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  2. Saltiest / funniest chat moments

    he was never chat banned. not once. never understood how he wasnt. but yea, he was/is probably the worst player i have ever met. Him and his little gang being thrown out of the dutch was the best thing to ever happen to us
  3. Saltiest / funniest chat moments

    When he was Dutch me and Loco use to fight him all the time in the AUS times....I was called a hacker so many times cause they couldn't run my Ingermanland (Teak/Speed Board Fit) down in a fight and I took his Pavel with it before. All you hear from him is we are hacking. No it's more ya'll just suck at the game is all. And that is sad coming from some one like me that admit I'm just an average player. Wonder how many times he's actually been ban from chat though in game....like a bilion?
  4. Saltiest / funniest chat moments

    sank him a few time. quite a few times actually. very upset. one time he called me a hacker in his stream and showed him reporting me for using double shot and chain at the same time. he has since taken down that video i am afraid :/
  5. Mast hack priceless.
  6. Had a good laugh, thanks! You guys dont even want to know what CptSvenne was saying - golden moments. Go Liq, go! Hopp Schwiiz!
  7. Saltiest / funniest chat moments

    Favorite ^^ That's a clan mate haha, I can almost hear his voice saying "Fu-ck." desperately.
  8. A place to link your saltiest / funniest chat moments in game. I'll start with a few.