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    Hello Captains. This is an important announcement on the asset wipe. Most importantly - your xp is safe. Bad news All assets (including money) will have to be removed from the game. We tried hard to find the way to keep the assets, but unfortunately due to the sheer volume of resources accumulated during experiments (which sometimes provided too much money or resources or both). In addition to that keeping resources will not allow us to properly test the economy changes, ship changes (including 1 durability), upgrade changes, npc resource distribution. All assets will be removed. We will provide 4 ships of various rank as redeemables to all players to give some head start. Good news We mentioned some time ago (several times) that all participants of the early access will receive rewards for all the pains endured during this hazardous voyage. Today we can announce a first exclusive reward (there could be more) that all players who have owned the game during early access will receive. Pandora - beautiful, fast and agile light frigate famous for the search for the Bounty after her mutiny. The ship will be delivered on release of the game or maybe earlier (for testing). It will be added to redeemables in one of two forms (we do not yet know which and will provide more information on this closer to release) un-tradeable permanent blueprint, or an eternal redeemable ship similar to the yacht. Timeline (timelines are not final) Series of patches will be applied to testbed by the 10th of April (last patch to testbed was applied on 27th Feb) Asset wipe by 19th of April Preparation of the server merges and reorganization by 19th of April Opening of servers 19th-20th April We understand that the action we take could be painful but it is absolutely needed for proper testing of the game before the release. Thank you for your attention.
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    Dear Captains. It is an important announcement. As promised last Autumn - we are bringing significant changes to your vessels that will streamline and improve the experience removing a lot of pain points from ship fitting and crafting. It will also solve the problem of ships being less expensive than some upgrades. Here is what will happen. Ships Ships lose their quality levels - as it was deemed redundant All Ships become have 1 durabilty as it should have been from the start All captured/crafted ships are grey You accumulate experience level sailing that particular vessel By sailing that vessel you unlock better options for that vessel class. If you lose that vessel in battle you still have that experience and can use those unlocked better options in the future. Example - after a lot of months at sea in the surprise your surprise will surprise any fresh leda captain, if you lose that surprise you still know how to sail it well. You don't need to search or worry for rare upgrades anymore (if you have them) Upgrades Upgrades/refits are no longer craftable. Upgrades/refits lose the quality level and no longer can be lost. Upgrades/refits finally have size requirements. (large pumps can only be installed on large ships) Upgrades/refits can be received in the admiralty and/or as loot items Upgrades/refits are basically turned into ship skills Example: If you have Spanish Silk Sail and a Naked angel figurehead - you won't ever lose them if you lost your ship Crafting Regional bonuses turn into refit items/blueprints Shipyards will be brought back Example: You can buy bermuda refit in bermuda, bring it to shipyards in Port Royal and refit your ship there These changes will make all existing ships obsolete and impossible to use due to database structure changes. As a result all ships and upgrades will be removed/deleted from the game ETA - Estimated time - within 30 days but not less than 2 weeks from this announcement. Changes will be rolled out to testbed first All current crafted or captured ships will be removed from the game All Upgrades will be removed from the game All Permanent upgrades will be removed from the game Ship blueprints will not change significantly so you can and are encouraged to stockpile resources and materials for ship crafting after the wipe. Apologies for all the inconvenience caused.
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    Based on the player feedback and design deep dive internally we now think that limitation on economy slots should not be done. It will work only when ports could be controlled by clans and when clans can invest into ports to increase the number of land plots available bringing more players to their towns for taxing them. Before that this feature will hurt small clans and solo players. Topic can be locked now.
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    There were other statements that someone is forcing US players OUT FROM THE GAME. Which is BS. There are 2 servers PvP One EU PvP Two US Proof EU = European Union. It is for EU players it is conveniently located in Europe for lower pings .. etc etc etc. This whole problem arises from an an issue of framing and some design mistakes. Framing.. Framing the problem as negative changes your attitude to the problem as well. US players are trying to frame this problem as a crusade against them. No. Us players think they are forced out. No. In reality EU players are forced out by nightflips. And an issue have to be addressed. To avoid framing issues we can propose the following solution. Which will address the framing and show that US players are wrong about being forced out. We will create a new EU server with EU timezones. We will transfer all (willing) EU players to that server. We will rename PvP One EU into PvP Global (merging it with PVP USA) EU players will leave to EU server if they wish (but i guarantee the majority will leave). It just looks ridiculous that US players DONT want to understand EU player problems but still want to force them to be playing together. We will handle EU player problems the way EU players want without affecting current servers. This will change framing from force out to leave everything as is The reaction of US players just shows that no compromise is possible. Majority of EU players don't want to play with PBs at 5am.
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    On this day of the 20th March 1817, The honorable Sovereign Council of the new France, Composed by the following clans : [ACR] - Alliance des Corsaires Royaux [EdR] - Les Enfants du Roy [ER] - Escadre Royale [FDT] - Flotte de Défense Territoriale [FED] - Feydakin [GRF] - Garde Royale Française [INB] - Imperial Navy Bonaparta [MRF] - Marine Royale Française [OCG] - Online Center Gaming [SPQR] - Senatus Populusque Romanus [UGLY] - Les Affreux [ZF] - Zulu Family Declares : "We, the French clans, have decided by a common agreement, to sail into the new world called "PvP Europe" to give the best sailing conditions to our captains, especially being able to sleep at night. By this, we are waiting new informations from the developers about this new world ("Server switching" conditions and Port Battle windows) to keep our community united in this new adventure." This declaration has been signed by the following clan leaders or main officers : [ACR] - Major General La Fayette [EdR] - Kierrip de Badas [ER] - Groslulu77 [FDT] - Takatounikey [FED] - Eskiwit [GRF] - Moncalm [INB] - Alex Iron [MRF] - Edward Teatch [OCG] - Carcharodon [SPQR] - Candac & Wolf74 [UGLY] - Castel [ZF] - Zulu One
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    Captains, he current alliance situation on pvp-1 is that one side have players in US time zone and another don't, which is the root of the problem. We tried to find out the solution that will suit everyone but we did not find it yet unfortunately. Thus, to cut the Gordian knot, we decided that until release there will be two servers, EU and US, with their prime timers. In the remaining development time until release we will still try to find out the solution, and apply it in case of success. There is a possible alternative which is still in discussions, thus the decision of separated timers is not 100% yet.
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    In 2016 the game has done the number of experiments and because of those experiments the amount of resources or wealth due to bugs or welfare for early access does not allow to tune the economy for the release state. It was known in advance and we have said before that assets will be wiped several times before the release. We absolutely need to do this wipe to see if everything we learnt over last year will be applied successfully. Wipes are impossible on release date, thus they have to be done now. Participants of the early access will be rewarded on release for all the pain.
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    Based on community feedback, this idea is no longer being considered. Please continue to provide constructive feedback on ideas that are being presented to assist Game-Labs with thinking through new ideas for the game. Thank you. - H. Darby Hello Captains. Some of you might remember "such is a lord" topic To make conquest bear more importance on release the number of buildings slots in port will be limited. This means that the city governor will be able to only allocate 25 land plots for construction of mines, manufactures and shipyards. This means only 25 Captains can own something in the city. (number is arbitrary and currently is equal to the number of port battle winners) The system will work like this. Once you conquer the port you will receive land grants from the new governor in all cities in that region. These land grants will be required to build buildings in the cities If the port is captured by an enemy nation - enemy nation will of course takeover the land and destroy your buildings. To be able to build anything in this city you will have to recapture it. Those who don't need buildings can of course sell those land grants to adventurous businessmen. If you win the port battle alone you will get all the permits to yourself. This system main goals are Control resource supply to avoid inflation in the future Provide huge incentive to conquer and participate in conquest (ps. that's why night flips are no longer viable and tolerable)
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    WTS golden carpenter teams
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    we will test 1 dura ships before release to close this door once and for all
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    Captains, thanks to Lord Vicious this exploit was spotted, tommorow there will be server side hotfix to fix it. One of the goal of Early Access is to clean the game from exploits like that before release, (a couple of other exploits are being investigated right now as well ) please continue to report them via F11 or direct pm on forums. Please avoid open share to prevent further usage of exploits till it fixed. Also to note: Upgrades in their current form will be removed from the game. They will be replaced by ship knowledge or skills (naming is work in progress) which you will unlock by sailing that particular type of ship. Hard and soft caps for bonuses/improvements will be introduced as well. In the final form you will only be able to install pumps if you learned how to use pumps more efficiently on that particular vessel. But once you learned for that ship it you won't need to get pumps any more. Skills of using pumps on Cerberus will be irrelevant for a first rate and vice versa.
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    Hello Captains. This is a preliminary announcement - official statement will be provided later both on steam and here. PVE server will be closed down. All assets will be transferred to the redeemables on both PVP Global and PVP EU (new server names). Transferring players will be able to choose themselves and stay on the server of their liking. We understand that it is painful but with forthcoming wipe you are not losing anything. Captains affected by this might ask: How can you PVE ignoring player vs player on the pvp server? The answer is simple and elegant. PVE Zones will be added to the main servers. We deliberated very long about this as initially we wanted to have full loot pvp everywhere with no protection. But looking back it was not optimal. Some might say it was awesome, but in reality most hardcore games we know have pve zones, safe zones, high security space or some other form of buffer area. Such zone allows pve players to see the more alive world around them and try pvp from time to time maybe converting to pvp players. Players who will want to engage in PVE activities without any interaction with the outside world will have to choose one of 3 nations. Spain (Sisal spawn), France (French Louisiana spawn), Britain (around Mosquito coast). These three nations will have 2 spawns - main pvp and secondary pve. This will basically turn Gulf of mexico into large PvE zone. All free-towns inside the PVE zone will be removed to avoid safe transport of resources from inside the zone. Some resource locations will be re-balanced. The only way to fight in the PVE zones will be to attack smugglers - which will from the patch create outlaw battle (FFA) - the mechanic that you can test on the testbed. Approximate map of PVE zones
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    Попался мне в рукки вот такой скриншот, как доблестный британец фармит своим твинком на Эвенте, насколько я понимаю такой стиль игры запрещен, требую для этого твинковода самого сурового наказания! Скриншоты прилагаю P.S. И эти люди обвиняют Русских в читерстве и дюпанье золотых фитов и во всех нечестных приемах которые можно применить в игре. Уважаемые разработчики также хотелось Вас попросить о проведении проверок на наличие нечестно добытых золотых фитов, и выложить список "героев" на форуме, от себя лично и от сообщества RUS Мы готовы пройти эту проверку, а то как то надоело после последних бездоказательных обвинений со стороны наших западных друзей, выслушивать в личку вот такие обвинения что Мы читеры и тому подобное Скриншот с обвинениями также выкладываю. Думаю что игроки за бездоказательные обвинения тоже должны быть наказаны
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    If I understand correctly, our dear @admin has just got a daughter! Congratulations! (And pink "biscuits with muisjes" as per Dutch tradition!) (If this is wrong and my translate hello kittied up, please remove this post XD)
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    Not many people ever say thanks to the Devs. But....Thanks for listening to the players regarding limited economics. Keep up the good work.
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    The VLTRA clan from Spanish Faction, which has been fighting for a very long time in this PVP1 Server, is also going to move to the new server. Good luck to all, we've had tough battles that we enjoyed a lot. See you anytime in that upcoming server.
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    ================================================================================================================================= Thursday, 23rd of March - 18:55 servertime, 5th rates!, info on when to queue up will be posted on Global Chat ================================================================================================================================= After getting tired of sailing around and not fighting anything worth attacking for a good fight (barely see vets anywhere in the OW anymore), I decided to make an effort and try to revive the daily small battle challenge which was once created by @Fellvred. I'm going to simply copy most of his settings/rules, since I think he did a very good job on setting those up. What is the daily small battle challenge? Every day at a specific time, a small battle with rules on what ship max. allowed to join will be held. Depending on how well you do, you get points. After 7 days, the players will receive rewards, depending on their place in the weekly leaderboard. The main goal is to generate PvP for both vets and new players, encouraging them to participate in events and improve their skills by providing some loot. Point distribution (for the first week) Win - 0.3 points Kill - 0.3 points Assist - 0.1 points There will also be bonus points for players joining in not the biggest shiprate allowed. The idea is to encourage new players that had just recently bought the game to not feel locked out. Show them, how beautiful the game really is. That way they might also stay for a while. Players joining in a 6th rate will receive 0.5 points, Joining in a 7th rate will provide 0.8 points (Only for captains that are new, lowest 3 ranks (40, 60, 120 crew command)) Joining in an Indefatigable will result in a penalty of 0.5 points for the battle. (42pdr Carronade setup seems a little too good for those kinds of battles.) Groups consisting of more than 3 players will receive a small penalty: 4 per group = 0.1; 5 per group = 0.2, 6 per group = 0.3 etc. I will list all results in the following document, free for anyone to see. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pl07BnB4V5pV-sHMXjWnesP5IfSKq3kQdHB_o1BIX18/edit?usp=sharing Rules For the first week (Starting on Tuesday, 14th of March), the biggest ships allowed to join will be 5th rates. I know there is no way of literally stopping any bigger ships from joining, but we can ban them from the prize pool. Griefing will not be tolerated. It will be made public in global chat what rank of ship max. is allowed to join. If you join in anything bigger, you will first be warned at and at the second offence be banned from the current's week prizepool. Offensive language towards other players will first result in a warning, second offence will make you unable to score points for the current battle; a third offence will ban you for the whole current week. Players will not have to participate in all of the small battles in a week if they want to be on the top of the scoreboard after a week. Each captains top 3 battles (points wise) will be added together, so in case you miss a few battles, you still have a chance of winning the main prize. Escaping early from a battle is a cowardlike behaviour that can ruin the whole battle for your team and denies point credits for the enemy team. Only bring a ship you're willing to let go a dura from. Escaping from a battle will result in losing any points gained in the current battle AND a 0.5 points penalty for your total weekscore. Surrendering is fine, but don't escape. Battles can and will most likely last for the whole 90 minutes. If, after the 90 minutes run out, there are still captains on both sides alive, the team that has 2x the BR will get the points for a victory (0.3 points). If this is not the case, the battle will be considered as a draw and captains will just get points for their kills/assists (and points for joining in a smaller ship). Prize Pool For the current week (Monday, 20th of March - Saturday, 25th of March), The prize pool will consist of the following: 50 million Gold 5x LH contracts 5x paint chests Set of 5 golden craftable upgrades (Extra Hammocks; Rum Rations; Copper Plating; Optimized Rudder; Improved Magazine access) 5000 coal (donated by @Kloothommel) 3000 silver - by Jon Snow lets go 10000 Live Oak frame parts - by Ravern Exceptional Reinforced Sail (donated by @sruPL) Renommee - Barra (donated by @Black Duchess) Renommee - Barra (donated by @JollyRoger1516) Cerberus - Carota - by JollyRoger1516 Renommee Barra, Niagara Classic White, Constitution Swiss Guard, Essex Sicily, Pavel Pink Royale - by ZuLu oNe5432 Endymion - by Przemo Indefatigable Note (donated by @Black Duchess) Santisima - Swiss Guard (donated by @Black Duchess) 3rd Rate Blueprint (donated by @Black Duchess) Bucentaure Blueprint (by Totalnoobness) Victory Blueprint (by Totalnoobness) Santisima Blueprint (by Totalnoobness) Mortar Brig Blueprint (donated by @Black Duchess) Exceptional Ship with Pirate Refit bonus (Any craftable ship except special BP ones) (Kindly donated by @Otto Kohl) Prize distribution The prizes will be distributed the following way: The gold will be split on the top 30% of the players. Example: If there is a total amount of 100 captains participating, Rank 1-10 (top 10%) will receive 50%, rank 11-20 30% and rank 21-30 20% of the prize pool. The other prizes will be given out according to the principle of "First come, First serve" principle, so that winners dont have to wait for the first guys to make their decision. Speeds up the prizedistribution by a lot and also encourages players to actively look up the prize pool. If you have any ideas regarding other items for the prize pool or want to donate to it, feel free to message me ingame on PvP 1 - Nickname Liquicity. Teamspeak @JollyRoger1516 kindly offered a teamspeak server for both sides to use - one channel per side. If you want to join your teammates on teamspeak in a battle, please use the following ts3 server ip: Additional Information For now, there are no restrictions regarding upgrades like marines or fireship-fitting. In case they get out of control and battles turn into a boarding / fireship meta, we might have to agree on a ban on them (In a meaning of those that use them Won't get any points awarded; I am very well aware of the fact that there is no way to ban something). Grouping up can be fun, but it can also result in a big down-morale for the enemy side. My proposal: If you are in a big group, of say 10, please try to split your group into several smaller groups (e.g. two groups of 3 and a group of 2). Picking on the small ships / new players first while being in a bigger ship and there being bigger enemy ships to sink is seen as unsporting. The whole idea and goal of this is to have fun. Please keep that in mind. All battle results will be posted as screenshot here: Important: Please vote at what servertime you would like to have the small battle. The first battle will start today, 14th of March. http://www.strawpoll.me/12527587
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    I have rather 100 people who are looking for good fights at a normal time than 400 who try to make the game as worse as possible through nightflips and screening bullshit.
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    thats a screen from 2013 mate.. i lived in dubai then , nothing new.. also sunset is from sea trials this post will remain as a proof of freedom of speech. Bur srupl is silenced for lack of respect to others. Ps - some people dont know that i worked in Wargaming when that game WOT had 50 testers
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    Quality levels are going away. Upgrades and their quality are also going away. This means that the current levels of demand for crafting notes and coins is really going to go down. We have several plans for gold/silver/copper going forward but they are not going to come into play for a month or two (i am referring to the port investments allowing nations to expand port defences).
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    "Bad News" sound actually like a Good News instead. Big +++ for the "start up" pack in the beginning for players, starting from scratch would be harsh and make lots of players quit.
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    Obviously, the NA player base is a passionate crowd. It is not always easy to hear our feedback on something you're working so hard on, but thank you for listening...and for the news you share regarding the game. Please remember, we wouldn't be so passionate if we didnt think this game was something special. Keep up the good work. Headless Parrot
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    I suggests a full wipe. (ducks for cover)
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    Within 30 days of earthtime or gamelabstime?
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    Hello, Admin of Naval Action give Navalaction-france an interview to deals with the game and this features. The interview is in french and in English. You can find it there : Interview Have a good time reading it
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    I don't want any alliance to be over. The game needs to balance around nation composition, not around player wishes or votes. Take a look at the following stats for all logins during last friday and saturday for pvp1 Our thoughts are that current execution of alliances in any form is unsustainable and should be re-thought. Current timezone balance is also unsustainable.
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    Announcement: [LIQ] Clan (with a constant active playerpercentage of an astonishing 100%) will stay on the global server.
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    To the Devs; Please read the entire post before you ban me! This is the worst idea yet! You are going to lose so many players over this! (me included) I've played all three servers, but ended coming back to PvE because I was so tired of the BS! Certain clans seem to think "THEY" rule the server, and you "HAVE" to do as they tell you or they will focus on driving you from the server.... how you may ask? ALTS! They come right out and tell you that they will use their alts to sink you whenever they see you until you quit. There are players who brag about having multiple alt accounts! Which leads us to the next problem. We can't attack anything because we get a private message saying "don't attack that ship, it's my alt!" If you reply that all other nations are fair game, they go back to the threats. Then there's the packs of "children" who think a fair fight is at least six to one, or are in a ship that is vastly bigger than yours. They will run away unless they can catch you alone, or out numbered! I work odd hours, and as a result, it's hard to find players in my nation that are online at the same time. So if I'm in a clan or not, i mostly sail alone. What am i supposed to do? Sail with people that speak a different language just so there are more friendly ships around? From past changes made to the game, i wouldn't be surprised to see this "PvE" area to be intentionally limited, with the goal being to force players into PvP areas in order to get certain materials. Is is fair? I don't want to limit the amount of time i have available to play to be based on when there are enough clan mates online so i won't have my Trader Snow attacked by seven players in Surprises! WITH THEIR FLEET SHIPS!!! It's your game, and you will do what you want (always have). And i don't want this to sound insulting, or threatening, but here are a few things i think you should consider. 1st, I thought the goal of making a game was to make money, but if you keep driving away players because you don't listen to them, I don't see you doing much of that. 2nd, word of mouth. I have played this game for over 2000 hours, and have recommended it to many people, but if you keep going in the direction you seem to be going, i will leave the game. Want to guess what i will be telling people after that? again, it's not a threat, but simple fact. Do you offer good comments for products you don't like to people you know? I have already heard people who have left the game give it bad reviews on facebook, teamspeak, and skype, so it's already happening! Yet they also say that they would come back if the "Devs" would just listen to the players. 3rd, everyone has different tastes, some want easier (PvE), some want it "hard core" (PvP with out AI fleets) where the only option is to go out and take what you want/need. Why can't we have it both ways? I can even deal with PvP based rules in PvE if i have to, so there wouldn't have to be different software for the different servers. So, ban me if you want, but I am only saying things MANY other players (your customers) are saying, but don't want to chance saying here. I think you have a beautiful game going here, with SO much potential! PLEASE! Don't kill it with this lobotomy! Make some accounts (if you don't already have them), come on into the game (PvP and PvE), and talk with us, maybe even invite a few here and there into a voice chat. Listen to our thoughts/ideas/concerns, I know not all will be possible, but it would make us (your testers) feel like we are a part of the team instead of midievil peasants groveling at the feet of the kings! Thank you for your time, and for ALL the hours of fun I have had with your creation thus far.
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    The reason why pvp has died over the last 3 months was not due to fine wood system, hostility system, or fleets. the reason pvp has died is simple........ FORTS everywhere. I spend over an hour to find a enemy player. when I find that player 90% of the time the player can simply go to the nearest fort and deny any action at all. the other 5% of the time the player can go hug one of these massive AI fleets which consist of more warships than were in the Caribbean at any point in history. This is also the reason that so many people have left the game. Forts and AI fleets in open world have made it to difficult to be able to find action. the current build of the game forces players into grinding hostility to find action. Increasing the durability of first rates wont do crap to help players stay with game. reduce the forts to county capitals. this would be a huge step in the right direction. and then delete 90% of ur open world ai fleets. and make them solo ships. if people want massive ai battles there are epic events.
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    I can watch PB's on youtube too .. how is watching refers to actually playing? This is a persistent online world - game where shit can happen when you are not logged in. But You are not asking EU players to wake up at 5 am because you know you have another 40% of the server playing against them as part of your alliance. And then you come and take some at 5am. They can't respond. They must get up at 5am - you don't have to. Anyways. Once there was a player driven tournament where we coded a special room for it to make things easier for tournament participants. Now EU players now want their own server - we will meet their request. We are the most responsive developer on the planet ;). And one of the few where you can talk to lead producer live on the forums.
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    We made our choice, you made yours and we respect it, seems like you don't respect our choice.
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    Take a break. I did back in November for most of the month. The game isn't finished. You don't have to log in every second. Wait for the patch to come and get things set up for it and than come back to play and see how you feel than.
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    everyone will receive an extremely rare ship on release for all the troubles during testing. all bans will be lifted and everything bad will be forgiven as well. during wipes we believe compensation will stop us from testing new economy and as a final last wipe will also happen right before release - it means you might lose the compensated ships too.
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    no captured/crafted ships are all the same in quality - grey (with minor differences perhaps) what matters is your level of ship knowledge for that vessel.
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    Just give us a good heads up cause I think I would prefer to just break up all my ships the night of the patch. Now the question is is there going to be something to help folks get things moving that next day. I would say give us all a few redeemables for those that don't have the crafting means. IF not your going to kill a lot of casual players that don't have stocks of supplies.
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    In light of all the exploitation that apparently has been going on for months, and the fallout from fine woods long, long ago driving inflation to outrageous heights I propose that it's time for a full asset wipe. We need this to better test the economy, better level the playing field between pre- and post- fine woods players, and give another shot at understanding how current player production intersects with crafting, trading, etc. After the dev's fix the duplication bug, I'd propose to do the wipe. It doesn't need to be accompanied by a map wipe, I don't think anyone wants that in the near-term. But assets are out of control and exacerbated by what appears to be a long-term exploitation of critical, economy shattering bugs. It's time.
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    Effective Immediately Accusing people or groups of cheating, or exploiting in the public forums or in game chat is not permitted with the following exceptions: If you have video or other effective and conclusive proof, you may post that proof along with the accusation in Tribunal. If you do not have video or other effective proof, but instead suspect there may be wrongdoing, you may use F11, or Private Message Ink and/or an active Moderator on the forums. Please provide as much evidence as possible, and please F11 and note the bug number where applicable. If you're messaging Ink or the Moderators, it helps to have bug numbers (they look like NAB-12345, but bug numbers are not required) so that your complaint can be properly investigated. Those who violate this rule in game are to be reported via right clicking the person's name where they made the statement, and selecting Report. In the forums, please click the "Report" link at the top of the post. Violation of this rule can result in withdrawal of your in game chat and/or forum posting privileges. ---------------------------------------- A note from the Moderation Team: We would prefer that exploits (with reproduction) be provided via F11 or through a PM to Ink and/or an active Moderator on the forums. If you feel an exploit has not been addressed or handled in a timely manner via F11, I assure you that including a few active Moderators in a PM will get you very quick attention so long as there is enough detail for us to replicate the bug. Moderators are players just like you, and we come from almost every nation in the game - we do not like to hear about exploits and all hell breaks loose behind the scenes when one is brought to our attention and we are able to replicate it. I have personally been involved in around four different exploit reports. In every one of those cases, I had personal attention from a member of the Development staff within no more than 2 hours of being able to replicate the exploit and a fix was started shortly after. We, as moderators, are very invested in a fair and fun game for everyone (we play it too, and with the same limitations in rank, money, etc. as players), as are the Developers. We'll work with you to make sure identified and replicatable exploits are addressed and fixed as soon as possible. Help us help you.
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    With all the trolls, I'm guessing the average mental age of the US nation on PvP1 is around... um, 10. 😏
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    What's the point in playing a game in the first place? what's the point of living a life? Dude, have some fun, thats what it's ALL about
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    Cut the melodrama. It's an alpha. If you played here as long as you implied, this should be nothing new. If you have ever played literally any other alpha, this should be nothing new. If this game is dead in your eyes because of a wipe, then I assure you, early access games are not for you.
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    This Friday night, we had a small little nation meeting on French TS to discuss possible gentleman's agreements to how early/how late one should be able to attack and a couple of other things. While the US is willing to negotiate, it seems like there is a little too much bad blood out there and we could not all agree to some sort of deal. Props to @PIerrick de Badas for trying to set things up. A pretty good idea that did come out of the meeting I think is worth suggesting here. There needs to be some sort of tool that will allow players to Nation and/or server switch easily and without having to delete characters and remake them. I know that with the upcoming possible split that some Americans, myself included, are talking about swapping to other Nations to balance out the server. It would be a much easier sell to other players if they could swap nations with their blueprints, ships, materials and keep their original character creation date. The same goes for players on the other servers. How many more people would be playing now if it was easier to switch servers and you can take all your stuff with you? To stop abuse, make this a 1 time thing and if players want to do it again in the future they need to pay for it. Similar to World of Warcraft's server transfer option. If the devs wanted to charge something like 15bucks to swap nations/servers I know I'd pay it to get out of a shitty situation rather than quit the game. @admin made a comment the other day about the US having to change it's alliance with GB to balance things up on the server. While I agree with him that all the US based players on one side of the alliance needs to be changed, due to alliance mechanics that he and his development team setup.....it's almost impossible to switch alliances quickly or even at all if we wanted to. It takes a couple of weeks in this system to vote in and out of alliances and even if we could, I'm not sure we'd have the ability to get the majority of votes needed to swap. What is possible is getting some of the US based players to swap to other nations and serve the same purpose. So if admin wants more US based players in the Eastern Alliance, put your money where your mouth is and make it easier for us to do so. There are a lot of US players that have been with this game from the start and would prefer to keep their existing characters, start dates, BPs and materials. Make a tool that will allow players to transfer to different nations and/or servers with all of their stuff and bps.
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    My tour of nations on PvP1 seems to be sadly cut short by these events (it would have been France and Spain next).. so farewell to all players who leave and good winds! Having played GB for most of the time, a big shout-out for the hospitality I received during my tenure in "the East" I hope someday we can play together again o7 P.S. Having played on both sides of the alliance divide I think there are things to take away here. It is amazing in a social experiment kind of way, but also frightening, to see how good people on both sides can be pitted against each other in a seemingly insoluble conflict. Looked at it by daylight the split was easily preventable or at least a better arrangement could have been found. It is too easy to only blame night flips for this. It is also the level of instilled 'hate' that made true enemies here. It was helped by the downward slope of cross community relations due to game mechanics - or lack of them. In other words, there is nothing to prevent relations from becoming more and more hostile. The night flips happened, in part, precisely because they pissed the other guy off, as a response to something that pissed the night flipper off earlier. (Night flip is timezone independent so you have to insert who the evil night flipper was as needed to preserver your conception). If it wasn't night flips it would have been something else. The developers need to implement safeguards to prevent future splits, it is dangerous to think that if you replicate the exact same environment such a community division will not happen in the same way. The new servers will see the same development if you wait long enough. We had already seen this happening before EA. The writings were on the wall so much so that I wrote this: This was written in January 2016. Hardly surprising in hindsight, but still hurts to see the player base fracture. Devs, the next split is in your court.
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    I and my brother and sister, all three play this game and we are unified as well as many of the players posting in the game chat that we absolutely will refuse to play this game anymore if it goes to PVP style. I don't think the developers realize that there is a very large core group of older players who enjoy this game for its relaxing almost nostalgic and romantic tone of the game. We feel it's the kind of game made for people like us who don't want to be involved with kiddy twitch shooters, and ganking squads of amoralistic, immature, frustrated Eve players. It has been said that the developers are patterning this game after Eve, I would highly caution against that, if we wanted Eve we would play Eve. If we wanted call of duty we would play that game, if we wanted Elite dangerous or any of the other first-person shooter style dog eat dog economy games then we would play those games. But we choose instead to play this game because it offers a game style unique unto itself and does not have to emulate anything else out there. the only thing that has ever been missing from this game in our humble opinion, meaning me and my siblings and close friends, is the lack of vertical achievement beyond the rank of rear admiral. Because once that rank is achieved all gameplay becomes obsolete and redundant. All the developers really needed to do was to create an achievement progression comensurate with both period and play style inherent in this game. there is a camaraderie among players of this game that you don't usually find in games of any genre, I believe a lot of that has to do with the average age and maturity level of the player base on the PVE server. if you start throwing those people in with the younger PVP demographic you're going to have a mass exodus on your hands. So that's my two cents for whatever it's really worth
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    Oh for feck sake! So that means most players wont be able to build anything in a port????????? So we wont be able to craft or trade or do feck all. Funny way to run a game ..... stopping most players doing most things!
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    I want third option - NOT WITH CURRENT GAME MECHANICS (Besides Pirates, they all will support it as they are excluded from diplomacy officially) Idea sounds cool, all good and nice until we realize: We cannot fill Port Battles (not enough players for single nations) We cannot use allied ports, resources, help allies in Port Battles, only screening Unofficial treaties and negotiations without game mechanics support will lead to more hate, flaming, toxic playerbase because of breaking promises & treaties, not fulfilling the the terms of the agreement Of course we have a problem of concreted diplomacy, 2 huge alliances and pirates fighting... No changing sides, nothing changing. Devs need to investigate how EU4 Diplomacy works, it's very dynamic and it allows forming COALITIONS against someone who is "blopping" which means expanding very quickly his territory, so such coalitions would counter huge, powerful nations and their massive expansion that once starts becomes uncontrolled and unstoppable. I don't like the current diplomacy, but admins suggestion is not satisfying so I vote none of the above.
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    OK, so it will be GB & Dutch (suffering lack of players) vs Spanish & Swedish & Danish & French & US? and then suddenly nightflips will be good, because you will have players US, right? *cough*
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    we originally had a neutral nation and thinking of bringing it back only pirates could attack neutrals, but neutrals could enter any city. We think it is a great option to replace pve server with.
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    Есть пара важных вещей! (Информация от меня, клана и зрителей) 1. Убрать телепорт в ближайший порт после боя. (Ибо полный брет убивающий и так пустой мир) 2. Добавить Таймер невидимости после боя хотя бы 30 секунд! (У нас всех разные компы и разная скорость загрузки и нужно время для координации после боя чтоб избежать ситуаций когда твои союзники просто не успели загрузится) 3. Вернуть таймер входа в бой (Крайне абсурдная ситуация когда идёшь эскадрой и не успеваешь зайди в бой К СВОИМ!) Убивает вообще всё желание играть , так как нарушится ОСНОВА геймплея!!! Это игра с друзьями! 4. Убрать всякие ограничения по БР для входа в Бой (кроме песка на Багамах). Тоже одна из убивающих игру "фич" это когда гонишься за кораблём и не можешь зайти в бой ,потому что там перевес по БР и как итог ты не можешь играть с друзьями! (Сигналинг это костыль который ненужен в игре). 5. Можно вообще сделать бои открытыми всегда! и балансить их временем захода и удалением от основной сцены боя! 6. Сделать возможность перейти за другую нацию пусть с ограничением по времени (пример:не чаще чем месяц) и большой ценой золота! Аргументирую просто. Играть за одну нацию надоедает и игрок делает выбор между. 1. Смена нации и продолжает играть в навал (Со старой гильдией и т.д) 2. Игрок просто уходит из проекта. Ответ очевиден.(Удалять персонажа и создавать нового не проще, проще просто уйти в другой проект) 7. Пираты Vs Пиратов Не должны получать опыта и денег! 8. Союзные ботовские флоты убирать из родных вод и акцентировать внимание игроков на то, чтобы качаться на Флотах врага. Как было раньше. (а не на миссиях, либо оставить только стартовые) 9. Постройки (Шахты) убивают интерес к исследованию мира и активной торговли между городами своей фракции. (До патча каждый город нации имел свою ценность так как производил ресурсы) . Привязывают игроков к определенным городам делая тем самым некоторые регионы пустыми и не нужными. До построек мир был наполнен торговцами которые ходили по всем городам своей нации!. (да ресурсов на всех не хватало, но так и должно быть!) 10. Нужна глобальная концепция развития поселений игроками, (РПГ элемент нации) что бы игроки могли строить и улучшать производство и инфраструктуру каждого города. Пример (Серебряная шахта 1 уровня в Puerto o Prince выдаёт 10к в день всей нации. После прокачки на 2 уровень будет к примеру 15к в день) , Концепт прокачки открытый (не личный) и требует взаимодействия всех игроков нации для сбора ресурсов. (Пример для 2 уровня требуется 15000 камня). Данный концепт даст жизнь не только развитию шахт , но и поселений (Больше людей для найма) постройки Фортов и т.д.) 11. Ресурсов на всех хватать не будет , но это решается большими торговыми конвоями (PVE) с большим кол-вом ресурсов. Даст возможность найти ресурсы если нет ничего в городах + сам пве контент. (Значительно оживит мир и будет охота на большие конвои ПВЕ игроками как итог ПВП между ними) . Фарм больших конвоев значительно интересней старой системы с личными шахтами. 12. Увеличить прочность линейных кораблей относительно их реального размера. (сделать вариативность прочности и внутренней структуры) (Боевые больше прочности , торговые больше структуры. Пример корабли одинаковых размеров (Линкор Броня 7000, корпус 3500. Торговый Галеон 3500, 7000) 13. По поводу прочек. 5 прочек слишком много для корабля. У меня до сих пор есть корабли с выхода игры в стрим. 1. Сделать всем по 1 прочке + страховка как в EVE Online (но удешевить модули) (я за этот вариант корабли будут предстовлять ценность, а не как щас "Ингер нужен? нет он не представляет ценности!) 2. Дать всем по 3 прочки * Обязательно сделать ребаланс кравта относительно прочек! Сейчас при кравте фрегата ты тратишь ресурсы как на 1 корабль , это в корне не правильно и сильно вредит кравтерам и экономической составляющей игры. (Дисбаланс) Итог. Игре крайне необходимо оживлять открытый мир! Нет смысла от ограничений в море если не кто не атакует)) *Систему кравта и прокачки я предлагал вам ранее в видео. Спасибо