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  2. LGV Pirate refit

    FTFY, i got your back fam.
  3. LGV Pirate refit

    Meh, bermuda is basically a safe zone... even if people sometimes go there to PvP, they will run out of repairs or get sunk and will look at another 2 hours travel to come back...
  4. Possible XP/PvP-marks-Farming

    Definitely an issue, please investigate and ban all associated accounts.
  5. Possible XP/PvP-marks-Farming

    i dont think it was XP Farming. Pretty sure this is PVP mark farming. I would suggest to take a look at the captains aswell he was trading to after this time. Probably an alt account.
  6. If you don't want to be able to replace masts in combat then your going to have to make them a lot harder to hit. Right now a blind guy can dismast about anything in a shot or two. Hitting a mast deliberately with a smooth bore cannon from a moving platform is nigh impossible. As far as I am concerned dismasting should be a very slight chance that occurs randomly and our guns should not be pinpoint accurate like they are now. Make that change and I'll support your idea for making masts not replaceable under fire.
  7. Там вообще всегда все очень плохо было с достоверностью данных с самого начала, даже в предыдущей редакции вики. Это, кстати, послужило одной из причин создания моего калькулятора в гуглотаблицах - отсутствие ресурсов, которым можно доверять, и скудный функционал. Я даже первое время пытался исправлять эту вику, но там этому сильно сопротивлялись, вот я и "плюнул" на них. Не перебор ли добавлять по 8-9% к скорости 1-ым рейтам?
  8. Today
  9. А почему это у Аги было 12,5? Когда это такое было?) Я всегда смотрел скорости здесь и они всегда совпадали. У вики стало 11,7.
  10. Possible XP/PvP-marks-Farming

    at the time this was made he had killed 14 'players' in less then 45 mins....
  11. @admin @Ink Possible xp/PvP-Mark farming, but im think, this screenshot says enought.
  12. Sencillo, el que no quiera mover velas que pruebe el WoWarships....
  13. Resultados de BATALLAS

    Todo eso que dices seria posible contra 1 solo 4th pero si tienes que meterte en medio de ellos estas jodio hundido...La surprise hizo el trabajo que tenia asignado en la batalla, muy bien de hecho. Os dejo el video...espero comentarios.
  14. То, о чем каждый раз предпочитают умалчивать (жмак по ссылке) PS: обновляется по мере появления достоверной инфы.
  15. [PVP EU] battle results

    We can do it if you don't run every time we were close to you... PB video...
  16. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    The utmost biggest issue I have with reinforcements zones at all are that we're taking what use to be PVP prime areas being turned into PVE only zones where everyone is safe from attack. This isn't good, the PVP scene heavily relies on being able to move freely around the map. If we can't do something as basic as blockade enemy ports, there's a problem. Yes getting ganked at your capital will be a thing again( for flag captains and up), but so will bringing a fleet to a capital and having the defenders sally forth and meet you with their own fleet. Seriously, name any other objective in this game that brings PVP together that doesn't require ports? There is none, no one gets enthusiastic fighting for open sea. We're taking the best spots on the map to fight for and making them PVP-less, leaving rest of the players with the boring scraps.
  17. Limit chain like double shot

    We should be carrying limited chain and only enough repairs for two full repairs and half the crew rum.
  18. 2nd Battle of Bull Run

    Gmoney7447, COL & BG levels: During the 1st moment of 2nd Manassas (or 2nd Bull Run for the Yanks), I always send cavalry units and all available skirmisher units into most all of the wooded areas of the map - skirmishers into the right/East side of the map can go to wooded or built-up areas in front of the CSA fortifications, but not into the little white banner locations on the railroad as those just get your troops shot up. The skirmishers and cavalry on the middle and left/West - I send all I can get my hands on into the wooded areas - spread out - one skirmisher into Groveton, all others into wooded areas - one in the far left woods toward map bottom - two into woods south of Groveton, three spread north to south in the thin woods north of Groveton, and a couple others into wooded areas in middle and middle-south of the water-way. Watch for any and all targets of opportunity to ambush - supply wagons to capture and send back to be used by CSA during the 1st day - and to wipe out Fed artillery units that are not escorted ( this can really play havoc with the other side's ability to conduct battle. Be certain to remember you need to play "hide-and-seek" and to "run" when the Feds come chasing your skirmishers and cavalry.) There is one artillery battalion that shows up SW of Groveton following 3 Yank brigades - I always stalk that battalion and wipe it out - no matter how long it takes and no matter how much cat-and-mouse I have to do. Realize that supply wagons and artillery (and infantry) flow from East (crossing Bull Run) to far West and to north west. When things work well I can capture 4-6 supply wagons and knock off about 2-4 artillery battalions during the first day. Route those supply wagons SAFELY to your artillery units backing the fortifications at middle and ESPECIALLY the East. These captured supply wagons are the ONLY way to keep my troops supplied with ammo and in the fight during the 1st day's heavy fighting in the East section of fortifications. As CSA, I utilize the fortifications north of the tracks - mid-way between the unfinished railroad line and the woods, and on the bottom edge of the woods toward the West. For the fortifications of middle and East, I put brigades into those with the white banner locations, and put another brigade behind each one in the fortifications - the fire of both are sufficient to turn away the Yanks. When the first one gets worn down, put the 2nd into the fortifications and put the first in the rear position. Although the Yanks take quite a beating, they can still eventually push your troops away from the fortifications - at that time position your troops up the hill and into the edge of the woods. Move reserve troops of the West gradually to the East as those CSA of the East will be wearing down fairly fast once the serious mass attacks start rolling. During the next day -- realize the actual terrain of Bull Run is uniquely formed - there is a portion starting a bit north of stone bridge and starting to turn West, where the Eastern bank of Bull Run forms a "cliff" about 15-25 feet higher than the West bank, and this runs almost all the way over to the Sudley Ford / Sudley Church area. (Sudley Church is there, expanded, and still used by the local community. I lived in the Manassas area for about 5 years. ) There is criticism in some books about Stonewall's not pushing hard and attacking after Porter's attack was beaten back. -- Realize, that he/you WANT to trap the whole Yank force against that cliff area - they can't take their artillery and supply wagons into Bull Run's water (the 3-4 foot banks are steep, and then up that cliff - it is there and it is real. Jackson did not want Pope's Army to move away from Sudley Ford / Bull Run "cliff". This is also why Pope's Army (and McDowell in 1st Manassas) was desperate to retreat everyone across the stone bridge area (E.P. Alexander was the engineer in charge of blowing up stone bridge during Johnston's retreat down to Richmond during the Spring of 1862 - it was rebuilt by the National Battlefield Park Service about 20 years ago so all can once again walk on it.) During the retreat there was another of McClellan's Corps that had pulled up and stationed themselves between Cub Run and Bull Run East of the stone bridge area and would have provided covering fire. This is why Longstreet's attack had to swing around Henry House Hill, sweep past stone bridge, and trap Pope's army against those cliffs, while Jackson had to hold his position around the Sudley Ford and Sudley Church area. When the attack did not go thru the woods to the stone bridge, this is the moment the strategic movements of Jackson and Lee/Longstreet failed in this 2nd attempt to surround Pope's Army for either surrender or destruction. In your game, the strategy is the same - block Sudley Ford, have Longstreet swing around - taking Stone Bridge and the two northern fords, and then pull the noose tighter and tighter while destroying as much of Pope's Army as possible. (Easy ....? ) --Gael
  19. Limit chain like double shot

    I've been pressuring to have that addressed as well. And it's not a new meta, it's a return of an old one that at one time was dead and buried.
  20. Limit chain like double shot

    Limiting chain shot will not make any difference as the new meta is to snipe masts with single ball shots.
  21. Limit chain like double shot

    I agree as well. Maybe give enough for 4 to 6 full broadsides of chain. Especially if repairs are limited.
  22. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    The problem is not the size of the reinforcement zones, the problem is there is no need to risk going out of the zones if all you want to do is kill some AI to grind up slots, farm drops or make money. I do not agree that the solution is to not allow reinforcements after a certain rank, as that would mean a rear admiral in a trader could be ganked close to their capital, also what if the rear admiral was grouped with a lower player, would the lower player be able to summon reinforcements? It would all start becoming very complicated, you see a senior rank player in the reinforcement zone and attack him, but in the pull circle there are rookie players, what happens then? The solution is that missions or AI ships in the reinforcement zones should not drop loot or give XP after a certain rank. That way people are welcome to do as many missions as they like and kill AI's to their hearts content but they gain nothing from it. I know sometimes I feel like beating up on some AI just for the fun of it or to test out a new setup on a new ship and I dont want to be jumped while doing that. I know people say there is a PvE server for that but people do not want to level up on 2 servers one for PvP and one for PvE playing. People are not just pure PvP'ers or PvE'ers, most are somewhere in-between and that is where you will find majority of players. If you reduce the reinforcement zones too much they become worthless and all that does is drive players away. Forcing people out into the OW to face the risks is not the solution, same as PvP'ers do not like to be forced to PvE. Forcing people to do something they do not enjoy only drives them from the game. Looking at the map someone kindly produced the reinforcement zones take up very little of the map, all you need to do is encourage people to leave those zones by making it more attractive to face the risk that remain in the zone. The same applies to trading, you should not be able to make profits trading completely in the safe zone, profits should have to be made on decent length voyages outside safe zones.
  23. I sail the Endy a lot. Its actually not bad around close hauled, and also downwind. But around the beam reach area...good luck outrunning other frigates. You are correct that the 15* angle is very difficult to use in battle, but in OW if you are careful and spot your enemy downwind on the horizon...you can make use of that angle to get away. So, I can't comment if it is supposed to be like that by intention of the devs, but I can comment that it is at least somewhat useful for it to be like that.
  24. 2nd Battle of Bull Run

    I tried to flank them from the side and it worked for a litte bit but eventually led to nothing but me rushing back to the woods to defend the objective. And I got slaughtered there too. They just have so many numbers. 58000 on the field compared to my one corp of 15,779 inf 900 artiller 1487 Calvary it won't let my insert a picture
  25. [PVP EU] battle results

    I've just asked if you actually bother attacking in a offensive port battle, or just let the mortars farm points. It's no doubt effective, but very boring. If you want me to tell you how to beat yourself, I would have told you to just sink all your ships
  26. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    I think @DrZoidberg makes a very good point. The problem I see with the game is that we have this nice big historical map of the Atlantic, and we have this nice PVP server that we're punished for using historical tactics like blockading the enemies capital. Its silly being restricted to only hunting in open waters and freeports when they have no military value, I get its a game but still. Now I understand some people want PVE to be balanced with PVP and not be forced into PVP. But we have a PVE server for that exact reason. You get the whoole map to yourselves to do PVE in with no compromise to PVP players. Why should the PVP server have to accommodate for PVE only players at its own detriment?
  27. I have several sail force connies. They are just as awesome as the ones that don't... pretty much like the old Connie but turn better.
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