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    Captains. Please pay attention to the important announcement regarding the pvp servers PVP EU will be renamed "Caribbean" PVP global will be closed down All assets from the PVP Global will be transferred to the redeemables tied to steam account including combat and crafting xp slot xp knowledge books learnt ships money and monetary costs of buildings and outposts and dockyard slots resources clan warehouses are under review - we will try to merge them too to the officer who logged in last Defence timers will come back: clans will set the 2-3 hour defense timer that will be used to set up port battles Defence timers will cost 100k per day, clans can choose to not setup the defence timers if they choose to do so. Next day port battles will be partially abandoned. Majority of port battles will start the same day from the hostility generation. If you raise hostility before the defense timer port battle will start during the defense timer (which sometimes mean immediately) you raise hostility at 2pm UTC defense timer is at 4-6pm UTC Port battle will start today at 4pm UTC if you raise hostility to 100 from 4 to 6 port battle will start immediately if you raise hostility after the defense timer port battle will start the next day during the defense timer you raise hostility at 8pm UTC defense timer is at 4-6pm UTC port battle will start at 4pm UTC the next day TLDR: One world - one pvp server. Discuss.
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    Christmas is near.. so I've been working on a little wishlist regarding changes / features I'd like to see in Naval Action.. Just a little brainstorm - I've stolen some suggestions I liked Feel free to discuss Dear Santa I have tried to be a good boy this year and sank as many pira... emm... BANDITS as possible =) In return I would like to present you my wishlist for this years christmas Buy-Contracts for ships, pretty much self-explaining Nerf or remove current PvP reward modules, add paints instead (even if they are only 1 dura; I'm sure it would be a much appreciated feature - I know for a fact there have been some 1 dura paints given out for "testing") Leave the safezone's size untouched BUT make it so only players up to and including Flag Captain (650 Crew rank) get to enjoy it - IMHO a more experienced player should not experience a safezone in a pvp mmo game - That way a player can still try out a ship of the line, 3rd rate or bellona, while being completely safe Allow clans to "hire" up to a certain amount (e.g. 5) of players from different nations and invite them to battle groups, and join their Port Battles ... Nerf the Wasa "Disguised Perk" which hides your name for enemy nations until you are in battle - Players of your nation can still see your name though Remove most of the speed modules - Before the big wipe we only had Copper Plating and Speed Trim (-10% HP), and it worked out perfectly fine. Let wood be the deciding factor. Introduce an exponential reward curve for PvP - a 10v1 should not be nearly as rewarding as a 1v1 - Limit it to 200% rewards (maybe for 1v3) to avoid exploits Slightly buff Carronades Limit chain shot Introduce Control Perk as a default mechanic for every battle Make the santa cecilia more accessible Let players vote for a Commander at the beginning of a battle - The commander can then draw stuff on the map (M), e.g. the general direction, focussed target, or whatever - Useful for bigger battles (especially port battles)
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    Captains Part 2 of Patch 14 is being deployed today Ships of the line and frigates sailing performance is finalized based on: Sail percentages on individual masts Spankers Jibs Staysails Spirit sails Displacement to sail power (amount of sails in comparison to weight) Block coefficient Waterline length Width to depth ratios now better affect acceleration and deceleration Width to Length ratios now better affect speeds and turning Crew on sails are adapted to the square area of sails Speeds, yard power, turning, sternway (backward speed), accelerations, decelerations were changed for all 3 masted ships. As a result. Performance of vessels in combat is now extremely realistic. If your ships has a bigger spanker or more jibs you will see a slight difference on how this ship reacts to wind. You can fail a tack if you do things wrong and do not use yards. If you try to tack at low speeds you will get completely stuck in irons if you don't use your yards. Example of the failed tack Other changes Speed will be affected by structure damage. If your structure is below 70% you will see a degradation of speed and will have be more careful when conserving structure. In other words you will not longer see light frigates zooming away at 14 knots having 2 bars of structure left. Open world speeds slightly improved at bad winds (you will travel slightly faster) - this is done to compensate to significant changes to square sailer curves Next patch: Part 3 will cover hp, br and speed performance for light vessels (2 masted and 1 masted ships) some indicative stats https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vpd0gIGgJNqaRYqAppB3IbX_TX8zNhx-nVY1jq72QFA/edit#gid=0 Please use this topic to feedback on the sailing performance of frigates and lineships.
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    Hello Captains While programmers are working on the tutorial and the user interface we will address the long overdue Battle ratings, combat performance and sailing performance of the vessels in the series of patches. This patch is first part of the final ship performance rebalance and addresses sailing performance of ships of the line (from 4th rates to 1st rates). The goal is to bring more realism into sail curves and yard power. 1000-1200 square meters of sail of the fore mast on the first rate should provide enough side force, allowing amazing realistic maneuvers and more options in combat. Maneuvers like this become possible (to an certain degree): Changes done (4th rates, 3rd rates, 2nd rates, 1st rates) 1) Exact (better) Balance between staysails and square sails 2) Exact (better) Balance between front mast and stern mast + spanker 3) Yard powers was reduced (based on agamemnon testing from 4 to 3) for better more realistic performance. Rudder power slightly increased for Aga based on the testing. Speed changes example 4th rates (ignoring indiaman) 4th rates are split into 3 groups Downwind sailers - excellent performance downwind due to more square sails area Agamemnon (67% square sails area) Ingermanland (68% square sails area) Universal sailers - ok performance downwind but great performance upwind Constitution (60% square sails area) Wasa (61% square sails area) Good turnrate brawlers (ok performance everywhere, but great turning) Wapen Implications Damage model will improve drastically due to exact calculations of square areas of sails Constitution has more square sails per mast it will get an additional buff to yard power (effect on rotational force) Some ships will get lee on bow (bow will turn better) Some ships will get lee on stern (stern will turn better) Main mast role will be significantly reduced for turning for all ships due to mast position Example of main gameplay change Constitution/Wasa will not catch Agamemnon downwind Agamemnon/Inger will never catch Constitution upwind Open world speed will be slightly relaxed to give more flexibility and will be adjusted more if needed Remember that this is a first draft of changes and they WILL require tuning. But its a great start for finalization of the sailing model and making every ship unique Some ships might require additional tuning based on our additional testing and research and your feedback Known issues: Bots are affected and might need rebalance (especially making sternway). Bots in epic events are also affected and became dumber. OW speeds might go down for some ships at angles closer to wind - we will monitor situation and adjust it if needed)
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    Captains. Here is information on the forthcoming patch 14 Part 3 1. Merge Merge will happen next week (somewhere between 18th and 22nd December). Due to the fact that all your assets from global will be transferred to redeemables on the Caribbean, you can already start a character or use an old one on the Caribbean Server formerly known as PVP EU. All your assets will come to redeems once merge is done and you will have some head start to get used to a new place ( +pick a name, nation etc). 2. Ship re-balance will continue all light ships will get their final exact (Historical) sail composition and curve finalized most frigates will have their super turning powers rebalanced some ships will have their speed curves slightly improved (e.g. bellona) open world speeds slightly improved 3. Leeway will be added 4. Unstable situations might be added (having a ship with large yard power but using it irresponsibly can result in capsizing of the boat). 5. Several new upgrades added 6. New combo books added 7. Rudder turn inertia and acceleration added, yard power inertia and acceleration added.
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    Naval Action is the ARMA of age of sail. We have THE BEST sailing model ever done in a computer game and we will continue to improve it. We are sure that some landlubbers prefer first rates to sail as motorboats, but hey - they can sail them in other games (and even install ram on their ship) first rates no longer come out of tack at speed (it was happening because they had old inertia which is now fixed)
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    With the upcoming #servermerge the players on Global are presented with a great choice: What flag will you hoist? What nation will you fight for? You may be getting a raw deal with being merged into a server where all the territory is already settled by us in the EU crowd. Where lines are already drawn, alliances signed and territories divided. However, unlike EU-players who are stuck where we are with what we have, you will get all your stuff in a handbasket and can choose exactly where you want to go and bring it all with you in a single click. In light of that, I ask for a moment of your attention. If you are looking for a fight, a momentous challenge, and a good community to fight alongside, you should join the Russian Empire. Our greatest selling point, is the one word that it says right when you choose nation: «impossible». The strategy of Russia on the EU server so far has not been to «win the map», or to hold ports for their own sake, but to find fights and challenges wherever they may present themselves on the map. We are a small nation and a small fleet, but we are growing. The most notable active Russian clans on the EU server are RUS, USSR, BETEP (pronounced VETER btw) and REDS. Of whom REDS is the largest clan, English-speaking and international, and have been here from day 1 together with RUS. Language barriers can be overcome. We are the proof. In REDS we have players from all over the world. For us, our clan-chat is our nation-chat. The Russian Nation on the EU server was formed by groups of players that came together after most of us have been bitter enemies for the entire history of this game up until now. In the great cauldron that is the Russian Empire we now fight side by side. Many of us may disagree with each other vehemently on the forum still, and may have differing views on game mechanics and indeed also on the server merge, but that is inconsequential as long as we are on the same comms and shooting at the same targets. In REDS we have an ever growing group of EU-players that can put up a fight during European primetimes. But we also have already a good number of North American players among our founding members and still recruiting. Our clan has been international and global since its conception. With the server merge we are searching for allies in all timezones, and hoping to appeal to players from the Global server to join us, that we can expand our number of players in all timezones so that we can have a solid and persistent active population around the clock. If you want more information about the Russian Empire on the Caribbean server, you are welcome to visit the Nation Teamspeak run by REDS and yours truly. The address is ts3server://rus.rdnn.eu or Everyone joining the Russian Empire on the Caribbean server is welcomed to use this Teamspeak. By order of Kontr-Admiral Putin, sign up today! This message has been approved by @Christendom
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    Hello Captains! Let me introduce bot Mishka. His mainly task is watch conquest information on PVP EU and make tweets about changes. This project still in development state. I made special hashtags. #PBpvpeu - information about port battles. #PBpvpeuHaulover -information about port battles for specified port (Haulover). #HOpvpeuHaulover - information about hostility for specified port (Haulover). Hostility reported only if it changes more than 5%. I think often report is useless (look at #HopvpeuLaBlanquilla)
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    Do you hate that moment when you destroy 90% of armour or structure on the enemy ship and he just repairs sails and runs away with full speed? Logically, damaged ships should be slower. Frame/Hull damage should slightly slow down all ships while structure damage should inflict speed much more, making speed unstable at higher speeds or not able to reach higher speeds. The maximum speed of the ship should only occur at perfect ship condition.
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    I'm fed up with people calling everyone else "Carebears". Its stupid. People play the game differently. We need incentives to go out and PvP, not punishments if you don't.
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    Currently game indicates several hit/action factor recording option: Hull, Sail, Cannon, Crew, Module, Fire, Shock, Assist, Kill Whenever player hits a mast, it registers as a sail hit and you can see splinters coming out of mast. What does it mean? Technically nothing besides that you hit a mast. Was it effective? We can't know without a shot log which got removed. My suggestion: Add new hit factor "Mast" and only record it if shot penetrated enemy mast, for example: "x5 Mast"
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    OMG, I had 2x Indiaman in fleet... sorry hahaha. Can you just delete everything I posted here so I dont look like an idiot? :)))
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    Great News Everyone! Naval Action Legends beta is now open to all Naval Action owners. If you own Naval Action you should be seeing NA-L in your Steam Library already. Servers are now live. Development plans Main patch 1: Events and group challenge Main patch 2: Integration of tutorial Main patch 3: Premium content options integration Hotfixes will be provided on the weekly basis. Good luck at seas Captains.
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    in a day or two will update all lineships with new sail curves, % of sail groups, yard power and other things. We will keep it running for a week and will then update all 5th rates. Changes 1) Exact (better) Balance between staysails and square sails 2) Exact (better) Balance between front mast and stern mast + spanker 3) Yard powers was reduced (based on agamemnon testing from 4 to 3) for better more realistic performance. Rudder power slightly increased for Aga based on the testing. Here is what we will get 4th rates example (ignoring indiaman) 4th rates are split into 3 groups Downwind sailers - excellent performance downwind due to more square sails area Agamemnon (67% square sails area) Ingermanland (68% square sails area) Universal sailers - ok performance downwind but great performance upwind Constitution (60% square sails area) Wasa (61% square sails area) Good turnrate brawlers (ok performance everywhere, but great turning) Wapen Implications Damage model will improve drastically due to exact calculations of square areas of sails Constitution has more square sails per mast it will get an additional buff to yard power (effect on rotational force) Some ships will get lee on bow (bow will turn better) Some ships will get lee on stern (stern will turn better) Main mast role will be significantly reduced for turning for all ships due to mast position Example of main gameplay change Constitution/Wasa will not catch Agamemnon downwind Agamemnon/Inger will never catch Constitution upwind Same logic was applied to all line-ships which will mean that Ocean will never catch victory upwind and vice versa. Open world speed will be slightly relaxed to give more flexibility and will be adjusted more. Remember that this is a first draft of changes and they WILL require tuning. But its a great start for finalization of the sailing model and making every ship unique ps. the interesting thing is that we don't even have to provide for gameplay tuning exaggerations as historical sail plans give enough differences by themselves.
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    you can read it on game login screen so everyone who plays the game knows it (unlike you).
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    one world = one pvp server the die is cast.
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    Ok with the new sail physics plan going in, this is good... now to fix other issues. First, no need to increase the thickness or hit points on the masts, just decrease the accuracy of all of the guns. Currently you can get that accuracy down to the accuracy of a M256 on the M1A1 Abrams... and that is stupid for smooth bore ball shots fit in the barrels with wadding. Next for the sails, or sailing, is fix the crew requirements for sail crews. If you are sailing around at full sails you need a FULL sailing crew. Thus more of your men are on deck, and exposed to incoming shots, higher crew casualties. A deck sweep with grape would be devastating to a ship with full sails going. Now with that said, you will now have more uses for battle sails and other sail settings as it would reduce the amount of crew on deck. Lastly.... repairs and rum. Repairs should be VERY crew intensive. You pop a repair, 90% of your crew should be on that task, and during this time crew damage should be doubled. Rum should not restore 100% of losses, at best it should be 50%. It is meant to get you able to get out of the fight, not stay in the fight forever.
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    A Rover lies dead.... Murdered in a tavern by rakes which have been identified as agents of the United Pan-Dutch-Prussian Care&Trade Commonwealth. They were promptly cut down and some captured by the men serving aboard the Rover ships but not before revealing, under harsh interrogation, that Chiriqui, a beautiful jewel of a city, open to all travelers, would be offered, as vassal tribute, to Dutch overlords. And to be forever closed and its free population subjugated... The Pan-Dutch-Prussian Care&Trade Commonwealth shadow council arranged and made sure, through a shady way of nation versus nation combat instances, that hostility would be raised. As such a invasion force under the Dutch overlords sails to Chiriqui to land the forces and take control of the town at the 19th hour, and 15 minutes, on the year of our lord, 2017, 21st November. Chiriqui will be defended. Prussian corsairs will defend the colony in Costa Rica / Panama the same way they faced the Sweden behemoth in the Bahamas. Outnumbered. Not outmatched. Any privateers of all nations wishing to help the Prussian corsairs and sink Dutch-Prussian Care&Trade Commonwealth ships during the hours prior to the port battle are invited to do so. We welcome the blood bath. Today is a good day to die.
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    Option 1 = RAID (24 Hr. Access to port and ability to loot any clan warehouses located there) Option 2 = CONQUEST (Town is taken.... Dot turns different color....)
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    look at title. I wanna see playercontrqcts in other ports and I wanna be able to buy a ship on contract which doesnt suck Gives crafters and traders nice playermade content
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    With the new sail force update. Position of hoisted sails get more and more important. I looked at the pirate LGV on battlesails: And thought how fast she will sail with the new sailing force update. Would I hoist differend sails as her captain? Yes i would. Now to my suggestion: What you have to know: Sail key position 1 = dead slow Sail key position 2 = Slow Sail key position 3 = half No sails and full sails cant be changed and are hardcoded positions. (That would allow to keep the current cycle of sails by using W and S to switch through the position = no new key needs to be introduced) In port you would be able to change the used sail area for the differend postions. It could be done under Equipment (like the picture) or under a complete new tab. By clicking the checkboxes ( for example) under Sail key postion 1 to custom the player would be able to change the used sail area by enable (green) or disable (red) the checkboxes linked to a certain sail area. Like i said before no sails and full sails cant be changed to prevent the player messing up his sails set. Combined with some other suggestion it could give varity to ship speeds and increase real ship customization.
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    Yet another map which uses the in-game map and live data (daily updated soonish after maintenance): na-map Port data (items dropped, producible and consumed, updated daily) Port battle zones (shown when zoomed in map: three capture circles, forts in indicated red, towers in blue) Teleport area (indicates the area where you can teleport to this port; deep-water port and not a county capital) F11 coordinates (zoom to F11 coordinates or double click on map to get F11 coordinates) I hope this map is useful and I am happy to receive any feedback (bugs, feature requests). Port data Port battle zones Teleport area F11 coordinates Changelog v1.0: initial version
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    All assets will be transferred to the merged server. You do not need to delete the current character on PVP EU - you will be able to use stuff from Global PVP on your current character (including experience). If you do not have a character on PVP EU, after the merge just create a character and all stuff will be in your redeemables. If you wish to change the name, you can delete your PVP EU character, redeemables are safe until used. Clarification regarding books: If you learnt Book A and you also have another copy of Book A in your warehouse on PVP Global, you will receive 2x Book A in redeemables. Clarification regarding Ship slots: All learned slots from all ships will be transferred as a new type one experience redeemable including all ships (separate from general battle and craft experiences). E.g. If you have 1 open slot on Ship A on PVP EU and had 3 open slots on Ship A on PVP Global, experience from these 3 slots will be added to the current 1 open slot. Clarification regarding Clan Warehouse: Clan assets will be in an officer redeemables who logged in last. Clarification regarding installed upgrades and guns: Installed upgrades and guns will be in your redeemables
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    Will you tell us your ingame name?
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    We plan to introduce dynamic sail crew based on actual active sails on a ship at later stage (e.g. battle sails mode require less crew than full sails mode)
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    Modules are the devil, not duras. Make everything at max 1%(and similar) inside the crafting options ( a lot of options). No drops. Everything open. Build any ship at your heart desire.
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    No offense, but as more topics u open as more i think u should only playing NA Legends.
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    I just redeemed the Agamemnon and was very impressed with the ship model. I know most of you have seen and maybe played every ship in the game, but I am a slow player who enjoys every ship I own to the fullest. I am so enthralled with the rendering of these magnificent ships I still spend most of my sailing time using the free cam and looking at the ships in every angle. Now that I discovered how to move around with the free cam, I have been going into the bowels of each ship and appreciate the work that has been done on these models. This is the upper gun deck right abaft the main mast, looking at the starboard guns. The ship wheel is above me just a little to the left. Forward is the main mast, waist capstan. Through the door ahead is the fore access to lower deck and stove (theoretically). Just wanted to let the dev team know, that despite all the criticism (sometimes harsh, often warranted) I know most of us feel you have done a great job. Keep it up!
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    Boarding some indiaman with 6th rate but you forgot fleet perk and he has dem goods...
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    Google Translate isn't good enough for me to completely comprehend what this is about. But as far as I can see there is nothing tribunal worthy here. Read the name of the player in the title. Now read the name again. And just to rub it in, if I'm not mistaken, while Lenin was fighting off 8 gankers in the screening battle, he was also fighting inside the PB at the same time. Here are some rare footage of Lenin when he is pursuing one of his other hobbies, the piano:
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    Dear Developers Today our battlegroup was tagging an enemy battlegroup close to an freeport. As soon we tagged the other group, the tagged enemy ship left the enemy group instantly. Resulting our group only tagging that one as the other enemies stayed in their group and they escaped to the freeport. A 30 second delay on group leaving would fix this issue with the groups easily. What you guys think?
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    I care about sailing profiles. I am making this game for myself first. I decide what to add first and last.
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    Why tho? - PvE to get a pb (too much pve) - it doesnt promote OW pvp because you mostly dont even notice it happening - if you notice it as defender you are in a disadvantage if you join a hostilitymission becahse AI is blocking slots - PB is created 22 hours later which forces you to play NA 2 nights which is sometimes hard for NA players (mostly older players with a job and family and stuff) A big one now coming from someone who only profits from it - you dont get punished for becoming too big. You can fight everyone everywhere with a realy small team. If 5 nations do hostility against you you concentrate on stopping 2 of them and letting the others do pve. If yoh have around 30-40 players available the next day they can defend everything. This was not possible with flags. - hostility isnt something sou do spontanious. You normally need 25 players for it to be fast and to not suicide rue to open missions so it is much (too much) planning involved - pbs created by hostility lead to a weird sideeffect where players leave the game itself and wait for pbs to only come online for them. These players are not present anymore and dont participate in the OW. The better you can organize your nation/clan to give information of pbs happening to these players the more likely it is to get enough players for pbs. Deleting instead of tweaking the flagmechanic was a mistake in my oppinion. I understood why it had to be done when porttimers were killed. Fakeflags were a fixable cancer but without timers you cant have that mechanic, understandable and fine. Now we have timers on EU server. While it fixes the much hated nightflips we are now stuck with that boring hostilitymechanic. Flags were items and exploitable. However you could do it now in a different way with battlegroups and clanbased conquest. Flags generated a lot of OW traffic and natural OW pvp in small and big groups. It created a very dynamic map and you could just get online, join a fleet and have fun. This is gone without replacement since we have the hostilitymechanic. Flags also created situations were, if you were too big without proper diplomacy you got stomped somewhere if you couldnt be there. Right now sweden is only limited by outposts. Sweden could just conquer and defend everything like showed in recent months. Defending against 70 players attacking a nation with 30 players defending is no problem anymore. The hostility mechanic sucks and makes the game boring. Another thing is the useless ports we conquer which would actually be valueable if we would have a flagmechanic. Fronts would be a thing, more pvp would happen, you need more ships and repairs. I dont realy think the conquest in NA will change again but it would be realy nice if it would to be honest.
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    The real problem is that other than grinding missions there really isn't any enjoyable or enthralling PVE content. This is an MMO, PVE content keeps the fans in the seats. No raids, no exploration missions, no delivery missions....just the same old boring sinking of AI. They kinda are getting the idea with increased loot and difficulty in epic events, but too little too late. Stale content = a stale game. People stop showing up. New ships is not content and that mindset is exactly why this game is not doing well. Happy PVE players make happy PVP players. It's all about that casual content
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    limited ammo is a good idea for first couple of trips. After 1000 battles it will get tedious to constantly refill ammo.
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    We will research the issue of course just too prove the awesome powers of authoritative server again. But here is a side note Ram dinark was one one of most active pvp players in POTBS and is one of the vets in NA. + nice advertising for an Agamemnon. People were saying that Wasa is OP, and solo sailing is impossible. I wish this battle was on video so i can learn a tip or two from this battle. Topic locked until further notice
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    Tutorial on how to initiate the boarding:
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    But your signature is still danish. Traitor to the glorious motherland! To gulag with you! blyat!
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    Of course we failed. Without you we are nafing, can't manual sail, don't know when to tarn, load charjed or chain instantly. We went ruffly 180 to the bottom line of our dignity. Please let us come back to your caring arms 😭.
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    port battles are clan based - remember. As an owner of the port you will have full control on when you can defend and who can enter. Also don't forget that on release we had same system on all servers and it worked just fine. Night flips were a problem with alliances - with no alliances (clans based content - it is not going to be a major issue)
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    Элементарно, каждый день в 13:00 по мск, приходит "барабашка", выключает свет и начинает наводить чистоту. А если серьезно, то патч с обсчетом шероховатостей поверхности днища нас ждет еще не скоро. Пока это произойдет, у кого-то даже смогут вырасти еще не рожденные дети... Поведение ботов, когда они заворачивают в орештаг, выравнивают свое положение относительно вас, начинают разгоняться и плывут параллельно со скорость 5kn, но при этом задом наперед, вызывает не сомнение, а скорее удивление или подозрение. Возможно, стоит поработать над параметрами Acceleration и Deaceleration, либо добавить отдельные, для тех ситуаций, когда корабль сдает назад. Даже учитывая обтекаемые формы корпуса, который строился с целью рассекать морскую гладь носом а не кормой, как мне кажется, корабль не должен так быстро разгонятся, набирая отрицательную скорость. Это все, конечно, мелочи и детали, но они очень режут глаз. Что меня беспокоит больше - это новые розы. В общем, все как и обещали. У нас есть 2 трэнда: 1). Хорошо идущие по ветру (макс скорость в 150° - 135°) 2). Универсальные (135° - 105°). И пара исключений, которые имеют достойные показатели в 180°, 90°, 75° и 60°. Что же изменилось в корне? Да в общем ничего, кроме этой дикой "пропасти" между 330° и 30°. У нас как было 3-4 основных корабля, из которых все будут ходить только на одном, так все и осталось, названия только поменялись. Да, в маневрировании теперь реи играют большую роль, чем раньше. Но это лишь еще одна переменная в общем уравнении. И чем их там больше, тем больше надо балансировать все остальные. С точки зрения математики, наверное, новая система выглядит достойнее. Принесла ли она какие-то коренные изменения в геймплей? Думаю, нет. Да мы покатались на быстрых рейтах недельку, нам дали оценить сверхманевренность, но это такое... Как результат, только дерганье ползунков. И там еще дергать и дергать, чтобы уложить в эту систему 6-7 рейты. Я даже не знаю, как проще объяснить, что с этой игрой не так. Наверное, перфекционизм в подходе к созданию. Вот представьте, человек сидит и думает, как же сделать эту игру еще лучше и реалистичнее, при этом сохранив интерес аудитории и геймплейные особенности. Ему приходит мысль немного переделать модель управления кораблями, сделать ее еще более реалистичной. И вот уже готова математическая модель, ее пилят в виртуальную физическую и потихоньку начинают добавлять в игру. Когда я учился в университете, мне пришлось проходить производственную практику на заводе Адмиралтейские верфи в производственном отделе испытания кораблей. Вот там бы ребята по достоинству оценили бы такой подход. Но тут люди приходят, чтобы вечером отдохнуть и поиграть в свое удовольствие на любимом корабле. И внезапно выясняется, что после нового патча их "прелесть" ну вообще больше не плывет... Им приходится учиться играть заново, а "прелесть" теперь будет вечно пылиться в доке. Кто-то вовсе не выдерживает такого напряжения и забивает на игру. И так каждый месяц, уже который год подряд. Я просто не верю, что за все это время, разработчики не смогли сколотить команду из 20-30 единомышленников, пусть даже без высшего морского инженерного образования, которые бы могли тестировать это все с ними на отдельном сервере так, чтобы это не затрагивало основную аудиторию игры. Всегда же можно открыть доступ на тест-сервер, чтобы люди оценили новую физическую модель и написали отзыв, перед тем, как вводить ее на основном сервере. Думаю, нашлось бы много желающих. А самое главное - никакого дерганья ползунков на основном сервере. Подведя итог, хочу сказать: пожалуйста, не надо больше ничего менять, просто сделайте локализации, интерфейс и туториалы. PS: сердечко справа внизу, вы знаете что делать =)
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    Есть мнение, что тут преобладает идея самопознания. Тебя просто кидают в воду и кто научится плавать - тот молодец. Иногда, конечно, подсказывают, что руками и ногами надо туда-сюда делать, но это такое... И это хорошо. Я думаю, что тоже перестану давать ссылки на изменения к патчноутам. Конкретно мой конструктор в гуглотаблицах уже перевалил за 40 листов и это сильно сказывается на удобстве. Есть еще куча ограничений самих гуглотаблиц. Короче, есть планы перенести все на отдельный сайт с MySQL базой, блэкджеком и всем остальным. Патч, для меня, однозначно, зашел. Я переживал, что у фрегатов будет избыточная маневренность, но тут все ОК. Появилось такое ощущение, что у кораблей есть какая-то масса и водоизмещение. Если раньше все корабли в своем классе были примерно равны по маневру (за парой исключений), а разница наблюдалась уже только на кораблях разных классов. То теперь сравнивая Surprise и Endymion мы видим, что один из них явно крупнее, у него больше пушек и ХП, как следствие, он менее маневренный. Вызывают сильные опасения изменения скорости кораблей при встречном ветре (0-45 градусов). Если в случае 1-3 рейтов изменения не столь заметны, то вот с 4-5 они могут иметь для кого-то катастрофические последствия, их жизнь больше никогда не станет прежней... Возможно, не всем такое понравится. Огорчает только то, что никак не получается уйти от "one ship gaming". Это когда в каждом патче по сумме характеристик есть один корабль, который превосходит другие и все поголовно начинают на него пересаживаться. Раньше таким была Wasa, потом стала Constitution и некоторые рейты, зафиченные в скорость, теперь у Endymiona есть все шансы. При этом, неизбежно, некоторые хорошие корабли, которые ранее пользовались популярностью у игроков, теперь станут уступать и их перестанут использовать, например, Pirate Frigate, Renomee, Surprise, Wapen fon Hamburg III. Поэтому, очень хотелось бы и дальше видеть развитие индивидуальности каждого корабля. Давайте не будем останавливаться только на мореходных качествах в зависимости от парусного вооружения. Есть же неплохой эксперимент с Le Gros Ventre Refit, где за основу взят обычный Le Gros Ventre. Возможно, стоит проделать нечто подобное и с другими кораблями. Например, было бы логично увеличить абордажные свойства у Pirate Frigate. Допустим, добавим ему морали со старта абордажа, увеличим восполнение Preporation за ход и немного упростим условия, при которых он смог бы инициировать абордаж (увеличим минимальную дистанцию и скорость) и корабль уже "заиграет" другими красками, он, однозначно, придется по вкусу многим. Или компенсируем потерю скорости Renomee в последнем патче скоростью в Open World (допустим +3kn) и в каждой ганг-пачке будет по одной Renomee, корабль сразу станет востребованным. Идем дальше - Ingermanland. Не просто вымирающий вид, а скорее уже исчезнувший. Хоть и получил ап по скорости, но до сих пор проигрывает "одноклассникам" и по величине бортового залпа и по ХП, что сводит его применение к нулю. Дадим ему в 2 раза больше зарядов Double и Chardge от исходного значения и ему уже можно будет найти достойное применение, как минимум в PvE. У Victory, St. Pavel и Constitution можно увеличить показатель Crew Transfer, будет злободневно в реалиях последнего патча. Santisimе можно поднять Penetration на пару %. И это лишь малая часть того, что можно сделать. Это песочница и тут можно разгонять любые характеристики, подчеркивая тем самым индивидуальность каждого корабля. Это сделает геймплей еще более разносторонним и добавит новые возможности для использования кораблей. Корабли начнут строить под определенную роль, а не чтобы просто утопить. В мире станет больше разнообразия. =) Все это можно по-разному обыгрывать. Например, как "прок" при крафте или обмен с доплатой готового корабля на Refit в Адмиралтействе. PS: да, все на гране реализма и больной фантазии, но ведь станет играбильнее.
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    for the next step we will adapt the yard power for lineships using the following modifiers Keel Depth- reduces side force due to more friction Sail area - increases side force due to more power Length of hull - increases side force due to lever effect (the further the lever point is from the center the more effect it gives) Weight - reduces side force due to more power required to push
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    Epic fight against brits 1 minute it was not enough to end the fight
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