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  2. Free port of Viques

    Of course things changed since yesterday. Safety zone around CS is expanded and now reaches to the shore of Vieques. Not the best harbour anymore to do pvp from. Clan wars would be a consequent addition to the executive possibilities clans have now in their ports. But then the clans would mostly fight in their nations, instead of fighting foreign enemies. But wasn't it you who blames RDNN running the nation as a dictatorship. Wouldn't the possibility to force another clan in a certain doing by violence be such a tyranny you pretend to avoid. I confess RDNN and RUS would have solved this problem with talks like Anolytic described. But the game mechanic changed and you shouted too loud that we decide too many things without asking for your approval. Now it's up to you to find a solution. Go ahead.
  3. Neutral ports

    Come to PvP Global Bensalem. The Church of the Poison Mind protects lost soul like you. Offering sanctuary, redemption and confession. See Clubs in the forum Norfolk nSoul
  4. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    What do people think of giving a clan that controls a port the option to decide how many people can join their PB. Suggestion: An option in the town management section where a clan can choose between allowing in 15, 20, or 25 people on each side for the PB. Important notes -If a port gets flipped for a PB, it isn't possible to change the fleet size. -The fleet size is the same for both the attacker and defender. -The fleet size changes will take affect at server reset (similar to taxes now). -The selected fleet size is displayed on the port information when using the map. Id like to know what other people think about this. I know that nations and clans come in all sizes, so I think it could be interesting if there is some ability to customize the fleet size for your PB. I think 15 should be the minimum though, so it is still a large fight. Opinions?
  6. Free port of Viques

    Maybe after the case of DNP they thought that 'doing as they liked' was synonymous with being called out as being rogue.
  7. Today
  8. deadman chest bug???

    i see that yesterday in last even, I could see all the wrecks so far away :
  9. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Black Thursday for MARS (and assorted clans).
  10. [AHOY] Great Britain | PvP

    A nice fight with our Dane friends Battle MVP: George started on a conni, fought it until all sides were down, beat back North's attempt to board, and sailed away on the captured pirate frigate.
  11. MassimoSud, bb3ar, Adam Littlejohn

    What is it exactly that they are exploiting? As far as I can see it is only a question of market prices and seen as there is no rule against outbidding someone and then reselling with a profit I can't really see the problem. As for the chat I can't see it all so I can't say if it's any use or not. I'm not writing this reply simply to troll but I am genuinely curious as to what rule is being broken or what mechanic is being exploited?
  12. Neutral ports

    I would assume that if the clan owning an "Open For All" port wants it to prosper they should defend those that want to use it or no one will go there. The word that it is a dangerous port will get around. Could maybe hire some pirate clans to patrol the area to catch trader clubbers. Though I see problems with that too. How would a trader know which pirate was clubber or savior. Just my ramblings. I've wondered about that too. Seems like places where the wolves are going to be hunting prey. For now I'll just stay away from them.
  13. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    @Rebel Witch OK increase ship spot distance but shorten the ID tag to much closer. Able to see the ID tag at an even greater distance is just wrong imho and should be shortened anyway. Also remember the view distance is a cylindrical view so, no distance gain advantage with the Drone view only line of sight... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=855697559 Norfolk.
  14. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    Huh? I do now and then trading maybe spend an hour a game session and make between 300k and 1.5mil profit in that time...
  15. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    In think it might be too early to judge this really, the map is still settling after it is settled new pvp hotspots will emerge We do need incentives to get out of the safe zone however, so maybe upgrade building production in buildings outside the safe zone's..or something along those lines Also with the current combat rewards (wich are great and was needed imo) there is no use in trading anymore, as combat missions make more and give cm marks in a shorter timeframe as trading.. So trading profits need to be upped aswell
  16. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    We can already see almost historical distances .... the Spyglass is to get better detail... But heck I am one of those that wants you to have to be close to even ID more then Ship type... Would love to have Fly Colors/Don't Fly Colors as an Option.. Until you decided to run up your colors there would be no way to know your Nation... Until you get into Battle there would be no way to know for sure the Captain unless you had had contact(combat)in the game with him in that Ship type... SO you wouldn't kown if that Single ships with 2 in his fleet is a Player or a AI until you actually get into the Battle instance unless he starts maneuvering in OW to get away or counter tags ect...
  17. Infantry Guide to UG:CW

    well I got to the wilderness on BG and didn't get herds of Richmonds. I forgot theLorenz .I'll go back and put it in
  18. Is US willing to take a part in any wars in the future other than fighting a piracy?
  19. Infantry Guide to UG:CW

    No love for the Lorenz? IMO one of the most cost efficient guns in the game. Also, you can buy thousands and thousands of CS Richmonds as CSA. Possibly the best all-round rifle in the game, although purely in shooting is outclassed by the 61/63 and of course the Fayetteville. Very good cost efficiency though, for a few bucks more than a Harper's Ferry you get better firing and much better meele. I'm not sure about other difficulties, but on Legendary Union I looted tens of thousands of Tyler Texas rifles and later on tens of thousands of Fayettevilles. Both are pretty decent for selling, though of course you can use the Fayettevilles if desired...
  20. In OW as your sailing you can use the spyglass (shift) to zoom in on an area . as i understand it, you dont see anything further with it you just zoom in on what you can already see in OW. my suggestion is to make it so the spyglass is more functional and a benefit to those who use it in OW. The KEY IS Open world, OW. So my proposal is if you use the spyglass in OW and you scan the horizon you can spot the sails of OTHER ships regardless of enemy or not, maybe 10 or 20 percent further away? perhaps larger ships get an even better bonus of a few percent more as well. this makes spyglass in the game more functional and historically it did help increase the distance you could recognize or spot things. you would see people use this A LOT more to spot ships earlier.
  21. Remove ship rating limitations on MISSIONS

    Im sure of it and it happened again a day ago. st pavel in my flag captain mission. with my no upgrades, oak oak bellona its just too much to handle. st pavel should come at commodore missions not flag captain could be a bug, i f11'd it
  22. Alright, I put in some considerable updates to the 12pdr Whitworth and the 10pdr Parrott Rifle sections and a minor update to the 12pdr Howitzer sections (the last two not buffed this patch, but based on some experiences I had testing the Whitworth alongside other guns). In short - 12pdr Whitworth can shoot stuff rather well across the map. 10pdr Parrott Rifle is very, very good at long range fire (think of it as a mini 14pdr James Rifle).
  23. Reviews

    Joined this forum on August 2nd 2013, full of hope and dreams. But, it is hard to write a positive review for a game that was ruined so early on. The game was once "overall positive" on Steam, back when people, similar to this post, asked people to write good reviews for the game. In the end the truth shone through. You complain about population so here are the best "I told you so's" that I can remember from back in the day (2014-2016). Oh the glory days of forum arguments and first testing basic battles and later the open world. 1) We told them they had a niche game, a sailing game of high historical accuracy. We pointed to other similar titles, even more casual titles which had TINY player bases, but dedicated player bases. We told them that the game population would never be steady in the 3000+ range. They said it would be, they said the map would be "filled with players." Turns out they have about 400 dedicated players. 2) We begged them to not isolate casual and even semi-casual players by following the requests of the few. The few being the hardcore naval captains who, ironically, mainly do not play the game anymore. Instead they pandered to them, they indulged them with a giant empty map, slow sailing, boring grinds against idiotic NPC's, or once rebalanced, NPC's that did not miss which killed new/casual people. 3) We warned them about listening to Youtube personalities who picked up the game when it was fresh (and the playerbase was large). They pandered to them only to be abandoned by them when they realized no one wanted to watch Naval Action anymore. You don't see them around anymore *roll eyes*. 4) We asked them to take in the countless people who had been loyal to other sailing games for years, instead they drove them off with historical accuracy and broken grandiose promises. 5) We asked them to finish the UI, to polish the simple stuff to increase marketability. They said the mechanics would sell the game, yet here we sit with daily peaks of 400 players. 6) We told them it wasn't ready, that the world was too empty, the grind too much, for a release to the masses on steam. Once you burn someone they don't tend to come back. Low and behold the population of 4000+ soon died down to 2000, 1000, 800, 400, 200 until they "launched." They said it was fine. We told them all of this back in 2014, when this game was no more than an idea, one video of a ship sailing, and the number of active people on the forums could be counted in the 10's. I guess this is the "I told you so" post. So if Admin is reading this, and if he remembers me, I told you so This post will no doubt be deleted, like the majority of the criticism they should have listened to back in the day. It's their loss in the end.
  24. Cartahena Tar Issue

    People that are beta testing and helping develop the game or at least are supposed to be... should not use game exploits for their own advantage without reporting this exploit to Devs. @admin said that all bans/exiles will be pardoned on the game release. At this point many players are not helping develop the game as they should. They are rather ruining it for the rest. They have no idea what alpha/beta testing really means. Dura lex, set lex. There are rules and rules must be followed and obeyed. Otherwise they mean nothing to everyone. We experienced this with mod and ship duplication. Once it became public knowledge more and more players began to use it, without fear of getting punished. At one point so many players used it that it would be severe to punish all of them, too bloody and cruel. Same was with alts in PBs. None of the players were ever scared of getting banned for it until Devs started to ban alts to 2 weeks as a warning. If no one gets warned/punished this time, it will be remembered again as impunity incident. Official warnings should be given at least.
  25. Corps Commander unit deleted in battle: What Happens?

    I think it does simply because they are no longer on the field for you to use as a rally object
  26. If you liked the clip, watch the movie; one of the best examples of how the Navy actually works mixed in with a fair to middling story of personal lives in a war zone. BTW, John Wayne is in tons of movies dressed in Civil War uniforms. Always Union. Usually cavalry. His usual names are frequently Kirby, Yorke, and Donovan. Or, his masterpiece, Doniphon in 'The man who shot Liberty Valance' - the greatest Western, and the best example of US self-opinion after WWII, ever made. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - Just watch it, you'll thank me later. Just remember: "Link Appleyard done run ya out of town'. Of course, John Wayne also played Longinus, the Centurion at Crucifiction in 'The Greatest Story Ever Told'; truly, this was the worst casting ever.
  27. Free port of Viques

    As I see it there's not much difference between yesterday and today. Guyama was a national free port and now Viques is as well - it makes no matter since there's no real response as long as the national free ports can't be flipped by the nation that is hurt by its presence. We could ofcourse camp the two sites but really - I much prefer hunting. It is odd tho that several of those "honourable" british captains that has for a long time accused me of "ganking" is sailing around only in groups of ten - I'm not calling chicken but I am saying that those shouldn't throw the first stones if y'all know what I mean
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