered on 4lb,6lb and 12lb carronades Tow to nearest deep water port do not check the hold weight any more 4th rate ports and shallow water regional (county) capitals now spawn national NPCs Redwood logs and forests abandoned; blueprints using redwood now use lignum Pine is merged with Fir and is now Fir from today. Pine logs and forests abandoned, blueprints have changed Fire damage is increased by 25% Split function somewhat improved Several bugs fixed More bugs probably added Discuss.
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    Hello Captains Here are the patch notes for the forthcoming patch for testbed. All Testbed characters will be wiped - EXCEPT FOR craft xp, money, xp and ship knowledge unlocks. This will happen in the future as well. Additional redeems for xp and money were provided Fixed bugs – players who were stuck without crew in the Battle result screen - BRS screen; you can now exit the BRS. Just accept all warnings and exit to the nearest friendly port. Guns are now sold in units (not in decks). Blueprints for gun forging and drilling will be added next week. Medium guns will be available from NPCs by capture, long and carronades will be only player crafted. Warning – basic guns are not sold in ports (not yet). To get basic guns (if you started or have a new rookie character) just sell your basic cutter and buy a new one – it will be provided with a set of guns. Rookie zones removed. Rookie capitasl are added back to respective regions (details here). Players who were stationed in the rookie zones – sorry for the inconvinience. Assign crew functionality in instances updated and somewhat improved. Resource transport between free towns removed Ship transport between outposts removed Teleport to freetown removed. Outpost to outpost transport is now only available between national towns. Tow to capital replaced by tow to port - which sends you to the nearest deep water port - this is done to allow players living in distant areas from the capital to have unstuck that does not send them across the map (forcing them to sail back). Certain changes are done for trading resources production limits. Expensive trading resources are no longer produced up to 25000 items providing infinite money making opportunities (e.g. textile machinery) Shipyard is back and is required for ship crafting Lineships blueprints are now available in the admiralty. Prices are not final. Most other ships are available for all players and unlock based on level (incl Endymion and Indefatigable) Gifted perk removed Ship blueprints no longer drop when crafting Certain changes to knowledge slots unlocks are done Minimal crew thresholds for all vessels are now 70% of max ship crew (only checked in port) - you still can use under crewed ships in battles though. Fixed bug that did not allow to access hold for NPC ships in missions and events Fixed another set of bugs keeping players in the BRS screen Fixed bug that allowed to receive marks for basic cutter Fixed bug that allowed your sank vessel to magically appear in the BRS screen Fixed a memory leak with open combat information window. Expect bugs - several new features are introduced and may cause problems for testbed gameplay. Thanks for the patience and support.
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    Captains, tesbed server was updated today. Fixed bugs: Crew and hp bug in mission battle result screen Bug with not working reverse speed Trade window bug (players lost their ships they traded via trade window) Cargo duplication bug Other changes: Crew button added to Repair option in OW More content added to Pirate Den Perk reset cost decreased from 100 to 50 marks. Work on other bugs like NPC guns repair is still in progress. Thank you for the reports and feedback.
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    Hello Captains Hot-fix 4 for testbed patch 9.99 is being deployed today before the May holidays. IMPORTANT: Battle result screen removed. Can stay up to 15 minutes inside the battle after it is over. Player exiting battle spawns in the open world. If you alt-f4 in battle you will be sent to the OW after battle If you exit the battle and do nothing - normal disconnect mechanics will apply. Important: You can now loot hold from sinking ships if you are near the sinking enemy vessel. Crew is now free in ports. You will have to use rum at sea. 1 rum recovers 10 crew. Free crew per rank removed PVP content in the admiralty store rebalanced. Keep in mind that PVE server will have different prices (everything will be priced in PVE marks) Fixed UI bugs in ship to ship transfer Bow figureheads rebalanced slightly Fixed Rattlesnake figurehead bonuses bugs Added a tooltip to cannon crafting blueprint Hold now affects open world speed (hold numbers are not final and will be rebalanced next patch according to ship sizes and capabilities) Light carriages skill removed (due to plans to add lightweight crafteable guns) Bug causing blueprint drop during breakup removed NPC prices for cannons increased to promote crafter efforts Fleet and fort kills are properly counted to captains in your fleet (not you) why - players started to AFK farm using fleet ships Fixed most bugs not giving rewards for sinking surrendered ships (some might remain) Added a button to sink a ship during cargo transfer interface (to receive kills and assists) When instance ends all hulls with white flags left in instance are sank and give rewards to players who were supposed to receive kills for them Recently killed flag is not given if you were sank by NPC Shipyard and workshop resource requirements bug fixed. Certain tuning is done for Carpenter and Steel toolbox (bonuses reduced) IMPORTANT: Crafter heaven change. From now on All NPC ships cannot be captured on the PVP server. You can still take their hold and loot but you cannot switch to an NPC ship anymore. PVE Server: NPC ships will be capturable on the PVE server with no restrictions. PVP Server: On PVP server you will only be able to capture ships from players. Fleet ships are NPC ships Testbed is a pvp server thus NPC ships cannot be captured on testbed. This fix also change closes final loopholes on pvp marks farming and provides guaranteed market to shipbuilders Probably new bugs introduced - Expect issues and problems as it is a testbed. Discuss.
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    Pandora will be provided on release (not before) Kepler (the planet ship) the Pavel Razee is frozen - may get in may not get in we dont know. It kinda does look strange. The rest from your list be provided in some or another form on release and maybe before. Prince de Neufchatel Diana Hermione Wasa Christian VII Some of these ships were player voted vessels and some were added by us. Several unpainted raw hulls for those vessels were provided by players like Ragnar and Bungee. Christian V11 could become a reward ship for one of the quest lines (nordic one) - it wont become a premium ship because of our promise of no premiums above the 3rd rate. Le Hermione and Wasa will definitely be premium vessels. We are not sure about Prince de Neuf... It is beautiful but might be needed to plug a gap in the scout ship lineup. 2 more premium vessels will be taken from current line up. There will be 4 premium ships. Total 2013-2017 Establishment 45 combat ships in game (finished and unfinished) including the variants . 41 excluding the variations like pirate frigate. It is 400% above of original promise of 10 ships (we do not count trader lynx and similar types in the list as they are just ungunned variants) Plans and the state of shipbuilding We have 45 unique combat vessels in game. We originally promised 10 for early access content and we over delivered it 400%, It was possible to player support, likes, clapping, applause. Thank you for helping to make it happen. Short term plans We are not working on any more vessels because we are not sure about the sales results on release (which depend on reviews). We don't even hear praise for ships any more. Some players are even claiming that new ships are not content and everything is just trash..There are some people who made up stories for themselves that we are hiding some huge reserve of ships somewhere to blackmail them. There are no more new ships in hiding or in development. None. To change the situation you have to raise your voice (if you came here "because ships"). next time you hear someone talking about lack of content remind them how many new ships were added since release and point to the fact that ships ARE content and also take time to develop. Speak up, leave the review, tell us that you want new vessels, and help to balance the negative energy with positive.
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    Having slept on this (figuratively of course..as an Aussie gamer sleep is some 'mythical' construct) this is my considered and honest input : Chat Removal : Personally I believe this is a terrible idea. For lots and lots of reasons. In an EA game, devoid of tutorials and guides, new peeps need the community love. Now I truly understand the issues with moderating chat. People call it toxic...honestly its nowhere near real toxic. In every 10 people one of them is an idiot, indeed, if you are ever in a group of 10 people or more look around, spot the idiot, if you can't, you should leave !! For the small %age of horrid people lets not throw away what is generally a good and helpful community. You will 'silo' people, they will be driven much further apart. It was conversations with pesky French players, those damned Spanish and several Pirates that changed my 'national' and myopic view on lots of things. Community organised fun will be hampered. This is just a bad reflex to a few stoopid peeps. Racist, Sexist, Bigoted behavior should be punished. Rude/Idiot people, leave them to the community. We have ignore lists and mute options. Thats easy. Implementation of Open World Sharia Law : Now, I have always said, that GamesLabs really missed a trick not taking their initial 'sea trials' and creating a 'World of Warships' type game for drop in fun. So I for one support this type of game. The combat in NA is just superb. We all love it. Its how we get to it that causes muddlement. Now if we had 2,000 players online then having 'lobbied' content to some 'mini-games' would probably be fine. Think WoW, PvP Leagues, Alteric Valleys etc. However with 2-400 people online having these two worlds together, both only ~50% implemented is possibly a bad idea. It does neither thing well and pays the price. I also believe that outcomes, rewards etc from lobbied content 'should not' be useable/useful in O/W. I, as many of you know, LOVE Naval Action. I also am prepared (at cost to Real Life) to put time into it. Not everyone makes this choice or can afford the time commitment. This makes me fear for O/W. I believe a balance has to be struck between 'realistic', 'simulation' and 'game'. Again I will use the most successful MMO of all time WoW as an example. There are 'lifestyle' assists to having to 'walk/sail' everywhere. Flight Outposts, Summoning, Portals etc. These do 'takeaway' from the chore/commitment of having to spend hours to travel. We need to find a balance. Between Bore/Chore and Work/Reward and Just Fun/Gaming. I think the patch has gone to far to one side with the utter smashing of almost 'all' comfort mechanics. I do however support the notion of making the O/W more 'vivid' and 'exciting'. But almost all of the patch is making other things worse to make it look better (or indeed be the only choice). I hope this is just a step in evolution. On the upside the inability/peskiness of moving vast distances does mean that 'wars' will be fought over more slowly moving and better defined borders. As most nations will need to slowly and incrementally 'push' their borders from their fronline to 'the next territory'. This might be good. Admin Behavior in the Forum : Firstly, thanks for the loadsa time you are putting in, I think you are a little too combatitive with some of your comments..however at least you are Frank. But I do advise you play the ball and not the man !! Sometimes your own comments would if said by a player get them in trouble. OUR Behavior in the Forum : We are all passionate about NA because we love it and its potential. However, we are sometimes a little dismissive of other perspectives and are not really behaving like collaborators in a sort of 'co-design' exercise. Which is exactly what we should be as an EA community. So I do implore us all (me included) to think beyond our own bubbled world view. Imagine a new player coming in...what made sense and we got used to over the past 3-4 months may actually not have been a good long term idea. RoE : If Open World is ALL, then THE single most important thing to get right is the Rules of Engagement. Make Tagging and entering/joining into battles a focus for improvement.
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    Without Global chat, How are we supposed to tell tales with our national comrades… On single display computers? Chattin in Global is more than 50% of the reason I play!
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    Dear sailors & captains, The [VLTRA] Spanish clan (about 40 active players) and the [SH] Spanish clan will migrate to the new server « PVP EU », they decided to test NA in a more strategical way thanks to Port battle mechanics & region controls managed & defended within a prime time window during a maximized player population. The server new start is expected to include a map wipe, with a return to original territories configuration. With a Major historical nation like Spain, owning a huge territory area, it is our conviction to look for an as balanced as possible (in player base terms) geopolitical situation between the other historical powerful nations such as the British and French colonies. Therefore, the [VLTRA] clan warmly invite as many as possible new or old clans to settle in the Spanish faction. Despite the [VLTRA] clan is mostly Spanish speaking, some of us will be dedicated to optimize communication in english between clans. We would actually hope to reach a majority of English speaking clans into the Spanish faction. Any clan interested to this constructive intention can visit us in the main Spanish faction TeamSpeak server ==> in order to discuss the best way to help & cooperate for your settlement. Thank you & good wind all
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    Looking at how the main nations people choose in the game seem to be the United States and Great Britain (with Pirates coming next probably) people have been looking for a way to encourage people to play the "smaller nations" such as Sweden. While I believe we still should keep thinking of ways for people to be encouraged to choose the smaller nations I think there is one simple thing that could be done as a start. When I first joined the game I looked at all the nation descriptions to see which I liked the best. I of course saw the US was labeled as Easy and when I was just starting I didn't want to learn this new game by being thrown into the deep end so I joined the US. After about 2 weeks I felt I had learned enough to go to a harder nation and went with Sweden. I expected some sort of difficulty change but I found none. The only difficulty we had was a smaller population. I feel this part of the description is misleading and should be changed. While not top priority it seems like an easy fix and could be a good step towards keeping nations somewhat balanced. I will also attach the current nation descriptions for the US and Sweden and a possible idea for how to change them.
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    Regarding recent preliminary announcement. Based on the community feedback and the analysis of player data and numbers. PvE server will not be closed down. We guarantee that it will exist for at least 18-24 months after official release. and will revisit this promise then. In addition to that we have not mentioned it before - but we are developing additional PVE content and new types of missions for PVE players. AI will be worked on after release and will provide more challenge in the future.
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    Just wanted to quickly express appreciation for all the information and two-way discussion coming from the devs these last few weeks. Very well done!
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    Only historical guns, please. I'm here to play Naval Action, not Team Fortress...
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    Thats actually pretty genius. What it also does is get rid of the need for an "econ alt". If you can set up "business agents" in your ports to manage resources, then the need for TP'ing your "character" for strictly clicking buttons goes away. That being said, you still should have a very finite amount of labor hours and the goods produced/traded should still be subject to risk. All in all, its merely similar to sending a post via packet ship informing your business agent what you would like done instead of sailing there yourself. So, the exchange above got me thinking that this may be an idea to pursue. I understand the Devs are probably super-busy with trying to get all their ideas put into the game and such. However, does anyone think that having the ability to put "Business Agents" into your ports would make their lives easier, quality of life wise, while still preventing your "character" and ship from teleporting all over creation? Obviously, you would only be able to perform business/econ transactions. It's basically production building/warehouse management via mail. Moving your goods would still be subject to risk.
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    With the upcoming removal of any possibilites to communicate with anyone that does not belong to your nation (Battle chat with enemies, PMs with them as well as Global Chat are going to be removed), we set up an "emergency solution", a discord Server for Naval Action. No moderators/devs will be able to shut you down there, but of course we do have some rules aswell. Join if you want to have a nice chat now and then https://discord.gg/FZAQshB (Note: Was not my idea nor did I set it up, just felt like sharing it so more people know about it) For now this is also not meant to be for the global server only, just a generic naval action discord. Can create seperate channels for the two servers in the future.
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    Quite some time ago i sat down with Mr. Doran on teamspeak to discuss the current damage model and the damage model on the test server. Current Damage Model (PvP 1, PvP 2, PvE 1) We came to the conclusion that the current damage model is close to perfect. A few tweaks are needed still but nothing drastic. Test Server Damage Model. (Test Server) We also came to the conclusion that we only support 1 of the changes done to the damage model on the test server. - Chain Fall Off over range. This is the 1 change we support, but we support it 100%. Before posting this to the "public", i'd like for all of those with "Tester Status" to review. Lately most serious posts on the general forum have been turned into a mess. We believe balancing the game around Long Cannons first is the way to go, therefore you will only see suggested cannon pen values for Long Cannons. (Later on we can take a look at Carronades and Medium Cannons). Here is our analysis. Please, read it thoroughly (All points) and then discuss! Cheers. Tommy. (Big thanks to Doran for collaborating with me on the subject matter) PS. Please refrain from bringing discussion of RoE into this discussion. This post is purely about the Damage Model and nothing else.
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    You wont have to buy it. Naval action owners will get it for free. But future buyers of one of the games will be better off because no-one will sit on two chairs and tries to satisfy two vastly different audiences. Realistic open world sandbox - will no longer try to sit on two chairs and will clearly state that it is not for players who look for balanced battles with 10-30 mins of free time in the evening.
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    Play and let play no ? Sometimes, just sometimes, and right now is one of them, pvp community becomes so cold and bitchy and acid that shuns Players ( yes you read it right ) to more paceful pastures. Not because of the challenge but because of the social swamp. Take the wipe phase as a way to look in retrospect on how to evolve and not how to encroach the crap talk which shuns away so many people that literally - can't stand with juvenile inflated egos. On the other hand there's the time spent. A player in PvE server might log in, do a couple fights, haul a big of cargo, all in 1 hour, and log off to do tend the family. In the end no one has to prove anything. A big chunk of the NA community loves the game for what it is - grand game in the age of sail Friendly competition ?! Absolutely.
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    Sehr geehrte Kapitäne, Wir, die [KINGS] German Navy sind ein neuer deutschsprachiger Clan, der auf dem PvP EU Server auf Britischer Seite vertreten sein wird. Wir möchten alle Spieler und Clans, die auch auf dem PVP EU Server für die Britische Nation spielen werden herzlich auf auf unseren Teamspeak Server: voice378.ismett.de willkommen heißen und ihn für Port Battles, gemeinsame Schlachten uns sonstige aktivitäten der Britischen Nation auf dem PVP EU Server zur verfügen stellen. Natürlich sind auch Spieler anderer Nationen herzlich eingeladen uns zu besuchen. Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch!!😊 Dear Captains, We are the [KINGS] German Navy, a new german-speaking clan, who will be present on the PvP EU server for the british nation. We would like to welcome all players and clans who also play on the PVP EU server for the british nation on our Teampeak Server: voice378.ismett.de and welcome you for port battles, joint operations and other activities of the british nation on the EU server. Of course, players from other nations are welcome to visit us too. We look forward to your visit!!😊 best regard´s NitroBiLLe
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    everyone to the open world. We are not going try to satisfy both audiences going forward. There is an audience that is here for long journeys and age of sail experience (chasing and running). And there is an audience that wants a nice brawl (an e-sport). If you want lobby battles you want a different game - a session based lobby age of sail shooter with no open world - which we are making in parallel.
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    yes that was the point... once you learned how to trim the ship you don't need to lose that knowledge.. and can change that trim any time in port (as it is a skill now)
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    Captains, IMPORTANT : DONT DO MISSIONS ON THE TESTBED - THEY ARE BUGGED AND WILL GET YOU STUCK WITH NO OPTIONS TO EXIT Prliminary patch notes are as follows: Removal of current upgrade system and ship quality level Repairs changes Hold management in instances added, hold management for fleets is revamped. Preliminary crafting overhaul Admiralty store will be populated with more things to buy. Certain things will be removed from the admiralty Bot routs and npc fleet compositions improvements The patch is unfinished thus expect lots of bugs, especially with hold management in instances. It will be fixed in the next week. More explanation about changes provided here: Please provide feedback on the patch only in this topic. no off topic
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    Приветствуем, Капитаны. Сегодня было установлено очередное обновление на тестовой сервер. Все имущество игроков на тестовом сервере удалено, за исключением боевого и производственного опыта, а также навыков владения кораблем. Подобная практика будет применяться и в дальнейшем. Дополнительный опыт и деньги добавлены в redeemables. Корабельная артиллерия теперь продается поштучно, например - для полного оснащения орудийной палубы Меркурия нужно установить 20 6-фунтовок. В следующем обновлении у игроков появится возможность производить пушки самостоятельно. Стандартные (medium) пушки можно будет захватить у НПЦ, длинноствольные пушки и карронады можно будет захватить только у игроков. Предупреждение - базовые 4-фунтовки в магазине пока не продаются, но их можно получить, купив basic cutter в магазине. Из игры убран регион для новичков. Города, ранее бывшие столицами государств в этом регионе, перераспределены в существующие регионы на Багамах. Приносим извинения игрокам, которые обжились в данном регионе. Функциональность распределения команды в бою улучшена. Убрана транспортировка товаров между свободными городами. Убрана транспортировка кораблей между аутпостами. Перемещаться можно только в пределах аутпостов своей нации, перемещение в свободный город теперь недоступно. Транспортировка в столицу переименована в транспортировку в порт (ближайший глубоководный порт). Это сделано для облегчения жизни капитанам, которые предпочитают жить вдалеке от национальной столицы - если необходимо использовать данную опцию (например, из-за бага), не надо будет тратить время на возвращение от столицы к обжитым местам. Ограничено производство торговых ресурсов - при достижении определенного лимита (в зависимости от ценности ресурса), город перестает производить данный ресурс. Ранее лимит был один (и большой) для всех ресурсов. Возвращены верфи - они снова необходимы для строительства корабля. В адмиралтейство добавлены чертежи линейных кораблей. Цены не финальные (тестовые). Большинство остальных чертежей кораблей доступно для всех игроков и открываются в зависимости от вашего производственного уровня (включая Endymion и Indefatigable). Убран перк Gifted. Чертежи кораблей больше не выпадают в качестве награды при строительстве кораблей. Проведен частичный тюнинг прокачки кораблей. Изменено минимальное требования по команде для кораблей. Теперь оно составляет 70% от максимального значения (без учета модулей на увеличение команды). Проверяется только в порту, то есть в бою вы можете сражаться на недоукомплектованном корабле. Исправленные баги: Невозможность выйти из меню результатов боя из-за отсутствия команды корабли. Сейчас можно выйти в ближайший союзный порт, приняв все предупреждающие окна. Недоступность трюма кораблей в вашем флоте в миссиях и событиях. Исправлены остальные баги с зависанием в меню результатов боя. За потопление basic cutter больше не начисляются марки. Потерянные во время сражения корабли вашего флота больше не будут появляться у вас в списке кораблей в меню результатов боя. Устранена утечка памяти при открытом окне с информацией о сражении. Нововведения могут вызывать новые баги, просьба продолжать их репортить через F11 и на форуме. Спасибо за ваше терпение и поддержку.
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    I got the understanding on the new system of xp. It's interesting and it will help people to focus on a ship More you farm on it more you get dedicated xp and more it help you to got slot for your skills BUT When you reach a good level on a ship, the next slots need and xp and slots on others ships For example: On consitution, the 3th slot need 21k xp AND 4 slots open on endemyon On Suprrise the 4th slot need and xp and 3 slots open on renomee etc It's basicly a stair You need to open the slots on the smaller ship allowing you to open slots on the ship followign etc etc if you want to open the slots on some ships. If you are max rank and want to play on the 4ships you want, you will be forced to farm every ships to open the slots on this 4 dedicated ships as you will not be able to open them withtout open end slots of ships before which is necessayr to open slots on ship before which is need to open slots on ship before which etc etc etc I'm really against this system, it's the one we got before steam launch and it was named an error by admin on this time. Their excuse was to force us to tests the ships we dislike to get data. We can figure than 1.5 years after, devs got enough data on all ships to not force us to farm in cerberus to open slots on renomme or farm 3th rate to open slots on bellona or pavel. Thans you to support it and to make devs change their mind about this crazyness. Focusing on a ship to open his slots OK Spending hours farming ships you dislike to open slots on ship you love NO
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    When the Global server is established, the members of OMG, BORK and PURGE clans are moving to France to join the SINK clan in establishing France as a mighty republic. Vive la France! With these combines clans, and all the individual players committed to France, we will have 30-40 regular players or more. We may not be as big as GB or the USA, but we will be better... come join a nation dedicated to fighting for the just cause. Contact myself, Bach or Teutonic to make the move.
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    Don't expect anything. I just play and when the wipe arrives it arrives
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    Captains This is a very important announcement and must not be ignored. XP Synchronization will be removed from the game in the next patch that will come with the asset wipe. Due to these changes we recommend the following flow of action. Checklist Login to all servers you were not active and check your rank. If your rank is good enough for you you don't have to do anything. If your rank is for some reason lower than on your main server go on and sink one ship (which ship does not matter). This will update your character XP to your current max level on the servers you were not active. You don't have to do it on the main server. repeat procedure for all servers that are not your main server. Notify your friends who are not playing, but plan to return to game to do the same. Wait for wipe During the wipe day, your current XP and Crafting XP will be provided on all three servers as a redeemable (usable item) Each server will have 2 separate redeemables: one craft XP and one Battle XP (6 in total if you have characters on each server) Deletion or creation of new characters does not remove redeemables UNTIL you use them If you are not sure about your nation choice or the future - DO NOT USE THE XP REDEEMABLES until you are absolutely sure about your nation choice. Use of redeemables is FINAL and cannot be reversed DO NOT USE THE XP REDEEMABLES until you are absolutely sure about your nation choice You can keep the XP redeemables for as long as you want.
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    This is a no risk method for defeating a 1st rate with a light frigate. Step 1. Find an AI first rate whose crew are drunk. Step 2. Initiate battle close to shore and wait for them to run aground. Step 3. Wait until crew and ship get tired and roll over for a sleep Step 4. Sneak around and shoot holes in the bottom of the hull followed by grape. Step 5. When crew are dead board. Step 6. Smugly pose for screenshots with your trophy.
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    Just been fooling around with my Twitch stream overlay to add a bit of character to my sea adventures Because Naval Action UI is dynamic and changes in the OW, Battle Instance and when you aiming, this overlay only works in Battle Instance sailing. I just have to switch it off in OW. Will make another one later that fits OW too.
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    Going to miss those times when you desperately needed to turn and instead you wrote "ddddddddddd" in Global chat/All Chat.
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    What do you think on disabling entry of ships of the line into free towns?
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    I preferred it when I used to get lost
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    так - просим закончить флуд. А то превратили топик в бесполезный нечитаемый треш. В ближайших патчах первые ранги станут намного сильнее, но значительно (в десятки раз) дороже как по деньгам так и по ресурсам. Обычные фрегаты (кроме четвертых рангов) будут скорее всего обьезжать первые рейты за полтора километра или подходить только на добивание. Будет изменен урон орудий с размера на энергию ядра и будут отбалансированы хп кораблей под эти значения. Нам больше не кажется правильным что урон ядра зависит от его размера а не веса (обещанные изменения по rigging shock скоро тоже будут выданы)
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    By sailing the world you are providing the target to someone else. All forms of teleports, transport, offline hauling will be removed. If you like first rates more than hauling you will haul. Or you will pay someone to do it. Or you will use fleets of indiaman (which now carry cargo) to haul 3x less. But you will haul on the map risking your cargo for enemy privateers. (or you will use expensive marks to pay for teleports which still means someone sailed and risked his ship doing it).
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    Enough with the toxicity between EU / US ! This community is turning into shit right now.
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    I was waiting 6 month for this announcement. Let's make this game playable again, great stuff admin. Thank you!
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    You don't like someone too much (your annoying nation mate) You create bounty by paying a lot of money (maybe real money)... or lot of pvp marks or conquest marks. If someone sinks or boards him he loses a lot of XP. In this case using alts to claim the bounty will not be desirable. In all other cases alts or friends can claim bounty and share it with the the person who was supposed to die or be captured making the bounty feature useless (or fake).
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    map wipe on all servers.
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    New ideas can be bad ideas. Creating a pve reservation in a pvp world was indeed a bad idea. It would ruin PvE experience (pushing pve players from the center of the map to the swamp on the side) and it would ruin conquest and ability to fight a trader or a mission runner anywhere.
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    People clicked out of the storm battles because 25% of battles were storms for months on end. Everyone got sick of being force-fed storms. This was Sea Trials where people expected a balanced battle line fleet engagement. PvP'ers were frustrated that they could not find their enemies, and people were bad at shooting, resulting in dismasting and ramming. BUT... In the OW storm battles would be fought only by choice, or in a sudden panic when two ships blunder onto each other in the fog. We all play this game and know how rare OW storms are. It would be an infrequent, dramatic occasion. You wouldn't have the storms ruining fleet battles all the time. This should be a non-issue.
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    On this day of the 24th April 1817, The honorable Sovereign Council of the new France, Composed by the following clans : [ACR] - Alliance des Corsaires Royaux [EdR] - Les Enfants du Roy [ER] - Escadre Royale [FDT] - Flotte de Défense Territoriale [FED] - Feydakin [GRF] - Garde Royale Française [INB] - Imperial Navy Bonaparta [MRF] - Marine Royale Française [OCG] - Online Center Gaming [SPQR] - Senatus Populusque Romanus [UGLY] - Les Affreux [ZF] - Zulu Family Declare : After the statement done here, the new world will open his gates to the captains in few daysl. On that day, money and ships will disappear to allow a fresh start to all. The clans of the Eastern Alliance have for the most, declared being ready to join the European server because of the problems stated many times on the forums. To not unbalance this new world right after our arrival on it and to guarantee every nation a good gameplay, we declare : "We, French captains, in good terms with our allies, commit to dissolve the "Eastern Alliance" after joining the new world. We also commit to be open minded and ready to diversify the alliances." We would like to thank every member of the Eastern Alliance for all the good times spent defending our ports, hunting our enemies or trading in good terms. Those months were very useful for our organization or our tactics but rethinking the bias about this or that community is probably the most beautiful thing we accomplished. The using of a unique TeamSpeak server for the RvR was the end goal of all the diplomacy and we'll modify it with a little pinch at the heart. Thanks and good game to all.
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    Can we please have storm battles back, nights that are actually dark for more than half an hour, and variable winds?
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    Please give us a option to convert PVP to PVE marks to buy the stuff that requires PVE marks. Forced PVE is never a good thing on a PVP server.
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    This has be mentioned before and i know there are far more important things to other people but i believe its the small things like bounties that make things so much fun for everyone. There is only talk of RVR, wipes, crafting, TIMERS and other shit that makes people SALTY on the forums and nothing that matters. Let the SALTY people express themselves by being able to pay people like me gold to sink the people they feel SALTY towards. I hope you guys understand that ;). There could be a menu to type in a players name and put bounty of up to a million gold on his head but no XP so there cant be exploiting. Maybe and 10% tax and a 2 hour timer for it to take into effect. PS: I cant play during the week so somebody please right click SALT and send to global chat for me. PPS: STAY SALTY!!!