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    1. All servers are global, that's what the Devs say and that's why US and EU servers got same settings and rules and timers regardless their name or location. This is the way it works, no one can shut down a server during night or block Asians or Americans or Aussies from playing the game while others sleep. Spanish can have Mexicans playing during their nights, Frenchies some French-speaking Canadians, there are lots of options. Also the smallest 3 nations should get indicators like 2x EXP / GOLD with such information at the nation choosing window to encourage more wise spread of the players across the nations. 2. Currently the biggest problem is low server population caused by several reasons: - Mistake of Devs talking about wipe (many players that quit think wipe will be soon, they don't come back until wipe happens, even if it won't. The only current official wipe is before the final release of the game) - Fine woods took down lots of the players from the game - Nations knocked down suffered a lot, this includes Spanish, US, Dutch nations, whenever nation gets knocked down to a few ports, players tend to quit, switch nations. There must be some kind of official in-game treaties, call for peace, end-war diplomatics etc. - Lack of blueprints for Endymion, Indefatigable, Gunboat, Wapen and rare blueprints really harsh to get (Exluding Santa Cecilia which is meant to be semi-premium reward ship) - Pirates quiting because of lack in additional Pirate Mechanics and Raids - Solo hunters / Sea Wolves / Privateers quiting because of massive AI fleets spam and difficulties in hunting alone (2x AI escort fleets, lots of AIs arround, forts and towers spammed arround). This just encourages hunting in massive packs, big fleets of Surprises or other fast ships scouting areas, "ganking" and destroying players with force not to bother about forts and NPCs. 3. Old players are burning out, quiting but not many new players are coming to replace them. This is caused also by several reasons: - High price of the game in Alpha / Beta (More like a price for final version of the game) - Lack of advertisments / reviews / promotions / sells / "Free Week / Weekend etc. - Not user-friendly GUI - Lack of basic tutorial, new players vanish quickly as they got no idea what to do at all 4. Devs seem to be having weird development priorities, somehow all the time implementing things "wanted" or "suggested" by players that we have never heard of or seen or they get implemented in the totally different way. Stop wasting time on implementing stupid things or low-priority. There must be a community voted development priority, just like in other EA games. Things that are a huge question / mistake / failures in this game: - Pray button (a Devs joke? Real feature?) - Fishing salt??? - Mast Thickness changes (stupid and not expained, tried to be fixed by some hotfix but failed) - PvP Events (Originally were meant to be like Fellvred Small Battle Events, turned to be OW zones. No balance, no fairness, gankfest). Changing this to 6v6 will not fix the problem, dear Admin. - Implementation of Ship Structure (3rd HP factor added on test server). I believe none of the players asked for new damage model, we have other high priority things needed to be done. 5. Bugs. There are many bugs in this game for months and years, acknowledged by Devs and "known", but not as important to be fixed soonish. All of the bugs should be in high priority to be fixed. Game with hundreds of bugs arround is not a good sign for new players, unless some new bugs popup after new patch. I would rather see a huge patch fixing all known bugs from past then new damage model added. Just looking of how playerbase had to push by force fix of the alliance bug several times making the Devs quite upset by forcing to fix it makes me feel said that such "bug fixes" are not in high priority. 6. Server Merge, many PvP 1 want to enforce the merge, the last standers of PvP 2 tries to defend it... I can only say that the merge is rather not going to be a success until the servers and network gets an overhaul and overall optimization. For some players pings are sky-rocketing during huge fights, random disconnects, delays, new boarding must be added not influenced by PING (we saw pics). Better options to reconnect to the game (The "BATTLE_OVER white window forcing us to close the game and launch again to get back needs to be gone and several other things) 7. FPS improvments. No matter what, but Having Port Battles and just turning everything to the lowest settings, ships shoting with visual delay of 30 seconds, players with best GPUs and CPUs playing the lowest settings with 10-15 FPS, this needs to be gone. 8. Low response / dialogue with Devs. The biggest Devs activity is in Tribunal / Support and maybe some feedback threads. Other than that it's silent, queit. This doesn't feel right. 9. Detailed changelogs. We are the beta-testers. We need to know what has been changed. Don't force us to look into API or find changed on our own. Changelogs in form of "Minor bug fixes" or "Some speeds of ships changed" are a semi-message "you got a changelog, now f*ck off, we are busy". Cooperate with us, this is not closed development. 10. Economy based on gold / currency without coverage. Basically all players can be farming / producing infinite amounts of in-game currency which is gold. This leads to abnormal inflation or hiper-inflation, ridiculous prices, players being super rich. The in-game economy needs a balanced market with coverage. There cannot be hundreds of players with 50m gold in the pocket... 11. Lack of OW content while sailing, sudden ship wrecks, special triggered events, unpredicted events, special fleets, secret burried treasure? To remove static sailing through the sea without expacting something to happen any second ____________________________ That's quite a wall of text from me, hope I won't get warnings nor bans haha, feel free to comment, discuss, troll, like it, subscribe, follow, send memes, tip and whatever folks do in internet.
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    Genius solutions sometimes come unexpectedly. Maybe users proposed it before but we have not seen it for some reason. We found the way to solve the screening fleet problem completely. The 4x modifier that does not allow griefing will be replaced by a curve formula. The simple explanation of the formula is this. Size of the group and its BR will determine the modifier (simplified explanation below) To attack 25 victories you will require 25 victories To attack 1 victory you can just require a cutter (exaggerated example) . This will both solve the screening problems and also solve the solo hunter problem (who could not attack heavy solo targets because of BR difference)
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    Hello Captains Patch have been deployed to testbed. Here is a brief description. Challenges: PVE challenges now provide the ship for you. No need to purchase the ship anymore to participate in challenges. 1 durability for ships of the line did not achieve its required goal and is removed. It did not have any effect on rich veterans and was just punishing casuals who left the game instead of converting into pvp/conquest players because they lost the ships they worked so hard on. All linesips now have 3 durabilities with the corresponding increase of required resources. You can now use the hold of your fleet ships. Admiralty store has been added for testing. The content is not final, prices are not final and what is sold in stores is mostly for testing the systems. The following rewards were added (names are temporary and might not survive) City Key - for raids or port attacks or defences Battle Ensign - PVP reward Short Pennant - PVE reward Trading Manifest - reward for trader ships or trading missions etc. Each reward can be used for exclusive content in admiralty stores (test content to test systems provided in testbed). All rewards are given in the end of battle based on battle kills and damage. If 10 people sink 1 ship rewards are split for 10 people based on damage, kills and assists. Officers. Officers had one problem, they punished you if you played actively (and sank a lot). As a result officers were removed from the game and all perks have been moved to a player. You get 1 point per rank. The system is not final and will continue development. Officers in their traditional sense might come back in the future. Pirate vs Pirate - outlaw battles. Pirates can now attack each other. The battle created by pirates vs pirates is always open and has FFA rules (free for all). You can sink anyone you see. Signalling perk does not work in the battle. Battle cannot be created in the capital protected waters. Recently killed tracker added to game. Players who recently lost the battle (sank or surrendered) no longer give rewards for 1 hour. This solves huge number of problems for a minor price. Ship paints can now be stored in clan warehouses. Forts and towers were significantly buffed (large fort will destroy a ship in approximately 5 minutes under constant fire). We hope this feature will help players to vary their fleets a bit and bring mortar vessels to battles (who can destroy a fort in 10 mins. If this damage is too big we will lower it, but we were not really satisfied with the forts uselessness in battles. Chain shot damage fall off from distance implemented and added to game. All instances are now immediately closing when last player leaves the instance. A good % of instances were wasted for bot vs bot entertainment Discuss. Please avoid off topic in this thread and discuss the substance matter after you have tested the content and if you really have something constructive to say. N.B.: You can find directions to join the test bed server here.
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    1) What does the pray button do?
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    Raids They will provide an opportunity for a group of people to raid and rob any port in the Caribbean. Ports for raids will be defended by a random number of NPC ships depending on several factors from city size to port status or other parameters. Basically you can get lucky and find a rich lightly defended port or you might have to fight through 20 ships and find dirty socks. Sometimes letters will drop telling that certain ports have good resources stocked and in this case you are better of not linking that letter to chat as the port will be raided. But there is a PVP twist. Raids can be invaded. Any player of the allied nation who owns the port can join the instance and take a NPC bot ship helping them defend the port from the raid. This can be done by two methods. You can enter the raid on defending side from the raided port You can enter the raid using invasion ticket (available for battle ensigns in the admiralty) Successful raids give City keys (marks of conquest) and port resources. Port resources are split for all participants so the less captains you bring the more rewards you get. You also have to get them to the nearest friendly port after a raid unless you are in a raiding trading ship with smuggler flag.
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    Hello Captains Test bed has opened today. Some disclaimers first. Testbed is not a stable environment. It does not have the same level of stability as main servers. Number of instances available is limited but will be enough unless everyone moves to test bed. This environment is not connected to the main server databases. We will provide some xp and money and ships for you to test things we want. Sometimes it wont work at all. How to get access to the testbed Find the game in your steam library Right click and go to properties Go to Beta tab Enter the key - key FcaH2KzZXutz Select the beta called: Testbed And click close It will download automatically. To return to the main game select none instead of testbed in the beta tab. Main test goal: Structural damage testing Combat model updated. Structure introduced. Ship now receives structural leaks when structure goes down (not when armor is destroyed like before). Structure affects leaks and masts integrity (you will be able to demast by bow and stern raking). This feature requires heavy tuning that is why it is deployed to the test bed. In the future we will also test a couple of other changes increasing the role of skill in combat allowing skilled captains to dispatch enemies faster (even outnumbered) What’s new and other changes on the testbd Port battle entry is only allowed 30 mins after login at sea. This penalty can be dropped if you enter any port. If you log off at sea and login within 5 mins (disconnects etc) you don’t get that penalty Zone control points are not accumulated during first 10 mins of the port battle New PvE challenge added – Timed demast Tiered rewards are coded into the challenges and eventually we will provide different rewards for different positions in the leaderboards. New sounds are added but not finalized yet. Admiralty PVP events in admiralty zones are 6v6 now. Only 6 ships are pulled for each of the sides of combat. PvE challenge ships should now change (rotate) automatically Tunings: Map zoom increased 2x in commander tablet Port battle time increased to 105 mins Accuracy and damage from land based guns increased by 15% Points for kills increased by 50% in port battles instances Antigriefing 5x limiter decreased to 4x Attack circle timer (ow attack) reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds Certain changes in economy applied Time to start PVE challenge reduced (only for testing) If you sink in battle you will still be able to see the compass and wind indicator Brace command is now a toggle All contracts that are more than 15 days long are going to be automatically cancelled from now on. Main goal is - test structural damage and report the findings feedback on structural damage goes here KNOWN ISSUE. mast destruction from structural damage sometimes crashes the instance - it will be fixed early next week.
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    Dear PvP1 Players/testers and dear DEV's, For several weeks our coalition tried to fight back Port attacks that were set at very late hours, with lots of players ruining their real life nights. - Some Port attacks were deliberatly set by opponants with no intention to show fleets but only to discourage the defenders that stayed awake so late. - Since hostility has become faster to build up, nightflips have increased. - Due to multiple time zone player base belonging to the Brits/Dutch/USA coalition, our coalition that is 90% based on European player base has never been capable to fight back & set any nightflips. Considering the above points, our coalition, that includes many reasonable but passionated NA players/testers, comes to the fact that nightflips are not sustainable anymore. It does not make any sense despite all the good will of our coalition player base. Real life is a priority for us as well as playing/testing logical & balanced strategy wargame mechanics. So our coalition declares that every Port attack set up later than 00:00h server time will not be attended & therefore contested. This decision is only meant to be pro-active for NA testing project since it will physically show unbalanced territories occupation on NA map that are exclusively linked to PVP1 server population & reactivity. This unbalanced result will mostly reveal the emergency for DEV's to fix the highly critical issue of "real life factor - player time zone factor". These factors MUST be taken into account to produce a sensible strategy game. Thank you & good wind all.
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    Ahoy! fellow captains ! Here are a few propositions for Exploration : First of all, a new XP with new progression called "explorer XP" to get new rank or "explorer level" like the current level and grade but for exploration. - New exploration mission from admiralty according to player explorer level - Prepare food supply depending exploration duration (there is a minimum required according to the rank of the mission). - Hire specific crew (scientist, doctor and cook) (there is a minimum required according to the rank of the mission). - Expedition will be more easy and profitable if you create a group with different ship (trader ship to bringing back ressources and holding food + combat ship for protection, shallow ship for shallow area) - The expedition is shared with the members of the group even if they don't have the required explorer level. They can't take a big exploration from admiralty but they can help a good explorer. - Sails to mission point on map, (like current mission but with new symbol). - Travel map is loaded instead of loading screen for more immersion. (animated dotted line) - Player enter in instanciate zone, the map is partially hidden at the biginning and will be discovered during your navigation (fog of war). - Player can stay in this instanciate zone as long as he has food supply on board. Food decrease during the exploration. (The food is shared with group member) - During his exploration, player can found some area (town, reef, ark, waterfall, lighthouse, etc. on the coast or on river). (there is a circle surrounding this point of interest) - He can stay in this circle during some seconds (circle loading) to trigger a discovery. - Discovery is like a loot after a fight. There are diffents discovery type and it's partially random. - Historical artefact (can be sold for lot of gold) - Rare material (for crafter) - Pets (collection card, can be sold) - AI Pirates can attack you during your expedition (so you probably need a protection ship, trader ship alone is risky) - Exploration is ending when player has no more food on board or if he decides to leave the instanciate zone or if pirate beat him) - He gain explorer XP and gold according to its discoveries, the purcentage of map discovered, and fight won. To sum up : - New XP with new progression, explorer levels. Sailing through the carribean gives explorer XP instead of normal XP - Exploration mission need preparation (food, crew, and group) - Instanciate map can be made by procedural generation or not. - New environment with new fauna and flora (ice, sand, cliff, jungle) and building. Caribbean is beautiful but new lands will be great and contemplative for PVE player. - New group gameplay (some can fight and protect his friend, other can explore reef and store discoveries, and another with shallow ship can explore inaccessible zone) - New items : - Historical artefact (can be sold for lot of gold) - Pet collection with common, uncommun and rare animals to add a collection dimension (no balance needed, pvp is not impacted) - Rare material could be found (trader ship required to bring back all the materials) This material can be used by crafter to craft exceptionnal ship (maybe for 1st, 2nd and 3th rates ships to reduce their number and make them more rare and exceptional) or new customization stuff (paint, stern, figurehead) We can imagine exploration event with big national fleet required. As soon as a national exploration fleet enter in the exploration instance. The instance is closed for other nation. Exploration instance are rare and discovery can be extremely interesting. Exploration event could give a national bonus for a period ? (not sure ;)) Moreover, other nation can create an interception fleet to fight returning expedition. It could be a new PVP area with lot of interaction, lot of different ships not like Port battle. If you have idea for the explorer title/grade/rank ! I'm waiting your feedback !
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    Hello Dear moderators, hello Dear developers, I want to thank you for your great efforts for creating this game and caring for community. I know your job is sometimes not easy but I want to encourage you to "stay on course" keep going for improving this wonderful game. And I can give you my personal highest reward: I only will make, hopefully constucitive critism, when I really like a game. You did a great job Best Regards Donjuan
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    As per topic heading. In the large battles it is great inconvenience when you dont know which ships ran or sunk. Can we please have list of participating ships solid. Even if its captured the name should remain on the list with the players's name.
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    Features I'd like to see (additional content) Custom Battles (basically a lobby 'event' where one can clearly limit what ships and numbers are going to fight) Player profile-card where information about a captian is listed (right click a name and click profile-card), for example what ship is used how often, how many kills, deaths, distacne sailed, etc...) (I'm a fan of stats :-) ) More options to actively interact with an enemy port, raiding events, etc More ship-paints, figureheads, flags in OW, etc. PvP currency (received for kill / assist awards) with which rare items (such as paints, uncraftable modules, or maybe even some sort of 'one-time-blueprints' for the uncraftable ships (endymion/Indefatigable/Santa Cecilia/WappenVonHamburg) can be obtained "Silver-Currency" which is not given by sinking ships / selling stuff, but by helping the national effort (successful Port Battles / screening battles etc.) which can be spent on voting for Port Battle targets (as you're trying to get rid off the hostility system) Crew-Morale in battle outside of boarding, example when a first rate demasts a Surprise, the surprise's morale goes down by quite a bit, which leads to significant penalties for the Surprise captain (maybe much longer reload) Important changes Get rid off any AI fleet for players (except traders). please. Automatic 'Control-Perk' for ALL battles. A ship in range should NOT simply vanish because you forgot to tag it. Make it so traders cannot destroy their complete cargo when being targeted. Maybe a part of it, but destroying all the goods without the enemy getting it in time seems unrealistc to me. Also: FIX THE RELOAD BUG!
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    We do not have enough information to answer. We have rushed opening new servers after EA launch and will not rush merging the servers before release. We can merge the servers in 1 day but do not know yet if it is a good idea or not. Half of our customers are from USA, half of our customers is from Europe. Most likely there will be two servers. RIP system works. Check the reviews - the majority of negative reviews are from people who were banned for toxic and xenophobic statements. Thus: Report, Ignore and toxic players will be Punished. EA servers are for testing and finding pain points. The only real solution is to have EU and US server with respective time zones. Or keep full sandbox like EvE Online. EU server is located in the EU and populated both by players from EU and US. In the very long term there will be one server (or two). PVE server will most likely not survive in the long term. EvE online does not interfere with time of conquest, POTBS has regional servers. Lots of pain in between of those options. Question could not be understood. Trafalgar was 33v41, Raid for Havana (1762) was 42v9. We don’t plan to have all battles 25v25 in Naval Action OW edition. The community has make hard decision on the timezones. There is no middle ground. More information above. Its impossible to balance RVR. Its a sandbox and an experience. There are weak nations and strong nations. Because of alliances every nation has access to at least 25 captains required to control zones and win PBs. The only problem with RVR is the timezone problem. Take signalling perk - it allows reinforcements and larger battles. We have no public information on raids yet. NA could be split into two games. Sitting on two chairs satisfies no-one. Then if you want no time wasting you would go to Arena. And if you want experience (salt on your face and such) you will sail in the Open world. Pacific = gulf of mexico. No-one is going to be there. We have no plans to remove rookie area yet. A lot of people who want rookie area removed are veterans. Ships will be done by us even if the model will be done by an outsider (freelancer or volunteer). Player driven town growth will not work in MMO environment, as all cities will be built out to max in 3 months defeating the purpose. The only way to make this system work is to make cities full loot (lost the city = lost everything in it including improvements). For all players. Damage to rigging = Demasting. Rigging is such a complex mechanism with so many parts that for sake of simplicity in gameplay environment you can consider it one element replicated by masts and mast sections. We have more ships than Euro Truck Simulator has trucks. To make more customers will have to support us. Regarding the completion fears - there is nothing to worry about - The game will be completed and released. We are confident that this will happen in 2017. We are working on the several ships including Wasa and Hermione. Careers were never successfully implemented in MMOs The only option is veteran reset. You reset - start fresh for badges or extra points etc. There are content plans for the first half of 2017 posted in the developer announcements. The goal is to release the game out of early access with polished UI and localized into several languages that will bring a good number of new players. Somewhere in February-March. Patches are deployed to testbed now. We expect the patch to move to main server as soon as features we are working on now are finished deployed and tested on testbed. Besides structure there are new pirate mechanics, port battle changes (points does not count for first 10 minutes, new coastal defenses), general combat feedback on 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st rates. Hostility system was partially proposed by players and was supposed to bring people together in jolly cooperation vs other nations. But it did not. If there are more enemies than you have you don’t engage and enemies pve. same happens against you. Thus hostility points failed. We will try tweaking it one more time but we are very pessimistic about hostility points now. Not in the release version. Paints could be customized on certain vessels on release. Pirates will be able to sink each other if they attack each other (so called outlaw battle). Outlaw battle will not provide rewards, will be open for 1.30 hours and will be FFA (even forts will shoot at all participants and each other). This is going to be tested on testbed first. Ships are supposed to sink differently with different angles to water. But remember - wooden ships have no compartments - so they usually sink keel down with some angle. http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/12/us/hms-bounty-tall-ship-sinking-investigation/ Such features eat a lot of performance unfortunately. We have said in the past – initially there were gun recoil and open/closed port features but we was forced to turn it off to achieve a good performance in 50 ship battle. Same story here. Kickstarter will only be for ships and first one will cover a specific community request that we cannot afford doing ourselves: USS Constitution full remake (requested by several TDA members). We will be happy to provide stretch goals in form of other American vessels. If this kickstarter is successful it will do more of them in the future for example rare ship packs - like Victory with original stern (with balconies) or National ship packs (like Dutch ship pack). The ship line up composition is not final and will change on release. some ships will remain rare. We do not know yet but eventually they will be added to the game. Stern rakes are not finalized yet – but crew damage is already lower on testbed. BR limits are impossible to enforce unless entry to port battles is done through the lobby. Our goal is to make other 4th rates viable. Aga is OP or other ships are weak (unrealistically weak). Yes – please check Content plans for the first half of 2017 thread. Not yet, we will post once there are more details. Getting and keeping nation numbers = is a skill. It is a leadership skill. Number of players come up and down in nations over time (veterans know it) . Skilled players sink others despite the numbers. Of course 3 skilled captains will lose against 15 new players. There are ways to mitigate that though if we do some changes. For example removing the boarding preparation time, which will help those 3 to change ships. Or give the repair resets on kills (like DS3) which will allow those who kill more to fight longer. Crafting changes are not on the key priorities for 1H. But we might change how ships are made. Düsseldorf Germany, NJ USA. 10 members: 2.5 coders, 2 designers, 3 artists, 3 QA testers. Not before release. We never focused efforts on PvE. Did not consider this idea before. PVE server was opened based on the request of several veteran players/supporters during testing. They asked us to give them some place where they can just peacefully sink bots without attack of other players. But before that we were never PVE focused and always said that real captains in the age of sail fought other people (our webpage in 2013). What we can assure you our PVE is better than in Rust or DayZ. Raids will be somewhat PVE (with a chance of player invasion). UI is work in progress. Important statement on the time period immersive UI. If time-period UI means rotten wood everywhere partially covered by dirty 200 year old half burned and stained paper - no, we won’t have rotten wood ui. Risks of infection in an enclosed space forced navies to keep their crews and ships extremely clean. Decks were washed multiple times per day. Everything was freshly painted or tarred to avoid rot. Paper was new, and newspapers were freshly printed and white. Age of sail ships were the most modern creation then. Thus UI must be sleek and modern to actually be immersive. sailors were serving on most modern and sleek ships- spaceships of the age of sail. Docks are very expensive database wise. Like really expensive. Clan love is not on the priority list. The goal is to solve the 80% of new players never reaching the brig. If this is solved you wont have time to think about clan flag because of lots of pvp. Yes we do. We work on 2 secret projects in addition to Ultimate General Civil War and Naval Action. We are looking for AI programmers now and great animation specialists. We love that idea but will not implement it. Such feature would punish traders first. Thus we are considering in-game ship speed as a fully loaded. TLDR. No-one will survive at 8 knots loaded. It’s like fine wood squared. Rain and storms happen in battle if you start a battle in rain or storm. Yes Some upgrades will be received in the admiralty. some upgrades will remain rare drops. The modelling cost is miniscule compared to getting the ship work in game (damage model, colliders, textures, paint schemes, animations, rigging, yards, sails, crew, cannons, waterline, structure, etc). Timezones questions were answered above. National alliances were requested by players (persistently). Players want alliances and they will fall into stalemates if players will keep them. Players who don’t want alliances can join pirates and sink everyone. Because privateers are not pirates. The next wipe will be ship wipe. We will provide some other solutions to test eco changes. We hate spamming and thus don't spam. Many will return when the game will release but the majority of inflow will be from new players. Steam announcements, facebook will inform most of the fans. But remember - for many players games are like books. Read it once and look for a new one. There are only 2 rare resources available in 2 regions only. The rest can be get through alliances and conquest. Smuggler was supposed to be a risky mechanic. Trade ships under neutral flags (or just trade ships) could enter other nations in history.. we don't see why not. Outposts = ships/items = database entries = cost. We don’t want subscriptions. Maybe there is another way but we have not yet figured it out. Balancing is never complete and will continue. We do not know yet – but at the moment you can test ships on testbed server (when it is live). We are happy with the prototype but now there are other priorities. On average 40 captains join the game EVERY DAY for the last 1-2 months without any marketing. That is 1200 players per month. That’s enough to fill both PVP servers in 2 months. What did you personally do to make them feel at home, happy and willing to stay and fight alongside you? Remember that your negativity spreads and stops them from playing. No. Spyglass is not a priority. Not before release. Chinese is one of Asian languages. Initially we did not include Portugal because The Treaty of Tordesillas have placed the Portugal line below the current in game map. Boarding will most likely be updated after release. The game content will continue to improve. Yacht was not nerfed. report a bug. Lighthouses and such are theoretically possible. We have plans to come back to this feature in the future. This is a very interesting idea but currently has low priority. Combat is still in tuning. We plan to rebalance ship’s stats. Nelson’s fleet at trafalgar was a screening fleet. He had to stop the combined French fleet from providing support to the invasion fleet of Napoleon and did it by winning the battle of Trafalgar. Screening is part of conquest. But screening should have a counter. You can interpolate the % from the alliance votes and then apply that % to average daily online number. We plan to remove the ability to keep XP when deleting players. XP Synchronization was provided for EA only. You won’t be able to change nation in the future without starting completely fresh. We do read player suggestions. It will make ganking easier. Captain, please put more details or rephrase the question in the next Q&A session. We of course want more ships from more nations. Spain has some beauties. Two of the most prized ships in game are Spanish (fully or partially) Santa Cecilia is spanish as well as Santisima Trinidad (first time in history of sailing computer games this ship was done properly). Also remember that for us ships have no nationality. We love them all equally, thus we just make ships our art director loves or our community proposes. Please bring beautiful spanish vessels to the voting when it happens next.
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    (I don't know if on the right forum, but it feels like the right spot.) I might have come across as a bit overinvolved and a bit too emotionally attached (to use terms that have less negative connotations) to the game and its communities. I just want to see a game that is fun (again) for eveybody. I also understand why people react strongly to my points (sometimes). Most of them because they care just as much about the game. (Yes even you, @JollyRoger1516) Especially with the current stress caused by night/dayflips (across all timezones). We are not there yet to iron out the problems. But some steps have been made. But what I am trying to say is: I want to try to change my tone to a (hopefully) positive and constructive tone. i know I have a bit of a negative reputation (I'm not going to react on if it is valid or not) but nonetheless I want to try to be positive and constructive in my comments and feedback. Take this statement for what value you want to put to it. I know some may try to troll this post to try my resolve. Don't worry, I will not react on your good/bad attempts at trolling. I for now will not go beyond some basic gameplay (farming/crafting), but I will be around (ish). Give me a poke if you happen to catch me online if you want to have a pleasant and friendly discussion about issues or just soundboarding ideas to improve the game.
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    Captains, we have checked this account, the character was created at 2016-02-17 11:27:56 as a Britain Captain with the same name Sully and according to logs that we have Captain have not recreated it later. We will provide an option to join PB in case a Captain joined PB by mistake and left it right away, so another Captain will be able to take his slot in the battle.
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    Hello Captains. Question time. Ask us anything in relation of Naval Action its gameplay, current plans or anything you wanted to find out. Please number questions and provide them as a list. ps. game labs related questions are also ok.
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    1. RvR: Fix screening and make RvR about 25v25 port battles and not about numbers, griefing, ganking and wasting time. Also make Port battles slightly less numbers dependent. 20 ships vs 25 ships should not be an auto-loss. Having even 1 more ship in a port battle allows a side to try and avoid an engagement and just keep more ships in 2 circles for the duration of the battle. 19 ships used to be able to engage an enemy in a PB and if skillfully led have a good fight. Now the enemy can just put 23 ships to engage the 19 ships while the remaining 2 ships take one circle each and end the PB before a single ship can be sunk. Return to having port battles be about engaging and sinking the enemy fleet, not sitting in circles and collecting points for 30 minutes. 2. Reverse regional bonuses in crafting. This has been evident from the very day after the wipe. Owning regions should give economic bonuses and cheaper resources, not access to stronger ships or exclusive resources. RvR should be more about strategic and tactical ports +economy, than about crippling each others' war capabilities. Strong hull and, thickness, Spanish hunter and so on could still exist as choices in crafting, but be independent of port ownership and possibly crafting location. 3. Balance nations and alliances. Some nations will always be larger for historical reasons. That's fine, but players who are not predetermined to join a particular faction should be encouraged to join the smaller nations. Reform the alliance system and the two block alliances, and encourage smaller alliances of two nations or possibly three small nations. If an alliance of the two largest nations contains too much of the player population they should suffer drawbacks encouraging them to break up the alliance and find a smaller partner or go alone. (4.) Find a solution to timezones. Every option should be considered, including hard timers on servers. However every other option should be exhausted first. A global server that accommodates every timezone is preferable to splitting the population. Lord Protector's have been tried and did not work. Timezone regions on the map should be considered.
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    OK, I am bit done with all the statements that PBs are for "elite" players and new players are not allowed or not welcomed to join. First of, if you have never been to Port Battle, the easiest way for you to get information is to ask in Nation Chat and try also asking on Teamspeak of your nation (Trust me, being in a Port Battle without teamspeak will be no fun for you, you will be confused and not sure what to do. Everything changes dynamically, so typing in chat won't recompense it much). After you get through this, you will probably aquire most of the information about Port Battles that you need. 1. What type of Port Battles do we have and what ships to use? Lineships - Mostly used 1st rates, but sometimes 2nd rates and smaller ships of different strategies. 4th Rates - The majority uses Agamemnons, but Ingermanlands with new builds are not that much worse. Some players try Wapens in PBs, it's questionable if it's a decent ship for it. Shallow - Mostly used Heavy Rattlesnakes, in past Mercuries. Niagaras are not allowed to join (by game mechanics) Also in most of the Port Battles we might notice Mortar Brig targetting Fortifications of the port (Forts and Towers) and ships as well. 2. Joining Port Battle and Leaving. Before you join a port battle, remember that you already start to occupy 1 slot. Even if you leave, no one will be able to replace you! That's why it's adviced not to leave. If you accidently joined it, then calm down, explain for everyone in chat that it was accident. Try to get altogether on Teamspeak and cooperate. Be aware of some negative answers or reactions, very often 1 ship can change the outcome of the Port Battle. 3. "There are 25 players in Port Battle team and they say that I cannot join, no more room for me". If you want to join Port Battle, ask few hours in advance in Nation or Teamspeak who is in charge of it. Who is commanding, if they want more ships or have already enough. Most of them time players gather team before Port Battle until they reach 25 players, the rule is "first come first served" in most cases, but not always. Remember that you should be uquiped with a proper ship and trims. Most players use Mahogany and Live Oak woods, Build Strenght / Stiffness and Strong Hull for ships to be very tanky. Old ships (before regional bonuses) are considered as weaker and they are indeed. 4. There is no room for me in Port Battle, what to do then? Very often there are needed captains for "screening". The more, the better. Everyone is accepted for screening, therefore everyone is able to find content and something to and fight. Sometimes the screening fleet has more fun than PB fleet. 5. I was rejected to join offensive Port Battle, eventhough the fleet was not full yet. Offensive port battles must be prepared with effort. 2 days before, players have to form a fleet, go and grind "hostility". It required from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the fleet size, ship size and efficiency. If someone wants to join offensive Port Battle and never helps with hostility or in this paritcular situation didn't help, he might be viewed as someone that comes to take the final fruits of hard work without work. Try to get involved into hostility operations, deffensive and offensive in your nation. 6. "I sailed with my Port Battle fleet, but cannot join PB, it doesn't let me". After "Port Battle has started" message appears, you have to wait 2 minutes, unless you have enough hostility points for grinding hostility (you can check it on map, left tab - earned hostility points). Then, you must click on the battle swords at the port in advence and join outside of the both circles! It is good to join as close to the outer circle as possible to save the sailing time in Port Battle, but sometimes you should join earlier while being targeted by enemy screening fleet. I must admit that in-game the informations for new players about Port Battles are very limited, only substentional. Often players after comitting 1 common mistake feel rejected and never want to try PBs again. People screaming, accusing, insulting, overreacting etc. But here are emotions, just like in every competive game. Everyone wants to win, hundreds and thousands players are watching the nation efforts and then comment it. Sometimes they blame commanders or captains for losing, but it's fun and game after all, let's don't forget about it. Everyone tries to remain friendly atmosphere whether they lose or win and veterans try to support and encourage new players to join the RvR aspects of the game.
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    in my opinion night flips are not todays problem but church flips now you might be thinking what are church flips? well this is flipping ports at times when people have to go to church and this makes it unable for those people to defend so let us stop this when we can
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    So firstly wow what a PB, there will always be many things and stuff that take a battle from 970+ from one side to a win to the other...but wowser what a PB. I have actually up until this PB been impressed with LV's demeanor in chat, on national TS he has been both funny, lampooned himself a fair bit, copped and worn some flack and on occasion played up to his persona. But overall he has been very much an asset to the brits. I don't care if you like or dislike him (I am no fan of biggotry) but he is an excellent commander and it is NOT just about shouting or being brash. He is an inciteful gamer and a good one. Commanding is a long way from being easy. Indeed my next vid (indeed I hoped a series of them) was going to be with "commanders of the fleet" starting with LV. This behaviour has somewhat soured that appetite. I am saddened and somewhat angry at the overt finger pointing. It is as important in defeat as it is in victory to be gracious, now whether technically it is one persons fault or another, it should not result in abusive and derisive behavior. It not only tarnishes the fun of the game but it splits our nation and our relationship with allies we DEPEND on. I know most of the names who sailed with the Brits (indeed all of them) and have had lots of fun with pretty much all of of them. I know some of them to be great at certain aspects and less so than others, I believe the majority of them to be better sailors than I. So I really don't like the finger pointing and anatomical breakdown of a single captains failure. Especially when that captain has served the alliance brilliantly time after time...and is GREAT FUN to play with. So come on. Behave. Finally, well done Dane/Frenchy/Span/Sweedie gits, great win, I expect we will be back.
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    NATIONS RANKED BY POWER (This is a sensationalist headline designed to grab your attention; it may not actually represent the contents of this document) As a keen viewer of Jeheil's ‘A Letter to the King’ I've never been wholly content with the Tally of Sails, Splinters and Blood, especially after the regions patch several months ago. At first it was an acceptable method of keeping rough score but with it's continued counting of individual ports instead of regions and the count being quantitative and in no way qualitative it's a poor metric in evaluating the relative power of nations and alliances (IMHO). This shouldn't be taken as a criticism of Jeheil or ALTTK, the series is great and an important part of adding depth to RvR and the larger NA community. So in the honoured tradition of put up or shut up, I've created my own rough system of trying to gauge the various factions' power and control over the map and resources. It's an infant system and I've tried to avoid too much analysis on the figures until some of the kinks (and there are bound to be kinks) have been hammered out but it does involve a bit on how I think the resource side of the war actually works. I'd love feedback so leave comments either here or on the Google Doc provided. Even if it's just "this is pointless go die in a hole" all feedback is good feedback in my book. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WE89jr41cP5knxHE77iTVByuDU8TVLzdgtK0zImVUZo/edit?usp=sharing
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    I'm General Cornwallis and I have to say this is utterly ridiculous… I joined the battle in the Hopes of helping out since I have an outpost in Castries. I had no idea that joining a battle would take a slot or cause any issues whatsoever. Although, I did realise immediately that my Third rate was not the right ship as I was surrounded by Victories. In my own defense, I did bring an LS which is what I was told should be used for PB's. I was immediately convoed by several people asking why I had joined the battle and that I should leave immediately. Realising my error, I left, to only find out that now I’m considered a spy. I have never been treated so harshly in a game which provides very little information for new players and the dynamics involved in in PB’s. I merely wanted to help out... ARE ALL PLAYERS IN THIS GAME PRICKS? Moving forward…I will leave the PB’s to your obvious superior intellects and am seriously debating whether this game is even worth playing…
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    if i may.... First of i would like to congratulate the Castries Eastern Alliance port battle fleet for this win. I was watching it live and was fascinating about this mind blowing thriller. Also i want to tell the Brits/US players that they fought very well; all of them fought like lions. The truth, why Castries was won by the Eastern Alliance is here: After Orinoco loss, we had a turn-around in our alliance. We got our act together. We understood that mutual respect and help is the key to succeed. We put all our eggs into one basket and hit you with it! Everybody was working for this win, the French, the Danes, the Swedes and the Spaniards. I personally would like to take the blame for Castries loss; but that wouldn't be fair to my allies. BTW: Congrats to the Spaniards for the Islamodora win!
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    It seems with the idea to test 3 durability 1st Rates, a lot of players are arguing in the opposite direction - going one durability for all vessels, period. This is a suggestion as to how to overhaul many aspects of the game in order to (I believe) make it better, while going the one durability route. I do not expect this to be instantly adopted. We still need to test through the increased durability patch. However, I do want to have this discussion now, as opposed to later, so finer points can be fleshed out before they're needed, rather than when they are needed. Premise Many people desire all vessels to have one durability in order to have each ship feel much more unique, and each victory much more satisfying. There are implicit benefits to the economy as well: The more "new" ships that are needed, the more crafting is done. The more crafting is done, the more traders on the waters. The more traders on the waters, the more the game looks like the 18th - 19th Century Caribbean. There are many "hard points" to be ironed out, however. Yet, we are an intelligent community and, together, I believe we are able to iron through these. I will arrange these in the order of ease of implementation (in my own mind). What is easy to do and what is hard to do may be radically different than I envision it, as I do not have access to the engine or code. The springboard from which many of my ideas spring from, or are taken from, can be found here. Economy Changes As one player pointed out, crafting is often more a chore than a pleasure. I think this is mostly a "quality of life" fix. It is terribly miserable to count out all your individual parts, sail to a port, and craft only to realize, alas, you miscounted, mistook one part for another, or simply overlooked a part. We have all done it, and likely multiple times. There is an easy fix however: Bundling. This is a UI feature as much as anything else, however, an added (optional) step in crafting could be to "bundle" parts together. These parts should be able to be unbundled at will as well. No crafting XP should be awarded, as this is merely putting things together for later use. The weight of the bundle should simply be the sum of the parts. Crafting, as we are familiar with it, is already set up for this. To craft a Lynx, you could bundle: Bermuda Cedar Lynx Hull 6 Rudder Parts, 64 Planks, 2 Tar, 40 Bermuda Cedar Frame Parts So on and so forth for the Fittings, Rigging (as in actual sails), and extras (such as "Rigging" as in speed rigged). By allowing players to bundle and unbundle things, to build your Bermuda Cedar Speed Lynx, all you would need to do would be to grab your Bermuda Cedar Lynx Hull, Lynx Fittings, Lynx Rigging, and Lynx Improvements. Take them to your crafting location, unbundle, and craft for regional bonus. That said: Regional Bonuses are a sticking point for many players. I think this is a cleaving point in the community - there are benefits and detriments to them. Benefits: Large cargoes of materials crisscrossing the Caribbean. Ownership of regions is important. Detriments: Ownership of ports becomes "Kingmaker." Large hassle to move operations around. One suggestion made here is to have something craftable at regional bonus ports that can be smuggled out. This might be another crafting note, schematic, plan, whatever you might wish to call it. It could even be "Artisan Builders: Bermuda." "Artisan Builders: North Carolina." etc. etc. This allows for people to build "regional" ships even if they might not own the region, encouraging more smuggling to and from ports. Further, these "Artisan Builders" could also be found on shipwrecks, increasing the value of bottles. One last note on bottles, as it fits nowhere else: Specialty ships that cannot be typically crafted might have 1 use crafting notes to allow them to be built - allowing them to be rare, but not "never found." I would further advise that all player-built ships have room for 1/2 the total number of officers. (More on this later.) PvE Content There will likely always need to be some set of PvE vessels on the OW. I personally am for smaller AI fleets and more AI traders, but, that is not the point of this section. Instead, AI vessels should be a healthy mix of hard to find and easy to find, and all capturable. For example, I know that many players like the Santa Cecilia, but have been unable to get their hands on one. Even the Santa Cecilia would (though with commensurate rareness) be present on the OW. However, AI vessels would be of the current qualities we have now: Common, Fine, Mastercraft, and Exceptional. (No basic, for reasons to be seen.) What would separate these vessels from player crafted vessels? How many officers each can have. If Exceptional had 4 officer slots, Mastercraft would have 3, Fine 2, Common 1, and Basic "None." More on officers later. To further distinguish ships, and make some truly rare, some should have "regional bonuses" that are not available to be crafted, such as "Nassau Boarders" currently is. This allows for some very unique combinations, and makes captured AI vessels a potential game-changer for someone, and not easily replaced. PvP Content There are two big concerns that I am seeing over and over again in regards to one durability vessels: 1. Mods and their stacking have become too powerful. 2. Once sunk, you will not be able to jump back into the fray. The second issue is easier to solve, and so I will address that first: As we already have a "Basic Cutter" for free, so too can players unlock a "Basic Brig," a "Basic Frigate," and a "Basic 3rd Rate" as they earn higher ranks. This will mean that each player will be able to jump into a level-appropriate ship immediately, though without his or her officers. (As Basic Ships would have no officer slots.) The first issue is the more complex one, and is where I explain officers: Instead of added abilities being unlocked by perk points each level, instead I would propose a slate of officers which can be swapped in and out at will. One "player level" unlocks a perk point to use in any officer. Each officer can have one perk selected. Said officer can be fired, and a new one trained for a cost of _______ amount of player XP. Navigation Officer - Show player location on map. Increase OW Speed 1kn. Highlight shoals. Sailing Master - Increase instance speed X amount. Increase downwind speed Y amount. Increase close hauled speed Z amount. Rigging Master - Increase yard turning speed. Increase yard raising and lowering speed. Increase repair %. Gunner - Increase reload rate. Increase accuracy. Increase penetration. Master of the Hold - Increase cargo space. Increase ammunition capacity. Increase gun retrieval on repair. Carpenter - Increase hull repair %. Increase structure hit points. Reduce cooldown for special repairs. Flag Lieutenant - Allow for two 6th Rate AI Vessels. Allow for two trader AI vessels. Allow for any one AI vessel. Captain of Marines - Allow for Marines. Increase musketry, cannon, grenades in boarding. Increase brace, defense, and attack. Doctor - Allow for crew recovery during battle. Allow for crew recovery after battle. Allow for crew recovery from an enemy vessel. Foretopman - Hold battles open for 5 minutes. Hold enemy in combat for 750m. Start with guns loaded. Businessman - Increase labor hour storage. Increase fishing gains. Increase rewards from sunken ships. With a slate of officers where you have to pick what each one does, there is difference between each vessel, and the risk of "losing mods" becomes moot, as everything is tied to your slate of officers. Ships themselves become different then based on: Regional bonus, Material, Trim, and Officer Selection. Conclusion Many players seek one durability vessels because everything becomes much more meaningful. Each victory or loss is truly felt, as each ship becomes relatively unique. However, these losses cannot be so stringent as to cause people to quit. As such, tying mods and perks to officers which are selected instantly takes that sting out of losing. One durability vessels, in my own opinion, will increase the quality of the game not by making it more "hard core," rather, by making it a more accurate representation of the 18th and 19th Century Caribbean Sea.
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    1) The number one thing this game is severely lacking and I truly believe is contributing to the population decline is content, (PvE, PvP, and RvR). There were several posts not only by me, but others mentioning ways and ideas to add content to your game. Here are some simplified examples that was proposed by myself and others: RvR based content: Blockade missions: A modified version of a port battle where the blockading ships need to stay in a specific area (circle) to win the battle. If the defending team manages to push a ship out of the circle, then that ship no longer counts towards maintaining the blockade. (3rd rate battle, 20 vs 20) Destroy the Tower: A modified version of a port battle where the attacking team needs to simply destroy or capture all of the towers around the port to win (15 vs 15 5th rates and mortar brigs) Trader escorts: 1 Player in a trader ship needs to get from point A to point B and has a fleet of ships on his team defend the player in a trade ship and the enemy player tries to sink or capture the trade ship. (10 vs 10) Battle of Trafalgar RvR events: On rare occasions, historical battles should appear on the map not just Trafalgar, but many other historical battles. Open World PvP based content: Admiralty missions to sink x amount of player ships from a specific nation: You pick up a PvP mission from admiralty, and it says something like: "sink or capture 5 British ships", or any other enemy nation. Events that appear all over the map with different objectives: Just like the admiralty PvP event, these events should appear all over the map with different objectives, sink at least 1 line ship, or capture at least 1 4th rates ect...... The ship cap should be adjusted and randomized in admiralty events (4vs4) (6vs6) (8vs8) (10vs10).... ect... Events should have different ship limits as well, 4th rate and below, or 3rd rate and below ect... PvE based content: Capture x amounts of trade ships of a specific enemy nation: Pretty self explanatory, if you have an admiralty PvE mission to capture 5 British trade ships, you simply sail to British waters and attack and capture 5 British trade ships to complete the mission. Find and capture a specific ship with a named enemy (kind of like a wanted poster for committing a crime): example: Blackbeard was last spotted in (xx,xx location) heading west, find and capture him in his privateer so that he can be brought to justice. Shipwrecks all over the map you randomly find sailing around in open world: Find a shipwreck, read the captains log and get a mission. I could go on and on with different examples of different content ideas, but it is your game, and I am sure you can use your imaginations to come up with your own ideas. 2) Lobbies and built in game tournaments 3) Please make regions smaller, 3 ports maximum per region preferably 2. Capturing a region should not give you 6-7 ports. If you try and release this game without lots of content in your game like I listed above, it will fall flat on its face. Sorry for the harsh criticism, but this is how I feel. Please consider my post as constructive criticism.
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    i am sorry i just have an explosive personality
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    Call me when we give a shit about reaching 170 members and taking ports and nations on our own, k?
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    Hi Everyone, This is just a short thread to notify people that the Colonial Times Newspaper is now available for public viewing! Whenever an update is ready I will post a note here with the relevant gallery links. Gallery: Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any errors etc. or if you have any suggestions Furthermore any people who wish to give me some insight regarding the politics of the power-blocs can contact me via PM on this forum or In game, your anonymity will be respected and so forth. Lastly whilst I am I pirate on PvP2 I have no intention of spurring propaganda, I wish this to be as unbiased and correct as possible. Thanks for reading and any suggestions! Juan Alfonso de Castella - BLACK PvP2
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    And as the commander you should own your losses and not deflect them on others. The same way you should own your victories. That's what a leader is.
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    Important problems to be solved Split Populations - Servers should be unified into whatever area gives the best global service. (Perhaps NYC, right off one of the Transatlantic pipes?) Edit: Open up the Pacific on the global server as a PvE region. OW PvPvE - Too many bots are pulled into OW PvP fights - both in player fleets and OW AI. This makes OW PvP more of a chore than a thrilling hunt. (Remember, John Paul Jones was able to raid the coasts of the United Kingdom during the American War for Independence!) Features (additions or cutting) Wind Speed - Various wind speeds should be both in battle and the OW, with differing sailing profiles for vessels. (Vessels with less surface area under the water/sharper bows should do better in light winds and worse in gales, and vice versa for deeper drafted/blunter vessels). Remove GPS coordinates for everyone. Give them back only as noon sightings, using the in game timer. (This also allows shipwrecks to have better loot.) Remove PvP Events as implemented - Add them back as screening actions generated for Port Battles.
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    After my encounter with the pirate B Morgan on the south coast of Jamaica I received unexpected gifts from strangers. Ships, gold and advice. The world of NA is full of helpful personalities (including Morgan). I leased a Cutter at Port Morant and sailed east to a mysterious island and the free port of La Navasse. There a wealthy Mr. White gave me a Trader Lynx. Before the permit and warehouse construction was complete on my new outpost I opened a letter from R. Admiral Tuck (Alias Tuck’s Slave) and sailed the Cutter back to Port Royal where Tuck built me another Trader Lynx and showed me how the craft Iron Fittings from ingots. He also gave me gold and explained to how me make money with labor in the port markets. Now I have two durable Trader Lynx. One in La Navasse and one here with me in Savanna la Mar. I intend to sail to Cayman Brac and set up an outpost to further trade between there and La Navasse. So I'm looking for advice on the best way to do that.
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    As requested by multiple nations, the US will be hosting a Diplo meeting on US TS this Saturday 1/28 @ 15:00 GMT (10am EST). Members from every nation are encouraged to show up, I am posting this here on National news so every nation is aware of the meeting. Prior discussions between some of our nations have excluded some members for various reasons and this aimed to be an all or nothing show. As promised in another meeting earlier this week, This will be the US attempt to TRY get the ball rolling towards a healthier player base and help ensure the longevity of the game (despite the devs best attempts to end it..). This will also be the only attempt by the US to bring others to the table, should these talks degrade into the usual history lesson on who did what, US players should play on PVP2 bullcrap, we will not initiate and participate in any future meetings of a similar nature. This is it boys and girls, show up and put your money where your mouth is or stop whining on the forums. Your opinions and general whine will not be listening to on this thread, please don't muck it up with bullshit. PM me through here or in-game if you have any observations to make or need the TS info. ps - I have no idea why those #2s are showing up or how to delete them...
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    Not again.. but seriously. GL forum is a development forum. Some captains feel a need to roleplay as a bad person and we dont blame them. But sometimes this spills over to development forum where have rules because its not Nam As a result it hurts both development forums and NN section. Here is what we are going to do as a result: National news section will be closed to the general public. National newsmaker forum category will be created (it might include youtubers, streamers and bloggers too) Only newsmakers will be able to post news in the National news. Rules are under development and will be posted shortly. We will start accepting applications newsmakers somewhere within 1-2 weeks. For those who would like to talk about freedom of speech we would like to remind that our contract is to provide you a game for a good price but not a mic. We want respect between members on our platform and thats also free speech We understand that sometimes you want to say what you want without any obstruction. For such free expression we recommend visiting Naval Action Reddit with supposedly no moderation whatsoever. link https://www.reddit.com/r/NavalAction/
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    This is the idea I came up after many Port Battles, their streaming problems of port battles and more. Spectator Mode would be avalaible for everyone online on the server. The easiest way to access it would be from the map (Conquest Information - Port Battles) by adding there new icon activating the Spectator Mode, but that's just my personal suggestion and it's up to Devs how (if) they wanna implement it as long as it works. Such thing exists in many competive games like Counter Strike / Call of Duty in a bit different form, allowing certain players to connect to the server and watch everything live as Spectator with the difference for NA to make it Global widely avaible for all players to spectate. Also I think this will be great for screeners. After screening, they most likely tp to friendly port and watch streams or logout, because they have nothing more to do. This would keep them in the game watching competive fight just like matches in other games What would be the difference between Streaming and Spectating? It will fix problems of streams like: drop in performance for streamer viewers need fast internet to watch with best quality setting delay of stream* not streaming TS* covering informations with windows (like HP, wind etc.)* covering battle chat* Streamer must focus on his own ship and fight, while Spectator can record everything from the cinematic view and focusing always where the action takes place * These are setup problems. Often not easy to solve, but needed for protection of the information (heading, HP, chat, enemies watching the stream and gathering information). This means also more "boxes" covering our screen, making it look more ugly, although some creative streamers try to make them more kawaii. Possible technical problems: Not sure if it's possible for the game at current state to include more than 50 people in one battle without drastic changes. Not sure how memory / resource intensive load it will be for the server
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    As requested, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DECLARES TOTAL VICTORY OVER THE DANMARK-NORGE NATION. The great RUS Clan - Broken and refusing to fight. The great RDNN Clan - Defeated and refusing to fight. DANVE - you guys are cool (except for that Lars guy...) The Victorious United States Nation will now focus on more formidable foes that are actually are willing to fight and not cower in their home waters. The Victorious United States Nation will LET Danmark-Norge keep their existing ports as a token of good will and to let them know that their pleas for mercy have been heard. We will be humble in victory. Victory came swiftly to our side, we did not expect capitulation so easily and we expected more out of the once great Danish fleet. Our prime time warriors will no longer press against the weakened and broken foes in Denmark, please feel free to come back out your holes and sail around freely in your own waters. Should the once formidable, now broken Danish fleet rise up from the ashes of their cowardice, hostilities will again renew. Any future incursions into American home waters will result in determined and precise destruction of the Danish way of life and production capabilities. You have been warned. We will now begin the economic restoration of the eastern part of Haiti and soon our Freedom and Capitalism will be visible for all to see. Please note that our Declaration of Victory does not extend to our dear Allies, they are free to conduct war as they see fit and will continue to assist them in any and all future actions including incursions into Danish territory if that is their wish. We would also like to thank our Allies, utter domination of the Danish nation would not have been achieved without their help. To the remaining members of Danmark-Norge, I hope you remember this defeat for years to come. You reap what you sow. You have been broken and now cower behind your new masters the Swedish Nation. Now enjoy your new anthem.
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    1. Add incentives for people to play less popular nations. 2. Fix the time cap so we can hold PB's at a decent time on North America. 3. Fix the Pirate nation ie. it's role with regards to alliances and raiding.
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    I am glad there is some impetus to try to get us talking as a community instead of as factions. I would suggest, however, that the recordings be made public for the following reasons: 1. If you are speaking for the community, the community deserves to hear what is said. 2. There will certainly be more than one recording made, and at some point it will likely leak anyway. 3. It prevents the "he said, she said behind closed doors" nonsense. 4. It will likely encourage delegates to ve more cooperative as it is for posterity. 5. Should you have a list of proposals for the Devs, they will likely want to see how they were arrived at.
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    Or do the thing that was logical from the beginning... Have a list of 8-10 officers with their traditional role... You get to choose 4/5 to fit out your ship with... Magic perks gone.... Anger at the RNG Gods gone... Legitimate 1-dura for every ship now easily possible because everything isnt tied to the almighty GOLD MODS... Couple that with the slider system for crafting ships and make specialty ammunition limited.... Boom. That part of the game design is done. Move on to the eye candy stuff that brings people into the OW such as junk loot and customization... Christ, a single damn fishing button and random shipwrecks brought more people into the OW than ANY of the ROE changes and additional ships have in the past 6 months.
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    I do not care what happens on PvP1 EU, but please for the love of god, remove all restrictions on port battle schedules on PvP2 USA. Let the EU and Russian players have their time restrictions and let us players in the rest of the world play the way we want when we want. Make PvP2 an anything goes server. I personally believe that a more free and less restrictive game is overall a better gaming experience for myself and probably many others. We can have 2 servers, one restricted and one non-restricted.
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    Important problems to be solved Perks & Modules - It breaks combat dynamics. Perks should be Career based to access assignments ( hunt, transport, patrol, escort... ) or crew and officers. Modules should be totally done with and have the shipbuilding renewed so it comes out of the shipyard in a configuration as designed. Diplomacy - Full diplomatic possibilities including Peace Treaties, Trade Agreements, etc. Pirates - Have the split. Outlaws and Pirate Republic where CLANS decide which Nation to support; no diplomacy but direct choice ( french buccaneers, anglo-saxon republics, etc ) Conquest & Timezones - Unify the community instead of dividing it. Having 1000 players in one server and 8 factions is definitely better than 500 on each divide by 8. ALT accounts - this is highly disruptive. Features (additions or cutting) Add expanded log and ability to save it on exit game ( see suggestions board ) Cut on Profits - Decrease to credible historical values albeit inflated for gameplay sake - cargo and prized ships are worth money. Damage not. That is all. Add Morale to Crew during the entire combat to provoke credible age of sail engagements where striking colours was the norm. Cut durabilities to one on all ships. Add temporary camps to Outlaws/Pirates. Raid staging areas. Add Conquest "boardgame" rules - conquest must be contiguous regions. Special European Court Events that can break the status quo, Risk type cards to access Conquest rewards... Tiny extra - paints for sloops, schooners and brigs Tiny extra 2 - remove PvP tagging ability from Free Cutters ( or have it specifically at 1x ). PvE as normal.
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    I would like to switch subjects to its priority so #3 becomes first. Numbers and order of points represents priority as it goes. Im sorry but I have more than 3 of important points that I think absolutely must have your attention. 1. Current features to be cut or changed drastically Actual Port Battle mechanics. This is by far most important team PVP in the game and needs serious attention. Proper PB should have Fort as primary objective. It's cannons battery needs to be destroyed by applying direct damage. It also needs to be captured by landing troops. Get rid of circles, instead introduce landing shore line where attackers can land troops. Fort as primary objective will keep everyone fighting. Screening is often killing the PB for at least one side. Instead insert screening into the actual PB as a side match. I have detailed mechanics ready for this feature if decided to look into. Conquest mechanics. Everything what happens in OW that leads to PB needs to be redone. In order to make conquest a lengthy business: timers removed, instead more PBs introduced to fight for all ports in order to take the entire region. Instead of hostility allow to declare wars (wardec) on regions (1 clan to have only 1 war declared at any one time). Wardec hostilities starts in 24 hours after Wardec is declared. I have detailed mechanics ready for this feature if decided to look into. Politics. The current state of politics and the grief it causing is driving players away. They just can't divide the sandpit. Nation politics needs to be story driven. Clan politics introduced. I have detailed mechanics ready for this feature if decided to look into. Control Perk made active by default for everyone. It deactivates at 1500 meters instead of 750. Exit in OW from battle should reflect ship positions in battle. Battle Screen exit redone. If no ships left in Battle you are kicked to Battle Screen in 5 mins. In Battle Screen teleport is removed altogether. Exit to OW timer changed, instead of preventing you to enter OW in 5 min, it kicks you out to OW in 5 mins. If player Alt-F4 from Battle Screen his ship is automatically kicked to OW and normal 2 min timer log off in OW kicks in. This will sort all battle screen griefing and time sink. 2. Pain points to be solved ROE needs to be less restrictive for hardcore PVP server. Anyone should be able to attack any player no matter ships sailed or rank. Pulling into battle is removed from game mechanic, instead manual ship pulling strength introduced based on puller's ship rate and rank. Pulling strength shows how much total BR player is able to pull into the battle. Battle join timers increased to at least 10 min. Anyone from any side or nation should be able to join the battle. For dynamics and realism we need free-for-all types OW battles, not just 2 sides. I have detailed mechanics ready for this feature if decided to look into. Ship speed in OW is precisely reflects ships speed in battle instance, so two Renommees for example of different speed setup in Battle instance should also have different speed in OW. Right now speed difference is insignificant taking into account speed of travel. It is impossible to catch anyone even on fastest speed setup sailing between regions. Speed in regions DECREASED to what it was before thus allows more PVP. Speed in deep waters way outside regions is automatically doubled to cross large areas faster. Coastal defenses and military AI removed. This allow for more teamwork from those who needs protection. Forts defenses use chain shots to slow attackers and allow traders escape. Defenses are too OP in the current state. 3. New features to be added Clan politics introduced allowing diplomatic tools such as political standings to be set against other clans. Players only control their clan politics (not the entire nations). I have detailed mechanics ready for this feature if decided to look into. Everyone should be able to attack anybody, no matter politics, nations whatever. Instead of hard restriction, game consequences for your actions introduced. Such as temporary criminal tag that allows anyone to attack you and not get punished. I have detailed mechanics ready for this feature if decided to look into. Officers perks removed. Instead Player professions introduced. Profession have skill trees that allows to do specific things in the game. Those are not resetable for free, if reset needs to be leveled again, or cost lots to save XP. Number of officers player may hire is increased at certain levels. Officers only needed to take more ships with you to a voyage (they take command of them). No AI fleet can be drugged into battles (even player owned). Ships taken with you would only carry crew and supplies, free officers (those who are not currently sailing your AI ships) would sail back ships that were captured. In sea you only have what you have brought with you. If you have run out of officers you cant cap anymore ships. Player stats. Ship stats. Player stats available to everyone to see. Ship stats (what this ship has sunk) is only when you captured the actual ship. Also would be an absolutely awesome idea to be able to have killboard that shows each battle results on a 3rd party website. Who sunk who, damage done, mods, upgrades lost etc. After all this we can look into Tradesman mechanics such as crafting, merchants, traders etc. But PVP and player interactions in politics and battles needs to be addressed first. Everything else is the supportive content and is secondary priority. Customization is also a big thing as well, but still a secondary. Thank you for your attention
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    Important Problems That Need Fixing: RvR: Listen to the Player base and don't be afraid to combine old mechanics with new ones. I personally miss the flag system but I also like the hostility system. I wouldn't mind seeing a combination between the two in some way along with many different things everyone has proposed. Open World PvP: The join circles and BR requirements are awful. There's no such thing as a fair fight. Go back to where there were just 2 circles and you could join up to a certain time. One 24 hour Server: Combine PVP 1 and PVP 2. Make Port Battles available to be flipped 24 hours a day. Add incentives to being apart of a nation that has small numbers and a small number of ports. Features: Customization Customization Customization!!! Paints Schemes,Custom Paints, Naming ships, Flags on ships, Clan flags, etc.. Make your ship personal Diplomatic Events that are out of our control. It would throw wrenches and intrigue into alliances. Interactive crew and possible open world ports. It would add some flavor and character which also makes it more personal
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    To everyone who has been supporting my little trading company. We spent several weeks at Savanna la Mar. Each day reviewing and judging the markets and trying to determine a decent cargo for our run to the west. Eventually we made the trip under clear skies. We were happy to see lots of British ships off the west coast of the main island. Cheers to everyone who patrols Jamaica. Soon we were all alone on the open water with no land in sight. I’m starting to like it out there where we can see so far. This ship (The Little Tuck) is really fast. We arrived in Cayman Brac, sold our cargo and established an outpost. Here they love Caribbean Goods and in La Navasse they like Pirate Goods. I made 4 delivery orders from here to Navasse and am eager to find out if they survived the trip and what the profit will be. I've had lots of people give me advice about how to make the deliveries work and I have my fingers crossed I was successful. Should know when I reach La Navasse in a couple weeks. If they worked well I’ll set up some deliveries (of Caribbean Goods) back to the Caymans. If they didn't work I've squandered a huge part of my net worth. I have also received a letter from The British R. Admiral Young encouraging me to sail soon to Castries. He says there is lots of action there as it is close to the front. I’m not sure why he thinks that a simple trader like myself would want to be near action. It sounds dangerous and risky. But the crew are all excited and think we should go. It is a long trip from La Navasse to Castries. Two weeks unbroken sailing on one straight heading. Much longer if we have to run from hostile foe. On the way we can stop at the local ports and clean up my outstanding contracts. Who knows when we will be back this way.
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    Hey, screening for portbattles is a disgusting mechanic and needs some fixing fast. What is screening right now? Screening is used to avoid fights. You take the cheapest and worst ships you can find and attack the biggest fleet possible in the area around a PB. Then you start an unwinnable fight, shoot some sails for 20 mins and surrender/escape/sink with no intention to win the battle at all. Your goal is to waste as much time of the enemy as possible. That is not fun! Its boring for the screeners because they know they cant win and its boring for the other side because they cant get a nice fight. Example: Those fights should not happen. How can screening be fun? Screening is fun as soon as you have to fight and you try to sink the enemy fleet instead of just delaying it. Here are 2 ideas on how to fix it: Solution 1 Screening should be used to challenge the PB fleet with the intention of sinking it. Therefore we could increase the BR needed to attack other ships. For example if you would drag in a fleet with at least 20 ships you need 70% of their BR. Solution 2 Step 1: Put a PvP zone around a region. It is used to generate hostilty and its used for screening. When your alliance dominate the zone (has more BR in there) or you sink enemy ships you will get hostility. You will have to gain it to a certain limit and when you can reach it the PB will be set up for the next day (24 hours later). Step 2: PB will be lobbybased, people who gained the most hostility can join first (like it is now). Its basically the final of a long fight of the day before. Additional rules for the 1st phase: To make it fair and fun for all sides, limit the maximum BR per battle to 3000BR (there can be ofc multiple battles at once). This way pure numbers alone wont win you this phase and it also promotes to use a lot of different ships. Kills gain a lot of hostility compared to just having dominance in that zone. This way fighting gets promoted and sitting in the zone and avoiding combat is not a good option. Why BR and not number of ships in that zone to gain dominance? Because otherwise you could pick fast ships only and avoid fighting. Its easy to understand, it promotes fighting and everyone can get involved. Fix pls
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    1. I've seen recent comments since you announced the possibility of a kickstarter for ship packs that people are saying this means you are running out of money and people have fears you won't be able to complete Naval Action. Can you displace these fears? 2. How much longer do you plan to develop Naval Action/estimated release date? 3. Are you currently working on (have teaser screenshots) of any new ships?
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    One of the most common complaints of the game today is that sailing is boring. It prevents people from wanting to go into the open world, which is a large part of the game. In one review I recall from a year or two ago, the lack of coordinates was lauded as immersive. You would sail by direction and map. I myself used to keep a map on hand of the Caribbean to make sure I could chart my courses. Now, of course, we see people complain that sailing is boring. It used to not be this way. Though at that time people would complain that it was too hard to sail. There is, however, a middle ground: A module for a clock. Allow for the map to show latitude at last noon sighting (which should be in degrees and minutes, instead of degrees and decimals) and longitude at last noon sighting if a clock is installed. (This allows for varying grades of clock, which might only show longitude to the nearest 5 degrees, 1 degree, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 minute.) By using the in game time, people will look for their noon sightings to be updated on their map, and have a healthy mix of sailing by charting and updated information during long sails. ----------- This is not the only area of the game where we simply have too much information, however. Our Damage Reports on our ships are accurate as they ought to be, with officers giving reports on the state of the hull, the water in the well, the number of men left aboard, etc. etc. etc. However, it is amazing the amount of information we have on the other vessels. Simply put, we should not have so much information on our enemies, or even our allies. Why should we know how much crew is left to the nearest man? (The nearest 20 men would be more appropriate.) Why should we know exactly what % their sails are at, when we have visual indicators? Why should we know the status of their hull, when we again have visual indicators? Currently, we have no indicators for mast integrity, and that makes for better game play. People will break off a fight if they feel they cannot demast before being demasted or sunk. People have to use their intuition, with the more bold captains often triumphing. Don't we want that for the rest of the ship too? Favor those with the skill to read the feedback given, rather than handing it to us on a silver platter. ------------- This information is already coded in. My proposal is not to ax it entirely, rather, to turn it into a toggle for the PvE server. The PvP side, however, should hold skill above all else - and that includes the art of navigation and the skill of reading a vessel.