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    Hello Captains. We would like to share some information on the potential changes to conquest. Current Problems New player experience is uneven and heavily depends on the nation you join. New players who come into the game have completely no information on what is the state of their nation they just joined. Sometimes they join a happy strong nation, but often they join weaker nations As a result players who joined a stronger nation have a much better experience than players who joined a weak nation and leave the game. Current national conquest system (take everything from your enemy) reinforces this problem. Fluctuating online increases the problem even further - if you nation has 10 captains left you cannot play normally because you become completely uncompetitive in conquest, which in turn reduces quality of other types of gameplay As a result most new players (who did not join a winning nation) become unhappy populace and leave the game instead of having fun. Alts. Alts interfere with conquest. There is not much to add Solution Decree on the changes in the political systems in the Caribbean. Initial proposal European and North American (current nations or further Nations) powers will agree to not give away ports to other nations. Updated version: Nations will not give away ports only in certain areas (main coast). The ports in the center of the map will be capturable by war corporations for their nation (but they will be able to tax them) Captureable regions Cuba (with the exception of havana) Jamaica Bahamas Lower parts of florida Hispaniola Turks and Caicos Puerto Rico All minor island chains Capitals for two nations might move to a more appropriate safe place Port royal and havana will still remain secondary capitals but the spawns of new players Might be moved to Sisal Bridgetown or Belize Pirate republic capital might move to Nassau (with a secondary capture able capital in Mortimer) Hard/Easy/Medium descriptions will come back to nation selection Pirates/Sweden/DK - very hard VP/France/United States - medium Spain/Britain - easy Nations will close eyes on the privateering activities in the Caribbean region allowing free combat in the region. Nations will start taxing all activities in the caribbean (stamp tax) on all purchases, mining or forestry and player to player trade Nations will grant charters (allow to create) for new type of chartered companies: war corporations or clans that will be allowed to establish control over regions in the Caribbean. current guilds and clans will remain the same new chartered war company will be able to be created by players for the purpose of region control and taxation. Current guilds will be able to enter to ally - forming war corporations Captains who are not a member of a chartered war company will be able to enter any port in any ship. Removed as it will create a lot of confusion and potential grief Members of a chartered war company will be able to enter the following ports national ports ports other chartered war companies of their nation control all other ports where the governor allowed entry (this is still under consideration) Nations will allow such chartered companies/corporations to tax regions that they control Chartered war companies will be able to change tax to lower or a bit higher than a government level. All tax collected in a port will go to a chartered war company for the development of that region. Only chartered war companies will be able to participate in the port battles. Only clan (war company) who is attacking the port and who is defending the port will be able to participate in the port battle. so for example if East India Company will decide to take control of the region from the Hanseatic League only captains who are members of those companies will be able to enter port battles. They will be able to do it even both companies belong to the same nation. Nations will allow chartered war companies to freely attack each other even if they belong to the same nation. This will allow chartered war companies to settle score between each other if they believe someone is interfering with their chartered activities This feature will make ROE hell. It is impossible to make it work while keeping it simple at the same time. To make it work nations mush be removed or pve player class created (NCO rank who cannot pvp and cannot be attacked) To keep national unity War corporations will not be able to attack each other on the open seas if they are in the same nation But War corporations will be able to fight each other for control of the ports (only in port battles) Chartered war companies will not have a warehouse but will use a special port warehouse assigned to a war company by a port (1 warehouse per region) Because warehouse is city based if another chartered war company conquers the city (takes control) it will gain access to that warehouse with all belongings including tax money. This means the chartered war company will lose all tangible assets (with the exception of ships) if they lose the port to another clan Removed as fake feature - it is very easy to avoid losing assets in port by moving to peaceful friends or alts to make this feature work we would have to reduce quality of life for other warehousing services and we don't want it. Captains joining war companies will have to serve a minimum time period and will not be able to exit the company for certain time After exit they won't be able to rejoin a company for a certain time (to avoid jumping back and forth between war companies). Potential results: This will completely eliminate alts from conquest and will stabilize the map for new players who will have an equal experience irrespectively of the nation chosen. Lets discuss. Systems rework might take some time, but will be delivered with tweaks found during the discussions in this topic. In this matter we recommend captains to not sweat much about conquest until this feature is done because map will be reset to its original state once this is implemented. UPDATED SHORT VERSION (simplified based on feedback and discussions War corporations and national unity Clans will be able to form war corporations Port battles will ONLY be available to war corporations War corporations will be able to change tax rates in ports (for example if the standard national tax rate is 15% war corporations will be able to reduce it to 0 or raise up to 30%) War corporations can fight other war corporations in the same nation ONLY in port battles War corporations will be able to set their controlled port as free town (enterable by all nations) or as national town (enterable only by their own nation) War corporations will have to vet their members themselves but if they do it properly alts will no longer interfere with port battles Hostility changes will be done Hostility grinding will be removed Some kind of flag will return - but the placing time will be increased to 30 mins to give time to respond Potentially we can bring back timers set by governors Regions Regions will split into individual ports for conquest (tentative) All ports will be split into captureable (all large islands in the center of the map and island chains) and non captureable - coasts All capture able ports will change status to neutral after reset History fans can relax because in 2-3 weeks port captures will shape the nationalities of ports themselves. New players will come to a live fluid map, which will have stability along the coast and constant instability in the center. Rare resources will move closer to the center of the map.. the closer to center the more potential profit would be on trading Some resources required to ship of the line construction might also move to center Map will be reset Coastal experience Some capitals might be moved (with simple ID change so you don't have to reposition your resources). Or we can just move all assets players have to redeemables to give more options. Free towns will be removed from the coasts Reinforcements in coastal ports will come back to game (as fleets no longer give xp) to those who don't remember this is how they worked If BR of enemy was higher than yours if you were attacked near your national port, the port would send you the support equal to the difference between your BR and enemy BR. For example - if you were in a surprise and were attacked by two surprises port would send you 1 surprise to support you in battle (which you could command) Potentially clans will be able to invest into improving port reinforcements class Additional wipe announcement. There will be no asset resets/removals or wipes during this rework. Only map will reset (which will cause some inconvenience when moving resources).
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    Captains Next week testbed will be opened for testing for several days (from 16th August till 21th August) Goals Test stability and issues with Unity 5 build Test 1 or potentially more new vessels Test the potential workaround for the vertical gun sector increase upgrade bugs Ships, rank and money will be provided in sufficient quantities. Captains will be requested to start as pirates and win or lose as many engagements as possible against each other in the outlaw battles. Access key to testbed will be provided before the test Updated (08/15/2017) Captains, we are checking infrastructure now and will open testbed as soon it is ready.ETA 24-48 hours max.it will definitely be open on Thursday. Updated (08/17/2017) Testbed server will be live today a bit later. Captains who already played on the server keep their access. Captains who did not participate in testing, please follow this instruction: How to get access to the testbed Find the game in your steam library Right click and go to properties Go to Beta tab Enter the key - key FcaH2KzZXutz Select the beta called: Testbed And click close It will download automatically. To return to the main game select none instead of testbed in the beta tab.
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    We would like to provide the information on the NA Legends and the short roadmap. Feature set The game is planned as a free to play game on PC. This will guarantee large amount of players on the start and remove the price obstacle on trying the game. Some of those players might convert to paying users and even try the open world edition as well. Monetization Monetization will be simple and manly using best practices of the industry, but will avoid shady practices. There will be no nickeling and diming in form of ship slots or ammo or other crap F2P style mechanics. Things that players will be able to pay for Premium account - increasing XP and Money gains (a-la wot and wows) Premium ships (some of which will also be available as tournament or event rewards). Every premium vessel will have a free similar ship available to non-paying users. For example if there is a premium frigate of 34-38 guns, this will mean there there is going to be a free frigate in this gun range. Skins and flags Officer retraining (also available for in game money) Ships Standard ship line up will consist of 24 ships including all 1st and 3nd rates that are currently in game (from Lynx to Santisima Trinidad. These 24 ships will be available for free players. Players will be able to unlock ships and buy them in the similar way it was done in original Sea Trials. There will be no premium ships with guns complement above 90+. But there will be ship of the lines given as tournament prizes. Testing roadmap NA legends testing will start soon. The testing will be done in 3 stages. Stage 1: We will provide the build for internal testers and some select (without UI) - the goal will be to test stability of instances and major bugs that could arise from Unity 5. Do not worry about getting in at this stage - it is going to las only a week. Stage 2: Once UI is finished we will provide the access key to all who applied - they will be free to share the access keys with whoever they want as well. Stage 3: Access will open to all NA owners Testing will be done on 2-3 game types (maps) with various win conditions and objectives One objective - simple meeting engagement with 2 Objectives with forts (capturable) 3 Objectives - similar to current port battles If initial testing runs will be complete and are successful we will take parts of the current OW map tech to event generation providing randomized battles in various locations making every battle unique. In addition to that tournament content will be added in form of weekend automated tournaments (a-la fifa weekend league). Once testing is done we will open the access to the general public and work will start to optimize the game for PS4 and XBOX One - we already have the xbox version running but it needs some more optimization. Please ask questions if you have any.
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    First of all thank you all - you don't stop to amaze us with your dedication and support. We said long time ago we won't let you down and we won't. Promises will be fulfilled. Thank you for being critics and supporters. It helps us learn to make better games. One thing what we want you to understand is this. Games are art/games are entertainment. Humans can get bored and humans can't read one book every day or watch the same movie every day. It is possible for some amazing entertainment product to deliver content every day but its very hard for indie teams to keep that pace. People move on to new entertainment and come back when you created something new and exciting. So try to be very honest about everything here. Our current plan is to move to unity 5 (to add new ships) this is almost done. Then we will fix UI and add localization that will bring a lot of new players. Current planned fixes will delay player loss on mid levels On release we will get more visibility and new players will join the fray as well. NA Legends will probably launch to open beta (as a free game) and some players from there will also go try open world. But here is the thing. They will move on again. Online will go down again. In entertainment industry the success is determined by highest chart position not on lowest. So eventually everyone will leave to new games (ours included). And its ok. For us the key is to learn and use this learning to make better games going forward. Very rarely games are perfect from the first attempt. Even Battlegrounds (many of you probably tried it) is actually a 4th iteration of the idea. (first dayz mod, then arma mod, then H1Z1 KOK, only then PUBG (which is done by developers of TERA with years and years of mmo experience). its a journey.
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    yes.. originally in the sea trials they were giving a boost to turning we are planning to give more uses to battle sails 1) increase turn rate 2) reduce fire chance 3) increase fire chance if you are not on battle sails some magic has to be done with animations so they are well integrated into the sequences.
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    current system does not work. If player joins spain on PVP Global he leaves like in 1-2 days. Because he sees that he can never win. Basic game design rule - if perceived chance to win the game is 0 the fun falls to 0 immediately.
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    The main problems with this game and the reason the population is plummeting: 1. Developers decided to make the game into a Job. 2. Developers implemented slippery slope mechanics that make coming back from losses increasingly harder This is the claim in most of the bad steam reviews. Not "I was bored" but actually "It feels like a job before you can have any fun." Legends was NOT the solution. Making the sandbox a actual GAME instead of an alternative-Life is the solution! In 2016 they claimed that you can spend 1 hour grinding to do 1 hour of fighting, that the hour will equal around 5 durability points depending on the ship. Where is this claim now? What is the current ratio? The last developer response to such questions was the LGV challenge. Do you know how many LGV's need to be captured to fund 1 OW PvP ship and how often they spawn relative to people that need the money? The problem is in a Conjunction of Detail changes that all combine into making the game a job, a waste of time: 1. SHIP COST / DOCK SPACE - Durability was removed AND we did not get equal increase in Dock Space AND kept PvP ships expensive to build. For the casual player it's near impossible to gain entry to viable PvP in a reasonable time, and stay competitive over time (unless you are one of the few players winning consistently, or one of the few people that can afford to AFK-trade a major route). Why is a PvP Light Frigate taking the same dock-space as a Heavy Trader or First Rate? Why don't we have a separate dock for 5th rates (w/o inventory for balance) ? 2. RNG PvE REFIT / SKILL NONSENSE - Rare refits AND skill slots AND skill-books are RARE PvE DROPS. The ONLY rare drops in modern games should be cosmetics. I recall a Developer answer Pre-Wipe that there will be no XP wipe - misleading statement if it takes longer to XP grind the ship slots and find the books. Refit rarity makes people reluctant to sink - promoting running and ganking. 3. SAILING TIMES: Nothing is done about sailing times in open-ocean between the nations. Teleport ability was repeatedly nerfed, and NOT compensated by other speed-up mechanics. Where are the TRADE WINDS or OCEAN CURRENTS? Suggestions buried and ignored. Where is the ability to sail with multiple prize-crew (non fighting) ships to restock a frontline port? Suggestions buried and ignored. 3. RESPAWN AFTER SINKING: Just now- after the server died the ability to capture 5th rates was returned - should never have been turned off, and barely covers the loss of durability and loss of Dock space. Where is insurance? Where are other comeback mechanics? 4. NEWBIE EXPERIENCE IS GARBAGE: We still have the 2nd Lieutenant missions spawning 3x Rookie Snows/Brigs. It's not even acknowledged as a problem. New players keep getting screwed in the game - every patch something awful, often by design! Game is hard enough at high level, make it easy on people that just started! This is the main source of bleeding and no player effort can close that gash. 5. BASIC CUTTERS - Why are they still in a game about Age of Square Sails? When Twitch streamers advertise the game they sail in Basic Cutters instead of Frigates. They show a false picture of the game. The same with any new player's first few hours. Shameful. 6. OW PvP KILLING BUGS: Why do AI fleets still provide Super Speed + Invisibility, despite a developer claiming it shouldn't be so? Why do AI fleets provide Defensive Tag ability instead of Green on Green (positional) style tags? These things are killing OW PvP. 7. GANKING of Newbies - Why are there no areas specifically for playing low-level PvE missions for players of under a certain rank? 8. REPAIRS - too expensive and repeated use in battles is something no-one likes. It gives an advantage to people who win more often, or people who spend more time grinding Economy. They should have been single-use, single-item, and easy to use regardless of price. If you wanted to implement supply-lines effect, you could do that without making the item a crutch in actual battles. 9. COMEBACK MECHANICS - the game is literally a winner-take all with too many sides and too many rewards for winning. If you win in OW you gain tons of repairs and often a brand new ship. If you lose in OW you don't even gain much XP. RvR is similarly broken. There are no built in comeback mechanics or Reset mechanics like in other Sandbox games (See Albion Online or Crowfall promo videos - both developers of Sandbox games talk extensively about comeback mechanics). 10. PvE BASED RvR Mechanics, and RvR mechanics in General - no details, all the arguments are available in other threads. Recently the Developers offered two reasons why some of these things are not yet fixed, and I want them addressed: I) They claim that people get bored from a game and leave. - False - Sandbox games like EVE (2003) have some of the best longevity in the industry - when developers follow a smart plan of growing the community. There are countless other examples of PvP focused games that stay popular, particularly when they can be played in 1 hour bursts and not 6 hour sessions (EVE manages to fit in both). II.) They are Low Budget Independent - True, but why is there no clear Road Map and Game Design Priorities that everyone can see in advance? (Not just the Road map threads - where is the statement of the end-goal design?) Why are there clear steps back taken? Why is the game being Forked into Legends if you have limited resources? Why are you not crowdsourcing for funds if you want to keep the lights on? Where are the cosmetics - why is selling Alts the only income source? Players have two main rules to follow: If the game is good at high level, you have fun by playing to win - to keep innovating and developing new strategies and counters. A really good game offers many forms of winning, and many play styles. If the game is not good at high level, the winning move is not to play. http://sirlingames.squarespace.com/articles/playing-to-win-part-1.html This post may sound very harsh for Developers, I hope it's taken as tough love. You hold the game we all love in your hands, and we all want to see it all succeed. I no longer want to hear weak excuses, or blaming players. I want to hear optimism and confidence, and small steps in the right direction constantly. I want to see the grand plan to give Naval Action the same resurgence and growth as experienced by EVE.
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    We have mentioned it long long time ago - it is time to repeat this message We would like to remind everyone that global chat and nation chat are PUBLIC Channels. They are not secure and there could be rogue players reading them and passing the information along to the enemy. Please be careful when saying sensitive information in national chat or global chat - loose lips can sink ships. Only personal chat, and group chat is secure. Clan chat is secure too if you know that you have no spies inside the clan. Use group chat, personal chat and clan chat for confidential communication. more info will follow.
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    another statement on the wipe There will be no wipe. only map reset. In fact there might be no wipes any more even on release. But its not a promise.
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    Given the possible changes released today by @admin, which seem to be good ones, I think it's time to revisit the Global and EU server split notion. As much as I dislike the server split, I get that people don't want to be online 24/7 defending ports. That was the old system. With the prospect of these new changes it looks like the game is taking more of the EVE/Sandbox approach, which means one server no restrictions. Don't want your corp/war company to lose it's holdings? Better recruit around the clock support. Conquest restrictions have zero place in the new proposed system IMO. So why do we need 2 servers? Populations appear to have leveled out between the 2 servers with Global maxing out around 250-300 and EU 400-500 (casual observation) and this seems to echo similar population numbers to what the servers were pre-wipe. If you build it, people will come. The game is still running less than 1000 people on average and given the significance of the changes it sounds like the more population being together to test, the better it will be. Naval Action is too small to split up. If this game is truly supposed to be a sandbox, it's time to throw everyone in it and say go have fun. Ping Issues? I know a couple of EU based players in my clan on global get better ping to the US east coast based server than I do and I live on the east coast..... @Wraith did a pretty good data collection of pings and what location might be the best for the game. We should look at it. Anyway, it's time to merge the servers. To use a line from one of my favorite shows.
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    moderators are untrained volunteers = players.
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    Been giving the health of the server a bit of thought and it seems like we need something to do that doesn't involve taking empty port battles, attacking noobs outside of capitals and talking trash in global chat. While we can't fix most of the issues that ails the game we can perhaps give it a little bit of an injection of fun in the form of player driven content. So far the most successful player created event was the PVP tournament over on EU several months ago. Let's try and recreate it here. Maybe take a little bit of our hostility out on each other and not have to sail around for hours to do so. So I'm officially proposing the.... The PVP Global Duel Tournament Preliminary thoughts - Run a couple variations. 1v1s, 3v3s and maybe even 5v5s time and interest pending Main event will of course be @King of Crowns and @koltes wappen duel. Time for both of you to nut up or shut up about it in global. Admin/Dev team gave out prizes for the EU server way back when, doubtful to expect the same here. Each team/player has an entrance "fee" which gets thrown around in the purse. Purse then will be split up to the winners of each event. Details of course pending Limit each event to a maximum BR like before. 1v1s would of course be matching ships. Live stream each match, preferably have a couple streamers call and help conduct the fights. Bang the whole thing out over the span of a weekend or so. Biggest drawbacks of the first duel tournament was trying to coordinate schedules. Clan vs Clan. Nation doesn't matter. It'd be too hard to limit what mods/slots and amount of repairs to bring. It'll be unbalanced no matter what and we can't trust everyone to go in set amounts and not use mod slots. How to get around the no duel room issue - Meet up at a freetown, a little out of the way. Sail out and have both sides tag each other, wait 3 mins for joiners and then battle it out. If it's inter-nation we'll just have to have the players tag the moderator/streamer and do green on green OR have 2 different nations tag each other and each side join the different circles. Will have to test both methods. Misc - myself and a couple others can handle the logistics. Will need at least 1 more streamer, maybe 2. be nice to see a duel tournament that isn't just a de-masting fest. Dates, fees and BR limits will of course be hashed out later on and plenty of notice given to those who need to grind slots and gather shit. Willing to help out PVP EU players with ships if they want to come over. Thoughts and observations? If we have enough interested and people ready to commit I will gladly organize the hell out of this to give us something to do other than fight each other on the forums.
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    Yes, I am that player. The Casual one on global. Lately I have been able to play more, but usually it is 1 or 2 or 3 hours a night. I also admit I am a totally average player. I can sail in fleets and not break my team mates stuff maybe even hit the other side with some accuracy. I can play AI at my level and win. I enjoy collecting mats and building ships as much as fighting. I have played the game for quite a while. Like most I have gotten more involved since the patch. Pre patch I got my levels and maxxed crafting. But for me a game like this is Work vs Fun. How much work do I have to do to have fun. Fun can be crafting a new ship, sailing with buds chasing other players, doing a port battle or just smashing some AI's. I don't consider grinding for gold or mats to be fun, but part of the price. Right now, the work does not equal the fun. Thank goodness I didn't have to grind levels in crafting in this patch. My hat is off to anyone trying to do it now. But with the ability to make any ship in the game, I am done. I was looking at it last night and after setting up an economy, collecting mats and gold I am on the cusp of making mid tier ships. I am looking at about six hours of grinding gold, then getting the mats go to Shipyard 2 and making a reno for chasing Pirates. I was looking at those six hours and... It is not worth it. I don't expect to have enough fun after those six to justify it. Mind you, I have multiple PC's and some other accounts so it is vastly easier for me than most in my situation. Yes, alts are common. Why not. 40 bucks and you can save your self HOURS of grinding. The whole switch nations at the drop of the hat has been an unmitigated disaster. It has concentrated the better players all in one nation with everyone else just being something to beat up. In the old days, you could switch, but it cost you everything. Now players jump from side to side. Yes many are the "look for the winning team" people, but it also concentrated those with the time and skill to be the best players. I think this has made the game even more toxic. Once again, the problem with this is the effect on new players. I like to see new players in my clan, give them a decent ship and go out and do AI missions with them. But now the ship building costs are too high and they won't be around after a month or two. Why should they? They are not good enough and leveled enough to go fight other players. They will save up, get that trader brig, do a few missions and then get sunk, losing all they invested (capping AI ships will help this some). Yes, a very intense player will get past this, but this game needs good casuals more than the future top players. Now missions. This one is a personal pet peeve. I looked at one last night. Sailing Ivory to Charleston. The Ivory is available at the opposite side of the map in the southern Islands. So let me get this right, I can take my traders brig (assuming the order will fit in one ship), sail 2 or 3 hours to enemy waters and through many hostile zones, drop 100k to buy the Ivory and then sail it back to basically double my money. Yea... right. I would love to see a mission like this that was worth it. Double my money and make 100k... Nope. Invest that time and 100k to turn it into 500k? Maybe, but probably not. Too much risk when I can do a six hour grind of my trade routes and make the same. Now make it worth a Million... Heck yes. And guess what, if you did that, players would have fat, long distance traders to hunt. What would that million get a Filthy Casual? Well, I would finish my shipyard, build a couple ships and maybe buy an extra ship slot. But no. I will just fire up my alt (in one of the big nations) and run my <random crap> from one free port to another and make a 100k in an hour. Make 50k on the return trip and have zero risk. Boring. When I look back, the most fun period for me was the era of flag drops for ports. Yes, the port battle site was crap, but the action was fun. Grabbing a flag, running with your buds to plant it while the other side mobilized to get the flag. If you got it planted, you jumped in the fight and had at it. New players could do it in small ships, the islands were a constant war zone with larger missions to take the bigger ports. At any time you could see a flag pulled on your side and off you went to stop the attack. I learned to play back then and most nights, there was a reason to log in and have at it. The current meta has nothing like this. The bar is too high for new players in the big port battles. The end result is they are always watching the big players do the port battle while they sit outside and screen. If you do get new players into the PB, they will be crushed because the other side has a full fleet of maxxed ships with good captains. I look at it this way, the time I spend is only worth it if the game will be around long enough to justify it. Right now it is not. Sure I can have fun. But when I look at what a new player has to go through to get to a decent level with decent ships... it's not gonna happen. The player base will wither and we will be back to 80 people playing. And by Playing, it is a handful of players sailing around looking for a fight that will be with the same people every night if you find each other. That just was not fun and it is where the game is sailing, full speed. I don't have fixes for this. But then again, I don't have to. There is a universe of games to play. I can play Elite Dangerous. The PVP is not as good (for me) but the exploration is a lot more fun so grinding is a LOT better. I can play Albion Online. In a couple hours I can achieve a goal, craft some gear or go kill stuff. I can do World of Tanks. There I can have all the toxicity of Naval Action with fight after fight with no waiting. The time invested to have fun is not worth it in Naval Action right now. I might pop in every now and then to smash an AI with a grey ship, but I am not feeling the desire to put serous time into the game any longer. It won't be worth it since the game will wither back to what it was six months ago.
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    well we launch tests with free platoons anyway. so who knows maybe free platoons it is.
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    Yep maybe the player rights to entry all ports is something that needs to be reviewed with more scrutiny. But thats exactly the reason why we post this here in advance for discussions.
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    Капитаны, На следующей недели testbed сервер будет доступен для тестирования игры на новом движке (с 16 по 21 августа) Цели Тестирование стабильности игры и выявление возможных проблем. Тестирование нового корабля (возможно - нескольких кораблей) Тестирование исправления бага у модулей с вертикальной наводкой орудий. Корабли, опыт и деньги будут предоставлены в достаточном количестве. Создавать персонажей необходимо за пиратов, нужно провести как можно больше outlaw сражений во время тестирования. Ключ доступа будет предоставлен перед началом тестирования. Обновлено 15/08/2017 На данный момент мы тестируем инфраструктуру тестового сервера. Примерное время открытия сервера: 24-48 часов. Как максимум, сервер точно будет открыт в четверг. Обновлено 17/08/2017 Тестовой сервер будет открыт сегодня немного позже. Капитаны, которые ранее имели доступ на данный сервер, сохраняют его. Капитанам, которые хотят поучаствовать в тестировании, необходимо следовать данной инструкции: Как получить доступ к тестовому серверу: Найдите игру в библиотеке Стима. Нажмите правой кнопки мышки на игре и заходите в свойства. Далее выберите вкладку Бета-версии. Введите ключ: FcaH2KzZXutz Нажмите на «Проверить код» Выберите из списка бета-версий: «Testbed - Naval Action Beta Test» Закройте окно. Обновление начнет устанавливаться автоматически. Для переключения на игровые сервера, выберите в списке бета-версий: «Отказаться – выход из всех бета-программ»
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    removed small paid groups (unless they are 25 player fleets, just in case we might need it)
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    Initial thinking was wrong about port entry.. giving an option to everyone to enter any port just creates too many opportunities to ruin the game for others we will post an update later today on the port entry and starting and conquerable ports. In general we think we should stop trying to find the new type of wheel and copy working designs from Potbs or eve.
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    So far i haven't had many fights in the OW that actually gave me a chance at testing Rum/Repairs and their effect on the game. (Though we have previously tested having multiple repairs on cooldowns.) Now i've had 2 good fights that i would say are relevant to this discussion. Rum Fight. One of them was me in a Surprise against a L'Ocean (Didn't take any screenshots as i was very very busy). I took the L'Ocean down to about 400 crew, he then used surgeon and got back to full crew. I then took him down to 470 Crew (Approx), once more he used surgeon and got back to full crew. Third time i got him to 350 Crew (Approx) and again he used Surgeon and got back to full crew.. At this point of time we ended up near a fort and as silly as i am, i was not aware that forts don't shoot at AI (I thought the Fort would shoot the AI Santi on "my team".) I ended up sinking because of that. However to me that seems silly and out of whack. He can do it every 10 minutes... It's just a crutch for people who lack the skill to take out smaller ships. (Hint, had he known what he was doing i would have stood no chance in my little Surprise.) Repair Fight. The second fight i actually took some screenies. 1 Endymion vs 3 Surprises (The 4th don't count, he left very early. Twas very honourable of him imo.) As you can see, i took down 23 Masts in total. A few top masts, a bunch of middle sections and 7 bottom sections. The battle did indeed last over a long time but constantly repairing like this is a bit excessive in my opinion. Personally i repaired 3 times. (Sails twice, Hull once to get my cannons back after receiving 2 well placed rakes, 2 times surgeon for a total of 80 crew.) The fights just drag out over a much longer period of time now and in my opinion it doesn't make it any more interesting. It just gets a bit boring after a while. I believe i read that this kind of repair system was implemented to help the victims of ganks. Now while i wasn't ganked, it was a 1v3. The multiple repairs definitely helped the 3 players more than it helped me. No doubt there. Conclusion: - Surgeon is whacky, please balance it one way or another (Plenty of good suggestions made already.) - Repair Cooldown is way too short (System itself is cool). Make it 20 minutes, or atleast 15.
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    Win/lost points are only valid during the round.. for the next round they are burned and next round starts only with control points. negative lost points are (should be) a great idea because it discourages port trading and actually gives some benefits to come and defend ports. There are some things that can be added to the future to improve the system Points only taken from the existing pool of points. For example - to encourage nations to attack bigger targets we can implement that points can only be gained from the positive points another nation has. If another nation has 2 points then taking 2 ports from them gains you 2 win points + 2 control points. If another nation has 0 you gain nothing by attacking them because they have nothing to subtract it from - this will give small weaker nations some breathing rule. And improve their chances Wild card alliance (forced alliances) Another interesting idea is forced alliances. This feature could work like this By the end of the round 3 weakest nations (by points) will sign an alliance (forced alliance) and will act as one nation for the next round Using current situation on PVP EU as an example Three lowest nations by points are France - 6 pt, VP - 6 pt, and US - 3 pt If they remain in the bottom on the list by end of the round the game will force an alliance on them combine their points 15 pts and consider them 1 nation for the leaderboard placing them in the 3rd place in the leaderboard as one nation nations will be allied and will be able to use each other ports and join each other port battles on one side (won't be able to attack each other of course) By end of the next round the alliance will be disbanded and new force alliance will be calculated for the nations having lowest individual points
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    What unrealistic is about losing most of your crew by raking fire through stern? If you check the numbers on the video - OK = outside kills. You were just raked multiple times. Victory killed 400 men in one rake during trafalgar. You lost more than half by rakes. + 3v1 is very hard even against rattlesnakes. And please don't say it is unrealistic. Your actual battle (and yes i watched it just now )was captured on the painting in the 18th century (18th century twitch). Can you imagine that? "Capture of the french heavy ship by royal navy light privateers" Charles Brooking (1723-1759) So what are you talking about when saying weird or unrealistic? Btw.. you fought well. everyone sinks sometime. So what are you talking about when saying weird or unrealistic?
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    Here is a suggestion that has been suggested before and is being suggested again. BATTLE SAILS In battle it was VERY rare a ship would have full sails in battle, it would require to much crew to man all the sails AND keep control the ship AND have gun crews on all guns. Many ships would go to battle sails because it required less sailors to man the sails, and freed up more men for the guns and emergency repairs. Also it reduced the chance of masts coming down due to damage to rigging. So I suggest a simple solution. Sailing crew requirement increased across the board. But reduced as the sail power is reduced. So it would look like this. Snow sailing crew -60 FULL(100%) -60 Half(80%)-48 Slow(60%)-36 Battle(40%)-24 Dead Slow(20%)- 12 This would give more realistic look to sailing ships in battle, and give some options to captains who sail MASSIVE ships to man more guns or reduce the reload in favor of trying to run.
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    I like wipes too, as zays said, its the time where everyone is sailing frigates for a while. But announcing a total wipe NOW, months before anything is going to br wiped, is a mistake. Should have learnt that by now. It took what, 4 months the last time a wipe was announced, and player numbers dopped to a peak of 200. IF you are going to wipe, keep it secret. Make an announcement one or two weeks before it happens. But not 3 months...
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    Make Chartered War clan an alliance of clans of one nation where leading clan is the creator of chartered war alliance. Allow clans of a same nation to join or quit such alliances
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    This game was announced and still is summarized on steam as a "Hardcore" & " Realistic" one, a niche game, even before the steam release ... that's what it was supposed to be or become ... After 2300+ hours in game I took a one year break from it disappointed by many aspects and some of the directions it was taking, came back around one month ago and played intensively until now, at the very start i was like " So many things have changed", now after a month in it i am like " same old, same old"... The content beside a few more ships is still the same, or the lack of content should i say, the lack of depth, the alt accounts are more than ever a requirement for those who want to get all advantages possibles, the exploits or let's call it the use of ingame mechanics to get an advantage is still the favorite sport in game and the RNG while not present anymore on the ships building process itself is now worse than it ever was with so many books, upgrades and rare materials that can be combined together and giving some really good advantages. I will try to not be too long in what will follow, i already know it will because i have too much things to say so pardon me in advance but i need to do it before it's too late, before this game dies and ends up with just a few guys and them many alts populating the servers, guys not giving up after so many real cash and time invested in what could have been a magnificent game is the Dev's had followed one path and stick to it, instead of trying to please the guys who took this game for what was announced at start and the others who took this game expecting something more easy. Not in a priority order, just things that come to my mind each day when playing this game since i came back to it, some stuff already said more than a year ago before taking a break too but still true... sadly : - Remove all stuff you can get by the RNG lottery only, every player should be able to get everything without having to count on luck, might take time and some grind but enough of the RNG stuff, again we end up with some books and upgrades costing more than a top end ship, rare books exchanged vs a 1st rate, just remove all RNG once and for all, players time invested in game is what should allow them to build or get stuff, not some sort of poker where some will get lucky ( and can get lucky more than once ) and some others will spend them time in game to the end receive only crappy books or upgrades. - Economy is totally broken, first none of the NPC raw materials or crafted materials ( or NPC ships ) include the LH's cost in them, LH's is one of the rarest resources in game, yet nothing is accounted for them, and worst than this is NPC's selling materials for less than it cost me to extract them, Oak logs cost me 73 per unit if i extract them, the NPC's sell large quantities for something 49 to 53-54 gold per log... And i have to use LH's on the top of this to extract the logs .. What kind of economy is that ?? Only a few player produced resources like iron ore are worth being extracted compared to the prices NPC's sell them, most of the rest will cost you less to buy from NPC's than producing it... How can this work ? It simply can't when production of players cost more than what is available for cheaper on the market, and when players have to use LH's to do this. Just base you NPC's economy on players extraction cost + a certain amount of cash for the LH's used, and make the LH's price rate vary from one NPC to another, in the end to follow the first example you will find some oak logs a 73 cost + 25 gold per LH used on some shops, in some others it will be 73+ 50 gold per LH, 73+ 100 for Lh's used, and so on, some shops where there is heavy demand could raise them LH's prices way higher , player will then be able to compete with NPC's, sell stuff to other players that will pay off for the extraction cost+ LH's used and the 5% fee they have to pay when they put a contract up. Right now the economy is a disaster a good part of this is due to the fact that dev's don't bother to account for the LH's and put a price tag on them an aggravate this with NPC's selling mats for way lower than a player can produce them... - Being a max level crafter i don't have issues myself with the following but why did you remove the ability for sub crafters making parts to gain xp and raise up them crafting level, slowly but still gaining some xp and getting somewhere at the end, now they are screwed and need to either make ships of silly delivery missions bringing less benefit than attacking a simple AI trader for most of them... Waste of time. - The port to Unity 5 engine will start soon, probably a real UI will be done by then, so while you will do this, let me see what is the wind direction when i am in a port, don't force me to get out of the port with my ship just to check the wind direction, my captain is able to see the wind direction from the dock no ? And while you are at it, indicate me the wind direction currently running in OW when i end up a battle, at the end of the battle when i have the possibility to exit it, just add a compass showing me the wind direction, i'd rather stay 5-10mn in the battle session than exit and discover the wind is against me and will screw me ... Is this too much to ask ? I hope not. - Speaking of wind, make winds fluctuate in OW, wind forces and wind directions, instead of the regular and constant wind we get now, this will bring more depth to the game. - Allow me to use the protractor tool while in a port, allow me to draw routes and add annotations on the map, allow me to save those drawings on the map. - Add a spyglass icon in form of a cone showing up in the compass icon , so i know in which direction i am looking at looking at the compass. - Bring Nations flags in OW, and solve the issue of ships not able to be clicked on when on the edges of the screen. - Fix the damn ports entries problems, coming back after a year and still seeing the same ports supposed to be deep water ports where it's a pain in the rear (admiral) to enter ... More surprisingly i discovered than now i am able to enter shallow water ports while in a big ship not supposed to access those shallow ports, some i have to mess a bit at the entry, like for the problematic supposed deep water ones, some other ports i can enter without having to mess around, i have a deep water port ship and can enter the shallow water port without any problem , and can of course exit it ... - Price of warehouse extensions ... When it cost me less to make build an Indiaman just to store some stuff than extending my warehouse by only 8 slots for 250k there is a serious issue, let apart the next extensions costs... I came back to the one man clan with clan warehouse that is still more interesting for a 600k investment... You added tons of new stuff in game, materials and books players need to keep in hope to have the remaining and rare missing parts or books to do something useful with those, yet warehouses are still tiny as ever and cost tons of cash to extend to the point where building big cargo ships and buying docks slots to store them is more interesting than buying warehouses extensions... - Allow me to stack books and upgrades, i have an outpost that i extended with 8 slots just to store the things i get, it's full of them, as often i receive not really interesting upgrades like pumps in 7-8 exemplars but i need one slot wasted for each upgrade i want to keep and may use those in the future... - Speaking of room ... I had suggested long time ago that the shipyards with the cost they take to be built could give one free slot to store a ship, like a shipyard dry dock added since we need always a free slot to build a ship... Admin even said it was a good idea on the forum 1 year+ ago... Nice, but where is this ? if i have a shipyard level 2 give me a slot where i can store a ship that could have been built using my shipyard level 2, this slot won't allow me to store a 1st rate but will be something already... If i have a shipyard level 3 i can get one free slot allowing any ship to be stored... - Allow traders ships to unlock 5 knowledge slots based on travel XP instead of combat XP, there is no reason that they are always nerfed again and again and put down to misery with each patch... This is just made to cover up the lack of real content this game have to offer and to provide easy meat to supposed pvp players claiming that attacking traders is not a piece of cake... - Ships Battle Ratings and xp requirement for knowledge making no sense at all... What justify a Ship like the Essex to have a 225 battle rating compared to other ships like the trinc, Endymion, indefatigable or a pirate frigate Battle Rates? I am waiting for an answer to this one and ready to take notes, really impatient to hear about this ... Essex gets 225 BR, Pirate Frigate 180 BR, they have same exact armor thickness, pirate frigate have a tiny bit more armor HP, have better speed, have way better turn rate ( and it is not nerfed to make it turn against the wind like a fat rear ship will do... unlike the essex that became unable to tack against the wind without becoming a sitting duck for a while with no reasons at all for a ship of such size and class ), pirate frigate have only 1 less gun per side compared to the essex but have 2 chasers when the essex have none... 300 crew vs 315, 110 men for sails on the frigate vs 130 for essex and 2 less guns to man compensate easily ... and a boarding bonus for the pirate frigate when the Essex is getting a "get boarded bonus" if he tries to sail and turn against the wind with the ridiculous performances it gets there ... Yet one is 180 BR when the other is 225 ... One needs 1500 xp for the first slot when the other needs 2250 XP ... What in the world justify this BR's differences, same stuff compared to some other ships like trinc, indefatigable etc? - Give the ability to load 20 guns per side if i want to instead of having to load the full broadside of 30 guns for example. - Perks reset and single captain in game ... Either give me 2 captains, one for warships other for trader ships or allow me to reset the perks let's say each 48h once i buy the permit ( permit price can go up to 500 marks i don't mind as long as i don't have to pay for a permit each time). Allow me to reset the perks so i can do 48h of trader captain work, then reset perks again and do 48h of warship captain work ... or simply give me 2 captains, one for each dedicated work, we are pretty much forced into trading now, yet one captain should fulfill all tasks... - Crossed swords invisible from 30 meters away during heavy storms, those can last up to 45 minutes in game , just add a colored border line to the swords... - Allow transformation and melting of things like coins and cannons to turn them into ingots or ore in the workshop. - Allow to ring the bell in OW like we can do in battle sessions, to prevent abuses only those being part of your clan or being part of your friends list will be able to hear it, will be a nice touch to salutes other captains when we cross them in OW, add an option to disable this feature for those not wanting it at all. - Limit the number of repairs each ship can carry in OW, i mean make a special part of the cargo for repairs, like for the section we have for marks or upgrades, limit the number in this section and only allow the repairs stored there to be used in battle or OW, a player can have more in the cargo itself but will need to dock on a port to switch them to the dedicated repairs section , also we have sails & hull repairs + rum, but in battle repairing the ships replace the not anymore usable guns... makes sense ... not - BTW why is my captain able to store and teleport safely with some upgrades and cannot do this with a simple book ?? Why can't i put a book in my Cpt chest ? - PVP events ... sig ... Alts accounts fest, always in the same areas of the map, logout the alt at sea in a trader , log it in when event pops out, sail a few minutes, pick a chest, logout again and wait for support, or eyes looking around or just run away with your precious loot... - Don't show crew numbers on a ship in a battle session, makes no sense that i have x-ray scanner to see how many guys are hiding in a ship ... - Stop to create false content with things like pve missions where enemy players can enter on, this is blatant example of false pretend of content to mask the reality of no content this game really offers, same with traders nerfed to hell each patch a bit more .. but heh you can jump into a player mission and get some pvp ... detestable mechanics... - Stop encouraging alt accounts, probably a nice source of income but not a way to keep the game prospering and growing up, bringing new players and keeping them interested is what should be any developer goal... But crafting resources not accessible for some Nations, smugglers not anymore able to put contracts on enemies nations, and lastly the new victory marks only needed to login once each 14 days to get a victory mark ... Stop trying to sell more copies of the game to the already existing users and populate the servers with fake players accounts, encourage the venue of new players that will find some depth and stick to the game instead... - PB's, regions captured and hostility levels ... When i left the game the consensus was that there was too much PB's and something had to be done to reduce this... I come back and see that hostilities can be raised up in like 2 hours and now instead of loosing one port per PB you loose 5-6-7 ports at once... How great, you can flip a map even faster than before... How comes that the game ended up in such badly designed system ? The flags were not perfect, needed some tweaks like a flag bought for a city could not be bought again for an entire region for like 2 weeks to prevent the old system of buy a flag, win or loose a PB, next day buy a flag to conquest this lost city and so on... A simple time delay on flags combined with a regions system had done great, and maybe the possibility for a Nation to buy 2 flags at max per week and if it was attacked, if one Nation had attacked it then it had the possibility to buy a third flag, a counter attack flag to attack the hostile Nation on his own waters... This had reduced greatly the PB's and gave a nice result, with fleets able to be prepared, including smaller Nations having time to be ready. Current system that was supposed to put a stop on quick conquests of the map just made it easier and faster and more silly from my point of view... - Merging of servers, when i took a break it was supposed to happen, not done, regrettable decision. - Selective fishing, i select and decide what type of fishes i want to catch or not catch ( let's say nets of different sizes ) , keeping only fishes i want and throwing out or not catching those i don't want in an automatic process, bottle always seen by crew and picked up. - Fish food perishable at seas if the ship stays too long at seas, need to have barrels and salt to directly transform the fish and salt into food supplies while at sea. We are under the tropics ... stay at sea for a week+ come back with fresh fish meat to sell isn't a thing. - Make day/night cycles longer and allow me to turn off or on the lanterns on my ships. - Allow players to know them positions once per day or at night too if sky is clear, to simulate tools they already used at those times, only when there is storms and heavy rain it won't work. - Remove F11 coords once and for all, add some salt to crypt the coords if they need to stay in the log files, each players will get different values based on the encrypting, not exploitable anymore, only the Dev's will know the Hash to restore them in case of need for a bug report. - Add additional chasers guns to ships who had them in real life... - Remove fleet as a perk, allow one ship fleet for a warship for each player, maybe 2 ships fleet for a trader ship maybe ( not sure ), and all being of the same class, you sail a 5th you have at max 5th's as fleet. But not making this a perk and not having large fleets of AI possible with each player. - Bring back Santa Cecilia. ( Please ) - Open world random small events, like help a trader AI ship having issues, when clicking on a AI trader it will indicate he have issues, like if we had OW flags he could use flags to communicate at distances using flag codes, then give him sails repair kits, or tow him to a friendly ports, send a few of your crew on it etc, bring rewards for helping it, gold or sometimes one piece of the interesting stuff he carries or a book, whatever, needs to be rare but happening once in a while to bring some life and depth into the OW. - Dolphins and some stuff like turtles in OW seen once in a while , take a look at "Stranded Deep" for some assets ... Same game engine, plenty of things to be inspired from... - Bottles and wrecks not based on RNG but travel distance, one guy could get a bottle after 500k distance done, another after sailing 750k , but between those two distances sailed a bottle will drop for sure, only will be sooner for some than for some others but no more 3 bottles in 30 minutes for one while the other get none in 8 days when the spent way more time traveling and doing stuff in game than the other player ... - Make bottle drops rare but ships wrecks content worth it, imagine a new player, he buys a trader ship just to go pick his first bottle expecting some kind of valuable stuff, his first treasure, travel there in his freshly bought ship just to end up picking some iron ingots, sugar and tobacco ... WTF is that as a reward seriously ? Make bottles rare but content worth it, not being garbage a 6th rate will bring doing a single mission in terms of value in the same time it took to go pick the bottle ... Oh and make wrecks having some logic, them size vs what you will pick from them , getting 1167.84 cargo out of a trader snow able to carry at max 900 cargo makes no sense ... - AI traders cheap loot most of the times and no XP given in knowledge slots for attacking them (even in a way smaller ship ), make them well escorted but dropping something interesting more than once each blue moon and maybe less present in lands borders but more seen in OW doing long trips. - OW speed being a joke now, 33-34Kn , ships draw distances have not changed tho, still very short with ship poping out of nowhere by magic, the draw distances are so short that at those speeds it take a blink to see a ship and jump on it, bring it back to what is was before for speed, now it feel silly to say the least... You increased OW speeds because some were crying about it, yet i still see this coming back in chat regularly... Be sure that as long as they won't have immediate TP to any point of the map when they want they won't be pleased. This game was not promoted as an assasin's creed black flag arcade type of game, you try to please and bring more easy mode guys to the game, kill the nature and essence itself of the game it was supposed to be and in the end please nobody, and as long as you won't make your mind about this and try to please those who came for what was announced and those who came for a pew pew motorboat game it will be a failure. We used to have no teleports between outposts possible, only once each 4 hours a tp to capital, no trader tool, no shop having the same price as another, prices fluctuating each time a transaction was done in the shop, no info's for the products produced unless you visited the city, no API to know what was available and at what price, no production buildings, no stupid OW speeds allowing to cross the map in a blink and yet the game was way more populated than it ever was since you started to please the easy mode crowd... think twice at this and get back on rails ... - Silly modules, too many of them, and all having way too much bonuses and being stackable, now all ships are able to be turned into motorboats, getting them sailing profiles changed to ridiculous levels, was better before when you knew that ship X no matter the modules it have could not catch ship Y, many ask for a speed cap removal, this isn't the solution game is supposed to be realistic, having 3rd rates sailing at 15Kn is stupid period, review the bonus for woods and upgrades, remove some books and upgrades, some like optimized ballast and cargo optimization do almost the same things anyways, but it is also possible to stack them and makes the things worse, bring back ships having some sense like it was one year ago, not ships all able to run at insane speeds, limit woods used on some ships if it's needed, don't allow to make a third or 1st rate out of fir wood if needed but bring back some logic into the game and the ships hierarchy for the speed meta at least. Now i can use upgrades to get a 5th rate having more thickness and hp than a 4th rate, a 3rd having more speed than a 5th rate and so on ... what kind of mess is this ? Where are the Historical and Realistic things promoted by this game ? - Last change for invisibility and speed of light still favor the attackers and gankers, already using the faster ships to do them forfeitures, picking the prey they want ( often with the help of spies or alt accounts even if many will swear they never use some and do pure pvp... ) and fleeing away easily from the ones chasing them, you can make a nice tackler ship it's useless now with all speed upgrades and modules/books allowing to modify a ship sailing profile, they just need to have the eyes open and escape to just come back and pick a prey to jump in a bit after, and now can do this even easier with last patch changes... still no protection for starting players doing missions around capitals ( like if they don't have it already hard to face 2 or now 3 ships in them missions , and get enemies allowed to enter them too ... ) still no AI attacking back to defend at least in those capitals areas, still the same pick your preys around capitals encouraged as ever... and remove free towns once and for all or turn them into pure commercial towns allowing to dock only trader ships there and refusing warships. - Pirates supposed to be the hardcore way of playing this game... yeah... give me a minute to laugh for a bit before i continue.... they almost always had advantages no other regular Nation could get and can do the exact same things as other Nation on the top of this ... what kind of hardcore mode is that when they can profit of the same things and get advantages others don't have ? That's it, i said what i had to say, probably many will disagree on many points, but that's how i see things from my point of view, this game could have been a gem, a magnificent one, but it looks like the more it goes the deeper it digs to bury itself in a hole it will never be able to exit from, and at this rate i don't think it will last long before the only ones remaining in game will be the ones who have invested in a lot of alts accounts and want to have a return on the investment done, a few real players and them numerous alts accounts only ... It ain't too late to change things and make this game what it was supposed to be " Naval Action is a hardcore, realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat sandbox immersing players into the experience of the most beautiful period of naval history - when sailing ships ruled the seas. " I probably forget about some stuff, i'm sure i did , already too much said but i don't think it will take long before i don't have the opportunity anymore to say the things i think about all this, might sound like anger, might some stupid for some others, but that's what i feel after taking a year break and coming back for a month, was expecting things to become better but it ain't the case, last patch again showed me that beside a very few good decisions most changes had made things worse and further away from what this game was supposed to be... Thanks to those who took the time to read this long pile of words, no matter if they agree or disagree on one or more points, and sorry for the bad wording and errors, English is not my primary language, but yeah i had to do it ...
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    we decided against posting detailed information on sank players as sinking is sometimes humiliating enough.
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    Why do people think that forever open battles is a good idea? It only leads to chaos and frustration. I really don't get this.
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    Однажды у самого шведского порта, 3 Шведа гоняли непись под фортом, И к башням прижались, подкрепа позвали, Но ганкеры их один хрен разобрали, И крабы тогда побежали к разрабам, Мол дате нам Вики в подкрепы хотя бы, Спасите разрабы, Ни то мы уйдем, Другую игру мы для крабства найдем. Зеленую зону нам растяните, Подкрепы в открытое море введите, Чтоб бой был открыт, минут двадцать пять Сокланов чтоб можно было спасать, А то отжимают на сюрпах Беллоны, Не в нас то проблема – они все гандоны, Играть научились с закрытого теста И нас нагибают - сука, не честно! А если и дальше продолжат нас бить, Мы снова на форуме будем все ныть, Ведь лучше под нас геймплей изменять, Чем научиться нормально играть.
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    Look, I have no problem with alts used for economic means, and or legitimate, in-real-life spying assuming that they are actually played, leveled, and used by the person in a way that is legit. But when a single clan, which constitutes the bulk of an entire nation, has 5+ alts in every other nation coupled with an automated way to monitor nation and clan chats that have been infiltrated? This reinforces the pay-to-win nature of them to an extent that truly affects RvR and the balance of the game in meaningful ways. See these for what we are up against on the Global Server. This is an automated tool that some clan, who shall rename nameless in order to not besmirch the characters of the innocent, has developed to automate the capture of nation chats through the use of logged in alts (notice the "Active Spies" count for each nation below). It's quite well made, where perceived leaders in each nation can be highlighted and PvP results as well in different colors. The joy is that this can be monitored when not even logged into the game so that you can be alerted immediately when things are happening in your area. It's a great tool: This was communicated in private to the developers and we were told to just "deal with it" as nation chat is insecure, blah blah blah. So my thinking on alts is that the dev's will take every additional sale with a shot of vodka, regardless of the sale's intended use, and that third party tools like the above will flourish as long as people are willing to make them. But what this creates is a highly asymmetric landscape of competition across an already unbalanced server, and unfortunately the dance between the win-at-all-costs mentality vs. mechanics to create a fun and competitive MMO game world is being won by the pirates (used loosely here of course).
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    Если это все проблемы новичков которые вы видите, то позвольте я добавлю еще вопросов: 1) Вы разве не считаете что достаточно дорогое обслуживание корабля не является проблемой? На примере Сюрпа и магазина: Корабль примерно 80к, пушки к нему 40 орудий даже по 2 тыщи это минимум 80к, ремки 30 хулов х 1600=48к + 50 ригов х 600=30к + 100 рома по 160 =16к ИТОГО снарядить корабль в магазе стоит 252 000 денег, это Сюрприз. Можно конечно захватить у неписи, но все хотят хорошие корабли на лонгах, не так ли? Рассмотрим за сколько мисок игрок накрабит эти деньги? В среднем миска на 5й ранг дает 25-30 тыщ денег в сумме. Итого 7-10 мисок, однообразных мисок. Каждая по 20-30 минут(это все же новичек еще) и того 3-5 часов сплошного и унылого крабства, при условии что игрок, он же новичек, не потеряет корабль в ходе миссий, ведь на сколько я слышал, урон неписи подняли и шанс что игрок, он же новичек, сольется на этой неписи все же есть, особенно когда некому научить, особенно когда на эту миску он пошел не на скрафченном зафитованном корабле стоймостью минимум 250 000, а на захваченном, возможно даже фировом корабле Итого, для того что бы почувствовать себя человеком игрок должен убить кучу времени в однообразном фарме, а слить это все он может в любой момент. И что вы думаете он сделает, когда убив 5 часов на добычу корабля 5 го ранга(не самого топового) он его сольет? Я знаю, он скажет :" Черт, в моей сраной нации так мало активных игроков, пойду ка я отсюда" 2) В любой игре разработчики стараются дать игроку возможность почувствовать себя кем то крутым. Может ли это быть проблемой? Именно для этого придумали аватаров, что бы игрок создавал свое alter ego. Ну там крутой капитан с длинной бородой и красном сюртуке, или боец спецназа. Вот в Навале я к примеру чаще всего Сюрприз, и не только я один..... Я даже не человек, я просто корабль. Позволит ли это игроку погрузиться в атмосферу игры? Любой игрок должен чувствовать себя особенным, из разряда "А я у мамы самый лучший". Именно по этому в большинсте игры мы играем за всяких там избранных и решаем судьбы галактик. Кем себя чувствует новичек в Навале? Ну он сначала кучу времени, не понимая что вообще к чему сливается об непись, и вот как только он научится более менее попадать по кораблям и возможно даже не дохнуть от апнутой неписи, он пойдет в ПвП, где его просто четвертуют, ибо на данный момент онлайн маленький и его составляют те, кто несмотря на кучу гневных постов любит эту игру и разделает новичка минут за 5. Потеряв корабль новичек должен будет вернуться к унылому крабству, при условии что он очень полюбил игру, в противном случае он уйдет Подводя итог в этом пункте имеем, что новичек изначально что в ПвП, что в ПвЕ чувствует себя говном в большинстве случаев, с тем же успехом вместо начальной заставки Навала, ну что бы уже каждый входящий понмал что к чему можно вогнать этот ролик: 3) Конечно же интерфейс. Да глядя на него, даже после прочтения в стиме что игра в глубокой альфе слезы наворачиваются. Есть же выражение: Встречают по одежке. Всем насрать, что где то когда то Админ писал почему интерфейс не делают, мы живем в эпоху потребления, многие зададут само собой разумеющийся вопрос:" что, за несколько лет альфы нельзя было пририсовать интерфейс? Сейчас куча браузерных игр с онлайном больше Навала в разы. Да, там популярнее тематика, но они ко всему прочему еще и радуют глаз, потому что всех сразу встречает буйство красок и гениальность арт дизайнера. В результате имеем: Нужно много крабить если ты только не бог ПвП - бесит Просрать все мучительно накрабленное., все, без остатка, ни тебе страховок, ничего, можно за секунду, даже банально через диконнект - бесит В игре в начале ты никто, тебя мочит непись, тебя мочат игроки - бесит Каждый раз сталкиваясь с интерфейсом - бесит Монотонность контента - бесит И так далее, само собой когда столько вещей бесит - игроки будут уходить. И они уходят, а значит я хоть и отчасти, но прав. Не подумайте, не в коем разе не хочу чморить игру, я просто пытаюсь указать на недостатки с высоты своей колокольни. И само собой игр я не делал сам так что кто я такой что бы советовать. Но меня очень радует тот факт, что студия озадачена вопросом отсутствия и оттока новичков из игры.
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    "и тут капитан кирк или как его там, бьет себя по лбу уже не ладошкой, а большим елдаком" п.с. Даже обсуждения в теме никакого нету, потому что люди ща сидят и просто ахеревают с этого. Нашли сцк самую главную проблему в игре :D:D:D - нахер контент, перелопатим заново политику - нахер локализацию, подергаем ползунок урона - нахер новые корабли, уберем просто пару тройку старых - нахер рекламу, черный пиар в стиме, тоже реклама - нахер вообще онлайн, мы еще не решили это фича или нет
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    First portbattles between Danmark (Basse-Terre 1st) and French (Domenica 4th). Salute to both nations, GF & WP.
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    they are not going to be the same Old patch Fully rigged Victory could reach 15.35 - capped at 15 (total bonuses 42%) Fully rigged Constitution could reach 17.37 - capped at 15 (total bonuses 42%) After upgrade rebalance Victory can reach 13.19 (total bonuses 22%) Constitution can reach 14.92 (total bonuses 22%) The bonuses were too high.
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    Some pea and apples for you, i hope i helped.
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    Captains. Unity 5 build is being deployed and will be live today Goals for testing Try to report problems that came out due to porting to UNITY 5 (and our QA could have missed) with fonts, sounds, particles, other issues related to visuals and sounds Try to report stability and performance problems Test new ships - by fighting them in pvp and pve. Special upgrade test - a very good upgrade that was increasing vertical sector of fire was not working for misterious reasons after wipe and was crashing (freezing) client for participants in the battle. We want to bring it back. We have provided all ships with this upgrade - please have as many pvp fights as possible. Ideal nation for this is pirates (as you can have never ending outlaw battles) right near Mortimer. We have provided 30 ships to have it done. We plan to add more before weekend in case you run out. We will provide the skill book that we want you to test (related to fire sectors) Please report feedback in this topic. Report bugs by F11 and cross post here if you feel so. Also post beautiful screens of new vessels if you get ones you like very much. how to get in
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    Games are art and we are artists. We want and will make many games. Van Gogh made 2400 paintings over his life. Dali made 1400. Sid Meier launched another game during civilization 1 development and worked on another one as well (all during civ 1 development). Regarding finishing first game before starting another. Our first game is finished and has been added to the list of best 25 war-games of all time by PC Gamer, also it was named best Wargame of 2014 by PCGamesN. It is also in the top 25 best rated games of 2014 on metacritic. It went on to sell 400,000 copies on PC and iPad/Iphone and is named Ultimate General Gettysburg. I was an art director/producer and co-designer on that game. We worked on NA in parallel during that first game development. If we followed your advice NA would not exist. So don't worry, I am from the internet . We know what we are doing.
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    the problems will be fixed (most of them) we took the hardcore highway but missed some important things when implementing it first things that will be done (mentioned in the preliminary changes to conquest and regions) we will rework the content so it works on minimal online providing stability for new players allowing them to build out and venture to pvp when they want. we will rework PB and hostility in a simple way that removes alts from port battles and conquest completely (clans will be able to set friendly lists) we will change ship prices and streamline some crafting blueprints we will remove resources from conquest goals as it is a fake feature which blocks gameplay to average players (removing them from the game) we will change the main focus from serving pvp players to serving average players. (previously all the features were focused on making a player a target - in fact all the features were done to make a player a target at all times). in parallel we will improve UI and add localization.
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    You don't mention (very interested in why) that EVE required you to pay 14 dollars per month for how many years? So lets talk about it Players who spend 3000 hours (we have a lot) would have paid us 350 dollars already (if you play 4 hours per day every day this means 750 days or additional 350 dollars) Average hours in game are 100. This means on average players (if we would be EVE) would have paid us additional 45 dollars (so 100 dollars on average from a player. Now what this means is very exciting. If we launched with EvE payment terms today we would be making approximately 300k per month (10000 active weekly players or 20,000 active monthly players). IMPORTANT: THIS IS EVEN WITH CURRENT ONLINE NUMBERS. This means. i would be able to afford 10-15 more 3d modelers which will allow 5-7 ships per month with ship interiors deck views stern and bow customization sailplans customizations I would be able to hire 10 programmers and writers who can deliver one major update (with NEW content) every month instead of one tuning and improvement or remake every 3-4 months. shallows new ai better missions quest lines manning forts on deck boarding multiship boarding more crew on deck Dedicated support and trained paid mods. currently support is done by a support designer, qa and sometimes devs, which is crap as customer service must be magical. But its impossible as there is no subs. When haters post on steam DON'T BUY THE GAME - NONE of you you come to post something opposite there. As a result. People stop buying. Which is fine for us. People vote with the wallet and this is just business. You wanted to see a Grand plan - it was here all the time. We never said anything different. Its a box product with fixed content promised. The promised grand plan is simple https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=259130636 which is The game will be shipped in 3 stages. Episode 1: Multiplayer combat. Episode 2: Upgradeable ships, crews, ranks, boarding Episode 3: Sandbox open world, crafting and conquest Early access content 10 ships 3 maps (weather and night or day) These will be available after we get greenilght and get our build approved by Valve. PC Only. DX11 supported video card required. Remember that we said - we will develop it based on your support and encouragement. We delivered what we promised and more (3 or more unique port harbors, huge historical world, dynamic weather, day and night cycle, 10+ ships or maybe more). And the roadmap is currently just localization (promised) and user interface. After that we will work on NA until the sales stop. Based on reviews and community reactions to haters who deliberately try to stop new players from buying it is going to happen very soon. It will have community support and only new ships from Legends will be added to NA OW edition because the code is shared. This post above may sound very harsh for you, I hope it's taken as tough love. I no longer want to hear weak excuses, or blaming developers. We delivered what we promised. I want to hear optimism and confidence, and small steps in the right direction constantly - which means stopping raising expectations and accepting the game as is - helping players understand whats good about it, as we know there are good things otherwise you would not be here. Another things is to start thinking for the game as a whole and for other groups of players who play the game. As too often feedback is just targeting one side of the story and make it worse for the other.
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    Dear developers, I would like to take this opportunity to point out some of the potential the PvE server has to offer. I understand NA was initially designed as a hardcore Age Of Sail sand box PvP combat game and you are working hard to live up to it with the help of the PvP community that is quite dedicated despite some of the rants/frustrations. This post is about the PvE server created later on to attract players like myself who are fans of the Age Of Sail, but not necessarily of clans/RvR/PvP. The PvE community is quite small compared to the PvP one, however, we are as dedicated though less vocal. The game was not marketed/advertised to attract the likes of me and still, here I am. I had read there was a PvE server, got on the forum and asked about it. 2-3 days later I bought the game. Since then, I have been a staunch advocate of the red headed child that the PvE server is. Despite my previous rants (I do have a couple), I enjoy this game very much, always been fan of the period and I happen to discover it right after I finished the Hornblower series and started the Aubrey-Maturin one. This could not have been a more perfect time. Anyway, I understand the priority is to continue working on PvP in order to produce a finished product, which the PvP community is anxiously waiting for. But I wanted to lobby on behalf of the PvE community so the server remains up and running past the 12-18 months you had mentioned a couple of months ago when the suggestion to merge servers turned out to be unpopular (posters, please refrain from engaging in a debate about who opposed it most, thank you). Once the PvP version hits the market as the final product, we, the PvE community hope you will not give up on us and hope you will put in some time to make it a game that will attract more players and continue to run in parallel just like the PvP server. As many have suggested it in the past, PvE can be a stepping stone towards PvP. It can be used as a "training ground" for future PvP'ers as well as a bonafide finished game for PvE'ers. The community is very helpful and will continue to answer the same questions over and over again (what's the pray button for? how do you catch fish? how do you put guns on the ship?...etc). New players can learn the basics of both trade and combat in a relatively safe environment. Then when they feel confident, they can switch to the big boys' server. Maybe once new players reach the rank that allows them to fully man a 6th rate, they can then transfer and get the required XP as a redeemable. I strongly believe that if the PvE sever is advertised appropriately, it will attract many more players than it has now. Although it's only averaging a 100 players a day, there are many more than that as it is not the same 100 that play all day everyday, and this is without any particular marketing. In a previous discussion, you had said that even without marketing you were getting a decent number of new sales every month. So imagine if PvE was marketed to the people with interest, this can only be a win win situation. Of course, the game on the PvE server will need some attention in due time and will require some new content. There have been several suggestions already, but this is not about rehashing them, but merely to bring your attention to the possibilities PvE game play on the PvE sever offers. I was chatting on Global today and asked what the other PvE'ers thought the PvE version of NA was and a few said it was an Age Of Sail combat and trade sim (this will probably start a firestorm, but keep in mind, I am talking about the PvE server and no one is suggesting the PvP server should become a trade sim), which is fine for those interested in that style and it seems that is what PvE players like, that's why they are on the PvE server and not elsewhere. Therefore, the PvE server advertised as an MMO sand box combat and trade sim will find a larger audience than it has now. Half the work is already done, mechanics are being tweaked for PvP, which will most probably work just fine on the PvE server, some PvP specific items will be removed once the game is ready for launch (like timers and other restrictions that were brought on due to PvP imbalance), graphics are already great, ship models unbelievable, only thing missing is the PvE specific content. One of the players said this about PvE: "Every player a friend, every AI an enemy, battle with famous ships in nimble brigs, fast frigates and powerful line ships" (Aeomar), he actually summed up the way I feel about the PvE server. On this note, I hope I got your attention even for a brief moment and hope this game continues to grow along with it's great community. Thank you,
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    We always wanted to make a pvp harsh world and learned a lot in a process. thanks to NA community (even harshest critics). As promised we will try to focus on PVE after unity5/ui/localization. First step into actually fixing things is NA Legends - the game which solves 90% of problems for competitive pvp players, removing things that are not needed if the only thing you are interested in is fair pvp battles and nothing else.
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    lol. This is just alt paranoia. A huge majority of new players buy this game "because ships" and don't really care about alts or rvr. War companies will eliminate alts from your conquest.
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    thank you everyone for feedback. we will update the main post and provide the new version of the proposal
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    But it makes its amazingly easy and a bit more stable for new players. New system basically separates normal players from hardcore RVR players without interfering with each other's goals. Normal players just want to play, rvr players want to conquer. Everyone will be happy as a result.
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    there are two solutions to this alliances between clans (potential feature for the future) raiding becomes meaningful. If you can find time when the clan port is unprotected you can take their warehouse and rob them. Building a bigger fleet for the future. Defending will be harder for smaller clans.
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    Also note that with the removal of craft XP except for ships, low level crafters will not be able to bring up their level without being able to sell their low level ships.
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    I'm not too sure what I'm supposed to think about all this, but in general isnt more pvp better?
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    There were no mention of the rewards in the patch notes. The text was a legacy text which was removed as it was redundant. There are a lot of redundant texts still in game that will be removed over time during UI rework.