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    Captains Patch is being deployed to live servers What's new Special event added that will happen from time to time somewhere in the Caribbean Knowledge slots previous ships unlock requirements removed from the game, ships still have knowledge slots and require xp on this ship, but don't have pre-requisites PvP marks and PvE marks removed and replaced by Combat marks PvP kills now give 2x combat marks to the previous pvp marks (if you got 2 pvp marks for kill you would get 4 combat marks) PvP marks conversion added to convert left over pvp marks into combat marks Rookie Brig and Rookie Snow added to low level missions Added the ability to switch ships with fleet in ports (even without outpost) Skillbooks and Books now provide a tool tip in the admiralty/pirate den store (to see the requirements and bonuses place the mouse over the result of the exchange in the right window which appears after you click on the skillbook or book) Book tab is added to port store Improved (relaxed) speed requirements and time requirements to pick up loot from sinking ships Fixed bugs Fixed the bug that did not transfer the crews between gunnery and sailing crew focuses when you had extra crew Fixed the bug that did not start the storm preset in the instance Fixed the bug that did not apply hold optimization bonuses in the instance Fixed the bug that did not repair ship in the OW if you had minor damage Fixed the bug that you could sell items to port if the port was not supposed to buy those items Fixed the bug that did not let you place contracts in neutral ports Fixed the bug that sometimes locked the amounts you could sell to 1 Fixed the bug that did not start the port battle if the port battle time fell onto the port battle lock down times (1 hr before or 1 hr after of maintenance) Fixed the bug that blocked purchase of 36lb guns under contracts Tunings Hull repairs, Rig repairs and Rum are now placed into consumables section in the port Trading goods consumption by Npc traders slightly increased Furnishing requirements for 4 lower level vessels reduced Several ships were removed from NPC stores to promote crafting, the margins for the remaining ships were reduced Removed explosion strength from basic cutter Reduced resource requirements for 7th and 6th rates Minor speed rebalances were done for Bucentaure, Pavel, Endymion, Wappen, Agamemnon OW speeds slightly rebalanced
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    Captains. Patch has been deployed to live servers. All assets, ships, resources have been reset. Player experience and Craft experience has been provided in form of redeemables. Please use them wisely. 4 ships has been provided for a head start Pickle Surprise Indefatigable Trader Brig Forged papers have been provided to all captains in case you are unhappy with your choice will want to change nation in the future. Remember that deleting your character no longer saves XP. Do not delete your players unless you are absolutely sure about it. If you delete a player you will get a fully fresh start. Unused redeemables will remain in the redeemables box even if you delete the player. Do not use redeemables until you are absolutely sure about your name or nation. Game has 3 servers PVE PVP EU - with restricted port battle timers PVP Global - no restrictions on port battle timers Changes provided in the last couple of days to testbed New regional refits blueprints and skill books have been added Heavier guns still require coal, lighter guns require charcoal for production Coal was repositioned to provide more goals in conquest UI bugs were found and mostly fixed Random teleport bug has been logged and we are working on the solution, please report random teleports when they happen PVE server has conversion store (allowing conversion of pve marks into pvp and conquest marks) PvP server has conversion store switched off - but it might come back in the future in some form. Trader ships BPs were added to admiralty stores. Preliminary hostility changes Nation has 3 Port battles allowed instead of 2 Port battle starts in 22 hours after hostility reach 100% not in 46 as before War supplies can now only be delivered to the regional capitals (not every port) Patch changes: Combat model updated. Structure introduced. Ship now receives structural leaks when structure goes down (not when armor is destroyed like before). Structure affects leaks and masts integrity (you will be able to demast by bow and stern raking). Port battle entry is only allowed 30 mins after login at sea. This penalty can be dropped if you enter any port. If you log off at sea and login within 5 mins (disconnects etc) you don’t get that penalty Zone control points are not accumulated during first 10 mins of the port battle, zones cannot be captured during first 10 mins of the port battle. New sounds system is implemented. Crew responds to your actions and intensity of combat. All ships now have 1 durabilities with the corresponding change of required resources. You can now use the hold of your fleet ships. New perks are introduced for fleet management Admiralty store has been added. The following rewards were added (names are temporary and might not survive) PVP marks - for high end frigates permits and skillbooks PVE marks - for certain ships, skillbooks, resources and some other items Conquest marks - for port battles and permits for lineships Trading Manifest - reserved for potential future use. Each reward can be used for exclusive content in admiralty stores. PvP/PvE rewards are given in the end of battle based on battle kills and damage. If 10 people sink 1 ship rewards are split for 10 people based on damage, kills and assists. Conquest rewards are given for victorious port battles for attackers or defenders and only if they inflicted damage on enemy ships or infrastructure (forts and towers). Officers. Officers had one problem, they punished you if you played actively (and sank a lot). As a result officers were removed from the game and all perks have been moved to a player. You get 1 point per rank. Officers in their traditional sense might come back in the future. Perk reset cost introduced - to reset your character perks you have to pay 50 PVE marks. Pirate vs Pirate - outlaw battles. Pirates can now attack each other. The battle created by pirates vs pirates is always open and has FFA rules (free for all). You can sink anyone you see. Signalling perk does not work in the battle. Battle cannot be created in the capital protected waters. Outlaw battles do not give rewards. Recently killed tracker added to game. Players who recently lost the battle (sank or surrendered) no longer give rewards for 1 hour. This solves a number of problems with pvp rewards farming Ship paints can now be stored in clan warehouses. Chain shot damage fall off from distance implemented and added to game. Removal of current upgrade system and ship quality level. Tiered ship knowledge is implemented. (Details) Repairs changed. Repairs now can be crafted and carried in the hold. You can use your fleet to carry more repairs. Cooldown is implemented on repairs. The number of how many times you can repair in battles depends on your hold size. You can capture repairs from enemies Hold management in instances added, hold management for fleets is revamped. You can now use holds of your fleet in battles and capture hold from boarded/sinking enemies. Bot routes and npc fleet composition significantly improved. Guns are now sold in units and can be crafted. Rookie zones removed. Rookie capitals are added back to respective regions. (Details) Assign crew functionality in instances updated and somewhat improved. Resource transport between free towns removed Ship transport between outposts removed Teleport to freetown removed. Outpost to outpost transport is now only available between national towns. Tow to capital replaced by tow to port - which sends you to the nearest deep water port - this is done to allow players living in distant areas from the capital to have unstuck that does not send them across the map (forcing them to sail back). Certain changes are done for trading resources production limits. Expensive trading resources are no longer produced up to 25000 items providing infinite money making opportunities (e.g. textile machinery) Shipyard is added back and is a required building for ship crafting Lineships blueprints are now available in the admiralty. Lineships require permits to construct Gifted perk removed Ship blueprints no longer drop when crafting as there is no more RNG in crafting. Blueprints are immediately unlocked based on your crafting level or can be bought for marks from the admiralty. Antigriefing is now based on curve - not on fixed number (old number 5x). The paramteter changes based on the amount of ships in the pull zone. If you want to attack a large organized fleet you will have to have a lot of ships too. Solo line ship can be attacked by a very small force. Minimal crew thresholds for all vessels are now 70% of max ship crew (only checked in port) - you still can use under crewed ships in battles though. This requirements is not valid for trading vessels. Hold load now affects speed and acceleration both in the Open world and in the battle instances. Cannons affect hold load as well. . Contracts on cannons can be placed in stores. Medkit was replaced by RUM. Surgeon now needs rum to fix sailors (or cut them). Medkit blueprint eliminated. Battle result screen removed. Can stay up to 15 minutes inside the battle after it is over. Player exiting battle spawns in the open world. If you alt-f4 in battle you will be sent to the OW after battle If you exit the battle and do nothing - normal disconnect mechanics will apply. You can now loot hold from sinking ships if you are near the sinking enemy vessel. NPC Ship capture on the PVP server From now on All NPC ships cannot be captured on the PVP server. You can still take their hold and loot but you cannot switch to an NPC ship anymore. PVE Server: NPC ships will be capturable on the PVE server with no restrictions. PVP Server: On PVP server you will only be able to capture ships from players. Player fleet ships are considered pvp ships and can be captured This fix also change closes final loopholes on pvp marks farming and provides guaranteed market to shipbuilders Alliances tab disabled temporarily until alliance rework Shipbuilding overhaul. Governors of regions announced a monopoly on all woods except for oak, fir and lignum. Imported resources (like teak) will only be available in the regions that imported them historically. Other woods will only be sold by NPC traders in the region. (Details) New planking trims added to game. Redundant trims removed New wood types added to game Invisibility added when exiting battles under following conditions Both Sides will receive 1 min invisibility on exit. You cannot be attacked or attack during invisibility. Invisibility persists even if you die and spawn in port (lets say Free town) Cannons can now be stored in the warehouse Tunings: Map zoom increased 2x in commander tablet Port battle time increased to 105 mins Accuracy and damage from land based guns increased by 15% Points for kills increased by 50% in port battles instances Attack circle timer (ow attack) reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds If you sink in battle you will still be able to see the compass and wind indicator Brace command is now a toggle All contracts that are more than 15 days long are going to be automatically cancelled from now on. All instances are now immediately closing when last player leaves the instance. A good % of instances were wasted for bot vs bot entertainment Forts and towers were significantly buffed (large fort will destroy a ship in approximately 5 minutes under constant fire). We hope this feature will help players to vary their fleets a bit and bring mortar vessels to battles (who can destroy a fort in 10 mins. If this damage is too big we will lower it, but we were not really satisfied with the forts uselessness in battles). Military NPCs now sometimes drop repairs as loot Sugar added to many regions as resource - for rum production Boarding preparation growth increased Perk points are given to player faster - you will get 10 perk points 2x earlier. Crew requirement lowered on 4lb,6lb and 12lb carronades Tow to nearest deep water port do not check the hold weight any more Redwood logs abandoned; blueprints using redwood now use lignum vitae. Pine is merged with Fir and is now Fir from today. Pine logs abandoned, blueprints have changed Fire damage is increased by 25% Split function is improved Bow figureheads rebalanced slightly (some bow figureheads might get abandoned though based on the historians feedback) Fixed Rattlesnake figurehead bonuses bugs Added a tooltip to cannon crafting blueprint Port crew recruitment is now 68 per crew member. You will have to use rum at sea. 1 rum recovers 1 crew. PVP content in the admiralty store rebalanced. PVE server will have different prices and mark conversion options Fleet and fort kills are properly counted to your fleet if you did the most damage Added a button to sink a ship during cargo transfer interface (to receive kills and assists) When instance ends all hulls with white flags left in instance are sank and give rewards to players who were supposed to receive kills for them Recently killed flag is not given if you were sank by NPC Certain tuning is done for Carpenter and Steel toolbox (bonuses reduced) Repair cooldown increased from 10 mins to 15 mins (might get reverted back as we want to promote more aggressive combat) Minimal crew requirement lowered on all traders Victorious port battle defenders now properly receive conquest marks. To receive conquest marks you have to damage any enemy ship (any ship even one ship) above a certain threshold. Empty port battles will not give conquest marks. Conquest mark distribution. 3 for lineship ports, 2 for frigate ports, 1 for shallow ports. It now takes some time to destroy stacks of resources in your cargo. This will allow privateers to get some cargo if they tag the trader in time. You can only destroy one stack in 25 seconds Copper mine building removed, copper removed from all blueprints. Ship blueprints updated and now require provisions. Ships in general became more expensive to make (especially higher level vessels) Changed NPC production limits on certain resources Port battles now properly allow PB battle points for recently killed captains (including pvp marks) Wood planking splinter crew resistance now properly affects crew damage Skillbooks tooltip now properly show if you know it or not Fixed bugs appearing during redeeming of the Yacht Recently killed status is not given if you surrender to fix the denial of marks exploit when players would surrender en masse before large battles to deny marks Missions now only accept ships of the mission level and below. You can no longer do low level missions in 1st rates. This opens up more possibilities to create better and more challenging PVE content. Nation change item added to the game. We will provide it for mass testing this week. Free crew of 40 has returned the game to fix issues where a player can get stuck without money not allowing him to buy crew even for the basic cutter. Fixed bug causing your knowledge level to work on a ship captured from you Ship knowledge skills now work on your fleet ships Food supplies added to certain regions allowing the construction of the Farm Copper completely removed so you can now make war supplies and muskets without copper Barrels blueprint updated Fixed the bug that did not allow entering of missions as a group Missions now should allow fleets of mission rank and bellow Fixed bug that did not repair leaks during OW repair Fixed pirate bot distribution in the pirate regions Fixed the tooltip of the ship that now properly shows bonuses from trims and wood type Fixed the bug causing all items to be bought in stacks of 1 Fixed the bug causing permits to drop when breaking up crafted vessels Ship reverse speed bugs fixed Trade window bug fixed (players lost their ships they traded via trade window) Cargo duplication bug fixed Fixed bug that did not allow to access hold for NPC ships in missions and events Fixed bug that allowed to receive marks for basic cutter Fixed bug that allowed your sank vessel to magically appear in the BRS screen Fixed a memory leak with open combat information window. Fixed UI bugs in ship to ship transfer Bug causing blueprint drop during breakup removed Fixed most bugs not giving rewards for sinking surrendered ships Shipyard and workshop resource requirements bug fixed. Several instance crashes bugs fixed Fixed bug that did not allow you to craft even if you had a free slot in the port Fix bug that shown the pve/pvp marks conversion rate for knees and furnishings Fix bug that made captured derelict disappear if their owner exited the battle before assigning crew to them (to allow their capture for others who are still in instances) Fix bug that allowed ships added to fleets without the perk in outlaw battles Fixed several bugs with hold informational updates Fixed bug that allowed bots to repair guns indefinitely Fixed bug that increased deceleration on the Cutters A lot of minor bugs fixed Next steps Better PVE content (including some ai improvements) UI rework and localization Hostility improvements (including raids) __________ NB: Per admin: If you have NOT used or deleted your redeemables, you can safely delete your character and create anew. H. Darby: Please provide feedback on the changes to the map in this thread:
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    This was a test. And we do take exploits seriously. Captains in question could have just asked french not to come - they could have shoot some forts and get rewards. Which is normal for undefended port battles Instead they persuaded french captains to suffer through humiliation of sinking in front of the world without cannons live on stream. They also tried to ask the same from the Spanish. In addition to that captains on stream decided to show the world by live streaming that rules don't concern them. And have not shown any attempt to reconcile in this topic. As a result French captains who sank with no guns suffered enough humiliation by bending over to the enemy sinking in front of the world - will lose one rank French captain STC88 Le chat duc who came to the battle armed and stroke colors to avoid humiliation will be rewarded Pirates will be punished as well. The mildest punishment will be done to Christendom for his attempt to repair and reconcile. The rest of pirates participants in the battle have been demoted to thiefs for exploiting and streaming their exploit to the world. Conquest marks are going to be removed from game for rework and replaced by PVP marks. Topic can be closed now.
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    We are sorry to inform you that the port battle of cap francois is under review If it is found that the battle was arranged the participants will be demoted to thiefs and guarde marines. Again sorry for the inconvenience. Please avoid toxic comments in this thread
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    Captains Patch have been deployed to live servers today. Solo orders are now available for all ranks (despite they were reducing the feel of the hunt - players loved them). It was a mistake to remove them before mission agents were implemented. Basic cutters are no longer pulled into PVP battles with the following conditions basic cutter cannot attack other ships (including basic cutters) basic cutter can be attacked basic cutters are not pulled into battles if you attack another ship basic cutter ARE pulled into battles if you attack a basic cutter Snow HP is increased Trader ships can now carry cannons - and will carry them. This will allow cargo hunting and baiting unprepared privateers. Trader ships overall speed slightly reduced (by 0.4 knots) Deceleration times reduced for the following vessels Cutter Pickle Brig Navy Brig Snow Cerberus Frigate Belle Poule Essex Indefatigable Pirate frigate Snow, Cutter, Lynx speed slightly increased Sailing rigs and refits rebalanced (with speed bonuses reduced) Defensive War supplies dumps now give correct decrease of hostility Crafted set bought by freetowns now contain more shipbuilding materials (to provide more ship building options for players operating from freetowns NPC will sell those resources they bought at cheaper prices ROE timer problems fixed and some timers are tuned. Players will no longer be able to attack directly from invisibility Invisibility timer reduced to 30 seconds (players coming out of invisibility won't be able to attack for another 30 seconds) Battle closing time reduced to 3 minutes from 5 minutes Demasting rebalanced. We were not satisfied that too many pvp fights focused only on demasting and it will be much harder to destroy lower mast sections from now on. Labor hour costs of repair rig materials became lower Lower caliber guns costs were reduced Loot tables updated and npc combat ships will drop rare refits and admiralty skillbooks (previously only available for pvp marks) Endymion now uses correct pumps (and no longer requires 60 men to operate) Fort positions updated for several ports Furnishings price changed from pvp marks (25) to pve marks (300) Discuss
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    Here is the video french ships did not even have guns. Thats a clear exploit real politicians captains would just ask french to not come and shoot forts. But no. you need to exploit and shove it into the everyone's face by streaming it?
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    Basic cutter will be a basic ship for basic pve. It won't be able to attack players or enter pvp battles.
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    Are you tired of spreadsheets and tables? Look no further. The ultimate clan-tool is finally here. Features: Trading Tool Production Overview Blueprint information Garage sale Shipyard Admin section Fully adjustable language file Specs: Dynamic data processing of the Naval Action API Access right management for members Responsive design HTML5 Boilerpate + PHP + SQL Multi-Language support CAPTAIN FILES Base of all processed user data, having the following information of each user: crafting level blueprints available production buildings and location available portbattle ships with location "Commander's view" to view all fleet locations of members TRADING TOOL Plan your trips based on reliable data. Every maintenance the data of the game is dumped into an "API". Search features: materials ressources upgrades ports PRODUCTION OVERVIEW Members can assemble a crafting group and give an overview on how many wares are theoretically produced per day. A member can assign themselves to a group leader. Data for production is fetched from the captain files. Scope should be to maximize ship output through having an optimal output on ressources per craft group. BLUEPRINT INFORMATION Probably all of your spreadsheets combined. shoutout to navalactioncraft. API as data base with captain files as additional source for: Ship stats and information Knowlege slots unlocks Sailing profiles Crafting materials and information Which clanmember has the BP for the selected ship GARAGE SALE 2nd hand shop for ships and upgrades. Members are able to list their offers so others can contact them if they are interested. CRAFTING SECTION Intended as a journal for transactions inside the clan since there is no option ingame. Crafting logs can be shown as a ranking to show the most involved players. SHIPYARD Members can order ships and refits here. Crafters can then accept the order. Prior ordering members should have the crafting ready materials in stock. If you want to try it I have a live-version hosted here (not in productive state so feel free to experiment): http://p412148.webspaceconfig.de/clantool/ Login-data: Name: Test_User Pass: test Different rights for different needs: - 3 Crafting Tiers (Supplier, Junior-Crafter, Master-Crafter) - 7 User Tiers (No-Access till Admin) What you will need: - a webhoster that allows fopen - at least one MySQL 5.6 database - PHP7 and above Coming (maybe) soon: Prettier code Dynamic Crafting and shipconfigurations adding location of portbattle ships of the captain files completion of the blueprint section Shipyard logs Information about crafters having the refit BPs unlock slots map of some sort Ship skins (if they come back) More Admin stuff for backend data Still work in progress, but any feedback and suggestions are apprechiated.
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    Captains - hot fix was deployed to live servers today What's new Refits blueprints are added to the admiralty stores for pve marks and removed for drop. We do not want luck in drop to affect gameplay for captains. Time to sink increased for vessels to allow a bit more space for loot pickup. Gross ventre hold increased to 1900 War supplies pricing adjusted Outposts and docks prices slightly adjusted 5 new ports added for coal production for balance the distance from capitals between all nations Mast hp and thickness increased for mid and top sections Maintenance time moved 1hr earlier Lock down before and after maintenance reduced for Global server Conquest marks moved for rework and rebalance. Lineships prices are now in pvp marks Fixed bugs and Gameplay tuning More problems with UI fixed Fixed bug that did not allow Port battles to be set up on the Global server Signaling perk removed for rework and rebalance (because it did not work as intended) Swing bed and elevating screw, Sur le Canonnage a Bord, Gunnery Encyclopedia, Table of parts of Ships of War angle bonuses temporarily removed for bug fixing (they will come back) Regional bots routes slightly improved Labor hours for cannon production/repair production reduced by approximately 30% Cool-down for armor and crew repair is now 10 mins to test combat repairs on with a wider audience (previously it was ran on testbed only). Please hold your swords on this if you want no repairs or longer cool downs. Discuss
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    SO before summer sale could we get global server moved to the top of the server list. Seeing that Global server is for everyone and European server is for euros this would make since. It would funnel much of that new blood into the correct server for them. previous games have shown that the new player will pick whatever is first on the list due to the excitement of a new game and just wanting to play. and by the time they figure out that they cant participate in RVR due to timers they will have so much stuff and wont want to start over with nothing on the correct server. IDC if this starts a fight because it is something that needs to be done. the reasons are for such a request have been made clear. please take action before steam summer sale.
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    You cheated, you got caught due to your own stupidity. Let's all take a moment and laugh at these idiots. Don't let the door hit you in the ass.
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    Some captains advised us to post this topic as a change of strategy might be required in conquest. Thus here is the edict. National admiralties and governments will now provide mark distribution - called a pension (name is not final). The requirements to receive such pensions are simple If you win a port battle for your nation you personally will start receiving conquest marks for that port. If you defend a port battle for your nation you personally will start receiving conquest marks for that port. For as long as your nation controls this port players mentioned above will continue receiving conquest marks for that port. If someone captures that port from your nation they will receive pension from their nation for that region. Pensions are non-hereditary and you will lose it if you lose the port, or if you don't come to fulfill your duty to defend it. As a result. Gaining regions and controlling them becomes extremely important to support heavy fleets. All regions give 1 conquest mark as pension Some regions indicated in the patch notes can give a bit more. Governments close their eyes on political port trading (its allowed). For example you can pay pirates to attack a port to deny enemy their pensions for that region (which they will lose if they don't come to defend). Or you can request nations to fake attacks to your regions if you don't like current landowners in it. The best strategy at this stage is to grab as many regions as you can. Some regions provide better pensions due to their importance to the region.
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    Captains Trading resources weight increased to provide the opportunity for more players to trade. Current supply of trading resources across caribbean remained the same - average profit remained the same. Only weight changed. Traders won't be able to clear out the whole port alone as before. Giving others the chance to buy the resources. Protractor tool added to map in the open world Tow to port TEMPORARILY changed. Due to teleport bug (that we are still fixing) that can send you across the map (sometimes to the pacific) we have changed it back to capital (increasing cool down to 6 hours). Otherwise player were stuck on the other side of the globe sometimes without the option to return Cannon weights fixed Morgan bluff can now produce coal and iron again PvE server received even more NEUTRAL counties with coal - where all nations can build factories and fast travel to.
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    I like a lot of the changes in this patch, but for casual players, noobs and returners this is not much fun. They sit in their basic cutter, forced to do PvE missions for hours jsut to afford cannons for the next class. If they get boarded in PvE or dare to try PvP and sink they drop back to where they were before. Grinding in the cutter again, getting 7k per mission. Meanwhile more experienced players who understood the trading system abuse national goods to their limit, making more and more money. They are already able to buy all profitable resources from multiple ports at once, leaving not much for casuals who randomly come across this port. The current economy system is a spirale. The higher you get the easier it is to make money, while the noobs at the bottom are starving. You cant expect them to understand the trading system within the first hours when they play. They need to get rewarded if they do something, give them a free Snow or something with cannons after 5 basic cutter missions and they will be happy.. All they get right now is punishment and I think they will quit in a week or 2. Next problem is PvP. To learn PvP you need to get on your and your ships limits. That means sinking is an important part. But right now you cannot afford to sink as a new player. Suggestions: Free Snow with cannons after 5 basic cutter missions (once a week possible). more gold for basic cutter missions less margin for national goods
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    This will win you so many friends today. People will get drunk celebrating Look forward to the event! Overall awesome mini patch Sir! Thank you!
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    Dear Sirs, Hopoe this is the right place, but whatever. I wanted to write and give you my impressions of the current status of Naval Action in it's current form post patch and why I think you are failing on some fronts since I believe one should always present constructive critisism in these things and hopefully it may provide some thoughts from a player that's been in this game for 18 months. In all these cases, I can only present my views on the current status and for those who don't like a long read, then please stop here. Please. The game is a Multi Player On-line Game, one of many on the market, but currently, the only one set in the age of sail and is more of a simulator than a game, by which I mean that it's mechanisms are based more on what happened in reality than giving way to arcade mechanisms. To my mind, I see 4 types of players in the game.. one subdivision is PvE or PvP and the other is the solo player or the clan player. All types are being catered for in the current format. For each of these types there are probably a number of subdivisions.. those that are frequent players, moderate players and casual players and further subdivided by those that prefer to play by fighting ships and those that prefer to trade. If you take all those categories together, then your balance in this game needs to cross 24 or more different boundaries to satisfy all and maintain a healthy player base. For all types, there should be a "reasonable" progression in the game with objectives and goals in mind. After all any game, even a simulator, should be fun in order to retain players of all types. There is no question that not all those goals should be similar or even, just that some sort of goal should exist and be obvious for those players. No game will survive, if only catering to one or two types of players out of the gamut of players out there with so much competition for gaming time available. OK summary over.. lets take a look at the game as it stands now shall we... Post patch, I decided to start a new character.. not taking any of the redeemables both on PvP and on PvE to see what the experience would be for a brand new player perhaps deciding if they would like to get into the game. I start with a basic cutter and 4 pdr guns. I have zero money. I'll bypass the fact that theres no info or clues in the game yet but will come back to that. The ONLY thing I can do at this stage is a combat mission. There is absolutely NO other option in the game, nothing Nada, zilch. I can't buy anything to trade and I have nothing to sell to make money.. so my first impression is.. I have to take part in combat as my only choice.. okay for the person that wants to be a trader then I have a first negative mark. But however.. of I go. Having played before, to me, that first mission wasn't to bad.. it was my cutter v a privateer, however for a new player, that would NOT be an easy contest and finding the mission was not an easy experience.. just a mark in the sea with a pray and hope to get to, even with the new protractor. That first battle took me about 15 minutes to complete, for a new player, they might not survive. If they DONT survive that first battle, then you have created a negative impression against those who want to fight ships as well. The logical output of the first 30 minutes of the game, therefore, is a negative to both trader types and fighting types. For casual players.. that might be enough to send them away.. but lets continue. I know have a few thousand dollars and a little bit of exp and maybee, just maybe a couple of hull repairs or something, If I could work out how to loot the ship before it sank. Is it enough to upgrade my ship? Nope.. guns cost way to much.. is enough to start trading.. nope not really, so now what, you want me to grind even at this stage and rinse and repeat the same things.. okay strike 2 as a trader and perhaps as a casual player.. nope too much time involved to even get out of tier 1 so strike there as well. If I lost.. I still have nothing.. I can replace what I had but I am still at a zero level.. nothing at all after 30 minutes of playing the game. That's an appalling situation. Now, I can work out that in 4 battles, I will have enough to get a new rank.. but for what? what is the purpose here? So I go into my second battle. etc etc.. all I have here is a timesink but for what? Whgat am I supposed to be aiming for. I look at costs of ships and costs to equip them, and I realise that I have to hard core grind to get that next ship.. even buying from the stores, I need maybee 15k for that ship and 30k for guns.. 45k at less than 10k per battle means I am FORCED to fight until I have won 5 or 6 combat missions to get a ship I could loose in one battle. Goodbye Casual player. OK now we have less types to cater for. Lets assume, I have the 50k after a few missions... I look into my home port and see a few items available. Is there ANY clue as to what might be useful somewhere else in the world.. Nope. there is a trader tool that only lists what prices would be at another port if they were available there, but theres no list of IF something is available. So I can see what I could take from my port and sell somewhere else, maybe at a profit. The game world is divided into small areas.. eg Surrey, Corwall and South Cays for a starting brit. There is no reason, not even historically, why stocks of goods in the same county should not be available from any port in that county. It's called throw me a frikin' bone here guys. Theres also no reason, that I couldn't send someone by horse from KPR to Port Morant to buy goods in that port, even if I then had to go to that port to pick them up and have them sitting in the warehouse there perhaps with a time limit tom picking them up. Whilst we are on that topic, what is this complete rubbish about goods in warehose dissapear if you have no outpost and sail away.. people make mistakes.. providing you recover those goods within a certain timeframe, they should remain. OK so more strikes against traders because the trading is so localised and restrictive. Secondly, it should be possible to see from the map, which ports can produce which items.. it's not like they move around between ports, they are fixed and solid, so display them.. how do you expect a new player that perhaps wants to build cannons in game to know that their coal supply needs to come from the far edges of the map? OK.. so I make a little money, but that trade run nets me so much travelling experience.. (sarcasm mode) of 2XP from KPR to Morant that again I am depressed.. again, if I want a bigger ship.. trading is NOT the way forward. OK.. lets go back to our fighter.. Hes done his first 5 or 6 combat missions and got enough to equip something a little bigger.. maybe a Pickle, so he eagerly goes to home port, buys a ship and the cannons... and sails off into the ocean to use his shiney new ship and the first battle he gets into he looses against a privateer.. he now has 2 choices.. give up or back to a basic cutter where he has alrady spent 3 hours getting enough money to buy his shiney new ship that he used once.. Even a medium player will have spent a ferw sessions in game to get to that point, so is it worth going on.. probably not. Lost medium fighting player. Now lets look at the crafter.... He wants to build ships or guns.. Before he can even start he needs to buy a shipyard.. 50,000 gold, plus all the resources.. Have you ANY IDEA AT ALL how long that takes to get doing 10k missions.. well lets see.. to get the oak and stone you probably need buildings.. and it will be two outposts, so thats maybe 150k with outposts buildings and getting the resources.. doing missions thats 20 basic missions assuming no losses at 20 minutes a time, thats 400 minutes play time just to get the basics without any materials to even start building the ships. Now whilst we are on that topic.. what can I build.. A lynx. whoppeee do de da.. not that a lynx isn't something, but heres another throw me a bone moment.. show EVERYTHING a crafter will be able to build, just grey out those that can't be built yet so the crafter can have a target to aim towards and see what they will need in the future.. allow them to have a goal. An example.. I found a delivery mission that required the delivery of a mid note somewhere.. what the hell is a mid note (Yes, personally I know what one is ) but none of the crafting screens showed a mid note and I damn near F11'd it thinking it was a left over from the old iteration of the game until someone told me that at a certain craft level they do appear again in the craft list. So casual crafter.. gone.. never to return. Now youve lost ALL your casual players. Your mid level fighting players may have gone as well when they lost their first ships. OK you say.. so Get in a Clan and socialise to learn the basics.. well hold on there a minute.. not everyone has the time or inclination to be in a clan, and frankly, some of the clans in this game will put people off the game faster than the mechanics. At this stage, the casual player has gone, the Mid level fighter may have gone and the mid level trader and crafter are already looking at the game and thinking about leaving. That leaves us with the hard core players. That is not sufficient to support the game in any way or in any fashion. What is there in the game for the hard core player that doesn't want to be in a clan.. answer.. zip nada nothing.. so now all you have left are the hard core clan players, whether on PVP or PvE so we are down to two types of player from our origional 24 types. What is there in the game for the hardcore player that IS in a clan.. zip.. nada apart from social.. theres nothing (NOTHING) in this game that being in a clan gives you in terms of extra rewards or anything.. and before you say port battles.. ermmm so what.. conquest marks are available by timesink by doing enough free missions, so apart from being IN a port battle.. what ya got.. nada. Finally lets look at the economy.. There isn't one.. theres a time sink disguised as an economy because the tools you need to be a trader or crafter just don't exist to make it enjoyable. The economy in this game doesn't work, not even slightly.. it's far to dependant on already knowing what is out there and where it is. A limited economy is no economy and an economy that is based on who's been in the game longest is NOT sustainable. You have massive cost sinks.. (loss of ship and repairs) but no drip feed or recoverability against that so therefore it HAS to be broken and has no way of NOT being broken. Theres not even a listing of what is in the game or not to allow people aims and ambitions. OK so suggestions as to what may be needed from me. 1) Give people a goal to select.. show all the craftable items.. show fighters ALL the ships in game and ALL the options even if greyed out because they dont have rank or status to use them.. give people a bone so they can make a goal for themselves. 2) 1 player per account.. absolute rubbish.. allow more ( maybe three) so people can play different styles even if you limit them to just one nationality. 3) Trading. build a proper market and let people see ALL available items in game and what stocks and prices are at ALL ports in the county you are in. 4) Allow remote buying and selling of goods (perhaps just within county but broader than just this port), but require travel to pick them up within a certain timeframe or they return to stocks. 5) Allow items in a warehouse to stay there, EVEN WITH NO OUTPOST for a time limit or until you dock in another port to allow for beginner mistakes. 6) For Fighters, add insurance to protect against ship loss.. not the full value, but enough of the base cost that it doesnt kill you whjen you loose your ship early in the game. 7) For Traders, add insurance on cargo, maybe even different levels and depending on length of run to not make it a total disaster if you loose the cargo. 8) Readjust the grind to be easier lower level and harder upper level.. stop penalising new players or casual players who may not be able to spend 7 dayts a week full time in the game. 9) Put limits in the game for minimum prices so that casual traders and players can actually get some return against the established ones.. anything below minimum is automatically bought by the game.. 10) Maybe add in some sort of daily reward for gaining exp in that day in the form of a sepcial delivery or something that has a random loot drop in it to encourage players to come back and do things in game on a daily basis, even if only for a short time. Maybe have levels so those that play more per day get two drops or similar. 11) Class type.. Trader/Crafter or Fighter these should be different with different base rules. Trader/Crafter should get more exp for sailing between ports, they should get benes for doing trader/craft things than fighting and vice versa. There should be things that a trader/crafter can do without having to fight to start the game. Traders/Crafters should be able to own more buildings than fighters. Perks should be different for Fighters than crafters What you currently have is the idea that anyone can be anything and it fails everyone by trying (and failing) to do that. Put back the perks of Crafters getting some exp from the people that buy their ships and use them. Maybee add trader perks that allow you see whats available further away from you in ports even if you can't buy them remotely. Give fighters more ship slots and less building slots and vice versa. 12) Add some sort of honour/loyalty system so that people could raise in reputation as well as rank. Maybe become friends with nobility that are in charge of ports or something that give benefits to both fighters and trader/crafters. 13) Timesink does not equal fun in any way whatsoever when timesink = negligable rewards. 14) Show, ONTHE MAP, what ports can establish what buildings.. like they don't change so why wouldn't people know. OK and whilst we are at it.. having played since the start of early access.... 1) Get a damn UI sorted.. Get a freakin intern or something and make the game pretty.. theres no excuse anymore for the boring as hell grey screens all over the place.. remember, the UI IS the first thing you will see in the game and many will be turned off by it and it hasn't changed in 18 damn months and it's not only rubbish, it doesn't even work properly in the current itteration.. I spend more time logging off and logging in to see whats in the shops after a mission than I do playing the game almost. I am sure that there are people out there who would absolutely jump at the opportunity to add an actual games UI to their resume in return for little actual cash who could do a great job in a summer break or something. 2) STOP playing with an economy that doesn't work and start THINKING about making something that works for all levels of players, not just those that are unemployed and want to work in clans. 3) START thinking about the casual player and not just the hard-core gamer who can devote their life to getting somewhere. 4) At the very least.. if you can't afford any new staff.. get some approved players to monitor the help channels rather than relying on players to do your job for you so there is always some sort of bone that can be thrown to new players in the hope of retaining them. Absconding from your responsability in game is an indicator to people of what they should expect and currently it's nothing. 5) STOP using early access as an excuse to not do the basics. 6) Frankly in 18 months, damn near nothing has changed in this game and I humbly suggest that it is no nearer a finished product than it was 18 months ago and currently is at exactly the same stage of early access as it was 18 months ago. OK sorry this was way to long and on the edge of a rant, but frankly.. to me, at this time, this game is only suitable for hard core players in clans and that, my friends is NOT a recipie for a game that is looking for longevity in the current market, no matter HOW specialised the premise behind it is and that makes me sad, because even now I can see something that to me could be great, but even as an ex Navy person and retired, this game is not providing me with an "ENTERTAINMENT": factor that will keep me coming back and competing for my Real world gaming hours. By the way, this entire post was written during one timesink run from KPR to Plymouth which netted an absolutely stunning amount of 195XP.. really.. thats just sad. Regards to all.. M
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    In reply to Spains declaration of war We shall go on to the end. , we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength i, we shall defend our islands, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender,
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    We would like to show everyone that rookie ships are beasts in right hands and that ai is completely incompetent against the right opponent. Hence the competition Sink the AI Le gros ventre (escorted or unescorted) in a basic cutter solo (boarding allowed) Record it on video and upload to youtube Post the video here Top 3 fastest wins will be presented Santa Cecilia Frigate (wood/planking will be provided based on captains choice) Rules You must be in a basic cutter You must be alone (no outside help is allowed) Explosion kills do not count Competition ends next Monday 19th June. Top 3 videos will be posted on NA channels and FB pages.
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    Captains - hot fix is being deployed today to live servers Low level missions fixed - 6th rates no longer spawn in 7th rate missions Brace now protects your crew from explosions (unless its you who explodes). If you know someone is planning to explode use brace to reduce crew losses. Fixed bugs with rum repairs - surgeon now repairs 30% crew and uses rum properly in instance (1 crew = 1 rum) Increased hostility points generation from pve and pvp by 25% Bellona and 74 blueprints added to a pirate den Speeds at certain angles and turn rates adjusted (mostly improved) for the following vessels Privateer (angles to wind turning) Lynx (turning) Niagara (angles to wind) Rattlesnake (turning) Renommee (turning) Cerberus (speed) Snow (speed, angles to wind) Brig (speed, angles to wind) Endymion (turning) Constitution (turning) Mercury (angles) Surprise, Endymion and Renomme were too fast at close angles to wind and their bonuses the were slightly reduced (approximately 0,5 knot loss at 15 and 45 degrees to wind) Some ships lost a bit of speed at 180 (including constitution and endymion) Several important bugs fixed Significant changes Basic cutter is now a basic pve farming ship. It will not be able to attack players and join pvp battles and outlaw battles (battles originated against the player) as reinforcement. It will still be pulled into combat instance if he is in the pull circle. Open world Unstuck command (Tow to port) has returned to its original form. It sends player to the nearest deepwater port (not to capital). It was a temporary change because we had to the random teleport bug. Ship knowledge tree requirements were relaxed and changed at high level ships. Experimental feature Hull and Rig repairs now share cooldown to provide more depth in combat tactics We plan to address fleets in outlaw battles issues this month. We know it is an important issue. Please try not to hoard your conquest marks and spend them - we plan to gradually increase prices for permits over time. Discuss knowledge slots changes
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    Here is the list of the bonuses for the refits added to the admiralty for the pve marks. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U4e4D1Sn5D7L36z_KTYG2SymRGNaPOQs09a5TFgVXuc/edit#gid=1132616989 Please remember that the bonuses are not final and will be updated if necessary based on testing results. Feel free to use this topic for feedback on stats and performances of the upgrades. Keep in mind that many blueprints require some regional resources to produce - not all of them can be easily made. This is the list of blueprints that will require additional items that are not easily available (drop from NPCs). Elite Spanish Rig Refit Elite British Rig Refit Elite French Rig Refit Elite Pirate Rig Refit French Gunnery Sergeant British Gunnery Sergeant Northern Master Carpenters Nassau Fencing Masters Guacata Superior Gunpowder Almeria Superior Gunpowder The rest of blueprints have the required resources available by trading and can be bought in ports.
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    The reason for this is obviously to bring some kind of long term goal to the game. Thats fine, however ship knowledge is not very well thought-out imo. 2 big problems: You need to grind ships you dont want to sail with You have to unlock all ships in the right order, otherwise the XP you earn will not be saved. For example if you want to unlock 3rd slot on the Belle Poule you need to level up 6 other vessels in the right order (Basic Cutter -> Pickle -> Brig -> Snow -> Cerberus -> Frigate). Thats just completely demotivating and atm im just ignoring ship knowledge... And Belle Poule is not a special ship or anything, when you are looking at a big ship like the Ocean it gets even worse Its not fun or motivating at all.
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    Seen the new boring system I must report the absolute nonexistence of action in the game .. This new system implemented makes the battles of port are totally ghostly, provided with pacts to be able to get marks of conquest, what makes that the game has nothing of interest and is boring. The exaggerated and expensive form of crafting of boats and the expensive ones that come added to the costly of obtaining the marks for the levels of 3 lines 2 and 1º makes that these pacts are the day to day of the game because nobody wants to risk their boats, although Be a low cost frigate. Pvp is focused on the gankeo against solitary players (5 vs 1) that at the moment they lose their boat (Indefatigable) stop playing as impossible to recover the money to be able to have another of similar characteristics ... In short the game does not provide what most players are looking for because of the excessive and expensive way in which it is oriented and in this way only (1 nation = 1 clan) has life in this game .. The system of traders with these changes is not worth carrying materials between ports to have a minimum profit and with the constant gankeos to the carriers nobody and I say well no one wants to travel 2 hours to have a profit so minimal .. Thank you and I hope to solve it for the sake of many players
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    I'm sorry to say, but I think devs might have already fulfilled your war goal for you. Relative to their population, brits access to conquest marks is abysmal.
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    Let em both grow, pray for the day we are complaining about too many players and need another server.
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    Patch will be deployed today to live servers. Changes to conquest Conquest changes significantly but we want to keep the details about the change vague. Conquest marks as a reward for damage port battles are removed - so don't be upset when you don't get conquest marks in today's battle that will happen after maintenance. Conquest marks will be distributed differently from now on. Certain regions significance increased for conquest. All regions give 1 conquest marks. Some give more. Capitals of the regions your governments demand to bring under control of your nations and will provide additional benefits for them: Santo Domingo Cartagena de Indias San Juan Port Au Prince San Iago Morgan bluff Vera Cruz Campeche Nouvelle Orleans Bridge town Road Town National governments and Brethren of the coast councils will consider current state of the map status quo and will only provide conquest marks for the increase of the land and its control. Other changes PvE to PVP mark conversion improved on the PVE server to provide for the above mentioned change. Additional UI bugs fixed Stability of the bug reporter improved Mystical bug bringing 6th rates into 7th rates missions is still being searched for. We can't reproduce it so please send us more reports from inside the missions while you run away from that rattlesnake
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    5 minutes?! 5 goddamn minutes?! When i figured out that signalling perk overruled the 5 minute timer i was like; Ok... I can deal with that even though it mean i must sacrifice a Officer Perk to get rid of the the stupid timer. Then just now we were told in Global Chat that Signalling isn't supposed to overrule the 5 minute timer..... So now i must bring out my pitchfork and torch. And ofcourse gather the people for the riot that is about to happen here. #2MinTimersOrRIOT #GetRidOf5MinTimers #FixRulesOfEngagementNow #PITCHFORK #PONIES
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    This clan is harassing players in nation chat every time i log into the game. I heard they sink people that try to join the PB as if it is their exclusive right to participate in them, while at the same time trading regions away to enrich their clan. These guys are as toxic as it can get and it is disgusting to see them around 24/7 every time i join the game. It was the right decision to demote them but the question is... was that really good enough? I think some of them really need some chat bans at least... they've been spreading their cancer and toxicity poisoning the community for as long as i have been playing the game. Yes i have muted most of them but it is really hard to mute everyone that engages in their shitstorm.
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    I honestly think we need this EU v Global (the server that never sleeps) melarkie a rest. I respect the fact some folks want windowed biff and some folks want open biff. Leave it there and lets help and PROMOTE both communities. Having lived in several countries over my life, I have learned we are all pretty much the same, have pretty much the same amount of idiots, clever folks, beautiful folks and ugly gits. We all hate our banks, pollies and parking meters. I see no advantage in players, mods or dev's pushing one over the other. I am sure players will move between the servers for various reasons, some try and play on both and some get annoyed with both
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    ☸ Part V - Modifier series guide: Admirality book modifiers ☸ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ █ Ship crafting: █ Wood and trim modifiers █ Permanent Upgrades: █ Store - Refit & Note modifiers █ Store - Bow figurines modifiers █ Loot - Perma Upgrade modifiers █ Regular Upgrades: █ Store - Admirality book modifiers █ Loot - Upgrade book modifiers ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Since no-one has done it yet, here the stats of the books aka upgrades captains are able to buy from the admirality store. All listed Items use a Slot as one Regular Upgrade aka Knowlege-Slot. Boarding Ladders Carpenter Grenades Grog Rations Hammocks Light Blocks & Ropes Light Canvas Light Carriages Marines Mortar Handbook Muskets & Pistols Notched Angles Optimized Ballast Optimized Rudder Planking Powder Monkeys Reinforced Rudder (State as of Patch 10.3 //API PVP Server)
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    Well... Once upon a time I played a game that gave you lots of gold for PvP. kills, assists, capturing ships. Crew costs were not high, repairs cheap and easy to get in every port. PvE was also profitable, but not as much as good PvP Battle. A good fight could give you 500k or even 2m gold reward. A good PvE mission done without boarding / capturing SOLs farming would give maybe 200-400k I believe. Also in PvE you don't have to use Rig & Hull Repairs, nor rum. In PvP battles depending how intense they are, you've gotta use about 20-100 Rig Repairs, 0-50 Hull Repairs, in extreme battles even more. Killing a 5th rate, like Trincomalee, Indefatigable, Surprise, Frigate gives from 20-50k at best. The minimum cost of Rig Repairs is about 450 gold. Hull Repairs more or less the same, but they sell mostly for 600-700. That's about 25-30k cost itself. Then we get costs of crew, because you lose a lot of crew in PvP. Crew is cheaper after the wipe which I find as a good change, but that's still another expense. Then you need to repair ship in port which costs about 1-10k or repair it in OW with repairs which would cost way more than in actual port. Sometimes even 20-30k worth repair in OW. In short, earnings exceed benefits usually. The only exception is traders hunting, that's very cheap and with possible income of 50k-500k of gold, but traders hunting for some players would not really be considered as valid PvP as your target cannot shot back and there is no much fun besides capturing the price and chase itself. No risk, no adrenaline at all. At this point PvP is only acceptable in huge fleets picking easy targets, because the need of using repairs is very little in 10 vs 1 battle. Players will rather avoid PvP because: It's not beneficial, besides PvP Marks It's risky Hard to get repairs, also expensive to craft Ships are very expensive Cannons are expensive Permanent Upgrades are expensive Capturing ship gives no PvP Marks, nor gold, exp very little reward for assists or no reward if the ship was captured. PvE is more safe, provides more rewards together with gold and loot in form of books and upgrades. For example Copper Plating cannot be crafted, the best way to get it is in PvE. Trading on the other hand is more risky, but provides the highest income. Players are able to make 200-500k gold in 1-2 hours, if not even more income than that. That is my overall feedback after 2 weeks of constant PvP in OW. I've got in total about 70-80 PvP Marks, very often playing solo and I very often end up broke. Considering the fact that I haven't lost any combat ship in PvP (lost only Indefatigable in PvE, it's hard for me) and my pockets are empty most of the time with all the ships I sank, killed, captured just shows that something's wrong.
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    Cant type, can't talk, can't give useless feedback, can't respect others, can't use steam refund function. This captain is useless here. Banned.
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    So you're ok with two groups farming conquest marks in the same pb region to get an advantage over other groups? I'm not partifucularly fond of this.
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    My heart doth weep for a fish I caught. I cast my net and lowered my hooks, all to catch a fish, a lot. I learned how to from the old man's books, But I learned not of the of a fish's life's lot. The line tightened, Grouper large and strong was caught. As I dragged the scaly wretch from under the keel, The poor fish narry struggled nor fought, Twas' then my chest swelled and I began to feel, But I needed this fish, his fate was sealed. I hoisted him aboard and our two eyes behold That neither of us desired what was to unfold. His gills began to dry and his skin to crack As I grabbed my my knife, hook, and rack. Before then end the Quartermaster burst on deck And exclaimed we had no room in the hold below. I heard my heart shatter as I wiped my neck And I heard the poor fish give a low below. I looked at him, and he looked at me, Then we both slowly gazed to the sea. His body began to fill with joy But tragically my only option was to 'destroy' -The Poor Fish by Digital Wind, a True Story Please change the "Destroy" Button to "throw overboard" in the open world, for the sake of all the fish we drag aboard and heartlessly destroy looking for sealed bottles.
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    Captains Patch was deployed to live servers today. NPC Traders no longer have contraband status. That was causing a lot of issues when attacking them sometimes (due to their duality status). All regions have enemy traders assigned to them for easy privateering. As a result of this change some traders might have protection now (as they are no longer contraband carriers). NPC traders now always try to stock goods on the routes back from their trading destinations Combat npc ships now always try to carry something of use NPC Ships prices adjusted to provide more benefits to crafters, it will take some time (up to a week) for this effect to spread across the Caribbean Low level mission rewards slightly increased Crafting notes blueprints removed Critical cannon stacking bug fixed (that caused locked cannon ui requiring players to relog).
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    ☸ Part II - Modifier series guide: Refits & Note modifiers ☸ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ █ Ship crafting: █ Wood and trim modifiers █ Permanent Upgrades: █ Store - Refit & Note modifiers █ Store - Bow figurines modifiers █ Loot - Perma Upgrade modifiers █ Regular Upgrades: █ Store - Admirality book modifiers █ Loot - Upgrade book modifiers ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ There are a bunch of new admirality refits since the big patch hit All listed Items use a Slot as one Permanent Upgrade and one vessel can only have one refit. To complete the contents of the Admirality store and conclude the given informations, here the Refits&Notes with the recipies for the blueprints: Additional Ballast Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark Almeria Gunpowder Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark Almeria Superior Gunpowder Note | Price: 300 Combat Mark Bovenwinds Refit Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark Bridgetown Frame Refit Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark British Gunners Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark British Gunnery Sergeant Note | Price: 300 Combat Mark British Rig Refit Note | Price: 200 PVE Mark Cartahena Caulking Refit Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark Crooked Hull Refit Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark Diagonal Riders Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark Elite British Rig Refit Note | Price: 300 Combat Mark Elite French Rig Refit Note | Price: 300 Combat Mark Elite Pirate Rig Refit Note | Price: 300 Combat Mark Elite Spanish Rig Refit Note | Price: 300 Combat Mark False Keel Note | Price: 200 PVE Mark Floating Battery (1-3 rates) Note | Price: 300 Combat Mark Floating Battery (4-5 rates) Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark French Rig Refit Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark Guacata Gunpowder Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark Guacata Superior Gunpowder Note | Price: 300 Combat Mark Iron Knees Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark Nassau Boarders Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark Nassau Fencing Masters Note | Price: 300 Combat Mark Northern Carpenters Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark Northern Master Carpenters Note | Price: 300 Combat Mark Pino Ocote Masts Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark Pirate Rig Refit Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark Spanish Rig Refit Note | Price: 200 Combat Mark (State as of Patch 10.3 //API PVP Server)
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    Captains, here is the list of top-3 Captains who managed to defeat Le Gross Ventre ship under 10 minutes: The first place: Captain Tommy Shelby, time: 7:07 The second place: Captains Ленин and Oriowka, time: 9:00 The third place: Captain rediii time: 9:20 Congratulations to winners and thanks to all who participated in the event! The prize, Santa Cecilia Frigate with wood and planking based on captains choice, will be provided soon. Also there will be a gift for all who participated in the event.
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    Hello fellow captains and developers. I would like to share with you my thoughts on the latest patch, and the changes that have been introduced in the game which, in my case, are forcing me to seriously consider quitting the game. First of all, let me confess that i am no power gamer. Naval action is the first online game I have bought and probably the last. I have no double, triple or quadruple account, and the best I can do is 2-3 hours of playing daily, after long hours of boring office work. I'm just an average so-so captain that still struggles with the manual sails, and the aiming of my cannons. I belong to a small clan in the Spanish Faction called La Santa Hermandad. Small but very tight and organized. Over the two years and many hours of talking over the TS, we have become friends, and right now they are the only reason I'm still playing Naval Action. After the last patch, I have been working hard to try to recover from the wipe. To the best of my ability I have tried to earn money, doing missions and trading to be able to extract resources in order to be able to craft ships for my clan. I know my clan mates have been doing pretty much the same. And after three weeks of work, I have the feeling of being pretty much where I started. I'm stuck, my keel has struck the shoals and I'm going nowhere. Here is what I think the fundamental flaw of the patch: The imbalance between time invested versus rewards received. Money is too hard to earn, it takes a lot of time. All of this time spent earning money (missions/trade) is not spent doing the fun stuff (PVP). As a result, I AM BORED. This is especially sad because I have had long hours of fun and entertainment with the previous versions of this game, and i know the potential of Naval Action. So, my humble suggestion would be: 1) Increase the amounts of rewards in the missions, 2) revert the economy to its previous version, in which trading was a viable way of earning money, and 3) lower the cost of resource extraction. These three simple things would free time for all of us to actually play the game, and enjoy the new game mechanics. Also, transport between ports has become another very boring exercise. If I have only two hours to play I don't want to spend them sailing to Havana. Teleport to capital should return, maybe even tow requests. An additional imbalance which is creating a lot of frustration is the fake port battles to earn conquest marks. This mechanic is being exploited by big clans to earn defence/conquest marks, which allows them building of bigger ships and widens the gap between small and big clans. I'm not saying conquest or defence marks should not be awarded in port battles, I'm saying that fake, staged battles with the sole purpose of farming conquest marks are creating a lot of frustration in some segments of the player community, which cannot, or are not allowed to participate in these port battles. A fake battle would be very easy to identify by the number of shots fired, damage done and ships sunk. If the goal of the NA developers is creating a realistic game and a level playing field for all players, I do not understand why this obvious and public exploit is allowed to remain. I have shared my frustration with many other veteran captains in the Spanish faction, and i can see that they are all in a similar or worse situation. Please, make the game easier and more fun, give us more money for our time, i'm fed up of doing boring mission after mission against super accurate raking expert IAs just to see all the money earned disappear inside my mines. Thank you. Don Sancho Navarro Jefe de Escuadra
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    New propagan ... err news ...
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    Based on the forum posts and in game conversations since the incident members who participated in the Cap Francois exploit have no desire to change their ways. Despite exemplary and truly great offer by LV trying to sacrifice himself for his clan we have decided that the punishment will stay, as it seems some of the members of the clan don't deserve such sacrifice by LV. Attempts by clan members to troll volunteers in game or try to rant and derail topic discussions like they did before on this forum will be met with warnings and strict moderation.
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    theres a difference between 'hey lets come fight and have fun' and 'come here in weak ships so we can sink you for marks'
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    @admin Removal of GPS is good - we need to be able to find our location and plot the course ourselves making sailing fun and challenging at the same time. Removal of Coordinates is NOT good. We need to be able to communicate locations, plot courses etc. Having the grid does not mean that you know where you are on that grid. Give us the proper map tools and return longitude and latitude, but remove GPS so you have to use the tools to plot the course. You can still get lost if you screwed up your course and have all the "magic" WTF moments. Sailing then will become even more fun. All it takes is some basic geometry tools and more interactive IN-GAME map. This is ALL we really need. Just 4 tools to work with the map. Nothing else. This will win you so many credits among players that NA popularity will boost like crazy. You will see. Example below.
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    I decided to do something which is now apparently stupid. I deleted my old character and erased all of his xp and crafting xp and decided to start over fresh after the wipe. Doing so gave me a perspective into this game that most of the old players who used their redeemables don't have. I have been critical of these changes in numerous forum posts and it seems my criticisms have been ignored as every patch makes it even WORSE for the noob. Therefore, here I shall try to be less cynical and detail what I see wrong with the game now. My noob perspective. This game has become a massive boring grind now. Before the wipe, I had fun. Now I have aggravation and disgust. I end up face-desking more to stay awake while playing rather than as a result of absurdity. I assumed the wipe was coming as a result of the bug that allowed upgrades to essentially be copied and thus ruined the economy. I had NO IDEA this game would have it's mechanics bastardized into what it is now. Issue 1 - The removal of noobs capitals. Now noobs are dumped in the middle of all the old players. Instead of having to worry about Mercury's and Brigs, noobs now have to contend with Surprises and Indefs... Yes, I had an Indef tag my basic cutter before they got turned into a PVE tool. Pre-wipe, the shallows was a fun place to go with smaller ships and hunt traders. A place to get the hang of the game without having to contend with Belle Poule's. Now, noobs get a baptism by fire. One of my first pvp fights was in a BC vs another noob in a BC (pre-wipe). It was a nail biter for me but I won. Another pre-wipe fight? My BC vs a noob in a Rattle. Again, a nail biter. I started off graping his crew and forced him to run. Now, I have Rear Admirals tag me with their fully equipped Surprise. Right, that's loads of fun. *Edit* And proof in the pudding, I was out hunting traders and just had my Snow tagged by a Surprise and a Renom. My rank says I'm a noob. While I'm not saying they shouldn't have done this, I would have, what I am saying is that I'm now forced into battles where I'm hopelessly outclassed and outgunned because the balancing effect of the shallows is gone. Had I been in any other Rank 6 square rigger and were I not as familiar with the abilities of my ship as I am, I doubt I would have escaped. Is this really the pvp experience the dev's want noobs to have? Result: Fun -1 Issue 2 - Non-capturing of AI ships This results in noobs not being able to get into crafting or trading unless they do so in a basic cutter with extremely limited cargo holds (they either have to buy or build a trader). It also reduces the income resources available to noobs. Before I would scrap the ships I captured for the minute resources they had so that I could build parts. I even hung onto a captured TBrig and used it to begin my crafting career. Now, that's gone. It also takes away the ability to test a captured ship to see if they even like it before building or buying one. Furthermore it's just totally unrealistic. I just boarded a ship and beat it's crew to a pulp. Now, my options are to sink it... or sink it. Whut? Result: Fun - 1 Issue 4 - BC No longer smuggler The BC was stripped of the ability to enter foreign ports with the smuggler flag on. So, as a noob, you're forced to trade with your nation. If your nation doesn't have the resource you want, tough shit. Result: Grind + 1 Issue 3 - Loot Trader loot just sucks now. Period. Why the hell would I risk an expensive ship against a fully armed trader for 36 FISH MEAT?????? Hunting AI traders as a source of income has just become pointless. Result: Fun - 1, Grind + 1 Issue 4 - Crafting It now costs a noob a fortune to get into crafting, both guns and ships. And the only way to get skills up is to craft actual ships. This forces new players into either pve or pvp to make money in order to start crafting. It costs 150,000 (let's just ignore the resources) to build a shipyard. That equates to about 7-10 HOURS of missions in a BC. Not everyone is going to excel in combat. Some people enjoy building and creating. Before, this was a possible career avenue. Now, the door has been slammed. Either you learn to fight and grind or go play minecraft. Result: Fun -1 Issue 5 - AI Damage I dunno what the hell changed to the AI damage tables but it's BS. I had an AI Brig wipe out half the armor on my Snow in one broadside. Meanwhile it takes me 8-10 volley's to take out theirs. And this wasn't a matter of Carros vs Longs. I pulled out to long gun range thinking I'd punish them from a distance, and they still were able to hit my hull with extreme precision. This makes taking on combat ships for noobs, either in missions or OW, a HUGE risk. I had to resort to spending 30-45 minutes trying to take the masts down so I didn't get obliterated in one volley. And now, even that option has been essentially removed by constantly increasing mast hp. If you're not in a BC, damage costs you resources, and that's assuming you can even find the resources to buy. Result: Fun - 1, Grind + 1 Issue 6 - AI Traders with guns and escorts When it becomes easier and safer for a noob in a BC to take on a LGV instead of a TBrig because it has no stern chasers then something is wrong! While it may be amusing as a player to essentially set up a Q-Ship, equipping AI traders with full guns increases the risk and time it takes to bring a TSnow or TBrig down. Considering loot sucks now, it's not worth the effort. LGV's are a safer option for the noob. This makes no sense. While running into an armed trader may have happened upon occasion in reality, having ALL of them armed, it's pointless to even call them a trader, especially since their loot will be SALT! And, with the addition of escorts, this pretty much eliminated this as a financial resource for noobs. Instead of taking on a 2 gun TBrig, you're now taking on an 20 gun TBrig and a 12 gun Pickle. Your reward assuming you can actually defeat them... FISH MEAT! And seriously, what's the point of having this option and calling them 2 different ships? What player in his right mind would NOT equip a TBrig with 20 guns? The minute difference in speed? Seriously? Why would you buy a normal brig when you can have a fully gunned tbrig with a LOT bigger cargo hold? The minute difference in speed? Really? Admin has confirmed that loading guns on a TBrig does not reduce the cargo hold of that ship except for the normal amount the guns take. Result: Fun - 1: Grind + 1 Issue 7 - Inability to PVP in the BC/Ship costs You just forced noobs into a situation where they either lose a ship that could have taken them hours to acquire or not pvp at all. Again, baptism by fire. Even if two noobs should happen to meet up and pvp and it's not a case of who has more repairs than the other and assuming one wins and the other loses, it till take the loser potentially hours of trading, grinding, etc. to make up for that loss. So the question is, is pvp for a noob even worth it since the potential losses severely outweigh the potential gains. In other similiar OW games the cost of low level ships is easily affordable by noobs. While a loss may cause some financial pain, it won't be devastating. Prices in other games are scaled according to the player they're designed for. Early ships are cheap while the ships designed for higher level players are super expensive. If I spent hours if not days (some of us have a non-NA life) getting the money for a nice player made Snow and then lost it within an hour, I'd uninstall. The thought of having to do that repeatedly until I got the nuances of a particular ship down pat would be enough to tell me it's not worth my time. Result: Fun - 1 and/or Grind + 1 Issue 8 - PVP/PVE Marks Again, you just forced players into playing the way YOU want them to. I have spent quite a few hours since the wipe playing as a noob and I have ZERO pvp marks. The reason for this is A. the inability to find anyone to pvp that I can even possibly handle (when you're in a pickle you don't go after Indef's) and B. Noobs in the shallows are gone. Even if I do go out hunting around another nations waters and find someone that I might be able to win a fight against I've found there's a good chance they'll have buddies jump out of port join in. And, if I hang around my nations ports, then there's a good chance they're hunting me. 10 pvp fights, 0 wins, 0 losses. Why? Either I spent 15 minutes beating their sails to a pulp only to watch them repair to full in less than a minute and sail away, or I did the same trick. Me vs Niagra, Mercury, Snow, Pickle. I had more repairs available and was easily able to outrun them. PVE marks. Ok, get this. It would take SIXTY SEVEN MISSIONS in a BC to get one refit from PVE marks. SIXTY SEVEN. You want an elite refit... 100 missions. Yea, that's right, ONE HUNDRED. How long would it take you to do SIXTY SEVEN MISSIONS in a BC? *Edit* PVP/PVE marks combined. A definite step in the right direction! I still think upgrades and such should be craftable. Result: Fun -1, Grind + 1 Issue 9 - Economy Oh, this is one huge bag of worms that I'm reluctant to even open. But here goes one example. In order to purchase an NPC built Snow with a full set of even medium 4's it would take a noob in a BC 10-15 missions. Assuming this is a really skilled noob and it only takes them 30 minutes to win a fight in a mission, that's 3-5 HOURS of grinding. And this doesn't even include the cost of the crew or repair consumables they'll need. Now... imagine that noob gets caught with his shorts down (yea, it just happened to me, was watching the Renom and did't see the Surp) and loses that Snow. Another 3-5 hours of grinding for making a mistake we've probably all made. I think the admin summed it up once in a post saying - "The beatings will continue until morale improves." He summed up the noob experience in one sentence. Right now, the only thing, and I mean ONLY thing that's keeping my head financially above water are sealed bottles. Selling the labor hours is my only real source of income. Are there other sources around? Yes. Are they a huge time sink? Yes. Result: Fun -1, Grind +1 ----------------------------------------------- TLDR In a recent post I saw the Admin... well... chastise a player for complaining about the economy. The Admin said, "This is a sandbox, is it not." To which I reply, "No, it's not a sandbox if you keep dropping cinder blocks in it." ----------------------------------------------- And this is just off the top of my head. Feel free to add your own and as I remember more I will. And spare me the 'learn to play' comments. I'm not a complete noob. I realize there are 'options'. I'm trying to provide a noob's perspective.
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    Gentlemen... Can we please congratulate the game development process by placing some good reviews please?...
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    We still have lots of problems with the economy and the overall feel that we are all day grinding gold to do something in the game. Players are leaving the game because of this new job called Naval Action.
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    I honestly love the concept of Such is a Lord pt.2. I think that in principle it is great. Provided of course people are still willing and encouraged to actually risk their ships and fight. However, the implementation needs a rethink. The inflation right now is about to skyrocket. Think Zimbabwean trillion dollar bills. Two days ago conquest marks were a finite resource and really hard to come by. Too hard. Risking a ship in offense was a hard sell, unless you knew the enemy couldn't field as strong ships as you. Today marks have no worth anymore. The market is going to be flooded. Everyone will have marks more than they need. RvR-players will quickly have more marks than they know how to do with. If this is the rate at which you are going to hand out conquest marks, just remove them from the game. They are no longer a bottleneck to prevent the excessive availability of lineships. Even with the adjusted rates for permits, RvR-players will very soon earn more marks than they can use. In three weeks, everyone on the server will be sailing 1st rates again. SoLs were supposed to be rare, weren't they? A great deal of effort and time to build one. That's what we all (on the forum) asked for. Please reduce the pension to pay out only once a week. That way, you can also take an important region back from an enemy before it even pays out a single pension to them.
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    To encourage more people onto the open world both in defence and in aggression, perhaps an idea might, once a port battle has commenced, those not in the battle, who have generated lots of hostility points could be rewarded. You know more than 1,000 pts ??PvE Marks?? or Money or some such. That way those hard working chaps who put in the yards but dont make the PB aren't left with nothing (but pride...which doesn't feed the children)