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  2. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    10 PVP marks on @Jon Snow lets go on a 5th rate or bigger for leaving me behind with a broken heart
  3. Capturable 4th-1st rates?

    Crafting would lose meaning for sure, because everyone would cap 1st rates and go fighting with them instead of taking the risk to lose the crafted 1st rates. Screening would only be build with PVE 1st rates, no Portbattlefleet could get in a Portbattle anymore. And i think a player who loses his 5/5 Ocean to 3 capped PVE 1st rates will be just frustrated. And dont forget that captured ships still have the same firepower like crafted ones. Even the Crew Space "malus" can be used to go full boarding. Thats how i would play it. I would capture 1st rates in PVE together with @rediii @Palatinose and @Trashlock go full boarding with them and capture crafted ships. And imagine a fleet of 25PVE ships vs the same 25 crafted ships. Sure the crafted fleet will win. but while the PVE captured ships just dont mean anything, any single destroyed crafted ship will cause pure frustration. Clear no from me.
  4. Rude Behavour

    Our Donjuan Dimasto guy is threatening poor player that Devs will ban him and he is telling him to play only PvE. That's what should be called rude behaviour.
  5. Caribbean Invasion News

    This poor captain and captain Suenson was requested an demanded to intercept and engage the enemy fleet. Both baldly went out to seek and destroy the enemy at Cayman, unfortunnaly all th ships the admirality could spare was two basic cutter. Still the captains in best naval tradition followed order and went to sea. Met with an owervelming force the only things the captains could do was report back to the Cayman defence where the enemy came from. The captains report indicate 20-30 ships of mix size infront of the nvasion fleet, mainly russian captains.
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  7. Resource spawning.. woods etc

    I knew this. I have probably misunderstood the comment about passive contracts.
  8. Rude Behavour

    maybe the internet is not the place for you to be. this is a cruel world where snow flakes get melted pretty fast. AND you sir seem to be a fragile little snowflake. all your problems will go away if you just unplug your pc from the wall and go watch your flowers grow and write poetry or something.
  9. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    10 PvP marks for killing @z4ys in 5th rate or bigger (not some pickles). Reason of bounty - being cocky asshole in grape bug topic. Clearly proved that z4 has no idea how to grape and pretended to be expert in that matter. Being rude boy know-it-all and you-all-suck-at-raking.
  10. Clan/Warehouse Management

    OK, what happens when they don't leave discord?
  11. Rude Behavour

    Greetings, Donjuan Dimasto. When will you learn Tribunal is not for that spam? Maybe a warning for you?
  12. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    I also feel like the map is too big for the amount of players, especially with the number of empty ports that don't really serve a purpose other than VMs.
  13. Бой закрывать однозначно и везде, не более чем через 5 минут. Иначе это не сражение, а проходной двор получится.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Thickness meta is back

    For some it is enough to test the game and say their opinion, they don't have to play it day and night. Rather many PvP players already left the game. Rediii with his healing potion skills is here, as all PvP players I know said on this forum that healing potions are stupid. Gear warriors, gear matters, every PvP player I know understands this fact. Here on this forum it is unknown fact? Like WTF!? Even Admin says something like that. More reasons for PvP players to quit. Maybe people like to have an excuse that they lost because their enemy had better gear. Or be delusional and say that gear does not matter. Yeah, you may have 10% more thickness than I have but it does not affect to anything. Carebears are strong in Naval Action. If you make a list of good PvP players in Naval Action history. How many are still playing NA? Not many? Could it just be that there are plenty of players who wanted to have a good PvP game, which ended up to going downhill and fast.
  16. Caribbean Invasion News

    Well done. o7.
  17. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    @Batman....As you said, spanish only fight IA's....
  18. Thickness meta is back

    We have to agree to disagree. Lets say you ram a ship and lose your bowsprit. You have multiple healing potions so you can fail and ram multiple times and always get away from it "more or less". If there were no healing kits you fail once and have lost your bowsprit. If you have 1 rig repair, you repair and have to ask at the same time from yourself can you win this or should you try to run? If you are low on only 1 side and the game has 0 kits, well you are low on one side and have to manage with that. You failed and took plenty of damage on one side and now you are disabled to fight with only one side. You can say that healing potions have skill but the amount of skill those have is so minimal compared to other parts of the game that it really does not count. More healing kits the game has, less skill based it is.
  19. Why are there deep water ports with less BR than shallows

    +1 Some really good points! Especially about mixed fleet battles being far more interesting.
  20. Patrol BR limit suggestions

    since no one reads multiple posts. small BR limitations limit fleet variability. larger ones no. but something like the suggested 800 br would only make every fleet the same
  21. Capturable 4th-1st rates?

    :mouth agape: Crafting? Economy?! In an open world, sandbox MMO? THAT WOULD BE CRAZY
  22. Bank

    banker spirit!! love it! makes me wonder what is your plan with hachi's debt?
  23. Plans: Dimensions: Length p/p : 87 danish feet (92' 6'' according to british measurement) Breadth moulded: 24' Depth in hold: 15' 7'' Draught aft: 12' Height of battery 4' 6'' Armament: 14 short 18-pounders (The short danish 18s were longer and heavier than british 18-pound carronades and had a longer range. In use from the early 1790s till the late 1840s) Sister ships: 1 Service history: Launched 1819, sold 1834 to a merchant company. Visited the West Indies 5 times (7 years in total). EDIT: Sorry, wrong subforum, please move to Unrated Vessels. Thanks!
  24. Why are there deep water ports with less BR than shallows

    Problem with the BR battles is that people are always gonna bring big ships. Especially now that 1st rate BR was lowered a bit. Sometimes I just want to be in a 4th rate and fight other 4th rates and plan battles along those lines. But yea this latest patch has pretty much killed RVR. Why bother grinding hostility when you can just sit back and collect your 1 mark a week
  25. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Thats exactly problem of NA. Its only about war.
  26. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    Seconded. I don't have a lot of time to play NA anymore at this time, but when I can do some hostility missions and do some PVE with that, sure.
  27. Yeah, but there are 32 capturable ports on the map where BR limits are above 10k. Sure, you might only be able to get 13-15 first rates in there, but personally there was nothing more boring than 25 v. 25 first rate fights. Mixed fleet battles are far, far more interesting to create battle and strategies around, and for 10-13k BR ports you can easily construct 25 person fleets that are viable for attacking or defending, depending on the wind/port layout/attacking/defending, etc. I agree maybe the BR limits could be pushed up a little bit but I say keep the mixed fleet port battles in the game because it makes it possible for small nations and clans to compete.
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