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  2. Cavalry is in a good spot right now

    I'm still of the camp that thinks melee cavalry were overnerfed. They were always fairly useless late because of everything turns into fortification warfare or everyone's in a big blob anyway so they can't do anything but even now early their killpower is down enough that they have a very tiny, finicky niche. When that niche works right (Union on Antietam for example) they're pretty funny but it's otherwise hard to justify taking any, especially compared to good sniper skirmishers and skirmisher cavalry are now in that broad role right now.
  3. Poll

    True. This and Wasa actually being OP. It's undeniable that Wasa is broken AF but i think it's the only ship significantly overperforming.
  4. Numbers rising again

    Hence the overwhelming success of EVE compared to the struggle to stay afloat of NA. Let's be real here...carebears and casuals in well-developed games outnumber hardcore PvPers by a large margin. Devs are in business to make money, not please a handful of people who have spent months or years honing their skills. Not trying to belittle anyone who has put the time in to acquire the skill set, just laying out the truth.
  5. Today
  6. Global Chat on Global Server

    When "the dumb" gets turned up to 11, usually turn global chat off. It's very Simon and Garfunkle.
  7. Global Chat on Global Server

    It's not even "fun stabs" it's just outright harassment in most cases...and it has gotten too personal in some instances. All we can do is continue to report what we deem "going over the line" and move forward. I have already seen a lot of players from all sides start to agree and take action. I have logged unto EU recently and global chat there can also be rather toxic. Thankfully we do have a report and ignore button and as louis says, we just advise players to ignore those same folks.
  8. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Congratulations on finalizing the game! This has been one of the best games I've ever played, a real gem. Thank you for your dedication! Can't wait to try out the new AI.
  9. ADS!!!!

    Yep. Even Early 2016 OW battles, if the cannon "hit" the ship, it dealt damage. There was not such thing as thickness and angling. It was fun and silly, but I am really glad we have the current battle mechanics. It brings back memories of pvp 2 hitting 800 player pop on US primetime.
  10. Server Merge Proposal

    the dreaded time zone flipping and night flipping is an issue of player population. and its just that simple. population was to low at certain times of the day for nations to have enough for fleets. those mechanics have changed. its time to move on. get all people together so we can all be happy and play the game for the better. everyone wins.
  11. Server Merge Proposal

    you presume to know a lot about how people will respond. I don't think you have a clue what people are going to do how could you? the old world is not the new world my friend. stop living in the past. its been over a year now.
  12. Opinions of a Newcomer

    perhaps you have this game confused with naval action legends.... open world is supposed to have an full open world of content. the content of legends is ships and ships only. open world should have much much more. I'm not trying to be a jerk.... I'm just saying that you have the same purpose for both games and that doesn't look to good.
  13. But on the flip side of that if the old elite way isn't working and hasn't been working, than it's time to make changes and try something new. That is what has killed US on global for so long, being the largest nation they never had any power in game cause of there poor leadership and the fact they keep listening to the same person over and over and it goes for GB too. If those folks didn't make it work the last year and half than it's not going to work. That is why there super care bear alliance of the two largest nations still didn't work against a much smaller Pirate force. Folks think we are big, but we aren't, we just had the most dedicated hard working PvP/RvR players. Most of them left GB/US cause they got sick of "the old elites" that refused to change there ways. So not changing also hurts a nation even more than some one new trying to make changes. It would be different if the old way worked, than why fix it, but if it's not working than you need to make changes.
  14. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    So, this is what I've worked on a little bit today. Red dots are reinforcement zones. Stars are faction capitals. Time zones are all in UTC and are labelled. They are "prime time" for, to the best of my knowledge, the European players, the Americas, and Oceanic. There may need to be another one added for Asia. (Thoughts on that are appreciated.) Map Work in Progress (High Resolution)
  15. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    Small but providing content to the server. Among all the systems we have tested, the EU pb timer window have worked great so far. The only guys who complain are the ones from the other server. And I dont hate americans, I hate the people who ruined good wars.
  16. They are unavoidable to some extinct. At some point, this new player with great visions of your nation is gonna show up. And because the established clans havent achieved world dominance yet, its clear that he needs to do the exact opposite what has been done so far. Of course that involves luring new players on his side, work against "the elite", ruining your collaboration with other nations and doing everything to be the new leader of your nation and finally make it great again. And when the first player begins to question as if that guy might be right in some points, the snowball sets in. These people dont realize how theyre hurting their community and weaken their own nation. And you cant do much to prevent this. Only if said player leaves the stage early enough, all problems he arised will suddenly vanish somehow. As if they never existed.
  17. ADS!!!!

    Its a pity battles like that don't happen any more lolololol Fake News lol
  18. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    I'm going to keep working on this. Which resources are considered "essential"? IE - Special woods, special materials for modules? (I'm currently working on a map proposal.)
  19. Not all of them. Just about to do my 2 year review. This will get a strong mention.
  20. Favorite Commander Choices

    No Leonidas Polk? He should get 3rd Corps. Better yet, Artillery Commander, just for irony's sake.
  21. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    Wind works individually for every sail, there is no such thing like stealing the wind in NA and there won't be.
  22. Poll

    Depends on the captain
  23. Poll

    The ones that the opponents use are always OP.
  24. Server Merge Proposal

    Hahahaha the same as always: recruit people from other timezones. I dont know if you are new to the game but things do not work that way. People chose between historical nations and some of them are more popular than others. What we need is working mechanics for all situations, not proposals based on something as unstable/unpredictable as the will of players. Im going to shout away any idea that dont solve anything and make the game worse. So keep thinking and maybe you will have a good idea.
  25. Naval Actions Legends - Infos and details

    You seen this post?
  26. Server Merge Proposal

    Recruit people outside your timezone. Push for a privateer system where pirates can take a contract to fly under a national flag for a week or two. There are solutions that will work. Shooting down every idea offered because you only choose to see the drawbacks isn't getting us anywhere. A merge will come, either due to popular support or because the game is dying and can no longer support multiple servers. Might as well be open-minded and offer solutions instead of just naysaying everything.
  27. Server Merge Proposal

    Maybe NA have its own soul and doesnt need to copy other games because they share the category of MMO.
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