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    News flash on the situation in the West Indies. Upheaval in Europe Colonial navies of 3 European Nations will start arriving to the Caribbean in the beginning of next week. The estimated point of arrival is not yet known, but rumors point to Shroud Cay. It is already known that colonial navies will have no capitals and will have to establish the base of operations by conquest to get access to resources and admiralty services. Captains who were sailing for foreign nations will be able to change allegiance by means of forged papers that will be provided to all. Captains who want to be ready to switch to their new nation right when patch hits could prepare by closing outposts in national towns moving assets out of them to neutral or free towns. On the economic front The windfall tax allowed governments to find the way to provide tow services to captains. From the next week captains will be able to tow 3 ships per day to an outpost of their choosing. To compensate for the cost of the tow service the reinforcement zones will be slightly reduced around uncapturable cities, to not cover 70% of the upper antilles.
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    Captains. The balance in the world is threatened. 3 nations invaded the Caribbean. Prussian, Russian and Commonwealth Navy was spotted in the Bahamas in the vicinity of Shroud Cay. Other news Battle experience can be received for damage even if you did not kill the target. Prize money will remain on the traditional privateering "No prey No pay" Tow to port added - players will be able to transport one ship per day instantly. Hostility missions can be taken in free ports Reinforcement zone slightly reduced Improved national descriptions on the map Tuned damage caused by ramming (almost removed it due to bugs with unity 5 physics) Added surgeon button during boarding - surgeons could work during boarding and invisible button was unfair to those who did not know that. Fixed the bug causing incorrect number of resources produced in buildings Fixed bugs with sails on Wasa Enjoy and Discuss
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    Weekly stats (25.09.2017-01.10.2017) Nation Tax Cost Revenue Max Owned Ports Pirates 11530817 11523491 7326 27 Danmark-Norge 15911149 30413867 -14502718 46 France 12576937 18237480 -5660543 37 Great Britain 60961839 53008261 7953578 78 España 5832707 14940000 -9107293 40 United States 14664956 23825686 -9160730 42 Sverige 41667830 25292738 16375092 36 Verenigde Provinciën 11693134 20513415 -8820281 31 Monthly stats (11.09.2017-30.09.2017) Revenue by nations Nation Tax Cost Revenue Max Owned Ports Pirates 23344180 21315963 2028217 28 Danmark-Norge 34539524 61841729 -27302205 45 France 29070193 38325332 -9255139 44 Great Britain 132874601 103462707 29411894 80 España 11522566 30070483 -18547917 42 United States 27734575 44180122 -16445547 41 Sverige 78957551 49580883 29376668 35 Verenigde Provinciën 20650749 38986028 -18335279 31 P.S. I don't want to generate useless content. So if this post will get 10 likes then i will continue collect and publish reports
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    Captains From the introduction of the port battles captains were requesting us to create systems increasing the ship diversity in the port battles. With the last patch (clan based port battles) we can implement the simple system that could promote such limitation by design. BR Limit How it could work - description Every port will have the BR limit clearly indicated in the port information window: Port Battle BR Limit Port battle participants will have to decide which ships they bring to the port battle to fill the BR Limit When port battle will start it will only allow entry until the BR limit is reached. Once BR limit is reached - port battle entry will close for the side that reached the BR limit Example In numbers Lets assume the port battle limit is 2500 This means that captains will no longer be able to bring any ships they want - they will have to compose the fleet that maximize their chances to win Options 3 Wasas, 3 constitutions, 4 Agamemnons (all 250 BR) 4 Santisimas, 2 wasas, 1 brig Other options Clan influence of the BR limit In addition to the limits we can allow clans to reduce the standard limits increasing maintenance costs for the city, but not lower than 50%. For example: In the port of 2500 BR the clan can decide to lower the limit by 50% to 1250 BR, giving them extra options to defend if their number is small. They only will be able to do it if there is no port battle set up for the port. Lets discuss the options and vote on them
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    Actually limited BR port battles are possible now because only clans can enter the port battle, and clans can control who enters them by adding or removing clans from the list. I will even like my post. I did not think of the possibilities that feature opens.
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    Beautiful example of great work by a moderator who banned this guy on steam forums. When you read in reviews or in comments that mods are harsh - just check out this post - these are the kind of people that mods have to work with.
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    Update is being deployed today 21st Septemeber. Changed the icon for available for all ports (so they look less ugly) Removed hostility missions for ports that cannot gain hostility Hacked in the bigger limit for the number of neutral town port battles Improved bonuses for clan controlled ports Added new upgrade French Gunner Added new upgrade French Gunnery Sergeant Added blueprints for French gunners and french gunnery sergeant Several tunings to trading were done (improving chances to find profitable trades) Reduced the distance for hostility missions from the pier by 15% Fixed bug that limited national reinforcement zones by other cities Fixed bug that craft did not work if item was supposed to receive a Labor hour bonus Fixed bug that did not update craft info after teleport from outpost to outpost Fixed bug limiting stone production Fixed bug that did not let players exit the Available for All ports Fixed bug closing the missions near free towns immediately Fixed decals bug on Radeon video cards Fixed several other graphical bugs Other fixes and tunings
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    I guess this is a topic on game uninstalls. I recently uninstalled dark souls 3, needed space on xbox for elite to get ideas for some mission content.
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    Towing is fine for the adult men like you and me. Honestly lets focus on fighting and fun.
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    25v25 first rates will actually not happen at all clans will have to carefully balance the fleet - scout enemy composition etc did they take 5 first rates only or did they only take fast frigates and mortars…. so many opportunities open up for the variety of ships in port battles.
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    Maybe you need a reinforcment feature vs bots when doing missions inside the safezone..?
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    Welcome to Caribbean Invasion News! Do you wanna stay up to date? You're in the right place! Clans joining the new invading nations: RDNN/LEGO/PLANB/CHAOS forming a Russian clan called REDS RUS clan moving over to the Russian nation PODW announced change to the Russian nation while several other Russian clans in pirates did not decide yet. Several new clans formed in Prussian nation (PRH probably after British clan WITC, ROVER clan, LIONS left Dutch nation and joined Prussia) PFK leaves the Swedish nation and joins finally their true side - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. FBOX will departure from the pirate nation and join as well. Polish representation in British nation (RED clan) is undecided at the moment.
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    just in case you all were wondering.. we have not given up on the thought to find the option to just have one big server ( meaning merging all three into one)
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    Hey, so I recently introduced my brother into the game and realized how bad the experience is at the beginning. Sure it has a steep learning curve and with a better UI and translation it will be a bit easier but I would like to discuss a bit about that. First thing for him was for example that I told him how to get missions and told them to do 1 and then had to leave for a portbattle. He sank (ofc) in his first mission. Got back to port and left the game again. There I realized that new players either get teached by a veteran how to play the game or they quit. Not many will stay around and fiddle around how things work on their own and lose ships on the way I guess. Also we did a fleet mission together in basic cutters. I gave him carronades because it makes it easier. Well hello kitty it, we got 3 rookie brigs in that battle...? Was very hard to win that, I sank in that battle. Suggestions: - Implement fleetmissions so they also fit groups of 2 on lowest rank. (weaker ships please? 3 roomie brigs in basic cutters for new players, lol) - Buff basic cutter in HP. New players need fast success and increasing difficulty. Right now the bigger your ship is the easier the missions are starting from 4th or 5th rate. Everything below is pretty hard actually and dont encourage to keep playing the game. - let players take and join missions 1 rate below the current rate, atleast until they hop into a 4th rate - describe missions better before you hop into them. I already read some things where players tried a hostilitymission and lost the ship because they spawn so close. Just describe missions when taking them. Combat mission = solo playing experience Fleet missions = for groups of 3 and more (should be scaled to 2 players so its easy to do with 3) Hostility missions = expect 10 enemies. Type depends on port rate(map) Also write port rate behind port when you take missions. - give new players 3 somissions already when they create a charakter. They know what to do then. Simple thing - implement markers on compas where to go/where the mission is for 7th and 6th rates All in all the UI and information have to be WAY more self explanatory. People have to be able to look at it and instantly know whats it behind it. Same with: How many ships do you have and how many ships is your max? (docks) What means the numbers below cannon slots?(rate of cannon and carronade, tooltip needed) Errormessage when putting only 1 cannon into a cannonslot (just doesnt work right now, peoplenhave no clue why) Map = center on roughly the actual position where sou are. A new player has to search first where he is I think? Isnt a nice thing. ... thats all of what I can think of right now. Expect more when I get home and create a new char and test that a bit. I think the biggest issue NA has is the new player experience and lack of self explanatory UI. Players dont want to fiddle around and read what something means. Make information accessible easier please. @admin wrote some time ago that most players dont even reach the brig. Lets give some suggestions/oppinions how to change that from our perspective.
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    Newsflash During negotiations on the Sixth Coalition one of the archdukes was hit by a candelabra. The resulting melee between royalties has ruined the chances for peace in Europe. Mobilization started in several countries on the continent. Is this the end of the world as we know it? Or is it a beginning of the new empires?
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    I am focused on the fighting. A predictable outcome of the tow function is that players will send 1st rates all around the map to easily screen 4th rate PBs. RvR will be a whole lot more boring and more effortless. Attacking ports is already stupidly difficult compared to defending. At least make it so that only ship rates 5th and below can be towed around the map. People can then ship their frigates around to do all the PvP/ganking they desire, but it won't heavily impact RvR. If you want to use your Lineship somewhere, you have to take the risk and time to sail it somewhere.
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    we are planning to eat the pill and bring pvp marks back and get some content behind the pvp wall. It works in WOW. Players who don't like pvp will still be able to buy pvp marks from pvp players.
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    it is to the extent but not for all ships we are going to update the BR systems and sailing profiles within 1 month while we are working on the UI which takes all of the programming resources.
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    You don't see those ships anyway because many players choose not to spend 1-2 hours sailing those ships to destination due to babies, wives, and general lack of a lot of free time etc.
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    Eeeh I wouldnt be too sure on that.. sure a lone 1st rate is very vulnerable but when working together and protecting each other they will quickly make firewood out of the frigs i think a good balance between firepower (damagedealing tanks) and manouverability (supportive frigates) will be key
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    Sweden declares war on Great Britain The tobacco is gone, nothing left, nowhere in Sweden and we smoked all of the reserves in Hispaniola. And - we cant get it over our heart to take the tobacco away from the women of pleasure in Guadalupe. Now, as we know that south Cuba has the best tobacco in the Caribbean, we see ourselves pushed to declare war on the British Empire. This war will be know as the Great Tobacco Crisis. So be it - lets have some fun - erm, let the salt flow. In the name of the Swedish Council, Konteramiral sveno
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    Welcome Captains! Rumours saying that our colonial fleet will arrive into Caribbean in next few days. A task we have here to accomplish is huge and probably not easy. So we looking for brave, skilled and committed captains and guilds to join our matter and sail under famous polish privateer war jack! Anyone interested in joining please contact us on our TS: deadecho.pl:9988 First dispatch of marines preparing for travel: Cheers Bart Smith
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    Things I like: Structure bottom-mast-sections being more tough Things I dislike Speed meta (which exists due to there being dozens of speed mods; just remove them all except copper plating (which makes sense) and maybe speed trim with -10% HP, worked out perfectly well before the big wipe) Repairspamming Kite-and-force-enemy-to-use-all-repairs-playstyle Wasa being placed at such a low BR and having OP amarment / armor / speed combo. at its class
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    Crazy Poles, your boats wont float if you cut away 3/4 of it.
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    yes we will add this in the next 1-2 patches.
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    Kameraden! Our beloved king, the König von Preußen,wants to make an announcement to his loyal subjects regarding the recent unsettling news in the New World. His Majesty, feels that the interests of our glorious Nation in the neuen Welt might be in danger. Therefore, his Greatness has decided to increase the presence of our ambitious Navy in the West Indies. All seamen, experienced and inexperienced, captains and ambitious landsmen willing to start a new life at sea are hereby invited to appear to the nearest Königlich Preußische West Indische Compagnie and enlist. Seine Majestät promises adventure,fame and the pay to be delivered accurately every week! His Majesty is also willing to grant Letters of Marque to all vessel owners who are willing to pursue a career of a privateer against the enemies of our glorious state. “We are an army with a state now we shall rise to an empire with our navy”
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    Hello Everyone. I've seen many people asking for a ship speed calculator that would include modules, skillbooks, and the weight of guns and repairs. Well, I've created an excel tool to do exactly that. I am linking a shared online version, but feel free to make a copy for yourself, to avoid getting interrupted by someone else changing things. It is version 1.0, so please let me know if something breaks or isn't working. Enjoy! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cyEvndWzhCgo6UQZwIbtjoyZncimnLHf4TujtfSw3m8/edit?usp=sharing Note: Unfortunately I don't have any way to factor the force bonus modules and skillbooks into this, so it's good to remember that it's still possible to increase the speed of your ships above what you find using this tool.
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    Hello everybody. I wanted to tell you guys something. Once i started to play naval action [ a few years ago ] they told me that i am the first kid here. At first i was afraid.. what might people say? What might they think of me? As some of you may know , i have showed bad attitude a few years ago sometimes. I was angry... and did not have myself under controlle. I have improved though. Allthough , i am still a kid [14 years old]. Looking at my school , there are bullies. Most kids put a mask [ figurely ] on and they act like they are cunts. They are mean to people , they bully , they lie , they stab eacother in the back. I see it happening in school everyday. After a year.. i desided that i never wanted to see a kid in naval action. The reason is because they will put that mask on again [ figurely]. They are insecure and they are afraid of adults. I have seen that they are.. they barely dared to talk to parents from eachother. So they will do those things i have said before here too. Now lets get to the point here , i think this community is lovely , sweet people , nice people , if you are reading this , you are awesome , know that. But kids will destroy this community. Yesterday in the evening i was in a naval action legends battle. On 2 sides the battle was going on. I left from the right side to the left side to help my friend out , he asked if i could help him defeat a brig. After that.. wen the fight was almost over.. i almost won..then there was this one person.. who went for the cirkel and won because of taking the cirkel. He said: HAHAHAHAHHA! MORON! I asked him why he didnt fight.. and why he fled from battle. Then he lied by saying this: YOU WERE THE ONE RUNNING THE WHOLE TIME MORON! From this moment on i knew he was a kid. Normally... after i win or after i get beaten.. i say: good battle! Good job! Well played mate! But this kid attacked me right away..[with words]. After that i was annoyed and wanted to make sure that this awesome community will not fall because of kids who are triggered. After that me and Liq spoke about it in the chat or a short while. He said this: Dont worry Timo , these kids just go here and see its not a simple CoD were you get everything you want in one day , they will all leave soon. Allthough many will join right now because of legends.. but they will leave soon. [I have asked Liq if i was allowed to say his name]. I gotta say: I hope he is right. First of all i do think he is right , kids want simple games they can compleet in a few days. But i also hope he is right... otherwise kids are gonna destroy this community with their cruel behavior. They will take any chance to bring you down if that makes them better. I am not saying all kids are like this , because not all kids are like this. And i would be happy if those kids who are not like this would join our community.. but those who are like this.. i hope they will leave soon. I love this community and i love the people here. I dont want you guys to get your feelings hurt by some stupid kids. I just wanted to say this to you guys.. have a great day .
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    I loved the renomee, great tag ship especially if you have the control perk. But with the hard cap it's not getting any love. Personally, I'm for getting rid of all mods, let ship choice, wood choice, and skill determine your battle, but that's me.
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    Port Battles are quite repetitive and I can here on the TeamSpeak more and more players telling that they do not want to do RvR anymore because it is “always the same”. Always 25 x 1st rates (some obliged to use Oceans or preferring her, some using Victories if their nation allows it, battle marks obliged) or 25 x 4th rates (most Wasa’s by now, awaiting remaining Agamemnon’s to be sunk or burnt) Or 25 Heavy-Rattlesnakes or Mercuries (also depending on Nations CM’s) for shallow waters. I would suggest a BR limit for Port Battle, this limit being a consequence of the tax recoveries during the last 2 weeks. So that important ports would have a BR limit of 16,250 (25 Santi’s), less important could decrease to 500 (25 Lynx, yes!) if no tax came from. This would create a lot of variety in Port Battles: Would I prefer 25 Bellona’s or 16 Ocean’s when the PB limit is 100,000? Or a mixture including some 1t rates, some 2nd and 3rd rates and some frigates?... What will be my strategy? What’s about enemy choices? Hoping that would help…
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    That might be so , but right now we are not looking for ships with a huge back story. We are looking for factions without many ships. We are looking for unique ships. The Dutch have no ship yet , while it were one of the biggest naval factions of those times. Thats why lots of people vote on wreker , because its dutch.
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    Please no. At least now you have to sail traders around with repairs, even if not your warships. And there will be a market for repairs in faraway ports.
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    Капитаны, срочные новости касаемо ситуации в Вест-Индии.Политические потрясения в Европе.В начале следующей недели ожидается прибытие колониальных флотов трёх европейских держав. Дислокация на данный момент не известна, но слухи указывают на Shroud Cay. Уже известно, что колониальные флоты не будут иметь столиц, для доступа к ресурсам и услугам адмиралтейства необходимо будет захватить и удерживать территории. Капитаны, при желании, смогут поменять подданство посредством forged pappers (которые будут дополнительно предоставлены). Капитаны, которые желают сменить подданство сразу после обновления, могут начинать предпринимать необходимые меры: закрывать аутпосты в национальных городах и перемещать своё имущество в нейтральные или свободные города. Новости с экономического фронта. Приток налогов с городов позволил национальным правительствам рассмотреть возможность оказания услуг по транспортировке кораблей. Начиная со следующей недели, капитаны смогут воспользоваться услугами транспортировки трёх кораблей одного корабля в день в любой из своих аутпостов по желанию. Для компенсации возросших расходов, национальные правительства приняли решение слегка урезать безопасную зону подкреплений около своих территориальных вод. Как результат - больше не будет ситуаций, когда территория Наветренных островов покрывалась на 70% зонами подкрепления.
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    3 new nations not only will not have reinforcement zones but also they won't have capital protected waters (extremely hard difficulty level). In addition to that their capital will be capturable (because they start with no capital at all)> This will provide the option for captains who dislike reinforcement zones to re-roll to the nation that does not have any protection and defend their main capitals, rookies, bases themselves. This will bring the balance to the universe, captains who love reinforcement zones can send the captains who don't like them to join Prussia, Russia, or Commonwealth colonial navy. current reinforcement zones size is indeed too big though. It could be adjusted a bit.
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    Navy printers have already supplied the fleets with canvas battle ensigns.
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    indeed Lineship PB = 6500 BR (so you can either take 10 first rates or a mixed fleet) 4th rate PB = 3500 BR (so you can take 5 first rates or a mixed fleet)
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    May this ship never be in game. I pray to god.
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    Captains please comment on the alliances with clans of foreign nations (for port battle entry rights only). For example - you can add a clan from a foreign nation to your friend list - allowing them to help you in port battles.
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    You mean this one @rediii? Its kinda out-of-date, but i would dig something more imersive.
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    @admin Can we please get a picture with a visual representation of the safe zones? I don´t see why this information is not provided.
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    this Things were working out perfectly well when we only had Copper Plating (and Speed Trim Mod with -10% HP), and no speedcap
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    Could a moderator move all this nonsense here or delete these posts? This topic is about PVP EU battle results. Thank you.
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    You can criticize the game. I do it a lot. But never ever get personal. When you say it's a shit game then you have to say why. And maybe come up with a suggestion how to improve things.
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    I can agree, that we should split if we want more fair fights, but which clans should leave? Sweeden looks like it is because of good organization, excellent commanders and amazing teamwork between clans. We (clans) did Sweeden a great nation and it is our succes, not only one clan. And from the other hand we don't outnumber other nations. For example yesterday danes had bigger screening fleet than we. I'll repeat something what was told many times before. We are not big in number, we are organized, we don't argue inside a nation and we got one of the best commanders in current playerbase. If only other clans in other nations wouldn't split and argue with themselves, but organize and try to create 25 people fleet situation would be diametrically different. Thats the solution of our "Swerg" problem.
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    I understand , and i think its a good decision then , theres one ship i would really like to see , but it will never be in game. I am thinking about buying a model ship of it. Its called: Le Soleil Royal. She was build in Brest between 1668 and 1670 by engineer Laurent Hubac. She was launched in 1669 and stayed in Brest harbour for years.She was recommissioned with 112 guns and 1200 men when the Nine years war broke out in 1688 as the flagship of the escadre du Ponant (squadron of the West). She was said to be a good sailing ship and her decorations were amongst the most beautiful and elaborate of all baroque flagships. The emblem of the "sun" had been chosen by Louis XIV as his personal symbol.
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    Before you introduce this system (that sounds nice), you need to balance BR of all ships.
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    Haha , but the KRAKEN should be controlled by a dutch man then [A dutch ship with a Dutch flag]. Because the KRAKEN is from Pirates of the caribbean , controlled by Davy Jones , captain of the Flying DUTCHMAN.
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    Leave the nations, but allow for clan v clan.