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  2. Tutorial feedback 2

    I have done final exam on second try by boarding both ships as soon as I could. Problem is that final exam is not teaching pvp but how to exploit AI. And it is too hard for new players. Last two exams (endurance and final) requires a lot of NA knowledge to be completed. Problem is that those knowledge is not obtained from previous tutorials/exams. Lots of things are not mentioned in tutorials that new guys need to know in order to finish exams. 1. Boarding minigame is not explained at all 2. Preparation for boarding is poorly explained. "Press 9 to board" is not valid explanation and should be explained more about wait time and danger of being in boarding mode 3. Repairs are not explained at all 4. Chaining is poorly explained which is ironic considering that this patch was in part about chain rework 5. Demasting is poorly explained. There should be mention of different mast sections and their different thickness 6. Crew management is not explained at all 7. Using grape is poorly explained. There should be mention that grape is best used against stern of the ship and there should be mention about range and tactics of grape use etc, etc... In general tutorials/exams have completely skipped to teach tactics of PvP so in my opinion they are not valid as tool of teaching PvP and are more of challenge mode for PvE.
  3. I have to agree here. I know the game is EA and in testing phase but please consider the effort and time people put into the game. Compensating people adequately should be achievable. Thank you.
  4. A smaller map

    The first map we had was superb: a huge, vast expanse that required planning and (if you were playing with others) coordination. It would take ~25 minutes to sail the length of Hispaniola. It meant no quick runs to defend or attack a port. It meant that cruising and trade runs held that air of instability. Boring? Sure, but it still is, and will be no matter how small the map is. It is the nature of travel in any game (from EVE to ArcheAge to PotBS). Shrinking the map the first time was the moment Naval Action shifted from the dream, to appease the masses. It was a great big world full of possibility, and ever since it has only gotten smaller at the request of the community (overall content, not just the map)
  5. For everyone who has problems with the Final Exam. A little inspiration...
  6. "Mint will replace forge as a place to make coins"... What is the forge? And when did we ever make coins at one in this game? Does this just mean they're taking coins out of the crafting list?
  7. Hercules ship feedback

    Did sail her unperked and unequipped. No RNG refits, simple woods. She accelerates very fast. I'd say too fast. Especially with depowering and recovering from it she just picks up like a springboard. Even with the great jib sail plan it feels too much. Turning didn't feel strange, she has good control, very fine trim and can wear very tight. Tack is slow but she is a very heavy 6th rate. She can do a full 180ยบ wear and back in a LGV length radius if finely trimmed by the captain. ( still that foremast...has something odd... ). Noticed something odd with the foremast authority compared to the aft mast but will try to record a video, hard to explain. The rudder authority feels delayed but could be that she was tested without any upgrade. Interesting enough the broadsides work better in Random as opposed to the rolling due to the main gun deck battery placement. Overall very pleased with the ship. Model looks fine, the amount of crew increase pays justice.
  8. This could be very interesting. I like the idea of having to carry money. It also sounds like you're going to have a free-floating currency market? That sounds quite complicated for the game. It might even be a replacement for PVP and Combat Marks? Anyway, I like that you're thinking outside the box and eagerly await further details.
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  10. Tutorial feedback 2

    repair seems to stay active till the max percentage of the repair is achived. But with 32 guys its a long time. In one of my tries i manged that repairtime was almost equal with repair cd lol
  11. IMHO, this game has 3 main components of play: PvP, Crafting and Trading. All players incorporate at least all of these components to varying degrees. Some prefer to be specialists in PvP, some in crafting and some, like me in trading. These currency changes do not appear to be very friendly to traders or even crafters that need to collect wares for building. Making it onerous for a trader would reduce the interest and numbers of us entrepreneurs in the game. For example, late night low numbers (160-200) are IMO mostly traders, max daytime numbers (<600) will also have a large percent of traders. I would hope another update of change won't lower interest and participation.
  12. Tutorial feedback 2

    i did it the other way around boarded the first and sank the second in the ai capped ship with 32 souls aboard me ship PS it took forever .. When i repaired the ai ship with 29 crew it went on a long long time maybe a bug? You can straight out board 1v1 without raking but take heavy losses and position the boarding so the second AI cerb is on the other side so can't shoot you it only hits AI.
  13. Prussian Ports For Sale

    Well, what harm I did to the Polish nation? I sailed together in PvP with you, you guys enjoyed it apparently. I helped you screening for Port Battles. I haven't caused any dramas in the Polish nation, I haven't stolen anything from PFK or other clans, asked for free stuff or whatsoever. I was friendly in the chat and respected all players. The whole drama started when I left and killed a few Polish players like it was a terrible crime I committed. Please, enlighten me, because I can't remember you having issues with me. FYI your ex-clan members joined us in Prussia (Katastrophic and Wilus and they also haven't filled any complaints so far). About nations without me and blessing... I remember GB was at its strongest times when I was a member of it (controlling Cartagena, live oak and white oak ports). Pirates were not really a nation, but they were in much better shape when we played there with RUBLI and PODW. At least pirates had real PvP players. Polish nation was also looking much better before I left. Now Prussia seems to be doing just fine. so... what about that blessing?
  14. Great, So, developers decide to lose next 100 players. ... http://steamcharts.com/app/311310#All Amazing job. No offense but you are as "developers" doesn't do good job at all. You are simply do not understand it word: sanbox. As someone mentioned in forum: Legend failed on purpose. You still pushing players the way which is loved by 50 players and hated all others. I already strongly do not recommended this game to all my friends including my negative vote on Steam. There as no need for them to got for the same frustration. This game represent great idea and potential to be as successful at EVE online but all your moves leading to disaster. it really hurt me since I love this game idea ...
  15. Tutorial feedback 2

    But how many people were able to do this? The leaderboard was almost the same people daily. I never tried the demasting one but I could usually finish in the top 10 daily on sink 3 ships in a row, you just had to learn the trick with the AI and hoped they would do what you wanted. I would hardly call it skill once you knew how to do it, it was just luck to get the good time and the right ship setup. I still say the exam defeats the idea that new players can quickly become useful after they have done the tutorial. If the idea was to weed out the new players that are not hardcore and get them to give up, then I think it is a success. Even the way that you suggested it can be done is a bad way to teach people to play the game, it teaches people to kite and use multiple repairs, do you want PvP to become more like that with battles taking over an hour with kite and repair?
  16. Prussian Ports For Sale

    Any nation without you is a blessing. I left because of work. Not Naval Action, but actual real world work. Went with a faction that had a populace that has people that played at my hours when I had free time and with familiar faces. Still talk to the Poles and my former clan which weeks before leaving I was stepping down as leader. I still talk to @vazco and @Cr33D when I get the chance. No issues with them. I understand why they left Poland and that was their choice. Not mine to make.
  17. Hercules ship feedback

    After more testing: I added Light Ship Hammocks, now manual sailing and turning feels better, but ship is still heavily undercrewed (will try to add hammocks). What I noticed is that the ship has very low fire rate (because of guns placement). Makes it very bad when passing enemy ship, half of the broadside won't hit enemy ship. Similar issue has LGV Refit because of swivels, mostly happens in that scenario (rolling front, locked sector). Even when my ship will go slowly, an enemy can pass me quickly, avoiding most of the shots. Dispersion/shooting bug still very notable.
  18. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I don't remember anymore, screenshot is from 8th February, but none of those Frenchies cried about griefing.
  19. Tutorial feedback 2

    THE HARDEST PVE mission I have ever done or heard of in thus game ever, IN THE TUTORIAL! are you serious!!!!
  20. Prussian Ports For Sale

    I guess Davos ment I shouldn't be buying a port from my own clan. My offer still stands though
  21. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    For the fact that you are not salty you are making quite the fuss.
  22. Tutorial feedback 2

    Just a UI suggestion regarding the Tutorial/Academy book layout Make the markers on the left different colours. Like Blue, Gold and burgundy type of thing. Easier to spot and not get lost on how to continue the tutorials to the next phase.
  23. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Their target was not a cutter, but traders. Also FYI, players tend to carry important stuff in cutters for deliveries, I've captured dozens of basic cutters with rare books, paints or other fancy stuff.
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