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  2. Are we sure about that? Redeemables disappear after March 15 but I thought until then they are tied to your Steam account. As long as they haven't been redeemed already they would still be there on a new character. But not after March 15.
  3. Are you sure? I thought that is no longer bound to the Steam account?
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  5. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I guess it's VLTRA, I seem to mispronounce gankers clan quite often.
  6. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Is a Spanish clan .. But its VALTRA not VULTRA :))
  7. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    SMall issue with current map, using chrome. After selecting a good or a port, there is no way to clear your selection that i can see... Not a big deal for select a port, but is an issue with select a good. Oops found the clear button, but that doesn't actually reset your selections they stay visible, yet have no effect on what is displayed to you. Perhaps add the reset to the top of the dropdowns like previous?
  8. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    That's what happens when ganking fleet meets the normal one... I hope X will start to train fighting, instead of going into the steps of clans like VULTRA and gank to the point where fighting is useless and out of fun...
  9. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Patch18 Ships.xlsx Extrated from these files, and with minor corrections,in Excel format.
  10. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    video with battle will be ready in 1-2 days / P.S. Dont see clan tag plеааааааase
  11. How can in-game localization fix forum communication? ;-)
  12. Player experience share between servers

    Thanks for answer. I thought that If I had character on each server that experience wouldn't be gone and it is safe all the time. That's a shame it isn't a thing. Wasn't there like a safe zone around friendly lands? With very low numbers on both servers, such merge and that easy addition to game mechanics would improve overall experience. Friends and myself would like to casually play together without being attacked all the time by others, better equipped players, so I could show them the basics. That really stops them from buying the game.
  13. Questions for the Historians

    In France, it is not uncommon in wartime to protect convoys with corvettes or frigates. A concrete example, when the frigate Hermione returned from her American campaign in Europe. She is sent to the Indian Ocean to join the Suffren fleet. The time to arrive and find Suffren, it is used for the protection of convoys. Our corvettes are present in the protection of the convoys, but also in the coast guards.
  14. Unequal battles

    Many seem to miss an important point. Sure fear of loss can restrict PvP. But reducing it below a certain point wont promote more PvP. When nothing promotes PvP and you reduce fear of loss to 0, still nothing promotes PvP. You should really stop trying to just "increase PvP" by all means. The whole game balancing got messed up already. Unnecessary restrictions and weird stuff got added making it worse. This huge OW is not going to work as a brainless PvP arena. To make people risk something you need to give them objectives/meaningful gameplay/immersion. Marks/pure battle rewards alone just promote the fast and easy kill. Inform yourself what a motivating progression system means for an MMO. Since you can farm and trade labour even craft XP became redundant. Without objectives, that cant always be there, its just sensible to run from stronger forces. Its nothing wrong with that, mechanics that change this would be weird and stupid. The problem is that it turns into ganking when you allow players to always get away. To pick and choose only the favourable fights = to avoid everything else. Thats what makes ganking a serious problem. Unequal battles dont have anything to do with it. They made this a gank fiesta. By buffing repairs and stern chasers. With speedcap making ships uncatchable. By not doing anything against defensive tagging. At the same time they made anything that could be worth fighting for redundant. They gave people imbalanced ships that cant be used for anything but ganking, making people run even from favourable fights. Mission hopping from behind the horizon. You couldnt really do better to encourage gank tactics. By refusing to fix any cause of the problem, trying to fight the symptoms with weird mechanics instead, it becomes worse and worse. Atleast (after month) speedcap and repairs got nerved a bit. Ill-concieved changes to help the lone guy achieved the exact opposite... It should be obvious that everything you buff effects everyone, not just the lone guy. It should be obvious that the more powerful repairs become, the more youre favouring groups that can make use of more repairs more efficiently. Similar with "buffing skill". When a skilled guy beats 10 noobs its harder to gank him, but thats only one side of the coin. This also means that ganking becomes easier for the skilled player. When you beat 10 newbies at the same time without problems while youre running from every lone high rank that might be skilled aswell, thats also ganking. Buff skill while people can still pick and choose their prey, and medium skilled players probably just run from even more fights while newbies get beaten up even harder. Btw. logically you can buff skill only by making combat more difficult. We know that devs dont want that. So how do they expect this to work?! Besides that plausibility goes out of the window when its possible to beat 10 similar ships alone. You cant just buff stern raking... win conditions need to be balanced. Ships would need to become glass cannons that are really hard to handle. Also gear wouldnt matter at all -> PvP marks loose value -> shooting yourself in the foot.
  15. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    o7 to Tony and other X clan members for a fight !
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