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    Captains Mega patch with multiple changes will be deployed tomorrow 8th March! PVP/PVE Patrols PVP was made more affordable and rewarding with the introduction of Patrol missions More information can be found here Tiered rewards will be added to patrols in the next couple of weeks after this event is tested New content will be added to admiralty in the next couple of weeks Conquest Changes: Conquest for everyone Conquest no longer favors only leading nation Any player can get access to victory marks, by just being a lord protector at least one port on monday maintenance Victory marks distribution has changed. Lord protectors will now receive victory marks every week based on their port ownership on conquest round end (weekly). Victory mark distribution is tiered and has diminishing returns. You will get 1 mark extra mark for every 3 ports you control but the max number of marks that can be received is limited by 5. Example 1-3 ports: 1 victory mark 4-6 ports: 2 victory marks 7-9 ports: 3 victory marks 10-12 ports: 4 victory marks 13-15 ports: 5 victory marks 16-18 ports: 5 victory marks etc.. To promote more activity across all time zones, Port battle timer now costs 500,000 per day; old 100k price was ridiculously low and cost of the capture timer will continue to evolve Hostility missions improvements. NPC defence fleets in hostility missions now adapt to an attacker force. Responding with similar vessels both in rating and in numbers. If one player will come to generate hostility on the enemy force he will encounter 1 defender. If 10 players come to generate hostility they will encounter 10 npc defender ships. The problem of the inability for the port owner to provide an adequate defence force is solved by limitation of player ships in the hostility mission. Both defender and attacker can only bring 10 vessels into the hostility mission. Hostility missions now spawn 30% closer to the port Reinforcement zones rules of engagement change ability to pull the players to the battle using NPC attack - removed ability to pull the players into battle using player attack - removed if battle is created in the reinforcement zone only attacked player or battle group is pulled into battle all others will be able to join using positional reinforcement and can decline to do so. This will remove the potential for grief and abuse in the reinforcement areas. Add. Positional entry rules mean battles are open until they end, which greatly help defenders to punish the hostiles Battle groups reworked Battle group will act as a battle group only when there are 6 players or more in the group. The status of the battle group is shown in the group interface and will tell you if your group is a battle group. This is done to remove abuse of battle groups mechanics allowing creation of solo battle groups to avoid screening. Other changes and improvements Clicking on a ship in the open world will now show the circle around him, that can help understanding who will be pulled into the battle if he is attacked. This will be very helpful in station keeping when traveling in the open world. Unrated vessels without the chasers now have the control perk too PVP Upgrade Drop. Player ships will now drop one of the installed upgrades into its hold if boarded or killed. You cannot enter or exit shallow water ports with deep water ships. Use tow ship function to move the deep water ships out of shallow water areas. Player names and ship names removed from ENEMY players in the open world identification. You will only know that it is a player and an approximate rank of the vessel/vessels. You will only be able to find out the name of the captain once you engage. Names of your nation's captains are not affected. Checkbox to only show online clan members added to clan interface Tow to port now creates a PB entry timer. Timer is the same as the PB timer created after normal battles. Attack circle is reduced. You will be able (theoretically) to lay fire immediately after attack. This is done to reduce counter tagging. Minimal speed in the open world is now 4knots, to provide better experience in long journeys. Ship sinking time is increased by 30% for destroyed ships to make picking up loot easier. Side force no longer affects speed indication Epic events no longer spawn very close to shallow waters Brace command is reassigned to F10 - to remove accidental clicking (40% of new player bug reports were about brace) Wasa, L Hermione, Santa Cecilia received a slight armor buff Wasa, Hamburg, Ingermanland, L Hermione, Santa Cecilia received a turn rate buff Leeway force from square sails, and staysails/jibs slightly increased NPC ships HP buffed slightly to compensate lack of repairs Barricades now have the attack penalty and are a pure defensive upgrade Angle importance on penetration slightly increased (need more testing) to provide more options to control incoming damage into hull Edinorog accuracy reduced to somewhere between carronades and medium guns. Vertical sector greatly reduced as it would be impossible to use edinorog howitzer firing through ports of the ship. All other upgrades increasing vertical gun sector drastically nerfed Rigging specialist perk nerfed as its bonuses were too high. Acceleration/Deceleration formulas improved based on the wetted area calculations; which in general reduces tacking effectiveness for wider deeper vessels. Ships created through admiralty notes can occasionally receive crafting bonuses and extra slots. Tutorial Tutorial button is temporarily removed for the final integration of rewards and final exams. Leveling and rank progression and crew assignment for ranks will change in the next couple of weeks. Plans for March/Early April Integration of the open world UI into the game Finalization of tutorial Premium ship pack containing 3 ships (2 of which could be acquired in game by other means) Hotfix March 8th Ship crafting bug fixed PVP Patrol button is temporarily removed to fix the Battle circle of doom sometimes spawning with an offset killing everyone in the instance Database is being reverted to today's maintenance state due to too many ships lost in events and crafted. Hotfix March 9th Fixed bug caused the Battle circle of doom to spawn incorrectly. PVP Patrol missions are back. Hotfix March 13th Fixed bug that prevented pvp patrol rules of engagement in Nassau order.
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    Hello Captains We already announced the changes that will improve the hostility missions and victory mark distribution in game, giving everyone equal footing. Individual port ownership will grant you victory marks and even owning one port will make your conquest efforts count. You will no longer be limited by your nation capabilities and your small clan can influence the conquest, and get rewarded even if you are the only clan in your nation. Now it is time to improve pvp itself. In one patch a new type of mission will be added to the game. This mission will completely change the mechanics and motivation behind progression and will route the player to one of the most fun and varied activity in the game. PvP missions will reward player based on the damage he was able to inflict on enemy shipping. PvP missions will reward the player with ships, repairs and small amount of pvp marks. The goal is to remove gear fear from pvp and motivate fighting, not ship preservance. Example of the mission for the light frigates La Mona Naval Patrol Captain: Your task is to inflict as much damage as possible on the enemy players shipping in the designated areas of the Caribbean. Running is discouraged, preservation of your vessel is not important! Assigned ships Cerberus, Renomme, Surprise. Goal: Inflict 5000 damage on enemy shipping in the area. Rewards: Random light frigate note, 30 rig repairs, 30 hull repairs, 250 rum, 5 pvp marks, combat ready upgrade, some money for fitting and guns. The player will have to arrive to the designated area, damage enemy ships and probably sink as a result, but he will learn something. Of course due to 2.5x pvp xp bonuses he will be leveling up faster and such navy patrols will help him recover losses. This feature will be further underlined by the fact that tutorial master exam will award the player with the M&C rank making him immediately useful + such missions will route him to the most fun activity in game. Discuss.
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    Captains. Patch 22 is being deployed today. Patrol Adjustable BR limits introduced for patrols. You wont be able to join the battle if your entry will exceed the Patrol limit. Patrol limits Hispaniola 8000 Antilles 5000 Tumbado 3000 Nassau 1000 Adjustable BR Mechanics (making full 25 1st rates battles still possible) When battle is created - everyone in the pull circle will get in. If the BR of one side at the start of the battle is lower than the patrol limit: patrol limit will be used for reinforcements If the BR of one side at the start of the battle is higher than the patrol limit: that BR will be used for reinforcements Be wary when sailing in the large group exceeding the BR limit. If you are not in the pull circle you wont be pulled into battle and wont be able to reinforce. Thickness changes Influence of angle for penetration improved. Importance of angle at direct hits reduced: All guns penetrate an oak First rate armor at 50-100m Importance of angle at oblique hits increase: 42lb wont penetrate Surprise at 15 degrees with ease. Lets see how it goes and tune more before weekend. Grape issue fixed Bug causing grape not penetrating 0 physical planking if the ship had upgrades with planking bonuses in centimeters - fixed. Windows and ports were not affected by the bug so it was not very noticeable against ships with large windows and a lot of ports Visual improvements of your ability to enter battles where two enemy nations are battling each other. If nation is shown in green or white - you can enter If enemy nation is shown in red - you cannot enter As a result you do not waste time sailing to the wrong circle (as button only appear when you are in a circle). ps. two more patrol areas (with some land within the zone) will come in the next patch. Hotfix March 22th Crew splinter resistance bonus changes Some fitting combinations allowed complete reduction of crew damage. Such upgrades and books bonuses were reduced. Max possible crew resistance due to ship build and training is 49.5% We have added crew resistance bonuses to oak (10%) and sabicu planking (5%) Other changes Bow figure - Katherine turn rate bonus was lowered to 3%
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    Hello captains Within a week new type of daily mission will appear in game for testing Rules: Arrive to a designated area Deal as much damage as possible to ships located in that area (both players and npc's count), return to the zone if you sink to finish the goal. all damage counts, crew, sails, structure, planking. Receive PVP marks for completion (by claiming in the mission interface) All other considerations are secondary, running is discouraged, ships expendable. Motivation to fight To discourage running, escape is impossible from the battles created within the patrol zone. Exit is only possible if all enemies are sank Running from battles is punishable by death (your ship is destroyed) Battle zone within the combat instance gives plenty of room initially, but shrinks to 500m Radius by 1h-25 mins to completely remove the desire to kite or sail around Rewards Initial mission rewards are set as follows - for testing!: Deal 20000 damage, receive 10 PvP marks (for reference purpose if you de-sail and destroy a trader's brig you will get 6000 damage) Once the basic mission is tested we will we will add tiered rewards which will allow you to receive more rewards if you survive longer and stay in the zone longer. We will also add more things to admiralty stores to spend the pvp marks on (including more ship notes, books and upgrades). Locations Admiralty will provide a new patrol area every 24 hours from the following list. Nassau patrol: area between nassau and shroud cay - nearest freetown Shroud cay Hispaniola patrol: area in the hispaniola channel - nearest freetown La tortue Tumbado Patrol: area between cuba and tumbado - nearest freetown Tumbado Antilles Patrol - area between aves and antilles islands chain - nearest freetown Aves With the exception of nassau - other initial locations are in the open water. But we will consider adding more zones or changing locations to areas with more islands if needed.
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    No thanks. I like the 1 dura ships.
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    The biggest problem for me in this game is that NA is three games in one. A PvP game, a RvR game and a trade game. All three games don’t have a lot to do with each other. PvP players don’t care about RvR. RvR players don’t care about trade and traders don’t care about the war games (of course there are players who play all three games). This could be changed by a new RvR mechanic, which implements trading, PvP and RvR. My proposal is to implement three levels of satisfaction at ports. The satisfaction raises with a good supply of goods for consumption and drops with bad supply. With a better supply a port could reach the next level. Which would allow to produce more valuable goods, higher rated ships and advanced upgrades in that port. And it would allow to built better fortifications to defend the circles in PB. A port on base level could be supplied with basic goods produced in the port or neighbouring ports. Consumption goods could be fish meat, wheat, corn, rice, pork, differents fruits and tools, which could be crafted out of oak log, iron ingots and coal. A base port would allow to craft basic upgrades 6. and 5. Rate ships and resources for the base level. It would allow to built towers as defense, which would cover 1/3 of the circle in front of them. The food, players could produce could be diverse on different areas of the map. In North America fruits could be oranges or apples in South America bananas and on the central islands coconuts. Corn could be produced in the gulf while wheat could be produced at the east coast and rice on the Antillas and South America. A permanent good supply with local products would raise satisfaction of the population slowly. This would recommend that there are always enough goods in the market for a reasonable prize. As soon as it climbs above 33% the port would reach the next level. A supply with varied basic goods out of other areas of the map would raise satisfaction much faster, what would stimulate long-distance trade with basic goods. The next level of satisfaction would allow crafting of medium upgrades and 4. and 3. Rates. The towers could be replaced by forts, which cover 2/3 of the circles in PB and are more difficult to destroy by mortar brigs. Population would demand more pretentious goods to consume. By example beer produced out of wheat and hops, tobacco, coffee and cacao. Those resources could be crafted in the wider area of the port, while tobacco, coffee and cacao would be special products of different regions of the map. More variety in supply with those goods would raise satisfaction faster. Also harvesting of special logs would be possible in a port of second level, if they grow in the area. A second level port would recommend a stable supply with basic consumption goods. The highest level would be reached at 67% satisfaction. Then the port could produce all crafted goods for consumption of the population, best upgrades and 1. Rates. Population would demand luxury goods like Delft porcelain, Champagne or Indian tea, which players could import from Europe and would only be available at the national capital. Crafted luxury goods like jewelry or furnishings would recommend different rare resources from different areas all over the map. A good supply with a big variety of luxury goods would drive satisfaction up to 100%. A port on highest level would be able to built strong fortresses which cover the whole circle and are very difficult to destroy by mortar brigs. Those fortresses should be very expensive to built and maintain. A first level port would recommend a stable supply with medium consumption goods and a guaranteed supply with basic consumption goods. The higher satisfaction of a port is, the more hostility points would be required to flip it. A port with 100% satisfaction would almost be impossible to flip. While a port with 1% would recommend only little effort. Hostility could be grinded by sinking players nearby, by buying up goods the port needs for supply of the population and by raids, which would allow to empty the market of a port as well. With attacking traders, supply of the port would be disturbed as well. That would reduce satisfaction. Buying up goods in the port would generate more hostility points, if the good is already rare. Buying up an oversupply wouldn’t generate HP. In a successful raid attacker could empty the rarest goods until his hold is full. This would include player goods as well, as long as they are in a contract in the market. Defender could counter grind hostility with sinking attacker ships, successful defending against raids and delivering rare goods of consumption into the port. For such a consumption mechanic the size of a port is very important. The size could be specified by the labour hours which were spend in the port the week before. The more inhabitants the more goods are needed for supply. But the port would generate more tax income as well. The size of the port could also be the base to calculate the BR of the PB. Such an economy would require much more building slots and a tow function for goods between free towns. More outposts would be helpful as well. Free towns should have a safe zone that ganking on the docks is not possible. Towing goods to another free port should be possible to deliver an outpost the player owns, to deliver a business partner with an outpost or to deliver directly into a contract at the market. Then freeports would turn into the trading hubs needed for a complex economy. Trading with another Freeport should be possible from a Freeport a player has an outpost in as long as the player has tows available to transport the traded goods. This would concentrate trade routes between free towns and the important ports of a region. What would allow hunters to concentrate on small areas of the map. Since trade would be very important for defense, pvp and rvr players would be more interested in escorting their traders and attacking enemy traders. PvP would have an impact on the whole game. The size of a port would decide about tax income. Together with a high satisfaction a big port would be able to finance up to 3 strong fortresses which would cover all three circles in the PB. With a high battle rating of such a port a nation would be able to defend it’s most important ports also against a superior enemy. Smaller ports wouldn’t have the tax income to pay for 3 strong fortresses. A big port would only be capturable with several attacks in a row, to destroy at least one fortress to force defender into high costs for reconstruction. Otherwise an enemy would be forced to capture the support ports around a big port first, to make supply more difficult. Each interruption of supply with basic consumption goods should have a major impact on satisfaction above 67%. I think the interaction of pvp, rvr and trade would add plenty of variations into the game. Profundity of the game would increase tremendous. And players would get a duty to do pvp or trade runs what would raise their activity.
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    Captains. Patch was deployed today. Important fix of the battle entry bug fixed. You should now see the join button at all times. if you see a battle between enemies you will be able to join one of the sides If you national joins the battle on one of the sides you will only be able to join the battle on his side Port timers costs are now properly applied Visuals of the selection circles around ships were made a bit more elegant.
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    Captains, at this stage we can only say that Battle XP, Crafting XP and ship slot xp are not going to be wiped. Assets (ships. gold, resources) wipe will only happen if significant changes to economy are going to be added.
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    @admin Now that we're starting to see signs of our prime time population decreasing, mostly from the usual post patch decrease, it's become very evident that we simply have too many nations and not enough players to fill them. OW PVP is hurting. It seems it can only be found these days outside capitals and outside major port battles. The amount of PBs being triggered daily is also down. Just after the patch and the merge we regularly were cracking 700 players nightly. Sometimes 750 during a big fight like Carta. Now we're struggling to crack 600 during EU prime time. To use a theme from the good book, this game feels thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread. Simply put, we have too many nations and not enough players to fill them. For the sake of the game and it's current iteration, several need to be removed. I would suggest trimming the nations down to 4 or 5, make the game more historically accurate. Introduce an "outlaw" faction that has similar mechanics to the current hardcore nations. Allow players who don't want to fit in the national style of game play go there and RVR and PVP to their hearts delight. @rediii had a similar suggestion a week or two ago and could expand on it if he likes.
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    Dear Captains The goals of NAL were to: Remove the open world (with all its negatives) Remove the gear fear (with all its negatives) Remove the unbalanced battles and ganking (with all their negatives) Remove time wasting and hunting Provide the pure unspoiled experience of pure combat. 10,000 captains tried Naval Action Legends. Approximately 7000 of them got to the second level ship. 6 Captains have reached the Santisima Trinidad. Numbers usually do not lie and despite being a theoretically better game on paper, it did not have player retention compared with Naval Action with all the ganking, sailing, unbalanced fights, and complete lack of UI. It just could not keep players, forcing those who stayed to fight with bots, repeating the situation with the original sea trials. As a result, Naval Action Legends idea is temporarily put on hold. Several best ideas from the NAL will be brought into Naval Action in the future: specifically tournaments, challenges, the seamanship experience, and officers. Learnings from NAL will be applied to NA; with the main overreaching goal - fill the world with players, remove gear fear, and reward players for action (not only for kills). Inexpensive limited feature edition of NA will be introduced in the future that will increase the amount of players in the world, giving the NAL experience of non stop battles against players, in the world filled with players. PS. Regarding the new game type that was prototyped. Testing shown that all game types that could keep players would revolve around new content and adding that new content to 2 games is wasteful. Adrenaline, the feel of the hunt, or being hunted gives a lot more spice to battles and our current plan is basically give this NAL feeling (ability to quickly jump to combat and recover losses quickly) in one game without splitting the audience in two.
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    Increase outpost slots Cutters afk sailing to open outposts is no content for anyone, just a time waste
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    Upgrade storage has one goal - to have enough upgrades to quickly fit your ship for fighting in any place of the world. It is one of the features that does not look good on paper (how could you have them everywhere), but works great in reality. Removing it will be hated by many.
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    Ok, so the loss-induced propensity to bring big ships, friends and pile on the winning side has cast a shadow over the patrol missions. BR limits will help and maybe even fix it? The intention of the patrol missions is that players should feel free to bring an un-modded and cheap ship, do as best they can, sink but get enough rewards to make them not care about their loss. The big groups of big ships piling on makes it hard for smaller ships to do enough damage to farm rewards, at least enough to make the experience equally frustrating to a normal gank anywhere in the OW. Sandboxers love to gank. They will tell you they love their freedom, role-playing, war-game or “playing it smart”, but they simply love to gank. Even reasonable guys are quickly turned to the dark side when the lizard brain kicks in and tries to avoid loss at all cost, yes, even to the point of having less fun. There may be something we can do to counteract this, or give the lizard brain something else to knee-jerk to. We’ve talked about this loosely in the past but it’s never been tried: BR based multipliers. We could have variable multipliers applied to xp, cash, marks, damage or all of them but for the purpose of patrol missions I guess most players are grinding the damage thresholds. The idea is to let the gankee get something from it while at the same time making ganking a truly inefficient way of farming rewards. Let’s start with an example where one ship is ganked by three ships and two late joiners come in to, um, secure the win. As it is today all damage is logged for all ships and rewards are based upon said logged damage. In my illustration the B-C-D gankers know they will have to share the damage but one of them is getting the kill rewards and it will be over quickly enough for them to go find a new victim. The victim will struggle to do enough damage to make it feel worth it, he will soon lose the ship, get sent back to port to buy a new ship, guns and repairs. Let’s say we put a tag on all incoming damage. Ship A would have damage tags from ships B, C and D. The gankers would only have damage tag from ship A. Then we could make damage or reward multipliers based on those tags: A multiplier: sum(BR-B, BR-C, BR-D)/BR-A = 450/200 = 2.25 B, C and D multiplier: sum(BRtags)/BR-B = 200/150 = 1.33 Notice how the gankers are even being rewarded for ganking in lower BR ships than their victim. It’s even possible to actively pulverize the gankers rewards by using the tags to indentify the gank, but it would get more complicated and I suspect it’s enough to give the victim a consolation price. The late joiners, though inside the battle instance, don’t factor in as they didn’t get close enough to put a damage tag on the victim. If they did get some damage in they would get precious little for it while bolstering the victim’s multiplier: 1050/200 = 5.25. If you want to enjoy your freedom and gank the shit out of people like a true sandboxer you can go ahead until blue in the face, but you will let the victim run off with all the rewards. If you are motivated by rewards you’ll have a strong tendency to join the outnumbered side to get damage done and farm those damage tags.
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    I decided to spend the whole day off in the game, that turned into an exciting tour arround Gustavia, and I was lucky enough to get a whole series of good battles . Thanks for the fan gentelmens!
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    no. but make players have a 1 fleet ability by default, not as a perk.
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    we plan to give ability to change enemy timer using a resource bought for pvp marks. Enemy can of course counter it by counter supplies. Let the gold, marks and spice flow.
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    Time to Hitler 4 posts It's a record Gentlemen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law
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    Now that money for port upkeep is getting more and more important with the new timer cost and it's influence on RvR, it's time that we finally get some proper clan management and finance tools. Problems: There is no convenient way to see even the most basic financial stats of a clan. Like total income and total cost. It's ridiculous that we either need to click every port in town management tab and manually write down costs and income, or write an external script to pull it from the api, to get this most basic of information! Another feature that is sorely lacking is basic bookkeeping on the clan warehouse. We don't even have 'total money put in', 'total money taken out', 'total spent on upkeep' etc. To take CABAL as an example, we seem to be managing paying for our massive upkeep, but nobody really knows how we're managing, because all we have to go on is final clan warehouse balance. @admin you really need to address this stuff before finalizing the UI.
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    Why good pve content is needed? To have something to do while the game has low numbers (holidays, before and after maintenance, at night...). When there are no players, content in NA is not enough. For cater all those players with little time either those who only want to see a beatiful ship of the age of sail into action (historians, modelers...) Because a sandbox/mm game needs to offer a bit of everything to keep their players interested in the long term. What pve content do I propose? -Challenges from the tutorial: move them also to the missions tab. -Exploration: get rewarded by visiting ports and discovering places like guacata, salamanca, lake maracaibo, the bay of cartagena, secret island... -Trading: every port should spawn random ressources/missions/... so it will promote moving around looking for opportunities. -Sealed bottles: improve their rewards. Not worth at the moment. -A new feature: the lookout. Activated with a button like fishing, the lookout will look for events in the open world (a shoal of fish, a fire at the horizon, a strange ship, a wreck, a ship beached in the coast...) -Epic individual ships: same as epic events but only spawn one ship. -Fleet convoys of indiamans: scorted by some warships, capturing them will give a good amount of already crafted materials to build your favorite ships. -Crafting: some slice bars is a boring activity. Building a ship could be far more interesting and visually appealing. Discuss. Fixes: Fleet variety: We still dont see ships like bucentaure, ocean, rattle, niagara, hermione, wasa in the fleet composition of missions and ow fleets. AI of npc ships: they beached themselves quite easily.
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    With the new 500k a day timer tax would be nice if clans could set a tax rate on gold earned in battles by clan members.
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    Great patch once again except the quoted part. Premium ships are something for Free2Play games and not for a game for which I payed 40 euros already. Why not add ship paints and other cosmetic stuff as premium?
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    all knowledge that you learnt will be kept unless that particular skill book will change
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    With the recent buff of liveoak thickness meta is back with all the nice things like not penetrating on more than 50m away from eachother with 24 pounders. With 42 pounders you penetrate but yea ... Thicknessmeta is a pain together with multiple repairs. I liked the battles without it but now it gets fubar again.
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    As the title says. You use more hull repairs to repair in OW (when damaged on multiple sides) than in battle. This is really annoying and a reason why players stay in battles and repair in battle instance often. Sometimes to repair one ship in OW, it consumes 70-100 hull repairs... or even more. Wondering why no one has reported that issue yet.
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    [7UP] has raised the Spanish flag and is recruiting! If you are 18+ years, own a headset and use Teamspeak, feel free to join us on ts3.andaina.net:9985 and try us out! We are an international English speaking clan with focus on RvR, but also enjoy one or the other PvP session. We are mostly European players, but chances are good you find us active any time. [7UP] has been active in Naval Action for years and has a very experienced leadership. We support the Real Acuerdo and keep friendly relationships with other clans in several nations. We have a solid number of very experienced veterans in our clan, but we welcome players of any experience level. If you are new to the game and want to find out all sorts of tricks and maneuvers, we are happy to do a training session with you or you simply join our PvP and RvR activities and learn while sailing with our fleet! We fight a lot and that inevitably means that we also sink a lot. Although we hope that our enemies sink more often than we do, we do not worry about losing a ship. [7UP] runs a shipline providing all clan members with the ships they need, big or small. No fuzz, no prerequisite, just team effort. If you are looking for good battles, plenty of fun with good teamwork, then PM van Veen here, contact us in game or join the [7UP] channel on spanish Teamspeak on ts3.andaina.net:9985.
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    You don't understand one thing Game need players more than advanced mass tax tools Amount of players interested in mass tax tools is extremely limited compared to players interested in the tutorials and new player experience. If game ratings improve we can expand the scope of things we work on, but until then our hands are tied.
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    Give some love to Santa Cecilia (speed, HP or 5-5 slots or whatever), because such rare ship stands avarage compared to other ships of the same class. Players that own SC don't even use it, it's just a collection ship, good for exhibition and bragging rights, not PvP. Hostility missions - let shallow ports allow only shallow ships in hostility, nothing bigger can join. Make hostility % based on BR port (because of easy flipping shallow ports with deep water ships) Make crafting RNG based on shipyard lvl, player craft experience etc. (higher shipyard = better ships. More player craft experience = better ships). Because Master shipbuilders with a lot of experience will have better chance to craft exceptional ship than a rookie builder.
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    You've touched on a subject that has been pretty much forgotten by the development team of this game. Good MMOs live and die by how well their PVE content is done, which I guess explains why NA has sold 110k+ copies of the game and it's main server barely cracks 600 players during prime time. Simply put, this game lacks variety of content and does not keep it's PVE/Casual players engaged. While I can appreciate changes to the PVP system and new PVP missions are a good step, we need to be honest here and realize that MAYBE 20-30% of the population actively goes out and hunts for PVP. Probably less. Your average casual player gets off of work, only has a couple hours to play in the evening after the family goes to sleep and he logs on....bangs out a couple of missions before he has to log off again. He does not have time to go out and hunt for a couple of hours. Not every player in this game is Moscalb. We need to stop developing it as such. This type of player has been sorely forgotten and these types of players are the bread and butter of MMOs. We have no bread and butter. Mission variety is key. Escort/Delivery/Trade/Bounty missions. Something please. The same old tired AI are beyond stale. Functional economy. Ours is not. I don't know the answer here. Functional crafting. This system is a joke compared to other games. Crafters should be forced into specializations or skill trees. One craft should not be able to craft EVERYTHING in this game. Frigate experts, SOL experts...cannons only. You get the idea. This would create a need for other players to combine their efforts in clans rather than just have 1 dude and an alt handle it. With a more engaging and stable PVE system, people will continue the play the game beyond the 1 month post patch mark. It's cool that we're focusing so much of our efforts into RVR and PVP, but really it won't matter if people quite the game and get bored. Sharks need prey and if you only cater to the population of the sharks, you'll run out of fish. ------------- Another note. We gotta get rid of all these nations. 11 nations for a player base that doesn't crack 700 people on average. This. is. absurd. The game is so diluted at this point it's not even funny. Maybe @admin reads this.
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    Ever since pvp marks were introduced we see more and more larger ships in open sea and less small frigates like surprises, renommes etc I was in a battle with shallow water ships yesterday and got 1 kill and 5 assists. I got 5 pvp marks for that battle. This is a joke imo and the last time I will pvp in a shallow ship because its a waste of time. I suggest a system that gives you marks based on how big the ship is compared to your ship. An example would be if it were a 1v1. 50BR vs 50BR = 7pvp marks 100BR vs 100BR = 10pvp marks 250BR vs 250BR = 15pvp marks 500BR vs 500BR = 20 pvp marks 500BR kills 100BR= 5pvp marks 100BR kills 500BR=30 pvp marks I think people get what I'm getting at here. Another good system is an overall battle bonus mark multiplier to punish gankers and encourage fair fights. 5000BR vs 5000BR = pvp marks x1 5000BR kills 10000BR = pvp mark x1.5 10000BR kills 5000BR=pvp mark x0.5 I get at the end of the day it is cheaper to farm alts but for the majority of players better overall. It also gives new players more rewards for pvp in small ships and doesn't force people to sail wasas and bellonas around all the time.
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    The Prussian King hereby announces that given the freedom to Little Harbour, releasing it from dodging timers and tyranny of Gregory, we want to celebrate a great victory. Little Harbour will be set to open for everyone ASAP and tax will be reduced to 5%! Special offer might be for limited time (at least a week), but might last forever if everyone will be satisfied with it and there won't be any hostility activities in the area.
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    1. show time until battle close (so you know if you have time to change position in circle) 2. show Mast-Hp/taken damage
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    hey I just thought about a new long term plan. Lets change the map like this:
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    Sealed Bottle loot has certainly been improved. The only problem is how do I pick it up? Even an Indiaman's hold is way too small. The problem is the PvP mark (weight 5000). Either they should not weigh anything (why would anyone actually sail them around?), or they should not be a loot item.
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    Maybe new kind of fleet 1 settings as default which lets you capture a ship and sail it in fleet back to port, but doesnt allow you to leave port with a fleetship #NoFleets
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    Everything is boring after 2000 hours. Even the most beautiful woman can become boring after 2000 hours. Please do not project your jaded view on new players. The map could be boring for a veteran yes we agree but it only happens after a while. But the game never promised to entertain the players forever. Regarding the map we can remove it, if players dont like it and find it boring. We went the way of open development and listen to players who asked to add the map. I am still 100% against the map in game. It should be players responsibility to learn the surroundings and its fun to chart your way yourself. like real captains - on paper..
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    Pretty simple. Rigging shocks should stop rig repairs, crew shocks should stop all repairs for the duration of the shock. Cant see a reason why it wouldn't do this only just noticed it in battle today.
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    It's a fair question, I'll try to be as thorough as possible to avoid confusion: The primary reason I play this game and not another sailing game is for the simulator aspect – there is no other game on the market capable of representing sailing in the 1700s as accurate as NA and I therefore consider it to be the best Age of Sail game available. The only other game I’ve played and enjoyed as much as this is the good old Age of Sail II. You are likely part of the community that plays the game as another CoD, or Counterstrike type of game where quick battles with respawning close to the action is considered good gameplay. I’m not interested in ruining the experience of players enjoying this type of gameplay – but I don’t want it to come at the expense of my way of playing or the original game philosophy. The game is built-up around the Open World and Sandbox mechanics. The PvP zone is, just like @Wraith and I mentioned earlier; a thing that belongs in a tournament style type of game like NA legends. The PvP zone is basically a “legal PvP-mark farming zone”. This ruins the economy for players doing OW hunting. We now have to go back to PvE to finance our activities…. Allowing free tows would destroy it for us completely. The concept of a PvP zone ruins the immersion because we all know that there was no daily designated PvP zone in the Caribbean – it’s not realistic and for some of us, it’s not interesting to go there and fight with cheap 1st rates. I personally hate sailing anything above 4th rates apart from the Bellona. Furthermore, the rules set up for the battles in the PvP zone are unrealistic and immersion breaking – like I said in my previous post it promotes ill-advised tactics and foolish behavior that you otherwise wouldn't use in OW. I do not remember Nelson trying to push his enemy outside the circle of death at the Nile or Trafalgar. I also do not recall the Constitution turning around to fight the HMS Aeolus, Africa, Belvidera, Guerriere, and Shannon to deal as much damage as possible in 1812 – Cpt. Hull escaped using clever techniques that gave him the advantage in the chase. Just an OW PvPers opinion on the new PvP-zone.. I’m not claiming that I know the right way to go with this game, but I believe free tows to be a huge mistake.
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    Let's truly be honest here: PvP events as they've been implemented here, with their "special" RoE, is nothing more than an arena-based, Legends-light piece of content. It's junk food. And while it might be entertaining, and have its place, relying on them daily is a huge crutch for those of us who want meaningful, interesting and diverse sets of PvP interactions. This is not the content that PvP'ers who want the OW game to succeed have been asking for. It is purely asymmetric while we need diversity that includes both consensual and non-consensual PvP opportunities. Patrol zones should be dynamic and contain no RoE not present on the OW. Player-generated PvP content is needed desperately outside of the limited RvR mechanics.
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    PB Cap-Francais Commanders: Prussia-rush B loool Sverige-rediii ? sveno ?
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    OW names like many other features were part of testing functionality; for example tow to port feature was never originally planned to be kept in the final version, but… will stay. With names we are sure, removal of names will create more tension and will make pvp more exciting. Realistically you cannot really find out the name of the captain from 25km - you cant really see the ship from this distance in reality (only topsail); you could of course know that certain captain is operating in the area and you can find it too from the combat newspaper in game. If you see that a famed danish captain sinking enemies near tortuga in combat news and you see a ship in the open world that this famed captain sails a lot (with a danish flag), thats most likely him. Thats recognition. If you attack him you will know who it is for sure.
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    Very quick: Increase the turn rate during the invisibility timer.
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    Guys We are not electronic arts and are not going to bullshit you with promises. Here is a truth Initially there were no bots in game even; they were added only to test combat model faster. We do not understand why we are held to a high standard on PVE content as we never promised amazing pve content. We always advertised focusing on amazing combat, amazing sailing, beautiful ships but never on PVE. Initial version of the game were pvp only and bots were always considered to be just food to quickly test your ship and sail to pvp. This focus was lost somewhere on the way … We opened PVE server purely because pve players asked us to open it saying that "we want a separate pve server and nothing more". When we announced a pve server we took a huge rep hit in the community because initially we said we are pvp only. We kept this promise to pve players, opened pve server as we always keep our promises to players. But if it was not for this promise PVE server would already be closed. Additional PVE content is possible only if the game becomes popular, because only then we can hire more people to focus on pve Current focus is on tutorial, UI and localization, that will greatly improve the game and new player experience.. We don't have extra people and no additional content is possible anywhere else, except for those three things. PVE discussions can be closed and reopened when ui localization gets in game, until then you will have to wait. And please judge us on our promises, not PVE desires, attacking us for bad pve you are bashing us for something we did not promise.
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    This topic is for battle reports Everyone was requested to keep this topic from heated discussions Here is something that will help to guide the discussion into the proper route. Any comment that is not battle result post will be removed Any poster who posts here without a battle report will be warned and silenced for 30 days.
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    PVP marks are in a large part, to blame. Marks created a system where PVP was a function of entertainment and sport in the game to one of necessity for various mods and ships that can alter the outcome of RVR. It's now a grind. Small wonder people don't want to do it anymore. I'm not sure about you, but I enjoyed the system where you'd slap copper plating, speed trim and barricades on a 3/5 gold pirate refit ship and just go out there and have fun without fear of losing millions in mods and similarly without fear that your opponent has millions in mods and has a significant advantage over those who do not. It seems like solo and very small group PVP has died off lately and I don't think thats a good thing